1954 Cheerleaders
  Counterclockwise around from left center: Doris Harpine ('54); Sherry Crossley ('55); Kiddy Dickens ('55); Barbara Underwood ('55); Marilyn Aronow ('55); Roberta "Bertsie" Webb ('55); Sue Hart ('55); Darlene Mitchell ('55); and Donna Keranen ('54), Head Cheerleader.  
  1954 Anchor, p. 94  
"THE SENIOR CHEERLEADERS' vivacious smiles and wonderful school spirit will always be noticed by the students of NNHS.
The cheerleaders are elected by the student body every year and they cheer at all varsity games and help to build up general
school spirit by their carefully planned and amusing pep assemblies."
Junior Varsity
LEFT TO RIGHT: Celia Siegel ('56); Lynda Stein; Joanne Beecroft ('56); Nancy Bigger ('56);
Sherry Padgett('56); Sandra Weaver ('56); and Carolyn Simpson ('56).
1954 Anchor, p. 94
 "Let's not forget the Junior Cheerleaders, for they, too, play a large part in keeping up school and team spirit. 
They cheer  the 'Breezes' at both football and basketball games, and also participate in pep assemblies."

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