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06/21/06 - NNHS Newsletter
Send in the Clowns

"No matter what your heartache may be,
laughing helps you forget it for a few seconds.”

- Red Skelton
(18 July 1913 - 17 Sep 1997)

Dear Friends and Schoolmates,   

   Just after I released Sunday's Newsletter, I was getting ready for church, and my Magic Shower started singing me this song.  I was somewhat less than amused, so I thought I'd use it now so that my Magic Shower would move on and switch to something happier.

   Also, due to the delays involved, today's Newsletter had grown soooo long, I plucked several notes to use for tomorrow's edition.  Never fear, I'm not ignoring you.



1.    Wade Scott ('66) of MO - 06/19/06:


I would like to have my name added to the Class of 1966. I hope this is the correct address to send the request. What information is required to be added to my class’s alumni list? My personal e-mail address is but feel free to respond to my work address. I sent this request last week to '' but have not received a response and have to assume the note went to “e-mail heaven/hell”. If I haven’t heard from you in the next few days I’ll send the request with a check (I know this can’t be completely free!) via U.S. mail to your home address listed on the web home page

I also want to thank you for all your hard work in maintaining this site! When I need a break from work, and be reminded of all the good memories of Newport News I pull this site up from my list of “Favorites“ and just let myself become nostalgic for a few minutes.

Again, thanks and let me know what other information you need.  

Wade Scott of Missouri….pronounced Misery after having lived here 22 years and very much wanting to return HOME!

Wade Scott
Project Manager

   Well, Wade Scott, as I live and breathe! It's so good to hear from you after forty-eleven years! And no, I never saw your other note, which is no doubt hovering in that cyber-purgatory.

   I've added your name to the (usually) hidden mailing lists, to the Alumni Page, and to the Contact Page for the Class of '66. If you send me your birthday, I'll add it there as well.

   At the moment, the only image of you I can recall which is appearing on the site is one by the inimitable    Chip Clark ('65 - of Northern VA), doubly-posted on Bonus-Chip's Pix and Mr. Loving's page:

   Oh, and certainly, all donations are happily and gratefully received!



   Happy Belated Birthday to    Barbara Houston ('68) of Northern VA, who celebrated yesterday without us (sorta)!

    And Happy Birthday today to   Kelly Loose Bustamante ('58) of VA and    Terry Haney ('66) of VA!

   Have a wonderful day, Everyone!


    From Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 06/18/06 - "Irving Berlin Songstress":

How do you know that it was not Julie London? The time frame is right. (attached)

Was it
Rosemary Clooney? (attached)

How about Sophie Tucker?

*LDC 22643
Sophie Tucker performances, 1925.
1 sound disc : analog, 78 rpm, aluminum-based acetate, mono. ; 10 in.
On labels: Audiodisc recording blank.
Preservation copy in: *LT-10 11221.
Access to original items restricted.
Original in: *LJ-10 1539.
Contents: What'll I do? / Irving Berlin -- There'll be some changes made.

Maybe even Keely Smith.


    OOOOOHHH!!!  (David attached mp3's of both Julie and Rosemary singing "What'll I do?")

   Thanks so much!    But it was neither of those.....

   Strangely, Rosie actually sounded closer to this woman than Julie did.

   I was loathe to use the word "obscure" to describe my mystery singer, lest someone say, "But she was quite famous!"

   And perhaps she was, but not as recognizable to me, and I don't think I would have forgotten her, had she been a major star.  And maybe it was Keely Smith, but she was on the telly so much back then, surely I would have remembered had it been her. I think she's too young, anyway.  And I don't think this gal had the power of Sophie Tucker, either, though I wouldn't swear to it.

   I could recognize the accompanying music as easily as her voice; there was no guitar as Julie's arrangement used, but a full-stringed orchestra.

   Thanks for trying, Brown Eyes!    It's been bugging me for a mighty long time now.


  From Stacy Dorn ('64) of VA - 06/18/06:

Hi Carol,
Of course you know now that these songs you mentioned ("Remember", "All Alone", "Always", and "What'll I Do") will be in my head all day!!  I do know Rosemary Clooney did all of them -- but I can't see her voice as deep and sultry as Julie London's.  Eydie GormeDoris DayJoni James Lena HorneElla FitzgeraldPatti PageKate Smith?? 
arghhhh!  Lemme know when you find out :))

   I know, Stacy!  These songs have been in my head all these years, and for the last 30 or 35 of them, I've wondered who she was.

