1964 Senior Band

Friday, September 23, 1963 Issue of the Beacon Friday, October 22, 1963 Issue of the Beacon 1964 Anchor, p. 40 1964 Anchor, p. 41 1964 Anchor, p. 41
Band Elects Officers   Senior Band Officers Senior Band Herald Trumpeteers
    "The Officers of the Senior Band proudly display the beautiful oil painting done by Mrs. A. H. Whitcomb.  They are from left to right: Jim Hines ('64), treasurer; Carolyn Webb ('65), secretary; Wayne Boger ('64), president; and Charlie Sneed ('64), vice president." "Under the direction of Mr. James P. Wilson, Jr., the Typhoon Marching Band has brought many honors to NNHS.  Competing against bands in Virginia and other states, it has won four consecutive trophies as the finest band
at the Winchester Apple Blossom Festival.
In addition to practices each morning, night rehearsals are required in preparation for concerts and parades.  Selling birthday calendars in the fall to help raise funds for the Winchester trip was the major fund raising project for the band."
"Adding to the splendor
of the Typhoon Marching Band
are the Herald Trumpeteers. 
They are from left to right: Jim Hines ('64),
Van Rowell ('65), and Charlie Snead ('64)."
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1963 Band Sweetheart Chosen

(This Anchor listed the Band Sweetheart with the date of the actual crowning, rather than of her Senior Year.)

1964 Anchor, p. 18 1964 Anchor, p. 18 1964 Anchor, p. 18
Miss Gail Watkins
Band Sweetheart
"Miss Gail Watkins smilingly accepts
a bouquet of red roses presented
to her by Mr. Etheridge, principal,
as drum major Randy Smith ('66)
awaits the traditional waltz."
"Miss Becky Goolsby, attendant, received a bouquet of yellow roses during the traditional Band Sweetheart Program."
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"The 1963 Band Sweetheart was announced during half-time of the Granby game.
Miss Gail Watkins, senior and head varsity flagtwirler, was elected by the band to receive this traditional honor.
She was attended by Miss Becky Goolsby, also a varsity flagtwirler.
This was a night never to be forgotten by the new Band Sweetheart, Gail Watkins."

1964 Varsity Flagtwirlers

"Combing skill, grace, and long hours
of practice, the Varsity Flagtwirlers lend color to the band at football games, parades, and assemblies.  Sponsored
by Mr. J. P. Wilson, the varsity and junior varsity squads are chosen each spring
by a faculty group and the graduating flagtwirlers."
1964 Anchor, p. 37 1964 Anchor, p. 37 1964 Anchor, p. 14
Left to right: Becky Goolsby ('64),
Janice McCain ('65), Betsy Smith ('65),
Karen Wilks ('64), Gail Watkins ('64) (Head),
Kay Andleton ('65), Nancy Horne ('65),
and Mary Lou Staton ('65)
NNHS "The Varsity Flagtwirlers, always received enthusiastically  by the audience, twirl their flags to the familiar tune of
'Oh, We're from Newport!'"
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