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04/01/08 - NNHS Newsletter -
April Fool's Day

“Our wisdom comes from our experience, and
our experience comes from our foolishness.”

Sacha Guitry
(21 Feb 1885 - 24 July 1957)

Dear Friends and Schoolmates,   

   I hope by now that it's a well known fact that I personally dislike April Fools Day (or practical jokes at any time).  We celebrate it here each year simply because we endeavor to observe everything - and because I am such a Sweetie-Pie!

BONUS - - Evanescence - Everybody's Fool


  Happy Birthday this week to:

04 -    Sylvia Hall Hammond ('66) of UT;
06 - Gerald Leonard ('66) of VA AND Aaron (Hank) Smith ('69) of ?!

   Many Happy Returns, One and All!  

  From Joyce Lawrence Cahoon ('65) of VA - 03/31/08 - "Back in time - Do you remember these words?":

When I received this e-mail I read words and terms I hadn't even thought of in years! Pleasant reminders of years not really so long ago.  How many other words have we let time change - and are these changes all that great?  I remember "supper"...... still tastes good at the end of the day. 

I'll throw one at you that I'll bet most of you never heard of, "feed sack dress".  It's a term that most all country folk will remember.  Feed for farm animals used to come in really pretty printed cotton material.  Not like what you could buy in a store but very serviceable.  Most of my play clothes and some school clothes were made from "feed sacks".  Mom was a great seamstress, she could make anything!  She fashioned dresses for my sister and me, and shirts for my brothers, and "night clothes" (another change) for all us kids.  I loved everything she made and was proud to wear my "feed sack" dresses.  Lots of kids had the same feed sack clothes.  "Town-folk" had "store-bought" clothes and once we moved to Virginia we did too.  Mom still made pretty dresses for us, made with store-bought material but made with the same love that went into our "feed sack" dresses. 

A lot of words have changed but one never has... "Love".....what word could possibly replace that one? 

I've rambled on with one of my memories and now it's your turn to pass one of your memories along to us.  I'd love to hear your memory!  Memories usually come from the heart.  Maybe reading this will jog your memory.

 Joyce Cahoon


A term I haven't heard in a long time. And thinking about fender skirts started me thinking about other words that quietly disappeared from our language with hardly a notice like curb feelers:

And steering knobs, AKA suicide knob.

Since I'd been thinking of cars, my mind naturally went in that direction first.
Any kids reading this will probably have to find some elderly person over 50 to explain some of these terms to you.

Remember Continental kits?
They were rear bumper extenders and spare tire covers that were supposed to make any car as cool as a Lincoln Continental. 

When did we quit calling them emergency brakes?
At some point parking brake became the proper term.  But I miss the hint of drama that went with emergency brake.

I'm sad, too, that almost all the old folks are gone who would call the accelerator the footfeed.

Didn't you ever wait at the street for your daddy to come home, so you could ride the running board up to the house?

Here's a phrase I heard all the time in my youth but never anymore-- store-bought.  Of course, just about everything is store-bought these days.  But once it was bragging material to have a store-bought dress or a store-bought bag of candy.
Coast to coast is a phrase that once held all sorts of excitement and now means almost nothing.  Now we take the term worldwide for granted.  This floors me.
On a smaller scale, wall-to-wall was once a magical term in our homes.  In the '50s, everyone covered his or her hardwood floors with, wow, wall-to-wall carpeting!  Today, everyone replaces their wall-to-wall carpeting with hardwood floors.  Go figure.
When's the last time you heard the quaint phrase in a family way? It's hard to imagine that the word pregnant was once considered a little too graphic, a little too clinical for use in polite company.  So we had all that talk about stork visits and being in a family way or simply expecting.

Apparently brassiere is a word no longer in usage.  I said it the other day and my daughter cracked up.  I guess it's just bra now. Unmentionables probably wouldn't be understood at all.
I always loved going to the picture show, but I considered movie an affectation.

Most of these words go back to the '50s, but here's a pure-'60s expression I came across the other day-- rat fink.  Oooh, what a nasty put-down!

