The NNHS Class of 1961 Reunion Page

Class Motto: "Look forward with hope, Look back with pride"
(Betty Overman, Motto Committee Head)

Class Colors: Kelly Green and White
(Nancy Staton, Color Committee Head)

Class Flowers: Rose and Larkspur
(Anne Andrews, Flower Committee Head)

Class Sponsors: Mrs. Frances Nettles and Mr. Charlie Nuttycombe

45-Year Reunion Plans and News

Saturday, July 1, 2006 - Saunders Stadium

FRONT ROW: Elaine Wilkinson Bracken ('61) of VA; Jane Korycinski Rider ('61) of VA; Nancy Staton Thomas ('61) of VA;
Libby Blechman David ('61) of VA; Buddy David ('61) of VA; _____ _____; Judy Mathews Swyndle ('61) of MD;
Fred Sage ('61) of VA; and Katrina Hall Henley ('61) of VA.

MIDDLE ROW: Jack Harrison ('61) of VA; Jeannie Barbour Burnett ('61) of VA; George Helliesen ('61) of MI;
Becky Smith Woods ('61) of VA; Bob Saunders ('61) of VA; Carol Smith Saunders ('63) of VA;
Betty Bean McCabe-Pandolphi of MA; Roy Parrish ('61) of CA; and Ophelia Baker Crowley of VA.

BACK ROW: Buddy Helterbran ('61) of PA; Eva Ellis Madagan ('61) of FL; Lloyd Nelson ('61) of VA;
Bob Buchan ('61) of VA;  Jo Ann Houston Parrott ('61) of NC; Judi Hawley Whitestone ('61) of VA;
Bill Anspach ('61) of WA; and Rochelle Leifer Bruner ('61) of MD.

Carol, I am attaching a picture that I took of the members of the Class of 1961 that went
on the trip to NNHS on Saturday. They are sitting on the bleachers.  Unfortunately,  I cropped
  around the people and therefore the size will no longer conform to a standard 4 x 6 printing.

- Edna Whitcomb Harrison ('65 ) of VA - 07/04/06
WOWZERONI!!! Thanks, Edna!

More Reunion Images from Edna Whitcomb Harrison ('65 ) of VA - 07/04/06

Thanks, Edna!

  Fred Mays ('60) of VA and Bobby Frank ('61) of VA Robert Buchan ('61) of VA; Leslie Frank (Bobby Frank's wife) of VA, Elizabeth Buchan of VA _____ _____ , Steve Thomas ('61): Nancy Staton Thomas ('61), Patricia Underwood (Horace's wife)
Horace Underwood ('61) and Jim Elliott ('61) of AK Dancing! Eva Ellis Madagan ('61) of FL; Joe Madagan ('57) of FL; and Bob Whitestone ( Judi Hawley Whitestone's husband) Judi Hawley Whitestone ('61) and Mack Hill ('61); BACKGROUND: Jack Harrison ('61) of VA
SEATED: _____ _____; Libby Blechman David ('61) of VA; and Rochelle Leifer Bruner ('61) of MD; STANDING IN BACKGROUND: Jack Harrison ('61) of VA; Charles Parrott (husband of Jo Ann Houston Parrott) of NC; _____ _____; and Judi Hawley Whitestone ('61) of VA Sharron Wanderer Dawes ('61) of VA; Libby Blechman David ('61) of VA; Joe Madagan ('57) of FL; Judy Mathews Swyndle ('61) of MD Jack Harrison ('61) of VA and Charles Parrott (husband of Jo Ann Houston Parrott) of NC Marsha Stevens (significant other of Roy Parrish); _____ _____; and Davis Wright ('61)

Carol, I am truly sorry that you could not have come to the reunion.

The first night we went to Buddy and Libby's (Blechman David - both '61) home. It wasn't too long after we arrived
that someone mentioned your name. They told me how anxious they were to meet you and how impressed
they were with your website.

I enjoyed the van trip on Saturday. The guard that escorted us around at NNHS said that he had been working
there for three years. So, of course, he was given information by our group, about the building and Coach Conn
So much has changed of course in the building. The cafeteria is now a nice exercise room with a theater and
computer room attached. The guard mentioned that it was going to be renovated again soon. It looked pretty
nice to me already.

A lot of the lockers were recently removed. The guard at the main entrance did not know where the lockers had been taken.

