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December 19, 2004

From Tom Norris (HHS - '73) of VA:

I got a picture this weekend of my granddaughter Ashleigh playing with a stuffed teddy bear.
Now, this is no ordinary bear.
This bear is the same one that I had as a baby, a Gund,
brought to me by Santa on Christmas morning 1954.
He was my little brother, my playmate, and my protector at night,
when things would go creak in the house and I would hold him tight.
When my daughter Jennifer was born in 1982 I passed him on to her.
He showed his battle scars, with many stitches placed lovingly on his body by my mom
and his fur thinned out in a few places from his hard years as a little boy's toy.
Here I am in 1983 with Jenn and her new 'buddy'.
I kept a close eye on him as she got enjoyment from him as I did ....
and as she got older and her other toys fell by the wayside I always asked her to take care of this one ...
and pass it on to her child.
On March 12th of this year she became a mommy ...
and now young Ashleigh is the third generation to enjoy this little brown fellow's magical qualities.
I have asked Jenn to keep an eye on him, as I did, so that in twenty or so more years
there will be a fourth generation to enjoy him.

December 25, 1954 -
Teddy under the Norris Christmas Tree -
when Tom was 13 days old
1983 - Tom and Jenn and Teddy Thursday, December 9, 2004 - Ashleigh and Teddy

Happy Holidays to all my Typhoon friends .... I hope you enjoy this story ...
and celebrate the bear's 50th birthday with me.

    What a charming story!   Thanks so much for sharing this one with us, Tom! 
It's a classic!  Merry Christmas to you, Babe  - and Happy Birthday to Teddy!


November 23, 2004

From Jennie Sheppard ('62) of NC:

I notice sometimes you like to hear about what we are doing and about our accomplishments.
I've won several awards in the past for my family histories,
magazine and newspaper articles regarding genealogy research.
I hadn't entered anything in about 4 years, somehow didn't find the time
so this year I decided I was going to submit some articles for consideration.
I was delighted to find out that I had won an award for six articles I wrote during the last year.
I would like to share with my classmates that I won a D. T. Smithwick Newspaper & Magazine Article Award
from The North Carolina Society of Historians in October.
The Judges' collective comments were: "In judging these entries, several words come to mind -
impressive, informative, educational, fascinating and worthwhile.
The writer provides "how-to" information that is helpful to both historians and genealogists;
and she has provided them with factual book review information that can be trusted.
She has done an admirable job of each article and it was a pleasure to judge her entries."
Thank you for allowing me to share this with my NNHS classmates.
You are doing such a wonderful job on our newsletter and I appreciate it very much.


 WOWZERS!!!  How wonderful - congratulations, Jennie! 
And yes, we always love to have news of activities and accomplishme


October 19, 2004

From Carol Buckley Harty ('65) of NC:

Here are the promised (threatened - GIGGLES!) images from our trip back to IL
for our third son's wedding and family reunion.

Eme - b. 14  Oct 2001 Joe - b. 14 Aug 2003 THE GUYS:  Lewis, Paul, Randolph, Joshua, Brent, and Nathaniel THE FUNNY FAMILY:

(Animated gif created by Nathaniel - Thanks, Faniel!)

Rachel (8), Eme (3 years minus 4 days), Elizabeth (10), and Becca (5)
Saturday, September 11, 2004 - New Salem, IL
Saturday, October 9, 2004 - Glen Carbon, IL
Eme (3 years minus
4 days), Andrew (13), Jacob (7), Rachel (8), Joe (14 months minus three days), Elizabeth (10), and Tommy (5 years minus 26 days)
Lewis (34 years minus
3 days), Brent (32), Randolph (30), Joshua (27), Paul (61), Carol (57), Nathaniel (25), and Adrienne (17)
Lewis, Brent, Randolph, Joshua, Nathaniel, and Adrienne
Lewis, Brent, Randolph, Joshua, Nathaniel, and Adrienne
Elder Dale Harty (20)  - The traditional LDS missionary burning of the sixth-month tie at seven-and-a-half months

