09/16/04 History
01/17/18 1952

Eastern District Championship Team
State Championship Team

Coaches - Julie Conn and Lou Plummer;
Co-Captains - Donald Long ('52) and Millard Thomas ('52);
Managers - Joe Keranen ('53) and Preston Wolfley ('54)

01/24/18 1953

Coaches - Julie Conn and Lou Plummer;
Co-Captains - Thomas Weymouth ('53) and Roy Sawyer ('53);
Managers - Preston Wolfley ('54) and Bernie Friedman ('55)

03/25/16 1954
Coaches - Julie Conn and Lou Plummer;
Captain - Clarence Roberts ('54);
Manager - Lawrence Moss ('55) (I think...)
07/14/16 1955
Coaches - Julie Conn and Lou Plummer;
Co-Captains - Phil Clark ('55) and Jimmy Starboard ('55);
Managers -

Coaches - Julie Conn and Lou Plummer;
Co-Captains -
Managers -

05/19/07 1957
Coaches - Julie Conn and Charlie Nuttycombe;
Co-Captains - Ivan Goldberg ('57) and Jerry Saunders ('57);
Manager - Calmet Sawyer ('57)
10/02/04 1958
Coaches - Julie Conn and Charlie Nuttycombe;
Co-Captains -
Managers -
02/11/18 1959
Coaches - Julie Conn,  Charlie Nuttycombe and Johnny Palmer;
Co-Captains - Jimmy Vines ('59) and Gene Duncan ('60);
Managers -
09/16/09 1960
Coaches - Julie Conn,  Charlie Nuttycombe and Johnny Palmer;
Co-Captains - Don Carroll ('60) and Gene Duncan ('60);
Managers -
04/25/07 1961
Coaches - Julie Conn,  Charlie Nuttycombe and Johnny Palmer;
 Co-Captains - John McCormick ('61) and Robert Price ('61);
Cross Country Co-Captains - Jimmy Lovedahl ('61) and Bubba Hanrahan ('61);
Managers - David Galloway and David Rosenwasser ('64);
George Whitmore and Jimmy Moody ('61)
05/02/05 1962
Coaches - Julie Conn,  Charlie Nuttycombe and Johnny Palmer;
Co-Captains - Bill Shaw ('63) and Bubba Hanrahan ('62);
Cross Country Co-Captains -
Managers - David Rosenwasser ('64), Billy Unger ('64) and Richard Gordon ('65)
10/17/04 1963
Coaches - Julie Conn,  Charlie Nuttycombe and Johnny Palmer;
Co-Captains - Bill Shaw ('63) and Billy Rhodes ('63);
Cross Country Co-Captains - Bill Shaw ('63) and Gerald Wright ('64);
Managers - David Rosenwasser ('64), Bruce Spigel ('65), Terry Abbott ('65), and Richard Gordon ('65)
10/17/04 1964
Coaches - Julie Conn,, Charlie Nuttycombe and Johnny Palmer;
Indoor Captain - Jim Moore ('64);
Outdoor Co-Captains - Fred Anspach ('64) and John Todd ('64);
Cross Country Co-Captains - Jim Moore ('64);
Managers - David Rosenwasser ('64), Bruce Spigel ('65), Terry Abbott ('65), Bobby Ruben ('65), Richard Gordon ('65), and Mike Sagman ('66)
09/18/04 1965
Coaches - Julie Conn,  Charlie Nuttycombe  and Johnny Palmer;
Indoor and Outdoor Co-Captains - Billy Schroding ('65) and Joe Wingo ('65);
Managers - Bruce Spigel ('65), Terry Abbott ('65), Bobby Ruben ('65), and Richard Gordon ('65)
12/05/05 1966
Coaches - Julie Conn and Charlie Nuttycombe;
 Indoor Captain - ;
Outdoor Captain - ;
Cross Country Captain - Albert Dorner ('66);
Managers - Grant Guthrie ('66), Dave Beesom ('67), Bill Jones ('67), and Jim Witcher ('67)
07/14/10 1967
Coaches - Julie Conn,  Charlie Nuttycombe, C. J. Browne, and Thomas C. Marvin;
 Indoor and Outdoor Co-Captains - David Cutler ('67) and Ronnie Timberlake ('67);
Cross Country Captain - Ronnie Timberlake ('67);
Managers - Jim Witcher ('67) and Gene Burke ('67)

Hey Carol, Thought you might want to post this.

(l-r) Fred Anspach '64, Billy Schroding '65, David Cutler '67, Doug Dickinson '69, Coach Nuttycombe, Coach Conn (seated)

These four athletes and two coaches were the reason NNHS completely dominated track & field in the state of Virginia during the decade of the 60's.

