Mr. Wayne Forrest Taylor

b. 10 Apr 1937 - Newport News, VA;
b. 31 Dec 2011 - Summerfield, F
L - age 74

Newport News High School, Class of 1955
Elon College, A. B.

 Algebra, Math; Key Club Sponsor; Jr. Varsity Football Coach

Brother of Billy Taylor, Class of 1964 (d. Jan 1995)

NNHS Class of 1955 -
Fall of 1954

1955 Anchor,  p. 137
1961 Anchor,  p. 31 1962 Anchor, p. 32

Carolin McPherson
('62), Mr. Taylor ('55), and Nancy Horton ('62)
Sat., October 23, 2004

Sarah Puckett Kressaty
('65) of VA and her
Homeroom teacher,
Mr. Wayne Taylor
Sat., October 23, 2004

Carol Buckley Harty
('65) of NC and
Mr. Wayne Taylor
04/27/04 04/27/04 04/27/04 11/15/04 11/15/04 01/06/12

I had Mr. Wayne Taylor for Algebra...after getting a D in it the first time around with another teacher...
I was scared to death of him but I did very well, I think I got a B. Tom Freeze would help me with my homework
and then I would usually pull a better grade on the test than he did...very embarrassing!

- Jean Poole Burton ('64) of RI - 07/21/04
Thanks, Jean!

I was pleased to see some info on Mr. Wayne Taylor, our stage crew sponsor in the early
60's. One night when goofing off in the auditorium I broke out a light panel in the
overhead lights just before a "pep rally" the next day. I had to get the glass removed
early the next morning. I waited all day to be suspended or expelled. Late in the day
Mr. Taylor said he had taken care of everything. The next week the glass panel was
replaced and I never heard anything about it. Alvah "Jimmy" Campbell and George "Biddy"
Whitehurst were my accomplices in this escapade. Mr. Taylor remains my hero to this day!

- Ed Nichols ('62) of of Northern VA - 02/27/05
WOW!  Thanks, Ed!

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