Welcome to the NNHS Class of 1965 Guestbook!
Ronnie Phillips - 12/16/00 06:07:55
Hi! everybody have a good holiday, and wish all a healthy 2001. Ronnie

Dana Hinnant - 12/09/00 00:39:30
My Email:dana-umpire@mindspring.com
Favorite NNHS Teachers: Mrs. Conn, Coach Palmer
State of residence (optional): Tennessee
Hobbies: College Football, golf
Many thanks Carol for creating a resource for the members of Newport News High School, Class of '65 to stay in touch!

Job Springer - 12/02/00 17:43:14
My Email:springjob@hotmail.com
Carol, Just visiting your site to check it out. Looks like you are doing a nice job. I'm impressed. See you later. Job

Nancy Clarke - 12/02/00 01:34:54
My Email:nclarke@theitgroup.com
Maiden Name: Lavender
State of residence (optional): Tennessee & Florida
Marital Status (optional): Married

Ben DeWitt - 11/21/00 01:10:33
My Email:mmm_breadfan@yahoo.com
State of residence (optional): Hillsboro Illinios
Marital Status (optional): single
Hobbies: Bothering Carol Harty
Well, I'm friends with Carol Harty's Sons and I linked to this page from her's.....by the way...GOOD job on the page Carol...Its a masterpeice..in my opinion (which may not be saying much :) )

David N. Keithley - 11/16/00 11:54:32
My Email:Bonsi@Erols.com
State of residence (optional): VA
Marital Status (optional): Divorced

Adrienne Harty - 11/08/00 05:02:06
My Email:truman_ventura@yahoo.com
Maiden Name: Adrienne Harty(duh)
Favorite NNHS Teachers: none
State of residence (optional): (duh)
Marital Status (optional): single
Hobbies: said last time
Hi people! Cool guestbook, Mom!

Ronald Phillips - 11/02/00 05:54:12
My Email:peanut5931@hotmail.com
State of residence (optional): Virginia
Hobbies: Fishing
I'm still trying to figure this thing out. You're doing a great job. Thanks! Ronnie

Jimmy Parker - 10/30/00 03:15:10
My URL:Class of '62
My Email:jwpjd@aol.com
I want to express my appreciation in being allowed to attend your functions this weekend. I had a great time, as obviously did all who were able to attend. To those who made this reunion a great success, I offer my sincere "thank you" for a job well. You should be quite proud of you accomplishments. On behalf of the class of 1962, we would be honored if you can attend our 40th reunion, which will be held at the Omni in Newport News in 2002. Thanks again.

Ed Perry - 10/29/00 18:30:09
My Email:lperry@icx.net
Favorite NNHS Teachers: All of them; bless their hearts
State of residence (optional): Tennessee
Marital Status (optional): Married to Pauline Wright in '68
Thanks for putting this out there!!!

Adrienne Harty - 10/28/00 04:12:27
My Email:truman_ventura@yahoo.com, or captunshiner@yahoo.com
State of residence (optional): ILLINOIS
Marital Status (optional): Single
Hobbies: playing clarinet, playing on computer
Hi Everyone! Hi Mom! I miss you! Hope you're having fun at the Reunion. Don't come home empty handed! I like your website. I especially like your "Past and Present" page. Well, got to go!

Mike Miller - 10/26/00 23:36:00
My Email:HawkSpivey@aol.com
Hi Gang, Patti and I are packing up, getting ready to fly back for the big doins. Looking forward to seeing all of you. Patti and I are in the process of moving to Pittsboro, NC. Just retired again as a Police Chief. Email me! See you tomorrow night! Mike Miller

Mike Miller - 10/26/00 16:26:04
My Email:HawkSpivey@aol.com
Favorite NNHS Teachers: Mrs. Conn
State of residence (optional): Alabama (for now)
Marital Status (optional): Happy
Hobbies: Hunting, Fishing, Cowboy Action Shooting

