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08/26/08 - NNHS Newsletter -
I Love How You Love Me

“He felt now that he was not simply close to her,
but that he did not know where he ended and she began.”

- Leo Tolstoy

Dear Friends and Schoolmates,

   I'm replaying this Newsletter theme from exactly three years ago just because I love it so:

   In fact, chances are excellent I may have used it on another occasion as well.

BONUS - - I Love How You Love Me - Bobby Vinton, 1968

Happy Birthday tomorrow to  Pat Helmick Glover ('57) AND Nancy Timberlake Spencer ('57) AND   My Cousin, Jim Atkinson (John Randolph Tucker HS - '77) of AZ!

   Happy Birthday this week to:

28 - Tony Lapides ('57);

29 - Richard Coltrane ('57) AND    Connie Bloxom Thompson ('66) of MD;

30 -       Me ('65) of NC AND    Chuck Springfield ('66) of VA;

31 -     Pat Beck Letzinger ('57) of VA AND      Joan Lauterbach Krause ('60) of VA AND    Elaine Wilkinson Bracken ('61) of VA AND     My Grandson, Jacob Harty of OR;

1 - Ellen Overton Weiss ('68) of VA;

2 - Frances Adams Smith ('57) AND   Dustin Baker (Norview HS - '65) of MA!

   Many Happy Returns, One and All!


   As of 08/17/08, the page originally suggested by      Frances Goodson Wang ('65) of MD on 01/22/04 has been reactivated: - updated 08/26/08

Hopefully, this will help address the problem in a number of ways. Just don't forget to click on it each time!

       From My #5 Son, Nathaniel Harty (Hillsboro HS, IL - '97) of IL - 08/23/08 - "D.B.'s Delight":

There's an article in the Post about D.B.'s Delight.  It was slightly before my time (well, I don't remember it at any rate other, than seeing the autographed picture in          Brent's (Harty - Hillsboro HS, IL - '90 - of KY) Book of Remembrance), but I figured you might find it interesting:

The videos mentioned are:

   Oh, WOW! Thanks, Faniel!  I remember the show quite well, as we usually watched it each Saturday for at least some of the years between 1977 and 1988.

   D.B.'s Delight was directed toward sixth-graders.  Brent was in the sixth grade at Hillsboro Middle School in Missouri - a natural pulling ground for D.B.'s crowd - but I do not recall his actually appearing on "tellybision" in this capacity.  Perhaps he took a field trip to the KMOX studio (later KMOV) in St. Louis?!? I remember the t-shirt, but I don't know if I'm remembering one that Brent himself wore, or simply seeing the shirt on TV. I somehow do not remember the autographed picture. 

   You'll be happy to know that the show made Wikipedia:

   I'll keep "thinking".....

  From Donna Price Devers ('66) of NC - 08/23/08 - "  Connie Bloxom Thompson ('66) of MD":

Hi Carol,

Do you have an update on Connie Bloxom Thompson's health issues?  I've been wondering if she made the $2,000 goal so she could get her other eye operation.  And, I see her birthday is next Friday.  If she hasn't made the goal, maybe we could chip in again and get it for her by her birthday!!  That would be great if we could!

      YOWZERONI-RINI!!! Thanks, Donna! I spoke with Connie on 08/12/08, and somehow - I should think because of all the "fun and games" my computer was playing with me - never posted that update!  I'm so very sorry! It SHOULD have read:

update of 08/12/08 - surgery on left eye was performed three weeks ago (@ 07/22/08 ??), but no glasses have yet been prescribed, as more surgery may be necessary on the right eye - which is not healing properly for reasons as yet undetermined. "Colors are now brighter, and I can distinguish large items, such as trees."

   I've posted this now:

   As soon as I have a quiet moment, I'll call Connie for another update.

..... What's the status on your hubby,        Paul (Harty - Bardolph HS, IL - '61 - of NC)? Is he working now?

Thanks so much!
Donna Price Devers ('66) of NC

   Thank you again, Donna! Paul is working part time now, which doesn't really cover all our expenses, but it a far sight better than no income whatsoever!

          From My #6 Son, Dale Harty (Hillsboro HS, IL / American School, IL - '02) of MA - 08/25/08 - "new videos of    Buckley (Harty - b. 06/14/08)":



    OHHHH, he's so CUTE!!! No, wait, maybe I'm just one of those goofy grandmothers who thinks her own grandchildren are the most precious creatures on earth!  NAH - that can't be right! He IS adorable!

