Sigma Phi Delta

established 1957

Courtesy of Terry Haney ('66)
of VA - 01/29/10
Thanks, Terry!
   Courtesy of Terry Haney ('66)    of VA - 01/29/10
   Thanks, Terry!

Fall of 1962
(1963 Anchor, p. 209)

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Courtesy of Terry Haney ('66) of VA - 01/27/10
Thanks, Terry!

Courtesy of Terry Haney ('66) of VA - 01/29/10
Thanks, Terry!


Class of '60 - Charter Members * Class of '61 Class of '62

George Balanis
Freddy Bowen
Ronnie Burroughs*
Johnny Canepa *

Bobby Cannon *
Ronnie Fowler
Gene Gill
Eddie Harris
Steve Hochman *
Buddy Isbell
Billy Roady *
Phil Turner

Bobby Boyce
Milt Eason
Jim Elliott
Bill Greene
Calvin Hanrahan
Allen Hall
Jimmy Hall
Bernie Helmer
Bobby Helmer
Mike Jeffers
John McCormick
Fred Sage
Steve Thomas
Horace Underwood
Jimmy Workman
Robert Worthington
Delano Wray
Downey Wray

John Carleton
David Riley
Gerald Schweida

Class of '63 Class of '64 Class of '65

Bobby Artman
Bill Barnes
Alvin Blankenship
Kenny Bransford
Dan Coleman
Marshall Conley
Jimmy Crank
Zetie Dameron
Darden Daniel
Tom Freeze
Jerry Gammon
Wayne Gaskill
Frank Gibson
Barry Hatchett
Billy Manning
Forrest Powell - President
Johnny Reese
Billy Rhodes
Jerry Seay
Bill Shaw
Howard Smith
Owen Smith
Terry Smith
Steve Sparkman
Ray Stinnette
Jimmy Todd
Randy Tosh
Fuzzy Turner
Mal Whiteside

Billy Barnes
Harry Barritt - President
Jimmy Bull
Gene Freeze
Phillip Hammond
Don London
Alan Nesbitt
Bob Stalnaker
Donnie Tyndall
Neil Vickers
Gerald Wright

Billy Belt
Jimmy Brandon
Rip Collins
Larry Harding
Ronnie Haney
Buddy Hart
Garland Hudson - President
Joe Mooney
Ernie Murphy
Charlie Phillips
Ronnie Phillips
Charlie Sands
Billy Schroding
Mickey Spivey
Wayne Stokes

Class of '66 Class of '67 Class of '68

Gerald Fields
David Flakowitz
Aderon Gibbs
John Guthrie
Terry Haney - President
Bobby Houston
Chuck Jones
Randy Kiser
Butch Kypriandes
Jimmy Martin
Jimmy Peters
Raymond Price

Gerald Fields
Billy Griffith
George Herndon
Donnie Morris
Garland Rigney
John Schweida


My father, Rip Collins, established the Constitution and By-Laws for our sorority (Sigma Lambda Theta)
and I believe he also established the Constitution and By-Laws for Sigma Phi Delta. 
We considered our sorority and fraternity as a brother sister sorority-fraternity.

- Neta Collins Hastings ('60) of VA - 03/01/04
Thanks, Neta!

Like the rest of the site, I enjoyed the new NNHS Fraternities site developed by the Class of 1965.  
You are to be commended for your effort. I have one correction, however. 
Under the 1957 Charter Member site for the SPD you list Phil Turner as one of the "Charter Members." 
The  fact is that Johnny Canepa, Bobby Cannon, Bill Roady, Steve Hochman and I were the five charter members.  
Phil Turner was in the second class, along with Freddie Bowen, etc.    Thanks for your correction.  

- Ronnie Burroughs ('60) of VA - 06/27/04
OOOPS! Thanks, Ronnie!

A few more names for the SPD roster: '61: Bobby Boyce and Downey Wray, John McCormick, Gerald Schweida,
Calvin Hanrahan, Allen Hall and Jimmy Hall (as in James Christopher Hall) (though Jimmy's class was '60;
he was out a semester for a football injury and came back to graduate in '61); '62: David Riley;
'63: Wayne Gaskill, Zetie Dameron; '66: Steve Smith (Howard's - '63 - brother).
Some guys missed the photo session or were pledging at the time...

- Danny Coleman ('63) of NC - 07/31/06
I can't imagine how I neglected to include all those names, Danny.  Thanks!

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