- Albert Dorner ('66) of VA - 01/17/14

WOWZERONI-RINI! Thank you so much for this treasure, Albert!

Hi, Albert!

I cannot believe it took me four days to post this (Track History),
but I have at last attached your history of Typhoon Track and Field:

It will obviously be the foundation of the entire proposed Track link, which should become
comparable to the Basketball link over time.

Thank you so much for your research – and patience.

P.S. Appropriate music, anyone?

- Carol Buckley Harty ('65) of VA - 09/12/04

Another "NO BRAINER"

"OLYMPIC FANFARE" composed by John Williams for the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles:

I really considered recycling the theme from "Chariots of Fire" from Julie Conn's Page,
but Julie should have his own exclusive song.

- Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 09/12/04
WOWZERS!  Thanks, Dave!

Thanks for everything...further research continues....I'll update later....

- Albert Dorner ('66) of VA - 09/12/04
Thanks, Albert!

A detailed history of VA high school Track and Field can be found at the VHSL web site.
It is  large PDF file and takes a long time to load, even with cable. Jump to Page 78.

- Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 09/12/04
WOWZERS!  Thanks, Dave!

Olympic fanfare was much better than my "Catch Us if You Can" from 1965.

- Albert Dorner ('66) of VA - 09/12/04
Thanks, Albert!

Greetings from Tampa Bay:
Outstanding Page, and such a great historical perspective from Al.
I am going to forward this page to Raoul Weinstein ('57 of FL) who was an outstanding track star
and I hope he will contribute to this page as well.

- Joe Madagan ('57) of FL - 09/12/04
WOW!  Thanks, Joe!

Hi Carol,
Joe Madagan forwarded some email to me involving a NNHS track and field page,
and you were asking for suggested music to go with this page.
The first song that comes to my mind is "Speedo" by the Cadillacs.
Of course, many of us remember the workouts Julie Conn gave us
so perhaps Sam Cooke's version of "Chain Gang" would also be appropriate??

- Raoul Weinstein ('57) of FL - 09/13/04
Thanks so much, Raoul!

I'm working on the NNHS TRACK section for the school web page.
If I was out of my element with the BASKETBALL pages, I am in so far over my head with the TRACK pages
that it’s a real shame that I never let Joe Madagan finish teaching me how to swim.

I don’t normally show works in progress, but I’m in serious need of some expert advice before I
go much further. I wanted to create all the “skeletons” before I started scanning the yearbook pages,
and I’ve barely begun even that. I’m certain that once the scanning is underway, some things will
become clearer to me. At the moment, I’m having difficulty even determining who the Co-Captains
and Managers were in many cases.

- Carol Buckley Harty ('65) of VA - 09/15/04

Carol, I didn't mean to cause you more work than you are already doing!!

There are three separate but interwoven sports involved;
outdoor track & field (spring), indoor track & field (winter), and cross country (fall).
Depending on what you have in mind there could be one section per year with all three sports, or one section per sport per year.
Some of us ran all three, others played different sports and participated in only one or two.
Captains were generally picked for each sport and a person may or may not have been a captain for one, two, or all three of the sports.
As for the clip art, what if we took some action shots from the Anchor and made our own clip art.
I could even create some clip art using a trophy. I think it would be cool to see as many pics as possible from other years.
Mickey Marcella ('54 of VA) has "a few" yearbooks would could possibly use to get some pics.
I also think you would have no trouble getting some of the former "studs" to share a story or two.
When I told Coach Nuttycombe about the page I asked him about something I had heard years ago.
During the history of the track program at NNHS we failed to win ONLY FOUR TRACK MEETS.
We had three losses and a tie.
I would be happy to talk with Coach Nuttycombe if you have any specific questions.
Doug Dickinson is another valuable resource.
His dad, Shirley, ran on the 1933 team and Doug grew up hearing Typhoon tales.
I will try to talk to Doug this week. Keep it up, Albert

- Albert Dorner ('66) of VA - 09/15/04
WOWZERONI!!!  Thanks, Albert!

Oh, no, Sweetie – I surely didn’t mean to imply that you were badgering me!
Trust me, I would do nothing if someone didn’t continually press me to move forward.
Three-quarters of the site – the very best parts at that (“Our Old Stomping Grounds”, “WGH”, “Our Old Apartments”,
“Our Places of Worship”, “1964 State Basketball Tourney”, and I think even “Our Schools When We Were Younger”) –
wouldn’t exist at all had Dave Spriggs not suggested and encouraged me.
And I’m still trying to figure out how Joe Madagan talked me into creating that “BASKETBALL” link
without ever saying a single word, because it is so far out of my ken I surely would never have done it on my own.
And I had absolutely no intention whatsoever of ever creating a
“Famous Coast Guardsmen and Famous Merchant Marines” page or a “Famous Airmen” page,
 yet they’re also there because of Joe.