I wished I could have taken more pictures on Saturday night but I ran out of space on the memory card.
There was a very nice brunch on Sunday. The food was delicious. Those that had planes to catch managed to eat
and say their goodbyes before departing. Buddy David made the announcement that for the next four years
there would be yearly reunions.

- Edna Whitcomb Harrison ('65) of VA - 07/06/06

What wonderful news!!!  Of course, I have my own selfish reasons for hoping that I'll be able to attend
one of them yet, but more than that, I'm always thrilled to hear of old friends having the opportunity to meet together! 
Hats off to the 1961 Reunion Committee!

 I so enjoyed the Magical Mystery Tour that we took last fall.  What a fabulous time we had!  I'm glad y'all had that
experience as well!

Thanks, Edna!


Hi, Carol:

Many in the Class of 1961 visited our favorite stomping ground, Newport News High School during the reunion.

To illustrate the drastic changes in the use of this building, I made a Navy Exchange purchase while visiting
the Navy Barracks that was formerly Newport News High School.

- Joe Madagan ('57) of FL - 07/09/06

Thanks so much, Joe!

Peering from Julie Conn's Office 10:42 AM - Julie Conn's Office 10:43 AM - Old Court

I am almost certain that someone sent you a photo of the window that Athletic Director Julius Conn used to observe the TYPHOON basketball games at home. But, just in case, here is another of that well known spot.

I could almost hear "Julie" shouting with glee, "We are going to tourneyville, we are going to tourneyville!!!"

This is the corner where the TYPHOON Bench was located for many years. I can still recall TYPHOON fans attending the JV and Varsity Basketball games sitting on the floor above the bench when the stands were full. They hung their feet and legs over the edge and used the lower bar for protection while the screamed and yelled for the TYPHOON.
10:51 AM - Band and Chorus Hall: FOREGROUND: Jack Harrison ('61) of VA; and _____ _____ 11:02 AM - Becky Smith Woods ('61); Eva Ellis Madagan ('61) of FL; and Fred Sage ('61) 11:04 AM - From Second Floor at old NNHS
This should bring back a few memories for some older TYPHOON. The band room was on the left and the chorus room on the right in this hallway. The steps seem much smaller now. While taking the tour of the old NNHS I was reminded of a site we all used to see but probably took for granted back in our youth. This old tree has survived many a year.
11:08 AM - Library Hall 11:13 AM - Old NNHS 11:35 AM - Class of 1961 Tour Group
Here is a view from the corridor by the library, which was over the Home Economics classes. The enticing smell of food cooking is long gone. This view brought back memories for me, and I wanted to share it with those who might also recall the view from the second floor of NNHS. The group of Class of 1961 that attended the tour of the school building gathered for this moment in Saunders Stadium for a photo opportunity. You have already posted this photo, and this is from a different angle.

The Super Open Reunion sponsored by the NNHS Class of 1961
in honor of their graduation 45 years ago will be held on Saturday, July 1, 2006 at the Radisson Hotel,
Hampton, VA
at 6:30 PM. There will be a social hour/dinner, at a cost of $60 per person.

On Sunday, July 2, 2006, there will be a Sunday morning brunch,
also at the Radisson, for the cost of $25.

If you attend both events, the combined cost will be $75.

We are finalizing our plans for the reunion. If any classmates from other classes
are planning to attend, we need their reservations and money ASAP.

Please mail reservations and payment for the July 1 and July 2 events at the Radisson
to Buddy David, Suite 105, 739 Thimble Shoals Blvd., Newport News, VA 23606.
Make checks payable to NNHS 1961 Reunion.

Hurry and confirm. We look forward to seeing you.

CONTACT Jane Monfalcone Simmons at 
or 757-898-5009 

- Jane Monfalcone Simmons ('61) of VA - 03/23/06, 06/22/06
Thanks, Jane!


Reference for Class Motto, Colors, and Flowers Committee Chairmen and Sponsors: 1961 Anchor, pp. 118, 120

Reference for Class Motto, Colors, and Flowers: Jane Monfalcone Simmons ('61) of VA - 03/26/06
Thanks, Jane!

White Roses Image courtesy of - 03/22/06

White Larkspur Image courtesy of - 03/26/06

Additional Identification of Alumni in Edna Whitcomb Harrison's ('65 - of VA) Reunion Group Image Provided by Joe Madagan ('57) and
Eva Ellis Madagan ('61) of FL - 07/10/06
Thanks, Joe and Eva!

Animated Yehaa Typhoon clip art courtesy of Al Farber ('64) of GA - 08/19/05
Thanks, Al!

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