Coaches - Julie Conn, Charlie Nuttycombe and Johnny Palmer;
Co-Captains - Bill Shaw ('63) and Billy Rhodes ('63);
Cross Country Co-Captains - Bill Shaw ('63) and Gerald Wright ('64)
Managers - David Rosenwasser ('64), Bruce Spigel ('65), Terry Abbott ('65), and Richard Gordon ('65)
Indoor Track Team
Indoor Track Team Attends Lexington Meet

Running and jumping enthusiastically in the halls and gymnasium each day after school, the Newport News High School Indoor Track Team participated very impressively in the State Indoor Track Meet in Lexington, Virginia.  Gaining second place in this meet,
the Indoor Track Team to unable to repeat as first place winners as they had done for the past two years.
With members such as Fred Anspach, Bill Ward, John Todd, Joe Wingo, and Bill Barnes returning in the fall
the Newport News team can look forward to a very successful season next year.

1963 Anchor - p. 65
Cross Country Team
  N.N. - 24;
   Wilson - 32
N.N. - 24;
   Norview - 32
  N.N. - 25;
   Warwick - 34
N.N. - 23;
   Wilson - 38
  N.N. - 29;
   Hampton - 27
William & Mary   A.A.U. Meet - 6th Place  
  N.N. - 16;
   Granby - 43
State Tournament - 4th Place  
  N.N. - 22;
   Great Bridge - 36
District Tournament - 4th Place  
Harriers Pace Through Season

Through a great deal of practice at Huntington Park, The Newport News Cross Country Team paced rapidly through their '62 season.  With the leadership of Coach Conn, the Typhoon "Harriers" made a pleasing impression on all the schools with which they competed.
Placing sixth in the Wiliam and Mary A.A.U. Tournament, fourth in the State Tournament, and also fourth in the Eastern District Tournament, the energetic Harriers chose as their captains Bill Shaw and Gerald Wright.

1963 Anchor - p. 65
 Outdoor Track Team
March 26 W. & M. Frosh
March 29 Great Bridge
April 2 Norview
April 5 York
April 11 Hampton
April 13 Colonial Relays
April 16 Ferguson
April 20 Tidewater Relays
April 27 Eastern District Meet
May 4 Virginian Pilot Relays
May 10 Warwick
May 18 State Track Meet
Trackmen to Participate in Various Meets

Looking forward to a very triumphant season, the Newport News Track Team chose as its co-captains Bill Shaw, half-miler, and
Billy Rhodes, discus thrower.  With outstanding juniors and seniors as well as sophomores participating actively on the team this year, Coaches Nuttycombe and Conn predicted a very victorious year for the Typhoon.

As the Anchor had to go to press, it was impossible to relate the outcome of the season, though it will be attempted to preview the '63 season.

The Newport News team has numerous capable sprinters.  Some of these are Fred Anspach,
Billy Schroding, Bill Ward, and Jimmy Hampton.

On the high and low hurdles are Bob Artman and Porter Blakemore.

Standout pole vaulters are Steve Sparkman, Forrest Powell, Harry Barritt, and George Anas.
At the high jump are found Owen Smith and Joe Wright.  In the broad jump pit are Kent Craft, Billy Barnes, Billy Schroding,
and Fred Anspach.

Distance men for the season are Bill Shaw, Gerald Wright, Jimmy Moore, Lary Moran, Jerry Seay, and Harry Seay.

In the circle for the discus throwing are found Billy Rhodes, Jim Bull, and Bob Davis.  For shot put are capable members such as
John Todd and Joe Wingo,

1963 Anchor - pp. 72-3


      Catch Us If You Can 

    (Dave Clark Five)

Here they come again, mmm, catch us if you can, mmm.
Time to get a move on, mmm, we will yell with all of our might.

Catch us if you can, catch us if you can,
Catch us if you can, catch us if you can.

Now we gotta run, mmm, no more time for fun, mmm.
When we're gettin' angry, mmm, we will yell with all of our might.

Catch us if you can, catch us if you can,
Catch us if you can, catch us if you can.

"Catch Us If You Can" midi and lyrics courtesy of,
suggested by Albert Dorner ('66) of VA, located by Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 09/15/04
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