Here's a word I miss -- percolator.  That was just a fun word to say.  And what was it replaced with?  Coffee maker.  How dull.  Mr. Coffee, I blame you for this.
I miss those made-up marketing words that were meant to sound so modern and now sound so retro.  Words like DynaFlow and Electrolux.  Introducing the 1963 Admiral TV, now with SpectraVision!
Food for thought:  Was there a telethon that wiped out lumbago? Nobody complains of that anymore.  Maybe that's what castor oil cured, because I never hear mothers threatening kids with castor oil anymore.

Some words aren't gone but are definitely on the endangered list. The one that grieves me most is supper.  Now everybody says dinner. Save great words.  Invite someone to supper.  Discuss fender skirts.

Someone forwarded this to me.  I thought some of us of a certain age would remember most of these.

Just for fun, pass it along to others of a certain age!

   Thanks, Joyce! I was a city gal from the get-go, so I never wore anything made from feed sacks, but my mama           the late Maxine Frix Buckley (John Marshall HS - '25), was also an excellent seamstress and did sew many beautiful dresses for me through the years - including my prom gown!

   I still say "emergency brake" myself.  But I had to chuckle at the terms used to describe pregnancy.  I've always thought that "in a family way" was the hokiest of all possible expressions, and never could bring myself to use it even way back when.  But my mama told me that when her mother,   Hattie Warlick Payne Frix (22 July 1880 - 23 Sept 1943), was expecting my aunt    Frances (Frix Atkinson - Thomas Jefferson HS - '37 - 24 Mar 1920 - 21 Apr 2006), she asked her to go visit all her friends and neighbors and give them the message that "Sister Hattie isn't going out much these days"!

      From Wayne Stokes ('65) of VA - 03/31/08 - "Questions and Answers from AARP":

From      Mr. (Rip) Collins ('65 - of TN) to me to you; not bad advice, timely too!

"Q&A from an AARP Forum"

Q: Where can women over the age of 60 find younger, sexy men who are interested in them?
A: Try a bookstore under fiction.

Q: What can a man do while his wife is going through menopause?
A: Keep busy. If you're handy with tools, you can finish the basement. When you are done you will have a place to live.

Q: How can you increase the heart rate of your 60+ year old husband?
A: Tell him you're pregnant!

Q: How can you avoid spotting wrinkles every time you walk by a mirror?
A: Take off your glasses.

Q: Why should 60+ year old people use valet parking?
A: Valets don't forget where they park your car.

Q: Is it common for 60+ year olds to have problems with short term memory storage?
A: Storing memory is not a problem, retrieving it is a problem.

Q: As people age, do they sleep more soundly?
A: Yes, but usually in the afternoon.

Q: Where should 60+ year olds look for eye glasses?
A: On their foreheads.

Q: What is the most common remark made by 60+ year olds when they enter antique stores?
A: "Gosh, I remember these!"

   Ohhh, yeah - well, these are waaay too true to be overly funny to me at this particular point in time! Thanks, Wayne Honey - and Rip Precious!

From Norris Perry (Warwick HS - '59) of VA - 03/31/08 AND       From Gloria Woolard Price (Hampton HS - '65) of FL - 04/01/08:- "Virus Alert !!! (For Real)":

I checked, and it is for real!! - Status - Real virus

Get this E-mail message sent around to your contacts ASAP.


You should be alert during the next few days. Do not open any message with an attachment entitled 'POSTCARD,' regardless of who sent it to you. It is a virus which opens A POSTCARD IMAGE, which 'burns' the whole hard disc C of your computer. This virus will be received from someone who has your e-mail address in his/her contact list. This is the reason why you need to send this e-mail to all your contacts. It is better to receive this message 25 times than to receive the virus and open it.

If you receive a mail called' POST CARD,' even though sent to you by a friend, do not open it.! Shut down your computer immediately.

This is the worst virus announced by CNN. It has been classified by Microsoft as the most destructive virus ever. This virus was discovered by McAfee yesterday, and there is no repair yet for this kind of virus. This virus simply destroys the Zero Sector of the Hard Disc, where the vital information is kept.


