1965 Cheerleaders
 Dianne Adams ('65); Pam Weaver ('66); Sylvia Summerlin ('65); Linda Garth ('66); Pam Smith ('65) (Head); Karen Richardson ('66); Patty Hilsdon ('66); Connie Todd ('65); and Pauline Collins ('65) "'Do you think this will ever take the place of the Sphinx?'" (uncaptioned)
1965 Anchor, p. 100 1965 Anchor, p. 9 1965 Anchor, p. 19
03/29/04 03/29/04 03/29/04
"An important part of school activity is the Varsity Cheerleading Squad. 
These nine girls head the school's enthusiasm and support of events and athletics that occur during the year. 
Their duties involve many hours of thoughtful preparation and originality.  
Miss Norma Dinkins sponsors the squad and heads the faculty group who selects the cheerleaders each year."
Junior Varsity
Jennifer Perkins ('67);  Judy Salken ('67); Sharon Hilsdon ('68) ; Sharon Adcock ('67) (Head); Joyce Mabe ('68); Linda Condron ('67) and Sherry Bell ('67) (uncaptioned)
1965 Anchor, p. 100 1965 Anchor, p. 19
03/29/04 03/29/04
 " 'Little sisters' to the varsity cheerleaders,  the J. V.'s also give their time, energy, and ideas to the cause of school spirit. 
Mainly connected with Underclassmen athletics, they highlight J. V. activities.
 Tryouts for the Junior Varsity squad, like the Varsity, are in the spring of each year. 
The squad is under the advisorship of Miss Norma Dinkins."


This is amazing - never mind that those pictures of '65 are almost 40 years old!
How about the picture of Jimmy Dick and Donald Harvey when they dressed up?
Love - Pam

- Pam Smith Arnold of IL and VA - 04/08/04

Hampton Pep Assembly - the "Other" Varsity Cheerleaders!
1965 Anchor, p. 19
Your wish is my command, Pam!
Steve Pullen ('65); Wade Scott ('66); Jimmy Dick ('65); Donald Harvey ('65); Richard Lee ('65);
Charles Braslow ('65) and Bobby Kenney ('66).


That picture with no caption is the skit from the Turkey Day pep assembly before the big game.
That is the skit that we put on. I was not in it as I was at home, sick as a dog with a throat infection.  I was SO mad!
Luckily, I got better and made it to the game...where we lost.  But it was fun anyway.
The picture of Jimmy and Donald is in the yearbook - I do not have one.
I was told that Jimmy was me and it was hysterical.  Of course - I did not see it.
Am I getting this right - I think that is the day Jimmy and Donald did the skit?  But - I know the rest is correct.

- Pam Smith Arnold of IL and VA - 04/08/04


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