Shipyard Apartments
Washington Avenue
Newport News, VA 23607
1919 Winter 1939-40 About 1939 in front of 48th Street apartment building
("A Look Back," Daily Press) I'm sure many people have many memories of those apartments. My parents, my older brother and I lived there around 1939/1940. I was too young to remember the place, but have photos of tiny tots in front of the 48th Street building that my mother took. I think some of them have names on the back. 

Will dig them out, soon, and share, if you like.

Meanwhile, attached is one that I have handy, which my brother took out the window in the winter of 1939/1940, looking toward the shipyard, where he had begun his apprenticeship (he had finished high school - but not on the Peninsula - in 1939). That's his first car in the foreground

Older fella in pix is G. Lynwood (Little Ding) Price, Jr., son of Mary and 'Ding' Price (Managing Editor of the Times Herald). I do not know where the nickname 'Ding' came from or what it meant. 'Little Ding' probably graduated from NNHS in the early 1950s. I have been told he also graduated from West Point Military Academy, married a General's daughter and much later became a general himself. His mother, last I heard, was still alive and living in a retirement home near Main Street in Hilton.

I have no idea who the gal on the left is; thought some of your readers might recognize her. That's me on the right.

11/13/03  - Bill Lee (Warwick HS - '54) of NC - 06/10/09
Thanks, Bill! We'd love to see some others, too!
 - Bill Lee (Warwick HS - '54) of NC - 06/19/09
Thanks, Bill!
Probably shortly before 1939 About 1939 in front of 48th Street apartment building 1948
Next picture is even earlier, I believe, and shows more of the 48th street building than any others I have.

Little lady is Adeline Allen. She was a few years older than I. Her father was a photographer for the DP/TH in the 1930s. They moved to Front Royal before WW II started, and he had a photographic studio there. Adeline's parents and mine were close friends and exchanged visits and Christmas cards for years, but I have no real memory of her. She may have gone to Jackson Elementary (just a guess, although they might have moved before she was old enough to do so).

My mother's favorite picture, and one that caused me much embarrassment before I truly discovered girls.

The apparently less-than-excited lass is Marcia Robbins. Her parents, who lived in the 48th Street building at the time, later moved to Hampton. She probably graduated from HHS in 1954; give or take a year. But that's all I know; she never came around for a repeat performance!

Background:  The photo was taken in a beer garden (a very 50s term) named Holloway's in the basement level of one of the old Shipyard Apartments (all have been razed).  My dad would take me along to shill for free beers:  "Ohhhhh, Art, your boy is so cute. Have one on the house." 

Notwithstanding the implications of such a photo for my academic future ...  and just for the record ...  I graduated from NNHS 35th out of 299 (Honor Graduate) with a hair better than a B average.

I can't say much for those M.C. Hammer pants I am wearing, but how about those nifty Jesus Weejuns I am sporting?
 - Bill Lee (Warwick HS - '54) of NC - 06/19/09
Thanks, Bill!
 - Bill Lee (Warwick HS - '54) of NC - 06/19/09
Thanks, Bill!
 - Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 04/02/03
Thanks, Dave, for this adorable image!
@ 2002    
The building behind this one is the one I lived in.
Max Pollard ('62) lived in this one. Hope it is
of some interest. My mom saved this for me.
 - Jerry Blanchard ('62) of VA - 10/19/06
Thanks, Jerry!

You wanted someone who lived in the Shipyard Apartments to step forward; well, here's one! 
We moved there when I was 14 and quickly discovered how friendly the folks living there were.  
NNHS'ers that I can recall right off were  Jesse ('58) and Jeanie Kersey, Carolyn, George, and
Bobbie ('57) Whitehurst, Delores and Jane ('61) Monfalcone, Faye Eure, Al Creal, Rodney Wyatt,
Max Pollard ('62) , Doug and Gerald ('64) Wright, Dickie Coltrain ('57), and John "Tinker"
Hoban ('54).  I'm sure others can add to the list.  Does anyone know where Carolyn Whitehurst
Hughes is these days?  I would love to reconnect with her.
- Renee Helterbran Benton ('59) - 09/24/05
WOWZERS!!!  Thanks so much, Renee!

I lived in the Shipyard Apartments till I was 16 when we moved to Woodfin Road.  When I was born
(Riverside Hospital, 50th Street), we lived in the "48th building", 4829 Washington Avenue, then when I was
five, we moved to the "45th building" - 4550 Washington Avenue!  I remember walking with my mother to get
the "new" apartment ready and asking "Are we there yet????"  That's where I met the Southall's (Mary
Frances ('66) and Lucy ('63) and family, and a bunch more).  There were a lot of kids around - we walked
to school - around the corner almost, Joe Milan's store was on the corner of 45th and Huntington - diagonally
to Jackson School.  I would walk home for lunch and for one solid week Jerry Allen ('65 - of VA) dragged me by my
ponytail, all the way to his house every day!!!  Wonder if he remembers that one!!!  Funny the things you don't
forget!  Ahhh, YOUTH!!!  We could put a book together.  Also next door (across the street) to Jackson School
was our church, Calvary Baptist

- Sarah Puckett Kressaty ('65) of VA - 09/27/05
Thanks, Sarah!



I enjoyed reading the familiar Typhoon names associated with their neighborhoods. North End was mine. The Riverside Apartments were better known
as Shipyard Apartments, by location. They were built in 1918-19, and consisted of 4 identical buildings, each 4 stories tall. They each had 2 stores and 84
apartments, 1-3 bedrooms. They faced Washington Avenue, and offered a great view of the James River Bridge lights, and river sunsets. Mr. Byrd and
Mr. Holloway had small markets, with hand scooped ice cream cones for only 5 cents. There was also a beauty salon. The greatest advantage was all the
children available, so we did not go far from home. Halloween was fun.  We filled a paper grocery bag at just one building, but usually got another bag,
and another for the other buildings. Fall meant roller skating season to us. I wore a dog tag and a skate key for weeks in the Jackson School days.
Just across the street was a sidewalk about 15 blocks long to skate on.  

Here are some of the kids from just the 45th Street building that I remember:
Judy Bright (59),
JoAnn Norman (59), Kitty Norman ('57), Betty Jean Spencer (60), Richard Eastman (60), called Woody in the neighborhood,
Lavernia Hudson (62), Ginny Morton (62), Myrtle Morton, Bernie Whitmer (63), Bennie Whitmer (68), Wayne Boger (64), Sarah Puckett (65),
Helen Puckett, Mary Frances Southall (66),
Lucy Southall (63), Phil, Bobby, of NNHS, Joy Wheeler (Warwick - 65).

All the buildings are gone now.  Times change.

- Lucy Southall Propst ('63) of VA - 06/06/09
Thanks, Lucy!


I would like to say that I also enjoyed living in the Shipyard Apartments. My family lived on the second floor
next door to the Creals. Mary Frances ('66) and Lucy ('63) Southall's mother used to babysit me.

- Mark Wilson ('68) of NC - 09/01/10
Thanks, Mark!


... I lived with my mom, dad, and sister in the Shipyard Apartments. We lived there probably from 1963 to about 1970 or '71. I went to Jackson Elementary and,
as an eighth grader, went to Newport News High School. I remember how big the high school was and that they called the eighth graders mice.
I remember there being some racial tension which I never understood.

- Mary Hutchingson Harvey ('__) of __ - 01/15/15
Thanks, Mary!




"Townsend" midi courtesy of,
at the suggestion of Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 06/13/03 
Thanks, Dave!

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