Sunday, October 10, 2004 - Edwardsville, IL
Wed., August 25, 2004 - Valley Center, CA


September 27, 2004:

From Janice McCain Rose ('65) of VA:

This past weekend was our Club's annual Championship Tournament,
and I am very proud to say that I am the Woman's Club Champion for 2004!!!!
I played very well on Saturday...had a 9 stroke lead over my closest competitor...didn't play as well
on Sunday, but had enough lead to carry me through. Received a very nice wall plaque...
and of course, my own parking space complete with sign "Woman's Club Champion".

WOWZERS!  CONGRATULATIONS!  And thanks for sharing that with us, Janice!


September 10 and 11, 2004

From Jimmy ('64) and Melody (WHS - '66) DeBerry of VA:

Jimmy ('64) and Wayne ('65) DeBerry  Melody (WHS - '66) and Jimmy ('64) DeBerry - 35th Anniversary Cruise

I read your NNHS  e-mail newsletter often;  although I'm not a former Typhoon,
I've been married for 37 years to one - Jimmy DeBerry ('64). 
He doesn't play on our home computer, so I read all the alumni news and relate it to him. 
I actually graduated from Warwick High School in 1966, but always wished I could go to NNHS.

You are remarkable!!  You keep the website up to date so well,
and have touched many lives in the process.  God bless you for all that you do.

Keep up the wonderful website - many people appreciate it.

WOW!  Thanks so much for the images, and for your kind words, Melody!


September 8, 2004

From Sandi Bateman Chestnut ('65) of VA:

Dale and I have our third grandchild and first granddaughter, born last Friday, 
Sept. 3rd at 3:53 PM to Dale's son, Kelly and his wife, Angela. 
Her name is Sienna Riley Chestnut and she
weighed 7 lbs. 10 oz. at birth.

OHHH, Sandi - how precious!  Congratulations on your new little doll baby!


September 6, 2004

From Jean Poole Burton ('64) of RI:

Becky in Arches, Utah

How lovely - both your daughter AND the scenery!
Thanks, Jean!


September 3, 2004

From Renee Helterbran Benton ('59) of VA:

Julius and Julie Kristi and Julie Gloucester-Mathews Gazette
Father's Day, Sunday, June 20, 2004 Thursday, Sept. 2, 2004

I am enclosing a copy of an article that appeared in the Gloucester-Mathews Gazette concerning the
local Alzheimer's Memory Walk that will be held on September 18, 2004 in Gloucester, Virginia.

The Alzheimer's Association not only supports Alzheimer's Disease, but also supports research on other
frontal temporal diseases including Pick's Disease, the disease that Julius ('58) has been stricken with. 
It was the local Alzheimer's Association representative that led us to the Assisted Living facility where
Julius now resides.

Our daughters were the top fundraisers last year for the Memory Walk, raising more than $5,000.
This year they hope to reach $6,000.  To date, their team effort has raised over $5,500.

Please visit both of our daughters' websites to learn more about Julius' devastating disease. 





We would appreciate any NNHS alumni who would like to show their support by walking with us 
on September 18 or who would like to make a contribution to this very worthy cause. 



   WOW.  Thanks so much.  I believe I told you this when I spoke with you on the phone several weeks ago, Renee, but
I'm not sure.  One of my most vivid childhood memories was attending an NNHS concert with my mama during Julius'
senior year, and being completely blown away by Julius' stellar performance on his trumpet (or maybe it was a cornet). 
Whatever it was, he surely could coax some lovely sounds from it.

   As a matter of fact, looking back, I'm sure that his performance that night when I was ten years old impacted many
of my life decisions, at least musically.  That was my first year of studying the flute.  I thought if Julius had learned to
elicit so much feeling from his horn in that length of time, I knew I wanted to make my flute sing with as much feeling,
and to be a part of the NNHS Band.

