Miss Susie Floyd's Science Classes'
Field Trip to the Naval Weapons Station, 1961

Courtesy of Henry Hoyle of Northern VA - 05/30/03
Thanks, Henry!

FRONT ROW: Wayne Davenport ('64), Charles Braslow, ?, ?, Miss Susie Floyd, ?, Carolyn Webb, ?, Paul Bass.

SECOND ROW:  ?, Jimmy Dick,  Billy Barnes ('64), Richard Lee, Margaret Gann, Betty Blandford, Rick Chandler, Frank Blechman, Skippy Wood, Bill Ward ('64).

THIRD ROW:  Dale Mueller ('64), Robert Davis ('65), Larry Moran, David Ellenson, ?, Howard Conn, Charles Embler, Rickie Lassiter, Charlie Phillips, Bobby Hatten.

BACK ROW:  Bobby Yevak, Allan White, Chippy Clark, Bobby Ruben, Fred Seldomridge ('64), Sidney Becker, Robert Wheeler, Ricky Davis, Henry Hoyle.



In the center of the back row, between Bobby Ruben and Sidney Becker,
......... I'd bet my next paycheck that he is Fred Seldomridge '64.

Also, first row, next to Charles Braslow ..... Wayne Davenport '64.

Also, third row, between Dale Mueller and Larry Moran ....  you say maybe
Don London, and I could see the resemblance in a younger Don London, but my
money is on Robert Davis '65.  Bobby put the shot on the track team, so he
would be standing right between his track team buddies. Of course, Don was
also on the track team, sooooo......
I was looking at Bobby's photo in the '63 Anchor. His photo in the '62 as
well as Don's might tell us the answer.

Still working on the others, but ........

- Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 08/15/03
Thanks, Dave!

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