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The mention of 'drive-ins' in your latest newsletter caused me to remember that there were two distinctly different kinds
of drive-ins on the Peninsula 'way back when. The park-n-whatever movie theatres - and the meet, eat and greet kind.
In the 50's, there were three (now all long gone) that I can recall that were popular with the high school set: Monty's
(4309 Virginia Avenue), the B. & M. Drive-in (3716 Kecoughtan Road) and the W&S (across from the old entrance
to Huntington Park). Considered the 'territory of NNHS, HHS and WHS, respectively....

I found all three - thank you - and others listed on your page entitled "Our Old Stomping Grounds".
May I suggest you cross-reference them to the drive-in page?

- Bill Lee (Warwick HS - '54) of NC - 06/15/06
Thanks, Bill!  That's an excellent suggestion, and one that surely would never have occurred to me.


06/17/06 B. & M. Drive-In 3716 Kecoughtan Road, Hampton GONE!
04/24/08 Monty's 4309 Virginia Avenue GONE! MOVED to 9607 Warwick Boulevard
06/17/06 W&S Drive-In 9294 Warwick Road GONE!


02/22/09  Anchor Drive-In 10121 Jefferson Avenue GONE! NOW Francisco Village Shopping Center
02/22/09 Green Acres Drive-In 2327 W. Pembroke Avenue, Hampton GONE! NOW United Rentals (Construction Equipment Rentals)
02/22/09 Sidney Lust's Drive-In 1300 Block W. Pembroke Avenue, Hampton GONE! NOW various home improvement businesses
02/25/09 York Drive-In Route 17 and Victory Boulevard, Tabb GONE! NOW Wal-Mart Super Center

(This page was created on 06/17/06 at the suggestion of Bill Lee (Warwick HS - '54) of NC - 06/15/06.
Thanks, Bill!)

Couple in Car clip art courtesy of two - 05/13/03

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