   I still have my silver Armstrong student flute my parents bought me for $111.00 back in 1957.  I still play it.  It has
brought me a great deal of joy and comfort over the last 47 years.  For that, I really have Julius to thank.


   And now y'all have a chance to impact the lives of others.  Please visit the Benton girls' web site, study and learn,
and do what you can to help. 


September 3, 2004

From Paul Dobie ('66) of CA:


Friday, September 3, 2004 - San Francisco, CA

Paul Dobie being presented
the Army Engineer Regiment deFleury Bronze Medal
by Brig. Gen. Joseph Schroedel upon his retirement
from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers


Today is my last day with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers after 30-plus years...I become officially retired
this afternoon...I have enclosed a picture here of me...I received the Army Engineer Regiment deFleury Bronze
Medal from BG Schroedel here in San Francisco and was awarded the Distinguished Civilian Service Award from
DoD...all in all a nice send off to start a new career with...I will let you know what the future holds for me...but a
couple of irons in the fire now...I could go back to Iraq as a consultant to the State Department or I may end up
going to assist in the response and recovery efforts that will follow Hurricane Frances...I am definitely an A-Type
of person who will not sit around really retired...anyone in the way of Frances, I wish you well and stay safe ...
more to follow.........

Life experiences are like quarters; you lose both when you're sitting on the couch.

WOWZERONI!!!  Congratulations, Paul!  What fabulous news!



August 10, 2004

From Rosalee Wills Jecmenek ('65) of TX:

Alan and Rosalee

Dear Carol and friends!!!  Just wanted to send a few photos of our trip to Maui,
Hawaii...we had the BEST TIME EVER!!  It is so beautiful there and pictures just
do not do it justice....of course, if our pal, Chip Clark ('65) had taken them, they
might look more realistic!!  But we did our best..and we had the time of our lives
and pray we get to go back someday!! 
Love, Rosalee

Oh, WOW!  They're GORGEOUS!  Thanks, Rosalee!


August 7, 2004

From Sarah Puckett Kressaty ('65) of VA:

Thought I'd be a braggin' grandma again send out this cute pic taken yesterday! 
Soren has begun to "move" and in his walker can go anywhere!!! 
He likes to get under the table and his sister can really make him laugh! 

   That is what we grandmothers do, Sarah.  That's our job! 
Thanks for the precious photo!


August 5, 2004

From Renee Helterbran Benton ('59) of VA:

I was fortunate enough to attend the 50th Anniversary of Rock 'n Roll in Memphis last month. 
Here's a photo of me with Scotty Moore & DJ Fontana (Elvis' guitarist & drummer)
at the Sun Studio private party.

How cool is THAT?!?  Thanks, Renee!

July 31, 2004

From Sarah Puckett Kressaty ('65) of VA:

07/04/04 - Ciarra 07/21/04 - Ciarra and Soren 07/21/04 - Soren

I was just checking out the pictures on the site of Sandi's new grandbaby,
and you don't think I'll let THAT pass, do you,
without sending some new ones of mine???????? 
Great to hear from Charles B.!!  What a life! 

Don't be silly, Sarah!  We couldn't have THAT sort of thing, now could we?!?
Giggles!  Thanks for the pretty pictures - they're adorable!


July 26, 2004

From Sandi Bateman Chestnut ('65) of VA:

My daughter has new pictures of our first grandson on her website, www.home.earthlink.net/~jak711.  
It's hard to believe that he's almost a year (Sept 10th).

(These images are) of our second grandson, Ryder:

Here's the first picture of Ryder at 6 months.  His mom is Dale's daughter, Trudy. This is also at 6 months.  And this is the last one taken at 7 months.  You'd never know that he was a preemie, a month early,  weighing only 5 lbs 7 oz.

 What a cutie-pie he is!  Thanks so much, Sandi!


