NNHS Class of 1965's 55th Birthday Party 
Saturday, October 19, 2002, 1:00 P.M.

Newport News Park, Shelter # 12


Dave Arnold's Photos



These Photos Courtesy of Dave Arnold of Yorktown, VA.

Thanks, Dave!


Mattie Rowell, Linwood Wright, Van Rowell, Pam Smith Tomczyk, Dale Chestnut, and Sandi Bateman Chestnut

Mattie Rowell, Linwood Wright, Van Rowell, Pam Smith Tomczyk, Carol Buckley Harty, Dee Gee Wilkinson ('62), Paul Harty, Bobby Yevak, and H.P. Lucas

(Note to Dave: As Ricky Davis used to say in fourth grade, "You don' posta" take a picture of somebody taking a picture!)

Yvonne Hoyle, George Fenigsohn, and Henry Hoyle


Dee Gee Wilkinson ('62)


Bobby Yevak, H.P. Lucas, and Pete Tench

Carol Buckley Harty, Jimmy Parker ('62), and Fred Rose


Carol Buckley Harty - running her mouth.  Go figure.


Pam Smith Tomczyk


SEATED: Jack Harrison ('61), Janice McCain Rose, and Fred Rose; STANDING: Paul Harty, Sandi Bateman Chestnut, and Dale Chestnut

FOREGROUND: Lynn Walker Brothers, Cindy Konstant, and Jeannie Collier Fitzgerald; BACKGROUND: Dee Gee Wilkinson ('62), Yvonne Hoyle, and Henry Hoyle

FOREGROUND: Van Rowell, Bobby Yevak, and Pete Tench; BACKGROUND: Lauren Konstant and George Konstant


FOREGROUND: George Fenigsohn, Van Rowell, Pauline Collins Shofner, and Mattie Rowell; BACKGROUND: Yvonne Hoyle, Henry Hoyle, Kenny Branch ('62), and Mac Fitzgerald

Lynn Walker Brothers, Cindy Konstant, Fred Rose, Janice McCain Rose, Jeannie Collier Fitzgerald, Becky Crank Tench, Linda Lucas, Charles Shofner, and ?


Pete Tench and Kenny Branch ('62)


Carol Buckley Harty and Bobby Yevak

Michelle Branch Goodwin, Becky Braswell Branch, Sandi Bateman Chestnut, and Dale Chestnut

SEATED: Mac Fitzgerald and Charles Shofner; STANDING: Carol Buckley Harty, Paul Harty, and Jack Harrison ('61)

FOREGROUND: H. P. Lucas, Pauline Collins Shofner, Linda Lucas, Becky Crank Tench,  Janice McCain Rose and Pete Tench; BACKGROUND: Lynn Walker Brothers, Becky Braswell Branch?, Kenny Branch ('62), Michelle Branch Goodwin, Van Rowell, ?,?, ?, and ?

Jeannie Collier Fitzgerald
of Gloucester, VA did a spectacular job with
the fall decorations. 

Thanks, Jeannie!

And thanks to the entire reunion committee
for a job well done!