Brent Harty - 10/09/00 03:06:22
My Email:bnbharty@peoplepc.com
State of residence(optional): Oregon
Marital Status (optional): Married
Mom I looked through all the site...it is obvious that you have done a great job, and spent a lot of time doing it! Again, well done! NNHS-65 is lucky to have someone like you in their class to do this arduous feat! Brent

Brent Harty - 10/09/00 02:43:20
My Email:bnbharty@peoplepc.com
State of residence (optional): Oregon
Marital Status (optional): Married
Hi Mom Well done website!! Brent

Charles & Thommy Snead - 10/02/00 00:52:24
My Email:snead_c@yahoo.com
Maiden Name: Thommy Rowell
Favorite NNHS Teachers: JP Wilson
State of residence (optional): North Carolina
Marital Status (optional): Yes,32 years and counting.
Thommy and I hope all of the Class of 1965 are doing well. We enjoyed our 1964 reunion last year and hope yours will be as successful. Be prepared to see how time really flies !

Carol Harty - 10/01/00 19:29:43
My Email:NNHS65@yahoo.com
Maiden Name: Buckley
Marital Status(optional): still married after 31 years!
Hey, Polly! You're SO good for my ego! It's been about forty-eleven years since anyone referred to me as a "brain" without prefacing the word with the adjective "ditz"! No, wait! I take that back! A teenaged boy I with whom I worked this summer asked me if I was "some kind of genius or something", but we all know how easy it is to snow cute little 17-year old boys! :0)

Polly Davis - 09/29/00 22:39:09
Maiden Name: Norris
State of residence (optional): VA
Hobbies: washing dishes
I love all you guys for making me appreciate this computer that came to live and breathe in our house! Carol, you are are what we called in high school a brain!! I am thinking of sticking pins in our world map of where everyone lives. This is great fun! Bless the people who haven't gained weight!! love ya, Polly

Carol Harty - 09/27/00 13:40:32
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/cluckmeat
My Email:NNHS65@yahoo.com, cluckmeat@yahoo.com
Maiden Name: Buckley
Favorite NNHS Teachers: See Previous LONG List
State of residence (optional): Mid-Illinois
Marital Status (optional): Married for 31 Years
Hobbies: Also See Previous LONG List
Jeannie! Of COURSE I remember you and your family very well! You were always one of my favorite people! I've thought and wondered about you so often over the years! And there you were all along in Gloucester - which was always one of my favorite place . I can't WAIT to see you again! Hey, I wish I had shrunk - anywhere - anywhere at all... :0) Instead, I've been magnetized. Yes. I've become a blubber magnet. Pity. Must have been the seven children. Or maybe - MAYBE - it was the ALIENS! Yeah, that must have been it. Alien fat transplants while I slept. Couldn't have been ME, could it??? :0)That's okay, we're all going to go ride the Carousel while we're here. The horsies won't mind, and we're gonna have SUCH FUN!!!

Jeannie Fitzgerald - 09/26/00 18:08:13
My Email:Ibaclognut@aol.com
Maiden Name: Collier
State of residence (optional): Virginia
Marital Status (optional): Married
Hi, Carol. I've tried and tried to get to this website and finally have. You've done a real good job putting this together. Do you remember me? I lived in Stuart Gardens on the dead end part of 18th St. by Magruder School. I used to come over to your house when you lived on 16th St. near the boat basin. I'm still short--4ft.9in.--used to be 4ft.10in., but I've shrunk! I was the shortest girl in our graduating class! I've lived in Gloucester County since 1968. I've been married to the same man for 34 yrs., have to sons (34 & 29)and have one granddaughter (4). I'm looking forward to seeing you at the reunion. I've been on the Reunion Committee for all except the 10th. Jeannie J

sidney melton - 09/19/00 12:59:26
My Email:smeltons@aol.com
Maiden Name: n/a
Favorite NNHS Teachers: Mrs.Conn,Mrshirley,
State of residence (optional): Upstate New York
Marital Status (optional): married
Hobbies: hiking, camping, computer
I've had so much fun going through this, I haven't heard from people in yrs, Class of 64,but brings back memories of NNHS. We've got two kids. My son graduated Cornell U in 98.hotel school. And my daughter is currently a freshman at college. Looking to get in touch with classes of 63-66,of anybody who remembers senior chorus and the old band wing hangouts, and the Y.