   Eydie and Joni, much as I love them, are way too young, and it just wasn't any of the others.  Thanks for trying!    And don't worry - I'll let the world know if and when I find her!


  From Ron Miller ('59) of NC - 06/18/06:

Carol: re:

They were of some woman whose name I cannot recall singing Irving Berlin songs - "Remember", "All Alone", "Always", and "What'll I Do?".

Could the singer(s) have been Doris Day and/or Rosemary Clooney? They both did a lot of Berlin songs, and both had deeper voices -- especially Doris Day.

-- Ron

   But 'twas neither of those lovely ladies, Ronnie.  She was a lesser-known singer (at least to me), or I'd not be having this problem.

   Lizabeth Scott sang (or lip-synced) this song in the 1948 film noir movie, I Walk Alone:

I Wish I Didn't Love You So

Originally made famous by:  Dinah Shore

   You can hear a 30-second sample of Dinah singing it here:

Written by:  Frank Loesser
From the Album:  Suddenly It's Spring
From the Film:  The Perils Of Pauline  (1947)

I wish I didn't love you so,
My love for you should have faded (or "ended") long ago.
I wish I didn't need your kiss,
Why must your kiss torture me as long as this.
I might be smiling by now with some new tender friend,
Smiling by now with my heart on the mend,
But when I try, something in my heart says no.
You're still there, I wish I didn't love you so.

   This song was originally recorded by Betty Hutton.  I've never been able to find a MIDI file of it, or I would have used it as a Newsletter theme "long ago".  Nonetheless, that voice in the movie - whosever it was - might have been my mysterious songstress.


   Irving Berlin wrote all four of these songs in the early to mid-20's.  The records were 78's, but we could all be thinking of the 40's when we should be thinking of the 30's.  Just a thought.

   Thanks so much for trying, Sweetie!

   So the mystery remains.......


  Bill Campbell ('54) of VA - 06/18/06 - "Father's Day, Military, Etc.":

Hi Carol.
I read your newsletter every day. Don't even THINK about limiting it to something less, like only once a week.

   Actually, Bill, I can't even consider that as one of my options.  It just becomes too mind-boggling, and I need to conserve all the brain power I have remaining, such as it is.  But thanks, Sweetie - I appreciate your endorsement and encouragement!

Well, today I am responding to your Father's Day/Military appeal in the 6/18/06 newsletter.

I was in the U.S. Army for two years after I graduated from NNHS in 1954. My classmates Mac Langston, Mickey Marcella, Granville Hall, and Joe Lanier were also in the Army during that time. So, we had 5 Typhoons 'guarding the perimeter' just after the Korean War. After basic training at Ft. Jackson, S.C. and Signal Corps School at Camp Gordon (now upgraded to FORT Gordon), Ga., I spent the remainder of my two years as a saxophonist in the Southeastern Signal School Band. I was able to get into the band because I had obtained good musical training at NNHS. (An aside - I was in the Jr. Band in 8th grade under Miss Sherman, promoted to Sr. Band in 9th grade under Miss Sherman, and then she quit. For the next three years we had 3 different band directors. First, Elmer Cogan, then Mr. Warner, who didn't stay long enough to even have his picture in the Anchor, and finally, Mr. Leonard Zimet. Four band directors in four years. Was Miss Sherman a tough act to follow or what?)
Anyway, the time that I spent in the U.S. Army was the best investment I ever made, because it allowed me to go to the University of Virginia on the G.I. Bill (couldn't have afforded it otherwise), which allowed me to graduate with an engineering degree, which allowed me to get a job as an engineer with N.A.S.A. at Langley, which allowed me to get jobs with N.A.S.A contractors, which allowed me to make a lot of money, retire, and live happily ever after. 

   Well, I'm glad somebody made a lot of money!  GIGGLES!!!  Money always seems to flee from me.  Anytime it looked as though we might actually - just this once - rise above the poverty level, my husband's job would lose its funding, and we would find ourselves once again unemployed - just like now!  ARGHHHH!!!

