Dawn's Dry Cleaning
and Laundry Service
1955 1956 1957
Linda Cabaniss,
Myra Jones,
Darlene Mitchell, and Sondra Gordon
Marilyn Aronow,
Kiddy Dickens,
Barbara Fowler, and Sherry Crossley
Betsy Roberts,
Judy Leggette, Adrienne Nettles, and Harriet Corson
Celia Siegel,
Gaye Hogge,
Nancy Bigger, and
Patricia Wilmoth
Agnes Dick,
Betty Jean Dail,
Marian ("Sissy") Timberlake, and
Evelyn Casey
Marcia Hoffman, Carolyn Clark,
Pat Helmick, and
Carol Wornom
1955 Anchor, pp. 170-1
(These pictures were defaced with a pencil 49 years ago by a very naughty 7-year old girl -
but I do apologize to everyone!)
1956 Anchor, pp. 168-9 1957 Anchor, pp. 170-1
1958 1959 1960
Joan Ownby, 
Diane Wimmer, 
Frances Lawson, and Judy Leake
LaRhue Nettles,
Nancy Shaw,
Pat Horton, and
Evelyn Fryer
Evelyn Thomas, Sandra Taylor,
Sandra Nesbitt, and Mary Beth Olson
Gloria Tart,
Eleanor Fowler, Eleanor Buckley, and
Jo Ann Norman
Johnny Canepa,
Joan Sammons,
Christine Anas,
and Steve Veazey
Jimmy Johnson, Connie Zeno,
Ginny Krabbe, and
Richard Eastman
1958 Anchor, pp. 168-9 1959 Anchor, pp. 172-3
(These gals defaced their pictures themselves!
I had nothing to do with it!!!)
1960 Anchor, pp. 182-3
1961 Dawn
Faith DeArment,
Nancy Staton,
Ophelia Baker, and Anne Webster
Becky Smith,
Judi Hawley,
Claudia Steele, and
Phyllis Ritter
Marilyn Moren,
Diane Rodgers,
Ginny Goolsby, and
Sharon Weaver
Mary Anas,
 Ann Sears,
Sharon Daniels, and
Phyllis Sweeney McCormick
1961 Anchor, pp. 164-5 1963 Anchor, pp. 200-1

The names of the girls in the Classes of 1955 - 1958 were not given in those Anchors.
I have tried to identify them to the best of my ability; I apologize for any errors.

- Carol Buckley Harty ('65) of NC - 04/23/04

The lady in the dawn picture for 1957 on bottom left is Marian Timberlake (nicknamed "Sissy"), not Norma Wilson. 
She lived on 26th street and Oak.

- Billy Fitzgerald ('58) of VA - 05/15/04
Thanks, Billy!

Carol, in the ’56 Dawn Lovelies - the girl on the left, next to Patricia Weymouth is Nancy Bigger.
You are doing a massive job, and it sometimes takes a lot of “helpers” to get it all straight – I know.

- Thelma Spade Roberts ('57) of VA - 06/08/04
EEEK!  Thanks, Thelma!

Just looked at the pictures of the Dawn beauties and Kiddy said that the picture
in the lower right-hand corner is Sondra Gordon and not Marcia Block. We just love this web site!

- Jimmy Starboard ('55) and Kiddy Dickens Starboard ('55) of VA - 08/03/04
YIKES!  Yes, now that you say so, I can see it quite clearly.  Thanks, Jimmy and Kiddy!

... In regards to Evelyn Casey Sneed’s ('57 - of VA) question, I left NNHS in 1959, went to the Newport News Shipyard,
and from there to Disney World, so I have had three great careers during my lifetime.  Evelyn, Gene (Edmunds)
and I picked the “dawn beauties” on the basis of character and looks.  Journalistic abilities had nothing to do with it. 

- Mr. John Huller of FL - 11/10/05
Thank you, Mr. Huller!  You just answered one of my lifelong questions!

Lovely to Look At

- words by Dorothy Fields and Jimmy McHugh, music by Jerome Kern

- from the film "Roberta"

Lovely to look at, delightful to know,
And heaven to kiss.
A combination like this
Is quite my most impossible scheme come true.
Imagine finding a dream like you.
You're lovely to look at,
It's thrilling to hold you terribly tight,
For we're together, the moon is new,
And, oh, it's lovely to look at you tonight.

"Lovely to Look At" midi courtesy of http://www.hamienet.com/midi11989.html - 04/21/04

"Lovely to Look At" lyrics courtesy of http://www.lyricsxp.com/lyrics/l/lovely_to_look_at_eddy_duchin.html - 04/21/04 

Doves and Roses clip art courtesy of http://members.tripod.com/~emelinda/index-12.html - 04/21/04

Blue Flower Line clip art courtesy of http://pub29.bravenet.com/resources/clipart/index.php?  - 04/21/04

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