Cookie Phillips Tyndall - 09/18/00 23:46:35
My Email:tyndallm@hotmail.com
Maiden Name: Phillips
Favorite NNHS Teachers: Nuttycombe
State of residence (optional): VA
Great website. I was especially moved by the In Memoriam.

Alice Fowler Edwards - 09/15/00 14:48:34
My Email:edwardsa@atsc.army.mil
Maiden Name: Fowler
Hi all you TYPHOONS! Class of 64 RULES!

Justin Greek - 08/19/00 05:41:37
My URL:http://www.idon'thaveone.com
My Email:they_stink@yahoo.com
Maiden Name: Justin
Favorite NNHS Teachers: umm...you know...that one
State of residence (optional): Taylor Springs, Idaho
Marital Status (optional): 18 times divorced, working on 19
Hobbies: signing guestbooks of strange web pages; sleeping; making fun of people

Jimmy Parker - 08/19/00 03:39:56
My Email:jwpjd@aol.com
Just checking all the work you're done. Great Job!

Sherry Huycke - 08/13/00 09:15:59
My Email:SheriB42@aol.com
Maiden Name: Hensel
Favorite NNHS Teachers: Mr. Wilson, Mrs. Carter
State of residence (optional): Hawaii
Marital Status (optional): Married
My cousin is Cecilia Davis Smith, and I graduated in '69 from NNHS! If anyone wishes to contact her, please e-mail me and I'll get the message to her. She's not on the internet. Thank you. Go BLUE AND GOLD!!!

Brenda Sue Reighard - 08/11/00 12:52:38
My Email:Brenie4@Aol.Com
Maiden Name: Reighard
State of residence (optional): Virginia
Marital Status (optional): Married
Hobbies: Retired

Carole Tanenhaus - 08/10/00 17:30:19
My Email:atctoo@yahoo.com
Maiden Name: Althaus
Favorite NNHS Teachers: I had many favorites.
State of residence (optional): Florida
Marital Status (optional): Married
Hobbies: Going to movies/plays; baking bread; reading; gardening; my very spoiled 17 year old dog, Muffy
The memories of those years are wonderful! I wonder what our former teachers are doing now? Thank you, Carol, for helping all of us keep in touch!

Ron Smith - 08/07/00 22:01:59
My Email:Nnhs65rls@aol.com
State of residence (optional): Virginia
Marital Status (optional): Married - 30 years
Hobbies: R/C model aircraft
Best news of the day, oldest daughter had her first child today...a little girl..now I have 2 grandchildren. Hope you can come to the reunion. Richard Gordon's dad passed away yesterday, funeral Tuesday. If anyone need info re: the reunion, call me at ( 57) 595-4424; (757) 886-2038 or fax at (757) 595-2328 or e-mail at the above address (Nnhs65rls@aol.com) Lets make this a grand reunion. RS :-)

Linda Allen - 08/06/00 22:53:51
My Email:pook3@home.com
Maiden Name: Allen
State of residence (optional): Va

Virginia Edwards Campbell - 08/06/00 01:53:45
My Email:v_campbell)3@yahoo.com
Maiden Name: Edwards
Favorite NNHS Teachers: Mrs.Crane, Mrs.Bosserman and Mr. Loving
State of residence (optional): Waynesboro, Virginia
Marital Status (optional): Married
Hobbies: reading, cooking, nascar, fishing and gardening
Wonderful job done on the NNHS/65 web site. Nice to see so many names. Brings back a lot of great memories that I will always cherish. Keep up the good work.

David - 07/29/00 20:14:50
Hobbies: Hockey
Well, it's better than Dale's!! Keep up the good work!