July 11, 2004

From Rosalee Wills Jecmenek ('65) of TX:

Alan and Rosalee Jecmenek

Dear Carol...just wanted to share a couple of photos of a very special occasion...
Alan's big 50th birthday party at which I surprised him
with the news that my gift to him was that we will be in Maui, Hawaii
on his actual birthday, which is July 20th!! 
We are really looking forward to it more than I can say....and I will send
some snapshots when we get back!!  We are going for 7 days and 7 nights!! 
This is our first EVER trip like this, so needless to say
we are so looking forward to it!! 
Lots of love, Rosalee

WOWZERS!!!  Thanks, Rosalee!
That's just fabulous!  How wonderful for y'all!
We'll look forward to seeing those new pictures!
Bon Voyage!


July 6, 2004

From Charles Braslow ('65) of the Virgin Islands:

Hi Carol - Great to hear from you too! Hope you are well.
I was in New York for 20 years but for the past 5 years have been living
and practicing medicine on St. Croix in the Virgin Islands.
I've been with a companion (male) for 26 years (oops, I guess I'm out!) - no kids but 4 cats!
I still dream about NNHS occasionally and still carry the season schedule
with all the scores from our State Championship season in my wallet.
I'm attaching a recent picture from our Caribbean Community Theater production of "Bus Stop" -
that elderly gent is me playing an alcoholic pedophile - I've been in several plays here
for the first time since Miss Crane's epics.
Please keep me up to date with any upcoming reunion plans.
Charlie Braslow

Thanks, Charlie!  Great to "see" you again!
Don't worry - after trying to find you for the past four years,
we'll certainly keep you posted about all future reunions!


June 24, 2004

From Me ('65) in NC - or actually, my daughter-in-law, Bethany, in OR:

Brent - b. 21 Apr 1972
Bethany - b. 12 Dec 1975
CLOCKWISE FROM TOP: Brent, Bethany, Thomas, Emeline, Jacob, and Joseph Harty Joseph - b. 14 Aug 2003
Jacob - b. 31 Aug 1997
Emeline - b. 14 Oct 2001
Thomas - b. 5 Nov 1999
Jacob Hampton Harty
b. 31 Aug 1997
Thomas Lee Harty
b. 5 Nov 1999
Emeline Melissa Harty
b. 14 Oct 2001
Joseph Guild Harty
b. 14 Aug 2003

"We went to Wal-Mart ... and had our family pics done today.  What do you think?  Not bad, eh?  
... Let us know what you think.  We think they're cute:)"
- Bethany

"Lemme tell you about my grandchildren - well, half of them, anyway."
My totally unbiased opinion (of course!) is that this is
an outstandingly beautiful family!

Thanks, Bethany!


June 24, 2004

From Cheryl Mays Howard ('66) of VA:

Enjoyed the picture page...
This picture: Payton Lyn Mays with mother Tara.
Payton is the granddaughter of Frederick ('60) and Patty Andrews Mays ('61) and daughter of Erick Mays .

Thanks, Cheryl! What a sweet great aunt you are!
That is one cuddly-looking little baby girl - and what gorgeous red hair!
And congratulations, Fred and Patty!
To say, "Have fun!" would be redundant!


June 22, 2004

From Me ('65) in NC - or actually, my daughter-in-law, Bethany, in OR:

This is the newest of my eight grandchildren, Joseph, taken on 05/04/04.
I've never really seen him - or his older sister - in person,
but he looks kinda cute to me, whadaya think?
Wait a minute - what am I saying?!
He looks perfectly adorable!

Thanks, Bethany!


June 13, 2004

From Sarah Puckett Kressaty ('65) of VA:

Just had to send you these pics my daughter, Amy sent me of Ciarra and her new little brother, Soren! 
Ciarra is 8 and Soren is 4 months today! 

AHHH, grandchildren!  And they're beautiful!  Thanks, Sarah!


June 12, 2004

From Frances Goodson Wang ('65) of MD:

Michael, Sam and Devan in Hong Kong

You know, I actually BIT for this! 
I started yelling, "That's Jackie Chan!  That's Jackie Chan!!"
And then I saw the Madame Tussauds' sign.  What a HOOT!
Thanks, Frances!