If ever there was anything for which NNHS is known, it was the championship sports teams.
To have a site as extensive as this one has become, and NOT have Sports pages is patently ludicrous!
I very much appreciate the nudge – or gentle push – or outright shove – or whatever it takes to make me move.
I’m just hoping that I have enough time left before ‘64’s Reunion to at least begin the FOOTBALL and BASEBALL pages.

As for the page designs, I would be more comfortable if all three track teams were contained on one page per year,
and broken down into separate pages later as they each became more extensive,
but still with a cover page for that year. (I hope y’all followed that; I know what I meant!)

I became so frustrated looking for the clip art yesterday that I began to wish I had had my #6 son Dale
teach me how to make my own before he left for California.
It’s just as well; I suppose I wouldn’t have time to do it anyway.
But I am extremely picky about the design I use, and those I want often are not available.
If you can create some trophy clip art, Albert, that would be beyond perfect!

I would be thrilled to print the stories. That’s what makes the pages come alive.
That’s why I have to hurry and make the pages!
And any input you have from Coach Nuttycombe would be splendid!

Not knowing either of them except by name,
I had not drawn the connection between Shirley and Doug Dickinson.
Thanks for enlightening me; that’s a great story of its own.

Thanks so much for your help. I really appreciate it!

- Carol Buckley Harty ('65) of VA - 09/16/04

For the track section you are endeavoring to build, check with my brother, Charlie ('65 of TN),
as he held a couple of the records in the broad and triple jump for some time.

- Cookie Phillips Tyndall ('64) of VA - 09/17/04
Thanks, Cookie!

Carol, if memory serves me anywhere close to correct, Billy Schroding and I
were co-captains of the '65 indoor and outdoor track teams. 
And Albert is correct, cross country was a sport unto itself as it was only for people
who enjoyed running many miles that most people drive!
And the true complete name for the other sport is "track and field".
Obviously I was not on the track but in the field.  Hope this helps.

- Joe Wingo ('65) of NC - 09/18/04
Thanks, Joe!  And I well remember you on the field! Thanks so much for your help!

Hi Carol,
I looked with great interest at your new NNHS Track section, and so far I like what I see.
As far as the name is concerned, the sport is generically known as “Track”, and that is how we referred to it in high school,
but a more correct name is “Track and Field”, since not all of the events involve running!
There were two different “Track” seasons, Indoor in the winter months and “Outdoor” in the spring.
There was a State Champion in each, so it might be appropriate to divide them up somehow.
 As you already know, NNHS was a real powerhouse in Track and Field, probably even more so than in Basketball,
but it wasn’t a “money maker” and really never drew very large crowds.
Anyway I believe that it does deserve recognition and I’m glad to see this addition.
By the way, I know who the Track co-captains were in 1964 – they were Fred Anspach and me!
Thanks for all your hard work; I enjoy the updates and watching the web site just get better and better.
Best Regards,

- John Todd ('64) of AK - 09/19/04
Thanks so much, John!

Carol, great job--I will mention a couple of items if I may - (1) I believe Fred ran a race referred to as the 440 yd. dash, not a 500 yd.
Track and Field had it's own little quirks such as the 220, 440, 880 races! 
Also, Coach Palmer should receive equal billing as coach of the '65 team as he was was screaming
 at Robert Davis, Wayne Frizzelle, and ME while Coaches Conn and Nuttycombe screamed at the runners and jumpers!
Thanks, and again, great job.

- Joe Wingo ('65) of NC - 10/17/04
Thanks, Joe!

About the track article. Joe Wingo ('65 of NC) is partly correct.
Track does indeed have its quirks and that even means there is a difference between indoor and outdoor track.
Up until ’63 Fred ran 440 yds., same as outdoor track,
but his senior year the state changed and they ran 500 yds. indoors and still ran 440 yds. outdoors.
There are many subtle differences between indoor and outdoor track,
which is why I said much earlier that along with cross country they are three separate sports.

And one other small thing, there are several references to the Typhoons, we seldom ever used the “s”.
 We are simply the Typhoon. I am 99.9% sure of my facts. As always you amaze me with your efforts!

- Albert Dorner ('66) of VA - 10/17/04
Thanks so much, Albert!

By the way, I am copying all of the text straight from the pages of the individual Anchors
There is not the slightest chance that I would presume to write copy about a subject
of which I know so little.
When I saw the discussion concerning the 500 yards, I assumed it had been a typo in the '64 Anchor. 
Now I see that wasn't the case, so I'll put it back the way it was - with a footnote.

I too noticed with raised eyebrows the "Typhoons", but once again just copied it as printed,
as it was obvious that, right or wrong, the author intended to use the plural form.