I also have a son, William Austin Campbell, Jr., so you may add me to your list of fathers, if you have one, and also to your list of military veterans. Keep up the good work, you little Energizer Bunny.
Bill C.

   Wellll, actually we don't have a list of fathers, per se.  But I'm honored to add you to our Famous Soldiers page!  And there you are now, right between my daddy and Art Carney - who used to live next door to my daddy's brother, Graham Buckley:

   Now I just need your place of birth.  Any images you have of yourself in uniform will give you extra bonus points - which are, of course, absolutely useless!!!  WILD GIGGLES!!!

   Thanks again, Bill!


    From Eric Huffstutler (Bethel HS - '75) of VA - 06/18/06 - "More on 1965 TV":

Hey sweetie... 

I will try to find a station logo for WVEC-TV from the 1965 era.  I am sure we can come up with one if nothing else, from the newspaper microfilms at the library.  Will this do for now from '68 time frame?

   OOOOOH - that will be absolutely lovely, Eric!  Thanks!

   And I've saved the rest of this letter for tomorrow - don't panic!  Thanks again, Honey!


  From Kelly Loose Bustamante ('58) of VA - 06/18/06:

Hi Carol,
Just wanted to ask you to please add me to your "birthday list".  Another anniversary of my birthday is almost here - June 21st, 1940.  Thank you!
Kelly Loose Bustamante, NNHS'58

   Thank you for letting us know, Kelly!  And of course, I added your name to the birthday list!

   Again, do have a lovely day!


    From Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 06/18/06:

I saw this on eBay and thought you might be interested.
Company K and I with Theater, Soldiers Home 1905 - Main Building Back of Postcard at Left  

   Thank you, Captain!  These old vintage cards are fabulous!   I posted them on that page:


    From Eric Huffstutler (Bethel HS - '75) of VA - 06/18/06 - "1965 Shows":

Here is a list of (I believe) of all of the popular network shows on TV during 1965:
Meet the Press
Candid Camera
The Ed Sullivan Show
Bozo the Clown
Truth or Consequences
What's My Line
Love of Live
Search for Tomorrow
Hallmark Hall of Fame
American Bandstand
The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet
The Guiding Light
The Honeymooners
The Today Show
Face the Nation
The Milton Berle Show
The Secret Storm
The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson
Captain Kangaroo
The Lawrence Welk Show
As the World Turns
The Edge of Night
The Donna Reed Show
Juke Box Jury
The Bell Telephone Hour
My Three Sons
The Andy Griffith Show
The Flintstones
Ben Casey
It's Academic
Mister Ed
The Dick Van Dyke Show
The Fulton Sheen Program
The Mike Douglas Show
Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color
Match Game
The Beverly Hillbillies
The Lucy Show
General Hospital
Petticoat Junction
Ready Steady Go
The Doctors
Another World
Daniel Boone
Gilligan's Island
Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.
Peyton Place
The Addams Family
The Munsters
This Hour Has Seven Days
Tom and Jerry
Shows ended in 1965:
The Jack Benny Show (CBS 1950-1964  NBC 1964-1965)
The Price Is Right (original version NBC 1956-1963  ABC 1963-1965)
Outer Limits (ABC 1963-1965)
Shows debuts in 1965:
Hullabaloo (NBC 1965-1966)
Green Acres (CBS 1965-1971)
Days of Our Lives (NBC 1965-present)
Hogan's Heroes (CBS 1965-1971)
I Dream of Jeannie (NBC 1965-1970)
Get Smart (NBC 1965-1969  CBS 1969-1970)
Lost in Space (CBS 1965-1968)
The Dean Martin Show (NBC 1965-1974)

   WOW - I think I watched them all!  Thanks, Eric!


    From Gail Kiger Bonsey (Ferguson HS - '73) of OR - 06/20/06 - "Fathers article by
  Tim Rogers (Hampton HS - '66)":

Enjoyed your story about your father, Tim, in the 6/18/06 newsletter.  So you were the Rogers family on Greenbriar.  I spent many a day on Greenbriar,  from where we lived in Stuart our cousins, Ronald, Tommy, and Brenda Staples, lived on Greenbriar.  (All graduates of HHS). Ronald would have been about 2 yrs younger than you.  I recall walking to the corner market behind Ronald's backyard with my grandmother, who we called 'Nanny Pete'.  They had a little dog named Robbie.  There was a cement basketball court on their property.  Wythe was a pretty area. 
Gail (Kiger) Bonsey  FHS '73

   Thanks, Gail!  I love hearing about how our lives were so entwined!