   Thanks, Dale! I'm so glad to see that y'all are all having such fun loving and playing with that sweet little baby boy! He is blessed indeed to have so many doting relatives so near to him - even if I myself am so very far away!

   From Bob Parrish ('68) of Northern VA - 08/25/08 - "Check out inductees":

I thought this might add something to Coach Conn's File. This is from the Virginia Hall of Fame that is out of Portsmouth, VA. Coach Conn was inducted in the class of 1976.
Bob Parrish

Class of 1976

  Julius "Julie" Conn

If any man has ever truly been a living legend it is Julius Conn, Virginia’s premier track and basketball coach at Newport News High School for over 40 years.  A native of Newport News and one of seven children, Julie Conn spent 56 years in his city’s school system as student, athlete, coach and athletic director.
A diminutive distance runner and basketball player at the University of Virginia, he began coaching at Newport News High School in 1927.  His basketball teams never missed playing the State Virginia High School League Tournament and they never lost a first-round game.
When he gave up coaching basketball in 1953, Conn’s teams had won State titles in 1931, 1938, 1942-43, 1951-52.  The Typhoon was also South Atlantic champion his first year at its helm.

Newport News High School dropped track in 1931, but restarted it the following year under Conn, winning its first State title in 1934.  In all, the Typhoon would race to 21 outdoor titles.  In the final stages of his career, which ended in 1969, Conn combined with co-Coach Charlie Nuttycombe to lead Newport News High School to State titles in eight of his last nine years at the school.  
Conn has been honored by numerous universities, clubs and coaches’ associations, topped by his 1968 recipient as the Coach of the Year by the National High School Coaches Association.
After Conn retired from the city’s school system, he joined the Virginia Squires administration.  
(To Sports Inductees List)

   WOWZERS! What a great bio! Thank you, Bob! I added it to coach Conn's page:


   From Bob Parrish ('68) of Northern VA - 08/25/08 - "Letter found on the internet":

I do recall reading a similar story in your paper many months ago but in case you don't have this copy, I thought I would send it to you. It just says so much about what kind of men that Coaches Nuttycombe and Conn were.
Bob Parrish > GENERAL HIGH SCHOOL SPORTS > High school sports in general > A tribute to Charlie Nuttycombe


View Full Version : A tribute to Charlie Nuttycombe

Lynn Burke
07-16-2007, 10:20 AM
On Aug. 1, the Peninsula Sports Club will honor Charlie Nuttycombe, who coached track and football at both Newport News and Menchville high schools for more than 30 years.

Chris Nicholson, a 1965 Hampton HS graduate, wrote this tribute to Coach Nuttycombe:

Coach Nuttycombe – A Teacher of Values
Tribute by a ’65 Crabber

How do you teach teenagers values when they are rarely paying attention? Sports is an ideal venue to accomplish this because at least the kids must pay attention in order to acquire the requisite skills and make the teams. Coaches, just like teachers, come in all sizes and abilities to influence.

Typhoon Coaches Charlie Nuttycombe and Julie Conn had a major influence on me when they showed that they were concerned about my athletic development in spite of the fact that I was a Crabber. The effect was minor at that time. But as the years passed, I found I was drawing on their unselfish interest in me and using that to modify the way I interacted with colleagues. It is amazing how small but genuine expressions of interest and concern by coaches, teachers, and mentors can have long lasting positive effects on the recipients. Through these actions, many times, are transmitted the essential knowledge of how to interact with others.

Thank you Coach Nuttycombe for being an inspiration to all those you touched.

The rivalry was intense between the Typhoons and the Crabbers in the early 1960’s as it always had been. As a Crabber high jumper at a meet at Newport News High in either 1963 or 1964, I was amazed when coach Julie Conn and later coach Charlie Nuttycombe spoke to me and offered some suggestions to improve my jumping technique.

Their words were genuine and they amazingly seemed to be trying to help me; I was confused at their interest because this was a competition between two schools who hated each other, or so it seemed to me at the time. They repeated this several more times before I graduated. Why would they be interested in improving the performance of a rival competitor? (My brother-in-law Lou Tyree had played football for Julie Conn at NNHS and was a decorated WW II and Korean War veteran. Later I learned he had called coach Conn and told him about me.)