Sandi Chestnut - 07/26/00 00:36:00
My Email:sad516@mindspring.com
Maiden Name: Bateman
Favorite NNHS Teachers: Mr. Powers, Mrs. Conn, Mrs. Baker, Mrs. Masters
State of residence (optional): Newport News, Virginia
Marital Status (optional): Married
Hobbies: Crocheting, cross-stitching, reading, watching videos
Carol, You've done a great job on the website. It's great to catch up with former classmates and be able to get in touch with them. Also, enjoyed seeing the websites for the classes of 62 and 64.

Bridget Jones - 07/25/00 17:35:11
My Email:bridgetj@besttemp.com
Maiden Name: Whitt
Favorite NNHS Teachers: Ms. Thomas, English; Mr. Reed , History; Ms. Conn, Science; Ms. Dinkins, Gym; well, actually, all of them.
State of residence (optional): Arkansas
Marital Status (optional): Divorced, twice. (That's the pits)
Hobbies: Church, antiques, camping/fishing, reading.
I truly regret that I was not able to attend ANY of the class reunions, but I pray that there will be at least one more. Please, someone, try to notify me if/when the event takes place. Thanks. It's great to hear from you. Roger, Wilko, Over and OUT (to lunch). 10-4. Bridget, aka "B. Whitt"

Carol Harty - 07/25/00 17:03:21
My Email:NNHS65@yahoo.com, cluckmeat@yahoo.com
Maiden Name: Buckley
Favorite NNHS Teachers: All those as listed below
State of residence (optional): Illinois
Marital Status (optional): Married almost 31 years, seven children, six grandchildren
Hobbies: Also all those as listed below, plus a few others not mentioned
My daughter-in-law, Bethany, inadvertently posted the wrong URL for her new web page. She is in the process of changing it over to a new location. The correct address is: . I'd hate for any of y'all to miss an opportunity to see pictures of two of my six beautiful, darling, adorable grandchildren! What a travesty THAT would be! :0)

Bethany Harty - 07/24/00 22:43:32
My URL:http://www.starwars.com/hartyfamily/main.html
My Email:bnbharty@peoplepc.com
Maiden Name: Winona
Favorite NNHS Teachers: N/A
State of residence (optional): Oregon
Marital Status (optional): Married
Hobbies: Scrapbooking, Parenting
Hi! I'm Carol's favorite person in the world (and also her daughter-in-law). I think that this site is cool! Visit often!!!

Joyce Cahoon - 07/24/00 21:34:26
My Email:cahoonwrks@aol.com
Maiden Name: Lawrence
Favorite NNHS Teachers: Ms. Baab, for our Winnie The Pooh lessons and goin' fishing.,Mr. Loving, for never whacking me in th head with his big classring like he was known to do, often., and Miss. Sexton, for being a great homeroom teacher for 5 Ye rs.
State of residence (optional): Virginia
Marital Status (optional): Married - 35 years , 1son, 1 daughter, and 2 grand-daughters.
Hobbies: Sewing, flower gardening, flower arranging, cooking, and being # 1 stay at home " Grammy ".
Carol, thank you for creating this wonderfully welcome Web Site! School was never my favorite place to go but it holds a lot of fond memories. How nice it was to see some of the young, sweet, absolutly clueless faces! We were so innocent compared to tod ys young peolple! Judging from your pictures, life has been kind and you have a beautiful family. Good luck with the class reunion and thanks again.

Adrienne Harty - 07/24/00 21:13:18
My Email:truman_ventura@yahoo.com
Maiden Name: still... Adrienne Harty
Favorite NNHS Teachers: never went there
Marital Status (optional): single
Hobbies: playing clarinet, play on computer, and read
Hey mom i like your webpage...i actually looked at it too! I like how you displayed everything. I also like the music and stuff. Well that's all from me!