May 28, 2004

From Van Rowell ('65) of NC:

Easter Sunday, April 11, 2004 Driving the boat

Carol, I just wanted to drop a note to let you know that Mattie and I are still alive and well in Kannapolis, NC.
Our grandson JD is now 16 months old and will be having a baby sister the first of November.
Mattie retired from teaching last year and is enjoying helping with the baby sitting chores.
It has been fun reading all of the messages from NNHS alumni that you have been posting on the newsletter.....
Attached are several pictures of JD. That's me in the boat with JD in case you don't recognize.

That is one beautiful little boy, Van!  He looks just like you!  Thanks so much for the pictures -
and congratulations on the upcoming blessed event!!


April 18, 2004

From Brownie Shaffer Haracivet ('62) of the Virgin Islands:

John and I have found our retirement location in a sleepy town called Oriental, NC!

It is an easy and lovely three hour drive from Newport News, VA.
Our lot is wooded and is a corner lot in a subdivision on Whittaker Creek called The Landings.
The name of our street is Seafarer Drive which John thinks is an omen!!

We are within walking distance of two marinas and although we will not start the cottage for at least two years
the ball has begun to roll!

Our house plan is a two bedroom, two bath ranch with a North Carolina room across the back.
Our realtor corrected us when we referred to it as a Florida room! : )

Oriental has about 800 residents, no stop lights, one attorney, good seafood, great fishing and kayaking
and it's known as the sailing capitol of North Carolina..... and oh yes,
it's also known for it's love of accordion music and mules, what ever that means!! I think we will fit in perfectly!

Our love to all, John and Brownie

Thanks, Brownie!  How delightful!


April 13, 2004

From Eddie Beasley ('64) of Panama - via Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA:

Hope all's well and the planning for the reunion is progressing.

I regret to inform that I will not be able to attend the upcoming event.
I have accepted a one year contract in Africa and depart Panama 21 Apr.
For info on our project go to http://www.cpmtsudan.org
. It will be interesting work.
Although the actual work is in Sudan, I will be based in Kenya.
I will send pics and reports so all can see what I'm up to.

Attached is pic of my brothers and me; all NNHS grads.
Bob, middle is class of 58 and Dick class of 60.

I'll stay in touch.

How exciting! 
We'll miss seeing you at the reunion in the fall, but your work sounds
very challenging and important.  We wish you well.  Stay safe!
Thanks, Eddie - and Dave!


March 4, 2004

From Craig Miller ('63) of FL:

Thought you might enjoy reading a recent press release on our adult flag football team.

     Press Release

     Local Men Win Flag Football World Cup

Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic - Several local men competed in,
and won the 2004 World Cup 4-man flag football competition on Sunday, Feb. 29. 
The event was sponsored by the International Flag Football Federation (IFFF)
and FlagMag.com, the flag football magazine. 
12 countries were represented at the event which featured 4-man, 7-man, 8-man,
and 9-man flag football events for youth, women and men.

A local team, based in Pompano Beach, “Alpha Omega”,
won the men’s 4-man event and placed second in the 7-man event. 
Alpha Omega competes locally in 3 leagues each week, and was represented by Craig Miller, from Boca Raton,
Brian Baer of Coral Springs, Derrick Brown of Oakland Park, Justin Soultatos of Fort Lauderdale,
Keith McKeithen of Pompano Beach, Eric Santiago of North Miami Beach, Ed Kirkley of Fort Lauderdale,
Manuel Lao of North Miami Beach, and Isaiah Heredia of Hollywood. 
Craig Miller also coached Team USA which placed second in the 9-man competition. 
Eric Santiago was named MVP for the Tournament. 
Alpha Omega has won ten (10) local and state-level championships over the last two years.

WOWZERS!  When you have news, Craig, you have NEWS!
Congratulations!!!  That's fabulous!


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