There are so many hoaxes out there, but this one is real and updated Feb 08.  Please read!! - Status - Real virus

   Thanks so much, Norris and Gloria! Y'all be careful out there!

    From Glenn Dye ('60) of TX - 03/31/08 - "When TV was worth watching":

When TV was worth watching

Johnny Carson and Jack Webb

      This "Copper Clappers" sketch is a classic, Glenn - thanks!

  From Gayle Bridgeman Botelis ('66) of VA - 03/31/08 - "US Postal Service":

This is so sweet!

-This is one of the kindest things I've ever experienced.  I have no way to know who sent it, but there is a beautiful soul working in the dead letter office of the US postal service.

Our 14 year old dog, Abbey, died last month. The day after she died, my 4 year old daughter Meredith was crying and talking about how much she missed Abbey. She asked if we could write a letter to God so that when Abbey got to heaven, God would recognize her. I told her that I thought we could so she dictated these words:

Dear God,

Will you please take care of my dog? She died yesterday and is with you in heaven. I miss her very much. I am happy that you let me have her as my dog even though she got sick.

I hope you will play with her. She likes to play with balls and to swim. I am sending a picture of her so when you see her. You will know that she is my dog. I really miss her.

Love, Meredith

We put the letter in an envelope with a picture of Abbey and Meredith and addressed it to God/Heaven. We put our return address on it. Then Meredith pasted several stamps on the front of the envelope because she said it would take lots of stamps to get the letter all the way to heaven. That afternoon she dropped it into the letter box at the post office. A few days later, she asked if God had gotten the letter yet. I told her that I thought He had.

Yesterday, there was a package wrapped in gold paper on our front porch addressed, "To Meredith," in an unfamiliar hand. Meredith opened it. Inside was a book by Mr. Rogers called, "When a Pet Dies." Taped to the inside front cover was the letter we had written to God in its opened envelope. On the opposite page was the picture of Abbey & Meredith and this note:

Dear Meredith,

Abbey arrived safely in heaven.

Having the picture was a big help. I recognized Abbey right away.

Abbey isn't sick anymore. Her spirit is here with me just like it stays in your heart. Abbey loved being your dog. Since we don't need our bodies in heaven, I don't have any pockets to keep your picture in, so I am sending it back to you in this little book for you to keep and have something to remember Abbey by.

Thank you for the beautiful letter and thank your mother for helping you write it and sending it to me. What a wonderful mother you have. I picked her especially for you.

I send my blessings every day and remember that I love you very much.

By the way, I'm easy to find; I am wherever there is love.


   This is precious! Thanks, Gayle!

    From My Niece, Shari, of VA - 04/01/08 - "Tuesday Twist":

This first site is too good not to pass on, so I'm sending on to everybody in my in-box.  :)
***** Very good site on drug interactions with herbs, carbonated drinks, grapefruit juice and other intake.
Although the pictures are few, some are awesome.
Crazy Thoughts
I read a few, but can't claim if the entire list is wholesome or not.
"Setting a good example for children takes all the fun out of middle age."  

- William Feather  


"Some public schools now will be serving sushi. Well, if you love cafeteria meatloaf, you're going to really love cafeteria sushi!"

 - Dave Letterman  


"Here is a very odd story. A woman in Tennessee is now suing a local pharmacy after buying what she thought were birth control patches. They turned out to be nicotine patches. The good news, her new baby is now down to a half a pack a day." 
 - Jay Leno 

 ** Top Ten Signs That You're Not Romantic **  

10. You ask the waiter for a seat near the kitchen so it minimizes the time it takes for your food to arrive.  

9. She doesn't like the "I'm The Property of Jason" t-shirt you got her for your anniversary.  

8. You take your date out for dinner that consists of a coupon for free nachos and half price on drinks.  

7. Her candlelight dinners really irritate you 'cause it's so hard to read the sports-page while eating.  

6. You apologize with a dozen dandelions.  

5. After a romantic dinner, you offer to do the dishes by letting the dog lick the plates.  

4. You consider pig latin the "language of love".  

3. Some say it with flowers, you say it with spark-plugs.  

2. When your boyfriend got down on one knee and proposed, you said, "Shhh!... talk to me during the commercial."  

1. "I thought cubic zerconia looked prettier than real diamonds."   