I really appreciate all the generous help you've offered me.
This undertaking intimidated me more than most, as my knowledge on the subject was so completely lacking.

- Carol Buckley Harty ('65) of VA - 10/17/04

Great job, thanks for all the work.
I think Joe Wingo already pointed out a couple of minor errors, but the format is terrific.
Best Regards,

- John Todd ('64) of AK - 10/17/04
Thanks, John!

... Does anyone remember Doug Dickenson ('69) winning the state outdoor
track meet... with his points alone? Or the handicap 220 that Jimmy Hall ('61) ran one night against all the other (younger)
guys... and won? I was in the stands at our stadium for that one! Or the 10 straight (or more?) indoor track championships? 
Or Don Carroll's ('60) and then Jim Bull's ('64) ownership of the shot put and discus placings?... until Max Taback
(WHS) showed up... or David Cutler ('67) coming along and, as a
sophomore!, eclipsing John McCormick's ('62)
pole vault record - how high did he go... 14'10"...higher? The numbers are unbelievable, especially when you look at what
some of our biggest and best high schools are producing currently, and with improved materials, like tartan tracks
(remember walking in a line around the track, and picking up the larger cinders?) and better poles for vaulting...There is
not one track and field coach in NoVA (or elsewhere, I'll bet) who does not know of Coach Conn and Coach Nuttycombe,
whose coaching methods are still studied, and put to use. There is absolutely no substitute for superior coaching and

- Jimmy Hines ('64) of Northern VA - 04/28/05
Thanks, Jimmy!


As a regular reader of your NNHS web piece, I always enjoy seeing names and photographs of people and places I knew decades ago. Having never lived in Newport News as an adult, it is a wonderful trip down memory lane.

The recent clippings from Mr. Price brought my attention level to a new high. As an eighth grader I clearly remember nervously walking up to that cigar smoke filled office overlooking the gym. The sacred domain of
Julie Conn. It was there that I became a high school track and cross country manager. Some aspire to be doctors, educators, and other admirable professions. At that time I was more than satisfied to be involved in the NNHS track teams from 1960 - 1964, it filled my life with memories and experiences still clearly imbedded in my mind.

Relieved of the burden of having to own or wear a gym suit, I spent the next five years with clipboards and stop watches at the knee of Charlie and Julie watching young men demonstrate their strength, speed and tenacity. The clippings brought recollections from years ago as if they were yesterday. As with many of my generation, I remember some of those track meets more clearly than I remember my lunch yesterday. What I cherish most were the values exemplified by the two incredible coaches and the young men they mentored and coached to a string of state championships that seemed to never end. I think I had more state championship jackets and letters than I had days to wear them.

Thanks to Robert Price ('61 - of VA) and to you.

- David Rosenwasser ('64) of Saint Charles, MO - 04/25/07
Thanks, David!

This Page created 09/15/04 because Albert Dorner ('66) of VA sent me the History on 09/08/04,
and even I understood that the time was right.
Thanks, Albert!  You da man!

Born to Run

(Bruce Springsteen)

In the day we sweat it out in the streets
of a runaway American dream
At night we ride through mansions of glory in suicide machines
Sprung from cages out on Highway 9
Chrome wheeled, fuel injected
And steppin' out over the line
Baby this town rips the bones from your back
It's a death trap, it's a suicide rap
We gotta get out while we're young
'Cause tramps like us, baby we were born to run
Wendy let me in I wanna be your friend
I want to guard your dreams and visions
Just wrap your legs 'round these velvet rims
And strap your hands across my engines
Together we could break this trap
We'll run till we drop, baby we'll never go back
Will you walk with me out on the wire
'Cause baby I'm just a scared and lonely rider
But I gotta know how it feels
I want to know if your love is wild
Girl I want to know if love is real

Beyond the Palace hemi-powered drones scream down the boulevard
The girls comb their hair in rearview mirrors
And the boys try to look so hard
The amusement park rises bold and stark
Kids are huddled on the beach in a mist
I wanna die with you Wendy on the streets tonight
In an everlasting kiss
The highway's jammed with broken heroes
On a last chance power drive
Everybody's out on the run tonight
But there's no place left to hide
Together Wendy we can live with the sadness
I'll love you with all the madness in my soul
Someday girl I don't know when
We're gonna get to that place
Where we really want to go
And we'll walk in the sun
But till then tramps like us
Baby we were born to run


"Born to Run" midi courtesy of,
at the suggestion of Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 09/15/04
Thanks, Dave!

"Born to Run" lyrics courtesy of,
also at the suggestion of Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 09/15/04
Thanks again, Dave!

Runner clip art courtesy of - 09/15/04

Baton clip art courtesy of - 09/15/04

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