Mrs. Phoebe Jane Bobbitt Hoyle

b. 21 Feb 1914 - Charlotte, NC
d. 04 Oct 1968 - Newport News, VA - age 54

Woman's College of the University of North Carolina, A. B.

French, French Club Sponsor, English

Mother of    Pete Hoyle ('60) and      Henry Hoyle ('65)

1939 Acorn Harding High School,
Charlotte, NC
1960 Anchor, p. 113
These images courtesy of Henry Hoyle of Northern VA - 05/12/03
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"These two pages are from the Lantern, which appears to be a newsletter to the Newport News city-wide school system employees. 
Someone sent it to me, after my mother died."

- Henry Hoyle of Northern VA - 05/12/03
Thanks, Henry!


The Lantern, Jan-Feb 1969, Pages 5-6

Mrs. Phoebe Bobbitt Hoyle

Mrs. Phoebe Bobbitt Hoyle came from a family that set great store by
education and academic achievement, and her did not fail them.  She
graduated summa cum laude from the University of North Carolina, in
Greensboro, and earned election to Phi Beta Kappa for outstanding
character and scholarship.

A member of the faculty of Newport News High School for many years,
where she taught in both the English and French Departments, Phoebe Hoyle
will long be remembered and missed by her students and
professional associates.

She took an inordinate pride in her attractive classroom, the efficient
order of her desk and files, and the careful organization of her work.
Any substitute teacher found it an easy pleasure to take over during
an absence!

She had a special talent for understanding and helping the slow-learning
student.  By her kindness, infinite patience, and unique approach to their
individual problems, she opened the door of achievement for some students
for the first time in their lives.  (They loved her for that!)  It was
possible for all students, she contended, to know the sweet taste of
success in the classroom; the positive results of her teaching techniques
proved her premise to be correct.  In her quiet, modest way, she shared the
pride that success engendered in the achievers.  This rare ability was her
pedagogical crown, and it set her apart from, and far above the average teacher.

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