Richie Allen - 07/24/00 19:52:47
My Email:allen_rc@nns.com
Favorite NNHS Teachers: Ms. Weaver
State of residence (optional): Gloucester , VA
Marital Status (optional): Married
Hobbies: Theatre , Music
Class of 66'

Ray Goff - 07/24/00 12:41:09
My Email:rgoff75518@aol.com
State of residence (optional): MD
Marital Status (optional): Married
Great Web Site. I graduated Class of 1953. Born and raised in NN and now live in Annapolis, MD

Tom Oxner - 07/19/00 17:59:10
Favorite NNHS Teachers: Mrs. Baker
State of residence (optional): Arkansas
Marital Status (optional): Married w/two children
Hobbies: Jogging, Autocrossing
Hello to all NNHS graduates. I am really glad to see this website, it is great. Tom Oxner

Frances A. Wang - 07/19/00 05:46:13
My Email:faw@home.com
Maiden Name: Goodson
Favorite NNHS Teachers: Ms Wise and Mrs. Babb
State of residence (optional): Maryland
Marital Status (optional): married
Hobbies: flower gardening, my cats, mystery and sci fi books, floral arrangments, interior decorating, reading Scientific American
Having this site is a refreshing journey into the past. Memories of youth are more special as age gathers itself around us. Looking back is good as long as we walk with purpose and peace towards tomorrow, grateful for all we've experienced; forgiving wh n necessary; trusting tomorrow to bring us to our destiny in time...and beyond to the unknown of eternity. Gracefully and willing we embrace our being and rejoice in our friends and family for ultimately, that is all we can really have forever. Thought for a late night. Fran

Fred (Craig) Eubank - 07/16/00 23:03:34
My URL:http://members.home.net/fcecivil
My Email:fredeubank@aol.com
Favorite NNHS Teachers: Many, and I wish I could tell them so.
State of residence (optional): VA
Marital Status (optional): Married
Hobbies: Cataloging my oldies records, Web surfing, collecting kids educational CD-ROMs
Carol, Thanks for the nice comments about the Class of 64 Reunion Web site. I really enjoyed your links to the Charlie Sands and John M. baseball information. Good luck with your upcoming reunion.

Rollin Bowen, Jr. - 07/16/00 16:53:46
My Email:RBcolorado@AOL.com
State of residence(optional): Colorado
I was a 1970 graduate Pembroke High School in Hampton. I enjoyed your web site, great job..

Pauline Shofner - 07/16/00 02:25:23
My Email:pcshofner@juno.com
Maiden Name: Collins
Favorite NNHS Teachers: Janet Kessler
State of residence(optional): Virginia
Marital Status(optional): Married
Hobbies: Tap Dance, Reading

Shari Chapman - 07/15/00 23:03:26
My Email:shariC@peoplepc.com
State of residence(optional): VA
Marital Status(optional): married
Hobbies: exercise, crafts and sex
Great site, Carol.

Van Rowell - 07/14/00 23:42:52
My Email:evanderhr@aol.com
Favorite NNHS Teachers: J.P. Wilson
State of residence(optional): North Carolina
Marital Status(optional): Married
Carol: you have done a great job on the class of 65 Web page. Hope that this will generate more interest in the upcoming reunion.

Charlie Phillips - 07/14/00 18:34:20
My Email:cp6@ornl.gov
Favorite NNHS Teachers: Mrs Baker,Mrs Nettles,Coach Conn, Coach Nuttycombe, and many more
State of residence(optional): Tennessee
Marital Status(optional): Married
I look forward to the reunion. Charlie

David Whitley - 07/14/00 16:48:29
My Email:whitley12@wans.net
Maiden Name: Lolita
Favorite NNHS Teachers: All that passed me
State of residence(optional): Virginia
Marital Status(optional): Yes
Hobbies: Tending goats & sheep
Just visiting. I'm a class of '67 kind of guy. Just checking with you really old guys.Yuk Yuk

Dale Harty - 07/14/00 13:50:56
My URL: I lost mine
My Email:allowat18@yahoo.com
Maiden Name: maiden? what maiden?
Favorite NNHS Teachers: oh good ol' Ms. Brown....no, I'm just kidding. I never went to NNHS
State of residence (optional): Illinois
Marital Status (optional): single
Hobbies: Computer stuff, video games, music, movies, hockey, computers, and computers!
Nice job Mom! It's a whole lot better than my shambles of a web page! That's for sure, but seriously, well done.

