Mrs. Aretie Gallins Danley (Patterson)

Moved from Manassas, VA to Crossville, TN on 02/08/08

Newport News High School, Class of 1959
Westhampton College, B. A., Class of 1962

U. S. History

Sister of    Rose Gallins Fleming ('60) of VA,   Joanne Gallins ('62) of VA,
and Penny Gallins-Viehweg of VA; Wife of    John Patterson ('59) of TN;

NNHS Class of 1959 - Fall of 1958
1959 Anchor, p. 130
1965 Anchor, p. 27 Aretie Gallins Patterson ('59) of Northern VA surprising Patty Dempsey Gibbs
('66) of VA after 40 years
04/28/04 04/28/04 Courtesy of Jamey Douglas Bacon ('66) of VA - 02/16/06 (finally added on 07/20/06)

Aretie Gallins (Danley) Patterson can tell you first-hand just how wonderful class reunions can turn out. 
She and husband, John, re-connected at one of the Class of 59 reunions.
- Renee Helterbran Benton ('59) of VA - 02/25/05
OH, WOWZERONI!!!  How truly wonderful!  Thanks, Renee!  I just love stories such as these!
Wait a minute.  I must have heard this one before. Eleanor (Buckley Nowitzky - '59 - of NC) must have told me, hmmm?
'Cause I knew her last name was Patterson now, and how else could I have known that, unless I were psychic?
And I'm not psychic.  Psycho, maybe....

Now that she's joined us online, it's high time that I mention my time in Mrs. Danley's American history
class in '63-'64.  That was her second year of teaching, as she finished college in three years.  She had
been one of my sister's best friends at NNHS, and Eleanor (Buckley Nowitzky - '59 - of NC) kept telling me
how much I was going to enjoy her class.  She was right.

WOW!  I still remember where I sat.   Phyllis Moore ('65) sat right in front of me.  She was going
to cosmetology school at the time.  Our section met right after lunch.  We used to come into class
early and she'd practice giving manicures on me.  That was great fun!

   And when class began, I actually learned things in there - always a bennie!  I always liked American history before,
but between Mrs. Danley and
Coach Powers (whom I had for eighth grade U.S. History), I learned to love it. 

   One of the nicest things about this job is that on occasion I'm able to rid myself of the 40-year old guilt I carried
from never really thanking any of my teachers for their hard work and sacrifice, and in actually imparting
of their knowledge and wisdom.  Now from time to time I'm actually given that rare opportunity say a
much-belated thank you.  The diligence and preparation she gave was readily apparent to all of us.  We may
have been slackers, but she never was.  And she always kept us on track and in control.  It really was a great class!

   So - THANK YOU!

- Carol Buckley Harty ('65) of NC - 02/28/05


It certainly is nice to have Aretie along for this wonderful ride.  I have a story about  her.  I was class of '63 and the big experiment that year was to gather all seniors during A period in the auditorium.  There we were taught government by the History Department staff.  Each faulty member got to teach a part they particularly enjoyed and we benefited from the variety of teachers.  We also experienced a lecture hell setting which the staff felt would do us good since those going to college would experience the same thing the following year.  So all seniors were gathered in the auditorium for A Period and seated alphabetically.  
Mrs. Danley's family evidently called the Roosevelts "Roose like Cruise" instead of "Rose like Pose" as some others pronounced it.  The person seated behind me thought it was funny because his family was obviously of the "Rose" persuasion.  He'd sit and quietly repeat "Roose" - sort of like he was trying to understand the pronunciation - which I genuinely think he was - at first.  But when he realized that his musings caused others (like me) to chuckle, he began to do it sincerely, just to get the little smiles and chuckles going.  Now, I'm not saying who that person was because that wouldn't be nice.  But I can't think of Mrs. Danley without remembering him!

- Kathy Pilgrim Clark ('63) of VA - 03/28/05
GIGGLES!  Thanks, Kathy!

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