1960 Cheerleaders
"Jeffrey Dorn ('61) and the Varsity Cheerleaders console the frightened Typhoon turkey after its escape
from the Crabbers."
ROW 1: Frances Hammond ('60); Sandra Walker ('60); Marlene Matthews ('60) (Head); Christine Anas ('60); Gene Collins ('60); ROW 2: Judi Hawley ('61); Sharron Wanderer ('61); Rochelle Leifer ('61); Becky Smith ('61). "'Have we got a TEAM?' yell the Varsity Cheerleaders at the annual Warwick football game.  Regardless of the teams' records, rivalry makes this an even
game at the starting whistle."
1960 Anchor, p. 10 - Thanksgiving 1959 1960 Anchor, p. 62 1960 Anchor, pp. 12-13
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"Varsity Cheerleaders contribute much to the success of the athletic activities by encouragaging school spirit.
With lively pep assemblies and enthusiastic cheering, they spur the N.N.H.S. teams to victory."
Junior Varsity
Mary Anas ('63); Stephanie Spradlin ('62); Sally Morewitz ('62); Jane Walker ('62) (Head); Tina Burroughs ('62); Josie Morgan ('62); and Judy Horton ('63). "The student body always look forward to our Pep Assemblies, enlightened by costuming and the skits which the cheerleaders plan.  Dressed as 1920 bathing beauties are our Junior Varsity Cheerleaders."
FRONT ROW: Tina, Jane Sally; BACK ROW: Mary, Josie, Judy, and Stephanie.
1960 Anchor, p. 62 1960 Anchor, p. 8
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 "Our Junior Varsity cheerleaders encourage school spirit during the year by cheering at the J. V. games and by participating
in the many pep assemblies.  Miss Mary Elizabeth Sexton sponsors both the Varsity and Junior Varsity Cheerleaders."

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