Parents can be very upset when their children don't get into the college of their choice.  As an admissions counselor for a state university, I took a call from an irate mother who was demanding to know why her daughter had been turned down.  

Avoiding any mention of the transcript full of D's, I explained that her daughter just wasn't as "competitive" as the admitted class.  "Why doesn't she try anther school for a year and then transfer?" I suggested.  

"Another school!" exclaimed the Mother. "Have you seen her grades?"  

Fool's Day

Of what use is money in the hand of a fool, since he has no desire to get wisdom?
(Prov 17:16 NIV)

A fool finds no pleasure in understanding but delights in airing his own opinions.
(Prov 18:2 NIV)


Better to be fooled on April Fool's Day
Than to be a fool the entire year.

For those of you not in the U.S., April 1st is called April Fool's Day.'s_Day


"There will always be times when you feel discouraged. I too have felt despair many times in my life, but I do not keep a chair for it; I will not entertain it. It is not allowed to eat from my plate. The reason is this: In my uttermost bones I know something, as do you. It is that there can be no despair when you remember why you came to Earth, who you serve, and who sent you here."

- Clarissa Pinkola Estes
American Author, Poet and Psychologist


"May you live all the days of your life."

- David Leonhardt, The Happy Guy


Remember, even if you win the rat race - you're still a rat.


"Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize."

(1 Corinthians 9:24 NIV)

   WOWZERONI!!! You're right, Shari, that first site is extremely valuable! Thanks so very much! (I liked the other two also!)

      From Sepi Dinwiddie Prichard ('58) of NC - 04/01/08 - "Here Comes SPRING.....":

Never have I had such a green thumb !  I found that a zig-zag motion across the screen produced more flowers, and also exercises the flabby underarm that we all have.  Thanks a "Bunch"

Here Comes SPRING.....

With all the snow ( it's snowing right now somewhere), it's kinda nice to paint your own garden. Have fun.
Click on the link below. You will get a blank page.
Click your mouse anywhere - and everywhere - on the page and see what happens!
Better yet, click and drag your mouse over the black page...
A whole lot easier than all that digging, too.

   WOWZERS!!! Thanks for the fun, Dimples!

     From Rip Collins ('65) of TN - 04/01/08 - "cannon balls":


I thought this important bit of history was worth sharing since many of these cannon laden ships passed through Hampton Roads.

Cannon Balls 
It was necessary to keep a good supply of cannon balls near the cannon on old war ships. But how to prevent them from rolling about the deck 
was the problem. The best storage method devised was to stack them as a square based pyramid, with one ball on top, resting on four, resting 
on nine, which rested on sixteen. Thus, a supply of 30 cannon balls could be stacked in a small area right next to the cannon. 

There was only one problem -- how to prevent the bottom layer from sliding/rolling from under the others. The solution was a metal plate with 
16 round indentations, called a Monkey. But if this plate were made of iron, the iron balls would quickly rust to it. The solution to the rusting 
problem was to make Brass Monkeys. 

Few landlubbers realize that brass contracts much more and much faster than iron when chilled. Consequently, when the temperature dropped 
too far, the brass indentations would shrink so much that the iron cannon balls would come right off the monkey. Thus, it was quite literally, cold 
enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey. 
And all this time, you thought that was a vulgar expression, didn't you? You must send this fabulous bit of historical knowledge to at least a few 
& unsuspecting friends. 

   Well, Rip Precious, thank you so much for sharing this important historical tidbit with us all! We do aim to educate!