The significance of that was lost on me for a number of years but as I matured, the testosterone influence diminished, and I was faced with other challenges, I realized that two of the most important things in life were treating people right and effective teamwork. Several times during my professional career when I questioned some aspect of my performance, I drew on the lessons learned years before from the two coaches whose efforts to help me might have had a negative impact on the “final score” but they were trying to build my confidence.

They were more interested in the development of a young man than they were in the “final score” of the track meet. The more we all focus on the development of young people, like Coach Nuttycombe always did, the better off the community, the state, the nation, and world will be. Thank you Coaches Nuttycombe and Conn for collectively having been one of several inspirations in my life.

Chris R. Nicholson
HHS - 1965
Va Tech – 1970
Retired after 31 years of federal service - 2003

   Thanks again, Bob!     Jerry Blanchard ('62) of VA sent us this about thirteen months ago, and it's already posted on Coach Nuttycombe's page, but it's always a pleasure to read such a tribute! 


  From Elaine Wilkinson Bracken ('61) of VA - 08/25/08 - "New Computer Virus--UPS-FEDEX the real thing":

Being a registered UPS client, I even received a warning from UPS, itself, NOT to open the fraudulent email:

This one is for real--I checked snopes as well:


The newest virus circulating is the 'UPS Delivery Failure'. You will receive an email from UPS Packet Service along with a packet number. NOTE: The word packet is mis-spelled on this line. It will say that they were un-able to deliver a package sent to you on such and such a date. It then asks you to print out the invoice copy attached. DON'T TRY TO PRINT THIS. IT LAUNCHES THE VIRUS! Pass this warning on to all your PC operators at work and home. This virus has caused Millions of dollars in damage in the past few days.

   YIKESARONI!!! Thanks, Elaine!

    From Joe Madagan ('57) of FL - 08/25/08:

Hi, Carol:
It is always delightful to receive your Newsletters, and I am glad you have resolved the issue with your PC or the web application.

   Well, I hope it's all better now. Thanks, Adonis!

Thanks for posting the birthday notice for my classmate Richard Coltrane ('57) of VA. Doncha know, he was Captain in the United States Marine Corps?

   YOWZERONI!!! No, I seem to have somehow missed that! Thanks, Joe - I added his USMC seal now!!

If ... John A. Downs ('68) of VA is related to Thomas Downs, please let me know if he is OK. It would be nice to hear from him, since we were students at Thomas Jefferson Elementary School about 100 years ago.

TYPHOON Regards,
Joe Madagan ('57) of FL

   That would be waaay cool, wouldn't it?!?

From TIPS for Extraordinary Living! - 08/24/08 - "It's the Little Things":

- Philip E. Humbert, PhD

It's the Little Things

In life, the "little things" make all the difference. We like to pretend that at least the "big things" in life, like choosing a spouse or career or teaching our children, are the result of well-thought-out decisions, but it never works that way.

Careers grow out of conversations over coffee or lunch. They happen because we need a job or because a friend has a friend in the business. Marriages grow out of casual flirtations at a party or because a friend set us up. The BIG stuff never starts with a bang; it starts as something small and later we look back in astonishment at what mighty oaks grow from tiny acorns.

Both achievement and failure are like that.

Getting rich almost never requires "big" drama. It starts with the small decision to save a few dollars every week. Most people who end up "doing well" invest in safe, boring mutual funds, let compound interest work in their favor, and over time, it works out well. Unfortunately, going broke is just as easy. Make a few small decisions to buy one of those, and one of that, and pay the bill next month. Over time, there you go.

To gain weight, eat a few extra calories every day. A scoop of ice cream or an extra sandwich should do it. Fortunately, losing weight (for most people) is just as simple: Run or bike or hike a few minutes every day, skip desert, have a salad for lunch and there you go.

The keys to success are almost NEVER dramatic. High achievers might get up a few minutes earlier or make one more phone call every day, but that hardly qualifies as "dramatic," does it? Winners train slightly harder or slightly longer, but not so that anyone would notice.

Unfortunately, the path to mediocrity is just as ordinary. Henry Thoreau observed that "most people live lives of quiet desperation" not because they made big mistakes or fail any great test. They simply make the same small mistakes, over and over, day after day.

