PLANNING TO ATTEND - updated 18 October 2004

From the Great Class of 1964:

Bobby Allen of MS   Rocky Gary of VA * CONFIRMED Annette Rouse Porter of VA ** UNDECIDED
Fred Anspach of VA CONFIRMED Bill Gilbert of NC   Thommy Rowell Snead of NC CONFIRMED
Randy Bearor of VA CONFIRMED Ronni Green Cristol of MD CONFIRMED Sue Scott Moore of VA CONFIRMED
Judy Bell Nachman of VA UNABLE TO ATTEND Ken Henderson of MD * CONFIRMED Joel Shapiro of VA UNABLE TO ATTEND
Bonnie Binford Mizzelle of VA   Brenda Hudson Ramsey of VA CONFIRMED Barbara Sherwood Brickner of VA CONFIRMED
David Block of N. VA CONFIRMED Edna Johnson Matthews of VA CONFIRMED Lin Singletary of NC CONFIRMED
Brooks Bloxom of NC CONFIRMED Steve Klein of MS CONFIRMED Catherine Slusser Hudson of VA CONFIRMED
Wayne Boger of VA    Linda Lane Lane of VA CONFIRMED Charlie Snead of NC CONFIRMED
Larry Boyles of VA   Betty Sue Lanier Rough of VA CONFIRMED Dave Spriggs of VA CONFIRMED
    Gail Latta Pearce of VA CONFIRMED    
Ann Bryant of VA CONFIRMED Joel Lewis of VA CONFIRMED Ray Staton of VA CONFIRMED
Lee Bull of VA CONFIRMED Judy Lucas of VA CONFIRMED Faith Strickland Groom of VA CONFIRMED
Bobby Callis of WV CONFIRMED Kathy McCallum Lackey of VA CONFIRMED Donnie Tyndall of MD CONFIRMED
Becky Cash Blakemore of DE CONFIRMED   Sue Miller Dearnley of VA CONFIRMED Suzanne Van Noy Mink of OH CONFIRMED
Danny Childress of VA CONFIRMED Nancy Mitchell Wynne of MD CONFIRMED Bill Ward of VA CONFIRMED
Jane Coltrain Leonard of VA ** CONFIRMED Jim Moore of VA CONFIRMED Jay Warren of VA CONFIRMED
Marty Credle Dabbs of TN CONFIRMED Dale Mueller of VA CONFIRMED Bonnie Watson Sink of VA CONFIRMED
Herminio Cuervo of FL CONFIRMED Alan Nesbitt of NC CONFIRMED Jim Watson of AZ CONFIRMED
Richard Curtis of AL * CONFIRMED Sheila Oakes Blackwell of VA   Judy Weckelman McPherson of VA CONFIRMED
Anne Davidson Matthis of NC CONFIRMED Norman Olshansky of FL CONFIRMED Judy White Hoyle of VA UNABLE TO ATTEND
Melba Deas Wood of VA CONFIRMED Ray Owen of NC UNDECIDED Cissy Wilkinson of VA CONFIRMED
Jim DeBerry of VA CONFIRMED Jeanette Parrish Houston of VA CONFIRMED Sandi Williams Patrick of VA CONFIRMED
Karon Eichelberger of VA UNABLE TO ATTEND Margaret "Cookie" Phillips Tyndall of VA CONFIRMED Gerry Wright of VA CONFIRMED
Chris Ellis of VA * CONFIRMED Donna Pipkin Bruckner of SC ** CONFIRMED    
Ralph Farmer of WA CONFIRMED Cheryl Pless Ramsey of VA CONFIRMED    
Tommy Flax of VA CONFIRMED Jean Poole Burton of RI CONFIRMED    
Barry Forbes of VA CONFIRMED Carolyn "Peaches" Price Taylor of VA CONFIRMED    
Charles Forrest of VA CONFIRMED Dyanne Pritchett Lathan of VA CONFIRMED    
Alice Fowler Edwards of VA CONFIRMED Angie Ray Smith of VA ** CONFIRMED    

From the Faculty and Staff:

Mr. J. William Etheridge of VA Mr. Warren Reed of VA   
Mr. Donald Harvey of VA Mr. Wayne Taylor ('55) of FL Mrs. Carol Kauffman Anthony of VA
Miss Ettalea Kanter of VA Coach Bill Turner ('65) of TX - maybe... Miss Emilie Holladay of VA
Mr. James B. Loving of VA Maestro James P. Wilson, Jr. of VA  
Coach Warren E. Mitchell of VA    

From Other Classes:

Wayne Taylor ('55) of FL Jerry Allen ('65) of VA Albert Dorner ('66) of VA
  Dave Arnold ('65) of VA Bill Hobbs ('66) of VA
Jimmy Van Noy ('58) Rick Billings ('65) of NC * Judy Phillips Allen ('66) of VA
Fred Mays ('60) of VA Carol Buckley Harty ('65) of NC Mary Frances Southall Waller ('66) of VA
Patty Andrews Mays ('61) of VA Betty Burton Gary ('65) of VA Nancy McCallum ('69) of VA
Jack Harrison ('61) of VA Pauline Collins Shofner ('65) of VA  
Jerry Zoumplis ('61) of VA Todd Givens ('65) of Northern VA  
Jimmy Parker ('62) of VA Garland Hudson ('65) of FL *  
Glen Davenport ('63) of VA H. P. Lucas ('65) of VA  
Susie Overton Jones ('63) of VA Janice McCain Rose ('65) of VA  
Owen "Skip" Smith ('63) of VA Judy McCall Nesbitt ('65) of NC  
Bill Wynne ('63) of MD Mike Miller ('65) of NC  
  Larry Moran ('65) of VA  
  Sarah Puckett Kressaty ('65) of VA  
  Steve Pullen ('65) of VA  
  Van Rowell ('65) of NC  
  Pam Smith Arnold ('65) of VA **  
  Mary Lou Staton Hudson ('65) of FL  
  Wayne Stokes ('65) of VA *  
  Billy Turner ('65) of TX * - maybe...  
  Julie Wheary Lloyd ('65) of VA  
  Edna Whitcomb Harrison ('65) of VA  

* Member of the 1964 State Championship Basketball Team

** Member of the 1964 Varsity Cheerleading Squad

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