PRAYER ROLL (arranged alphabetically, but not necessarily complete):

1.   Jerry Allen ('65) of VA - began radiation for cancer last week of February; it was delayed when he was diagnosed with pneumonia on 02/20/08; update of 03/11/08: recovered from pneumonia, is in his third week of radiation, and seems to be doing well. He is back at work and comes home tired, but overall, he is in pretty good shape; update of 03/24/08: last radiation treatment was Friday; "looking good and feeling pretty good except for very irritated skin and fatigue"

2.   Connie Bloxom Thompson ('66) of MD - multiple heath and financial issues; needing cataract surgery to prevent inevitable blindness ASAP; update of 03/11/08: "SO FAR, 1/2 FUNDS FOR 1 EYE PROCEDURE"; update of 03/28/08: re-hospitalized; $1475.00 received so far

3. My Friend Judy of IL -  shoulder replacement surgery - 04/22/08

4. Clyde Bryant ('58) of PA - heart replacement surgery - 12/13/07

5.      Me ('65) of NC - recent (late January) development of congestive heart failure plus the usual financial woes; update of 03/28/08: not as well as I'd hoped to be by now; more downs than ups.....

6.   Evelyn Casey Snead ('57) of VA - gallbladder surgery on 03/12/08

7. Emily (daughter of My Niece Shari) of VA - advancing scoliosis; surgery 03/11/08; update of 03/12/08: surgery went well, running slight fever; update of 03/18/08: had some ups and lows, but is home again

8. Karen Hampton (Hampton HS - '64) of VA - knee surgery on 03/13/08; update of 03/22/08: recovering nicely

9. Frances Heath Scott ('62) of VA - inflammation of nerves; due to have been released from hospital on 02/27/08

10. Bobby Hedrick ('58) of VA - recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer; update of 03/22/08: "doing very well, no pain, just some soreness"

11.   Heidi Hice MacKay of MI and her Family - stressing over their beloved patriarch since late January 2008; update of 03/17/08: still needing our prayers

12.       Herb Hice of MI and the MacKay Family - triple bypass surgery plus carotid artery cleanup - @ 01/25/08; update of 03/10/08: still being sedated while not on the ventilator, but made it for nine hours on 03/09/08; "holding his own"; update of 03/17/08: not much progress, but no regression, either; update of 03/24/08: "some good days and some bad days; the doctors caring for Herbie are just taking a wait and see approach and playing it by ear day by day"; update of 03/31/08: stays awake longer, off the ventilator longer, now enjoying his beloved opera, card shower requested

13. Deloris Jackson Morgan ('66) of VA? - recovering from surgery on her ankle

14. Linda Lamb Stokes (Hampton HS - '66) of VA - surgery of the cervical spine on 3/5/08 to place a new stainless steel plate and screws to eliminate extremely severe pain; update of 03/13/08: "better, but still a bit away from 'good'"

15. Patsy Lewis Hancock ('57) of VA - suffered second massive heart attack - 01/31/08; update of 03/13/08: "is doing very well.  She is taking some kind of cardio rehab therapy and she is feeling well enough that she has gone back to work.  She's only working 1/2 days..."

16.       John London (Warwick HS - '57) of VA - lumbar surgery to fix a spinal stenosis [ laminectomy]; will also involve fusion of vertebrae - 02/05/08

17. Pam Pennington Cherry ('58) of VA - congestive heart failure; cardiac ablation procedure - 02/06/08; second surgery on 02/20/08 for aneurysm; update of 03/17/08 - still experiencing difficulty with heart racing, breathing and pressure in her chest; pray that cardiac ablation procedure will not have to be repeated, and that Pam can learn to REST!

18.   Jimmy Shires ('57) of VA - update of 03/30/08: emergency appendectomy caused by ruptured appendix; will be in the hospital 3 - 4 days

19.   Catherine Slusser Hudson ('64) of VA - recent surgery on right knee

20.     Jimmy Smith ('62) of VA - suffered heart attack 02/13/08

21. All of Us


1. Friday and Saturday, May 16 - 17, 2008 - NNHS CLASS OF 1958: - 03/18/08

2. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, September 26 - 28, 2008 - NNHS CLASS OF 1968: - 03/31/08

3. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, October 17 - 19, 2008 - NNHS CLASS OF 1963:  - 03/26/08

      From Wayne Stokes ('65) of VA - 03/26/08 - "2007 Woman Drivers Awards" (#5 in a Series of 10):

I think, therefore I am, no, no!! I think I sent this out previously if not before, still sounds right, but because of its absolute accuracy and recognition of skills only possessed by our lovely ladies; not to mention that I really can't remember whether I sent it or not, I am sending it now?!
Also, it was sent to me with orders to so do!! That is, forward it.
Without further ado, I give you the "winners"!!
If they can't take a joke...