  From Fred Mays ('60) of VA - 06/20/06:


Thank you for posting    Tim Rogers' (Hampton HS - '66) interesting story about his father and his mother (in the 6/18/06 newsletter).  I knew this family quite well.  Ronnie was the oldest and he graduated from Hampton High in 1960, the same year I graduated from Newport News.  He was always in my Sunday School class at Orcutt Avenue Baptist Church.  Of course, I knew Jerry and Tim also.  What a wonderful family!  When Mr. and Mrs. Rogers left the Wythe section of Hampton, they moved to Lansdowne in the Denbigh area of Newport News.  I have lived in this neighborhood for 28 years and would often talk to Mr. Rogers as I passed by his house down the street from where I first lived in the neighborhood.  Mr. Rogers was known as "Buckshot Rogers"....everyone really liked him as he was so interesting and kind.  We all knew how devoted Mr. and Mrs. Rogers were to each other.  The Rogers' were very active in the church. I recall Mrs. Rogers was Church Librarian and Mr. Rogers assisted Sheriff W. B. Weaver in preparing the meal for the Brotherhood, the mens' organization in the church.  This was for our monthly meeting.  Young people today would not believe that often times civic organizations and churches would, at times, have a Womanless Wedding.  It was ALL MEN - it was a hoot!

Mr. Buckshot Rogers was dressed as the Groom and Sheriff W.B. Weaver was the Bride. He actually wore a bride's gown.  Mr. Rogers was short and Weaver was real tall.  The father of the bride carried a shot gun.  I even have some pictures of this wedding.  It was so humorous.  Dr. Bruce Price was a bridesmaid; there was a flower girl and ring bearer.  All men!  I think that people today would think this was sort of kinky; however, people at that time did not think as so many do today.  I remember one man (I mean bridesmaid) wore a gown, wig, and had a plunger tied around his neck.  The plunger represented a "plunging neckline", I think!  When anything needed to be done at the church, you could always count on Mr. Rogers. He was a friend of my father and all who knew him.
Precious memories......
Take care, Fred Mays, '60

   Indeed they are!  Thanks, Fred!    I posted them for you:

   By the way, many of these pages are still missing music.  The honor of choosing such music belongs to members (or former members) of the individual congregations.  You need not find the MIDI files yourselves unless that would just give you a thrill.  Just pick the hymn, and either    David (Spriggs - 64 - of VA) or    I ('65 - of NC) will locate it for you.  This is done on a "first come, first serve" basis, so "GO GIT 'EM"!!!


    From Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 06/20/06 - "Two More of Soldiers' Home":

Both are offered by Bob Buchan ('61 - of VA).
Breakwater and Governor's Office Hospital - National Soldiers Home, VA  
   Ohhh, these are quite different from anything we've seen before!  Thank you, Gentlemen!   That page is really blossoming now!


   From Wade Scott ('66) of MO - 06/20/06:

Good Morning!

I have a few minutes after a meeting being cancelled!

Thanks for adding my name to the Alumni list. I’ll send a check to your home address this weekend when I pay bills for the week. I have used Pay Pal but am not totally comfortable with it.

   “What on earth took you to the Midwest?”

 The answer to that question is long and complex! The short version is my wife of nearly 35 years is from Iowa. We met while both of us were in the Navy. After two years at C&P Telephone, I was offered a job in Iowa by what was Continental Telephone Company. In 1981, we packed bag and baggage, sold our home, put our twins (3 ½ years old at the time) in the car and moved to Knoxville, Iowa. In 1984, I was promoted and transferred to Wentzville, MO and have been here ever since. I continue to work in telecommunications in Maryland Heights close to Chesterfield but have our home in Wentzville, if you remember where that is. Our son lives in St. Charles working for Penske and considers this to be home. He and his twin sister were born in Newport News but don’t remember anything about it other than annual visits to see their grandmother. Our daughter is in the Navy stationed in Hawaii and just delivered our first grandchild, Olivia Leeann, in February. Heather joined the Navy after graduating from Truman State University in Kirksville, MO. While both children consider Missouri to be home I am past ready to return to the southern states preferably North Carolina or Virginia. My wife, Joanne, is also ready to return to the East Coast. I think she misses the water/beach as much as I do! This was supposed to be short, so I’ll stop for now.

