The Beacon, Friday, June 4, 1965 - Front Page

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Braslow Leads Class In '65 Commencement


                                                                                     June 4, 1965, Newport News High School, Newport News, Virginia Vol. LIX, No. 19

Leading the Class of 1965 was Valedictorian Charles Braslow and Salutatorian Janet Smith. Commencement exercises were held Thursday at 8:00 p.m. in the school auditorium.

Harron Ellenson and David Ellenson were the class speakers. Steve Burns was faculty speaker. The speakers' theme was "knowledge should lead to wisdom, and if it doesn't, it's just a disgusting waste of time!…Wisdom is supposed to be the goal of knowledge…"

"Pomp and Circumstance by Elger and the "Grand March" by Grundman were played during the processional by the Typhoon Band.

Senior Class President, Joe Wingo, gave the invocation. The benediction was given by Ronald Smith, class vice-president.

Following the speakers in the processional were the 30 honor graduates. These students have maintained a B or better average throughout their five high school years.

The 30 honor graduates in order of class standing are Charles Braslow, Janet Smith, Richard Lee, Howard Conn, Judy Anker, Harron Ellenson, Robert Davis, Patsy Blackard, Charles Embler, Ricky Davis, Barbara Smith and Carole Althaus.

Also Donald Harvey, Mary Ellis, Donna Windsor, Carla Fine, Henry Hoyle, Linda Hicks, Barbara Salken, Joyce Spake, Frank Blechman, Otis Glamore, Brenda Grepiotis, Allan White, Pam Smith, Ronald Smith, Ginny Grey, Van Rowell, Jimmy Dick, and David Ellenson.

Howard Conn

Conn Wins National Award for Science

Howard Conn won fourth place at the National Science Fair in St. Louis May 5-7.

Howard presented his project on "An Investigation of the Functional Beginning of the Thyroid Gland of the Chick Embryo."

Mr. William Sharpe, science teacher, sponsored Howard. They left May 4 by plane.

Over 400 exhibits were entered from all 50 states, including finalists from Japan, he Netherlands, and Israel. Four hundred professional men served as judges.

While there, Howard took a tour of St. Louis Medical School and of the Monsanto Drug Company.

The State Science Fair was held in Richmond the same time as the National Fair was held. Allan White, senior, who attended, received an honorable mention in the physics division. Henry Hoyle, senior, received a second place in the math division. Carolyn Watson, junior, presented a biology project

The State Fair was held in the John Marshall Hotel. Mrs. William Sharpe and Miss Jane Gilliam sponsored the group. Loan Myers, junior, Benny Whitmer, freshman, and Sandy Block, freshman, of the Senior Science Club also attended.

Four Elected to Girls' State

"What the Devil" Title of Show Presented by Class of '65

Patty Dempsey, Kay Eggle-ston, Mina Erlach and Pam Wea-ver have ben elected by the junior class to represent New-port News at Girls' State at Radford College.

The girls will go June 20 and return June 26. The purpose of this trip to Radford is to teach the girls about state government.

The four girls chosen ar very active in school life. Patty is in the Christopher Newport Society, a member of the Honor Council, Girls' Glee Club, GAA Executive Board, and junior hockey team. She is also on the Junior Dance Committee, Junior Decorations Committee and a member of Keyettes.

Kay, a very busy junior, is a

member of Keyettes, the, Christopher Newport Society, the Latin Club, and the Anchor staff. She is the present treasurer of the Spanish Club, an SCA representative and on the School Spirit Committee.

Another busy junior is Mina. She is past vice-president of the GAA Executive Board, secretary of the junior class, and past secretary of the GAA. She is the treasurer of her home-room, and a member of the Spanish Club, Keyettes, and 1965-'66 Anchor staff.

Our head varsity cheerleader is Pam. She is in the National Honor Society, past secretary of the Latin Club, co-head of the School Spirit Committeee, in Christopher Newport Society and a Keyette.

"What the Devil", the Senior Class Assembly, was presented by the Class of '65 on May 27 in the school auditorium.