Here are some suggestions for small steps that create huge pay-offs over time:

1. Eliminate the little annoyances. Everyone has their personal list, and we tolerate them precisely because they seem so "little", but they rob us of energy, passion and confidence. It if annoys you, fix it.

2. Do one good thing for yourself, every day. Read a good book or watch a video. Soak in the bath, or go for a run, but do something enriching and fulfilling, just for you, every day. It'll make you strong.

3. Take one extra step in the direction you want to go. Rarely does "the good life" require courage or drama, but it does require that we move in the direction we want to go. Make one more sale, write a letter, make a call. Exercise or read or play with the kids. Every day, do one "little thing" that moves you toward success.

4. Invest in your relationships. "We get by with a little help from our friends," and the love of family and friends makes all the difference. And, once again, it's the little things! Give her a call, write him a note. Invite a friend to lunch, keep the friendship alive. These "little things" make life more fun!

Success and failure are the result of small steps, taken over time, one after another. Magnificent mansions are built of small, ordinary bricks, piled one on top of another. Marathons are completed one step at a time. What do you want? What sort of life would you prefer? You can have it, one day at a time. But you must walk in the direction you want to go.

  From Joyce Lawrence Cahoon ('65) of VA - 08/25/08 - "Models":

Two redneck men were looking at a Sears catalog and admiring the models.

One says to the other, "Have you seen the beautiful gals in this catalog?"

The second one replies, "Yes, they are very beautiful. And look at the price!"

The first one says, with wide eyes, "Wow, they aren't very expensive. At this price, I'm buying one."

The second redneck smiles and pats him on the back. "Good idea! Order one and if she's as beautiful as she is in the catalog, I will get one too."

Three weeks later, the redneck asks his friend, "Did you ever receive the girl you ordered from the Sears catalog?"

The second man replies, "No, but it shouldn't be long now. I got her clothes yesterday!"

   Thanks, Joyce!


1. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, September 26 - 28, 2008 - NNHS CLASS OF 1968: - 03/31/08

2. Saturday, September 27, 2008 - EVERYONE:

     Evelyn Fryer Fish's Birthday Party for All of Us

3. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, October 17 - 19, 2008 - NNHS CLASS OF 1963 - AND PERHAPS OTHERS:  - 07/23/08

   Y'all take good care of each other!  TYPHOONS FOREVER!  We'll Always Have Buckroe!

            Love to all, Carol





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I Love How You Love Me

- Barry Mann, Larry Kolber

(Bobby Vinton)
(b. 16 Apr 1935)

I love how your eyes close whenever you kiss me
And when I'm away from you I love how you miss me
I love the way you always treat me tenderly
But, darling, most of all I love how you love me (love how you love me)

I love how your heart beats whenever I hold you
I love how you think of me without being told to
I love the way your touch is always heavenly
But, darling, most of all I love how you love me (love how you love me)

I love how your eyes close whenever you kiss me
And when I'm away from you I love how you miss me
I love the way your touch is always heavenly
But, darling, most of all I love how you love me (love how you love me)

I love how you hug me (love how you hug me)
I love how you squeeze me, tease me, please me
Love---how you love me
I love how you love me

"I Love How You Love Me" midi and lyrics courtesy of 
at the suggestion of Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 08/15/05
Thanks, Dave!

Victorian Couple and Piano clip art courtesy of - 08/17/05

 Flashing Red Hearts Divider Line clip art courtesy of - 08/17/05

Animated Tiny Birthday Cake clip art courtesy of
Sarah Puckett Kressaty ('65) of VA - 08/31/05
Thanks, Sarah Sugah!

J. R. Tucker High School's Orange Tiger Paw Print courtesy of - 11/12/07

Marine Corps Seal clip art courtesy of the late Herbert Hice of MI - one of my Famous Marines who served in the South Pacific during WWII.
Thanks again, Herbie!

Animated "NEW" clip art courtesy of - 03/07/06

Hillsboro High School's Topper (Band Version) clip art courtesy of - 06/07/08
Thanks, Mark!

Army Seal clip art courtesy of Al Farber ('64) of GA - 05/24/06
Thanks, Al!

Animated Silly Bear (designed by AF Artist - Ryan Hagen) courtesy of - 10/04/05

Navy Seal clip art courtesy of - 05/29/06

American School Logo courtesy of - 09/05/06

Animated Laughing Frog courtesy of Wayne Stokes ('65) of VA - 07/16/08
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