Again, thanks for all your work on the web site it is greatly appreciated!  I’ll send a check this weekend.


   That would be lovely, Wade!    Thanks! 


    From Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 06/20/06:







OCTOBER 14TH 2006, 7:00 – 11:00 PM




Your Celebration Committee is pleased to announce that we have engaged the services of the incomparable Gidi of Gidi Gourmet Catering. He has created for us a menu comprised of his finest delicacies, which are not only a feast for the palate, but for the eyes, as well. All of the images below were taken at previous parties at Spirit Events, which were catered by Gidi.



Fresh Salmon & Vegetables on Skewers

Beef Tenders stuffed with Wild Rice

Roasted Cornish Hen pieces (marinated) with herbes d'provence

Scallops wrapped in Bacon



Assorted Cheese and Crackers

Fruit Display with Chocolate Fountain

Cream Puffs stuffed with Chicken Breast Salad

Mini Cold Cut Rolls with condiments

Fresh Vegetable Tray with Dip

Vegetarian Puff Pastries

Mini Skewers with Shrimp & Vegetables/Cocktail Sauce

Tortellini Parmesan Salad

German Potato Salad/Mayo Potato Salad



Fruit Punch

Iced Tea

Assorted Sodas

Coffee, cream, sugar


If you will require lodging, we have reserved a block of 15 rooms at the Point Plaza, 950 J. Clyde Morris Blvd., Newport News VA, for Saturday night, October 14th, at a special NNHS rate of $79 (Standard) or $99 (Suite) plus 12.5% tax. You must make your reservation NO LATER THAN FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 16, 2006. Call 1-757-599-4460 or 1-800-841-1112. In order to receive the special rate, you must clearly say "NNHS Class of 1964 Birthday Celebration" when making the reservation. Because of this requirement, it is recommended that you DO NOT make your reservation over the Internet.

We hope to mail your invitation to attend and reservation form to each of you before the end of June. Watch your mailbox.

Check this web page often. We will post the latest information about our Party here,
including a list of those Classmates planning to attend.

   What beautiful food!  I've posted your update on your Birthday Party page:

   Y'all have fun, Brown Eyes!



  From Dee Hodges Bartram ('66) of VA - 06/13/06:

Just a reminder about the cost of the 1966 reunion.  It will go from $50 per person to $60 per person July 2nd.  Please let people know about the increase (it was in the original letter).  We have catering and other financial deadlines to meet, as all reunions do, so we need to have the money as soon as possible from those that are going to attend.

   Thank you, Dee!  Sometimes we forget!  So don't forget!  You DON'T want to miss this one!



   Reunion information is ALWAYS posted very near the top on the front page, and on the Reunion Page section:

   Henceforth, it will be repeated here, lest you forget:


The Super Open Reunion
sponsored by the NNHS Class of 1961
in honor of their graduation 45 years ago will be held
Saturday, July 1, 2006 at the Radisson Hotel, Hampton, VA at 6:30 PM. There will be a social hour/dinner, at a cost of $65 per person.

On Sunday, July 2, 2006, there will be a Sunday morning brunch, also at the Radisson, for the cost of $20.

If you attend both events, the combined cost will be $75.

  The Radisson is holding a block of rooms until June 14 for $139 plus tax. 

CONTACT Jane Monfalcone Simmons
at or 757-898-5009

The Great Open Reunion sponsored by the NNHS Class of 1966
in honor of their graduation 40 years ago
will be held on Friday, September 29, 2006 from 7:00 PM to 1:00 AM at RJ’s Restaurant, 12743 Jefferson Avenue, NN, VA.

September 30, 2006, meet at 11:00 AM at Newport News High School (now Huntington Hall) for a tour of the high school and gym.
Parking is available next to the gym on Huntington Avenue.