The 2007 Women Drivers Awards
6th Place Goes to:

One of 'em moved, I would have made it, honestly! I'm sure, I think?

Thank you to all contestants for giving us all a reason to laugh and smile.

   Thank you, Wayne Honey! This is an excellent example of why I decided never to take driver's ed or apply for a driver's license!

  From Charlie Snead ('64) of NC - 03/26/08 - "Good thoughts for 2008" (#5 in a Series of 12):


I just felt you'd like this today.

Thank you for being such a friend to so many of us.


Give this heart to everyone you don't want to lose in '08 including me. 


"Be kinder than necessary because everyone
you meet is fighting some kind of battle.


The happiness of my life depends on the quality of my thoughts.

Friends are like balloons; once you let them go, you might not get them back. Sometimes we get so busy with our own lives and problems that we may not even notice that we've let them fly away. Sometimes we are so caught up in who's right and who's wrong that we forget what's right and wrong. Sometimes we just don't realize what real friendship means until it is too late. I don't want to let that happen so I'm gonna tie you to my heart so I never lose you.  Send it to some balloons that you think have flown away forever. You may be surprised to see it return. Send this heart to everybody you like.

   Thank you so much, Charlie! You were right - I did need this!

   Y'all take care of each other!  TYPHOONS FOREVER!  We'll Always Have Buckroe!

                          Love to all, Carol





Carol Buckley Harty
219 Four Ply Lane
Fayetteville, NC 29311-9305  
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             or just mail it to my home. Thanks!

Everybody's Fool

- Evanescence, 2004

perfect by nature
icons of self indulgence
just what we all need
more lies about a world that

never was and never will be
have you no shame don't you see me
you know you've got everybody fooled

look here she comes now
bow down and stare in wonder
oh how we love you
no flaws when you're pretending
but now i know she

never was and never will be
you don't know how you've betrayed me
and somehow you've got everybody fooled

without the mask where will you hide
can't find yourself lost in your lie

i know the truth now
i know who you are
and i don't love you anymore

it never was and never will be
you don't know how you've betrayed me
and somehow you've got everybody fooled

it never was and never will be
you're not real and you can't save me
somehow now you're everybody's fool

"Everybody's Fool" midi courtesy of - 09/29/054

  "Everybody's Fool" lyrics courtesy of - 04/01/08

"April Fool" Image courtesy of - 04/01/08

Animated Rolling on the Floor Laughing Boy courtesy of - 04/06/05

Animated April Fools Monkey designed by Art Holden courtesy of - 03/22/06

 Animated Multi-Colored Dots Divider Line clip art courtesy of - 03/29/06

Animated Tiny Birthday Cake clip art courtesy of Sarah Puckett Kressaty ('65) of VA - 08/31/05
Thanks, Sarah Sugah!

John Marshall High School's Justice Scale clip art courtesy of Cheryl White Wilson (JMHS - '64) of VA - 10/13/05
Thanks, Cheryl!

Marine Corps Seal clip art courtesy of Herbert Hice of MI - one of my Famous Marines who served in the South Pacific during WWII.
Thanks again, Herbie!!

Hampton High School's Crab clip art courtesy of - 10/02/05

 Animated Laughter clip art courtesy of Janice McCain Rose ('65) of VA - 01/24/06
Thanks, Janice!

Air Force Seal clip art courtesy of - 07/07/06

Army Seal clip art courtesy of Al Farber ('64) of GA - 05/24/06
Thanks, Al!

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