Lewis Harty - 07/14/00 13:30:49
My Email:lewisharty@hotmail.com
State of residence (optional): Illinois
Marital Status (optional): married
Hobbies: reading, surfing the net, computer gaming, music performance, playing with my 4 children.
A very well constructed page. A++, Mom.

Kay W - 07/14/00 02:08:15
My Email:KDee85@aol.com
I'm impressed! Even though I didn't go to NNHS nor have I been to Virgina your website makes me wish I had. Good job Carol!

Ilene Lieberman - 07/13/00 17:11:24
My Email:pelirl@netvision.net.il
Maiden Name: Levinson
State of residence (optional): JERUSALEM, ISRAEL
Marital Status (optional): Married to Paul Lieberman 33yrs, have 3 daughters - one granddaughter
Hobbies: touring Israel and Europe
I think Carol did a great job

Janice McCain Rose - 07/13/00 12:20:04
My Email:janicemrose@hotmail.com
Maiden Name: McCain
Favorite NNHS Teachers: Mrs. Conn & Mr. Wilson
State of residence (optional): Virginia
Marital Status (optional): Married - 25 years
Hobbies: GOLF!!
I'm so glad this site is up and running...hopefully we'll be able to get in touch with even more classmates.

Sarah Puckett Kressaty - 07/13/00 02:44:28
My Email:sarahmarthap@hotmail.com
Maiden Name: Puckett
Favorite NNHS Teachers: Dorothy Crane, Dorothy Carter
State of residence (optional): California
Marital Status  (optional): married
Hobbies: still singing!, gardening, being with my children and granddaughter!!
Great Job Carol!!!!! Would love to hear from everyone! Anyone talk to Steve Pullen? Write!!

Jimmy Parker - 07/13/00 01:03:29
My Email:jwpjd@aol.com
Maiden Name: hmmmmm
Favorite NNHS Teachers: Julie Conn
State of residence (optional): Hampton, VA
Marital Status (optional): Divorced
Hobbies: Writing
Carol, I must tell you that I am thoroughly impressed with your web site! You have done a wonderful and professional job. I can see that I need to call upon you for help with this computer! Thumbs up! :)

Carol Harty - 07/11/00 22:59:50
My Email:NNHS65@yahoo.com, cluckmeat@yahoo.com
Maiden Name: Buckley
Favorite NNHS Teachers: Mr. Wilson, for teaching me persistence and hard work; Miss Wise and Mrs. Clark, for teaching me how to think; Mr. Loving for his fairness, generosity, patience, and willingness to explain; Mrs. Moser for teaching me in the few short weeks I was privileged to have her, the basics of journalism; Mr. Burke, for his delightful classes; Mrs. Johnson, for recognizing that while I was probably the worst P.E. student the school ever produced, I also probably tried the hardest; Mrs. Ellis for making art the fun it should be; and a three-way tie between my homeroom teachers, Mrs. Lovelace, Mr. Wynn, and Mrs. Kessler for the patience they showed me and the fun we had; and probably all my other teachers as well, because I never was any good at playing favorites...
State of residence (optional): Illinois
Marital Status (optional): Married since 15 Aug 1969
Hobbies: scrapbooking, family history, internet surfing, crocheting, cross-stitching, photography, flower gardening, sewing, collecting memorabilia from the 40s (especially jadite dishes and hammered aluminum), music, reading, you know, the usual hobbies...
Hey, how did my son manage to sign this before I did? Don't forget to check the message board for my LONG comment.

Nathaniel Harty - 06/13/00 22:14:15
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/metalliplasty
My Email:metalliplasty@yahoo.com
Maiden Name: uhh... I am all man, man!
Favorite NNHS Teachers: uhh...never went there
State of residence (optional): Illinois
Marital Status (optional): single
Hobbies: Music, sports, online gaming, METALLICA, etc...check my site to see my complete list of hobbies
Just checking your site, Mom, and signing your guestbook for kicks.

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