Saturday, September 30, 2006 from 7:00 PM to midnight,
the grand affair will be held at Point Plaza Hotel, 950 J. Clyde Morris Boulevard, Newport News, VA, 757-599-4460.

NTACT Dee Hodges Bartram at

The 60th Birthday Celebration
for Members of the NNHS Class of 1964
will be held
on Saturday, October 14, 2006,
7:00 - 11:00 PM at Spirit Events, 12672 Patrick Henry Drive,
Newport News, VA 23602.


CONTACT Dave Spriggs at


The Grand 50-year Reunion
of the NNHS Class of 1956
will be held on Friday, October 20, 2006 at the James River Country Club, Newport News, VA from 6:00 PM – 11:00 PM.
Cost is $56.00 per person, reservations required by Aug. 1.

On Saturday, October 21, 2006 at 7:00 PM, a casual get-together will be held in a Hospitality Room, Country Inn & Suites on Route 17, Newport News, for all classmates
who wish to attend. 

CONTACT Judy Leggette Elliott at
or 757-868-1111

"Dinner" Planning Meetings for
The Class of 1962!

They would love to have as many of their classmates as possible to participate in the future as they plan the details of their upcoming 45-Year Reunion!!  Please plan to join them at their next meeting.

If you did not receive an announcement, they do not have your address. 
Please email Pat Floyd Pride at
or Brenda Amos Williams at

for directions, and so that you can stay in touch

Visit Brenda's 1962 Web Page:



  Joe Madagan ('57) of FL - 06/17/06 - "From the Garden" (#2 in a series
of 6):

Hi, Carol:

How about a white rose to brighten your day?



   OH!!!  How beautiful it looks nestled among those periwinkles - or are those vincas?  Or are periwinkles and vincas the same?? Well, anyway, it's quite lovely!  Thanks, Adonis!

  Saturday, June 17, 2006, 10:02 AM  

   Y'all take care of each other!  TYPHOONS FOREVER!

                          Love to all, Carol





Send in the Clowns

- Words and Music by Stephen Sondheim, A Little Night Music

(Judy Collins)

Isn't it rich, are we a pair?
Me here at last on the ground,
You in mid-air.
Send in the clowns.

Isn't it bliss, don't you approve?
One who keeps tearing around
One who can't move
Where are the clowns?
Send in the clowns.

Just when I'd stopped opening doors,
Finally knowing the one that I wanted was yours.
Making my entrance again with my usual flair,
Sure of my lines;
No one is there.

Don't you love farce?
My fault I fear,
I thought that you'd want what I want,
Sorry my dear
But where are the clowns
Send in the clowns
Don't bother, they're here.

Isn't it rich, isn't it queer
Losing my timing this late in my career
But where are the clowns
there ought to be clowns
Well, maybe next year.

"Send in the Clowns" midi and lyrics courtesy of - 06/18/06

Of course we all remember Judy Collins' rendition of "Send In The Clowns."
It is her voice that you hear in your head when the song title is mentioned.

However, the song was part of "A Little Night Music", music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim.

Thanks, Dave!

Image of William Persona's Clown Painting courtesy of - 06/18/06

Image of Red Skelton's Clown Painting courtesy of - 06/18/06

Squiggle Bar Divider Line lip art courtesy of - 04/26/05

Animated "NEW" clip art courtesy of - 03/07/06

Animated Tiny Birthday Cake clip art courtesy of Sarah Puckett Kressaty ('65) of VA - 08/31/05

Navy Seal clip art courtesy of - 05/29/06

"I Wish I Didn't Love You So" lyrics courtesy of - 06/19/06

Animated Burning Dollar Bill courtesy of - 06/20/06

Bruin clip art courtesy of Eric Huffstutler (Bethel HS - '75) of VA - 03/22/06
Thanks, Eric!

Anchor clip art courtesy of Steve Silsby (FHS - '72) of NC - 12/14/05
Thanks, Steve!

Crab clip art courtesy of - 10/02/05

Animated Birthday Cake Courtesy of Gathered Gifs at - 04/15/04

Marine Corps Seal clip art courtesy of Herbert Hice of MI - one of my Famous Marines who served in the South Pacific during WWII.
Thanks, Herbie!

Army Seal clip art courtesy of Al Farber ('64) of GA - 05/24/06
Thanks, Al!

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