Joseph W. Carney, Sr.

Joseph Willis Carney, Sr.



Mrs. Jane Pillow was one of my favorite teachers.  She was my fifth grade teacher at John W. Daniel (across from NNHS).  Her father, Dr. Carney, was also our family doctor.  I remember my dad taking me to see Dr. Carney when I was around five and Dr. Carney tried to get me to follow him into another room in his office.  No way was that going to happen!  I knew that room was for injections!  I took off on foot and ran from 31st and West Avenue all the way to my parents' restaurant (34th and Washington Avenue), where my mom was waiting for me with a switch.  I also went back and got the shot!  I'll never forget that day!

- Margaret Kailos Lee ('67) of NC - 08/09/09


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