1955 Cheerleaders

Preparing for a Pep Assembly


FIRST ROW, left to right: Betty Long ('56);
Kiddy Dickens ('55); Sue Hart ('55), Head Cheerleader; Sherry Crossley ('55);
Carolyn Simpson ('56);
LAST ROW: Barbara Underwood ('55); Darlene Mitchell ('55); Sherry Padgett ('56); Marilyn Aronow ('55).


Betty, Barbara, Kiddy, Sue , Darlene , Sherry C., Sherry P., Carolyn,
and Marilyn

 Warwick Pep Assembly

1955 Anchor, p. 55 1955 Anchor, pp. 78-9 1955 Anchor, p. 55
04/08/04 04/08/04 04/08/04

Maury Pep Assembly -
Varsity Cheerleaders "bewitching"
the Commodores

INSET: Coaches J.C. "Cowboy" Range
and Thomas M. Robinson

1955 Anchor, p. 55 1955 Anchor, p.138
04/08/04 04/08/04
"Contributing much to the success of our athletic activities are our Varsity pepsters.
Equipped with originality and enthusiasm, these lively girls planned pep assemblies,
led the student body in cheering at football and basketball games,
and planned new and different ways to encourage better school spirit at Newport News High School."
Junior Varsity Rockettes
FIRST ROW: Kay Davis ('57); Carol Wornom ('57), Head Cheerleader; Frances Townsend ('5?); SECOND ROW: Kitty Hawley ('58); Evelyn Casey ('57); Judy Leake ('58); Evelyn Fryer ('58).

Left to right: Ann Bradshaw ('56); Betsy Roberts ('56); Barbara English ('56); Betty Hudson ('56); Judy Leggette ('56); Vicky Chadwell ('56); and Nancy Bigger ('56)

1955 Anchor, p. 78 1955 Anchor, p. 79
04/08/04 04/08/04
 "Our Jayvee Cheerleaders play a large part in keeping up school and team spirit.  Eagerly following each event,
the Junior Varsity Cheerleaders urge the 'Breezes' to many victories in both football and basketball.  Besides supporting their team on the field, they participate in pep assemblies.  "
"The 'Rockettes' are a feature attraction during the half-time
of each football game, and one which the crowd impatiently anticipates.  Their original dance routines add sparkle and zest to pep assemblies as well as to the games.  Originally a group
of sixteen girls, the 'Rockettes' have narrowed down to seven, and have thus been able to work harmoniously among themselves."

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