BONUS - Park City, Utah Images

of Phil ('64) and Sylvia Hall ('66) Hammond

Hi Carol,

I read your website letters daily and think you do a fantastic job.  Thanks so much. 

I ... thought it might be nice for folks to see what Park City, Utah is like in the winter and summer.  I work at Deer Valley Resort and Sylvia (Hall Hammond - '66) works at Westgate next to the Canyons.  We live close by in Deer Mountain.  My passion is skiing, of course, or we would not be living in such cold weather.  The summers are awesome, especially if one likes camping in the high Uinta Mountains.  Park City is a lovely small town.  Our main attractions, besides the beauty of the mountains, are special events such as the Sundance Film Festival, 4th of July parade on Main Street and opening and closing of the ski season.  Trout fishing and golf are a weekly event in the summers.  Small towns are great and relatively crime free! 

I have attached several pictures of the seasons which may be of interest to some.  Feel free to contact us for anything from skiing to fishing. I will even try to help those who really want to be ski bums like me but are afraid to go for it.

- Phil Hammond ('64) of UT - 12/23/07
Thanks, Phil! These images are gorgeous!

July 16, 2004 March 11, 2005 April 22, 2005 April 22, 2005 April 22, 2005
    Snowbird Mineral Basin   Road to Provo
May 16, 2005 January 31, 2006 February 2, 2006 February 28, 2006 July 4, 2006
Phil Hammond ('64) of UT     Sylvia Hall Hammond ('66) and Phil Hammond ('64) of UT Fourth of July Parade
September 20, 2006 September 20, 2006 October 9, 2006 February 17, 2007 February 21, 2007
Sylvia Hall Hammond ('66)
of UT
Phil Hammond ('64)
of UT
February 26, 2007 March 1, 2007 June 5, 2007 December 8, 2007 December 15, 2007

Hi Carol,

I am sending you a few pictures I took this week of The Canyons and Deer Valley Resort as well as a few from my home.  Please feel free to do as you wish with them and at your convenience.  Thanks again for the PC website. 
It is really cool to have my own site..... 

We have obviously had a tremendous amount of snow and cold temperatures.  We are currently in a snow break
but expecting several storms starting Wednesday 2-20-08.

Thanks again for all your hard work,

- Phil Hammond ('64) of UT - 02/17/08
Thanks, Phil! These images are breathtaking as well!

I meant to send you one of these pictures.  Really cool and dangerous work building a lift on the side of a mountain.
  November 22, 2007 November 22, 2007 November 22, 2007 November 22, 2007
  Lady Morgan - #80 Lady Morgan - #101 Lady Morgan - #126 Lady Morgan - #130
November 22, 2007 November 22, 2007 November 22, 2007 January 7, 2008 January 23, 2008
Lady Morgan - #131 Lady Morgan - #132 Lady Morgan - #134 Deer Valley Deer Valley
  Check out my favorite wild rabbit snuggling up next to my window well.  He stayed for two days there. 
    February 5, 2008 February 5, 2008 February 13, 2008
    Too cold even for rabbits Utah Snow Canyons Tombstone Lift
February 13, 2008 February 13, 2008 February 13, 2008 February 13, 2008 February 13, 2008
Canyons Canyons Under Tombstone Lift Phil Hammond ('64)
of UT
Phil Hammond ('64)
of UT - Canyons 9990 Lift
Canyons 9990 Bowl

Hi Carol,

I am sending a few of the pictures from this weekend's camping trip in the Wasatch National Forest in the Uinta Mountains.  
I hope these pictures may give my typhoon friends a view of the rest of the country.  

We camped at Lost Creek which is approximately 10 thousand feet.  It was 70 degrees during the day and very cold at night. 
The moose was at our camp site for most of the day.  I fished the Bear River but could not find any fish! 

Anyway, I hope someone enjoys the photos.

- Phil Hammond ('64) of UT - 07/29/08
Thanks, Phil! These images are also breathtaking!

Saturday, July 27, 2008 Sunday, July 28, 2008

Hi Carol,

First of all thanks for all the hard work! You inform us about each other all over this great land of ours! And a Happy Thanksgiving.

I can't tell you how many people at our 45-year reunion said how they liked the pictures and notes about Park City, Utah you posted for me. I thought perhaps most people are not aware of what it takes to start a ski season at Deer Valley Resort so I have attached pictures of "whales". Whales are mounds of man made snow blown from our snow guns. We let the whales sit for as long as we can for the moisture to drain and it becomes a consistent temperature. We mainly make snow for the spring in areas that melt fast. We use approximately 150 million gallons of water making snow in a season. Of course this water runs off the mountain back into our lakes and ponds in the spring. We will not open a run until it is at least 3 feet deep. Also we employ approximately 2500 people during the busiest part of the season. So come on out and enjoy the beauty of it all and I will personally ski with you. You may not like where I take you but never fear, our snow is great fluffy powder and if you fall it won't hurt much!

PS. The picture from my kitchen window was the day after I had cooked a Smithfield ham. The fresh snow and the smell of the ham reminded me of what a surprise it was to see the first snow at Stuart Gardens.

Take care all and come visit.

- Phil Hammond ('64) of UT - 11/25/09
Sunday, November 22, 2009 Sunday, November 22, 2009 Monday, November 23, 2009 Monday, November 23, 2009 Monday, November 23, 2009
Phil and Sylvia's Kitchen Window Phil and Sylvia's Home Deer Valley Whales Deer Valley Whales Deer Valley Whales
Thanks so much for these
exciting images, Phil!
Monday, November 23, 2009 Monday, November 23, 2009 Monday, November 23, 2009 Tuesday, November 24, 2009
Deer Valley Whales Deer Valley Whales Lifties Starting to Work Phil in His Office

"Utah, We Love Thee"

Words and Music by Evan Stephens

Adopted as State Song on February 17, 1937
Changed to State Hymn on May 5, 2003

Utah, We Love Thee, was written by Evan Stephens as Utah was obtaining statehood. Utah had experienced great changes from the arrival of the pioneers in 1847 to long awaited statehood in 1896. The size of the territory had diminished while settlements spread throughout the land, Utah's citizens included people from a variety of countries, cultures and religions. Technology had advanced from handcarts and candles to streetcars and electric lights. On January 4, 1896 Utah entered the Union. The people had great celebrations! 'Utah, We Love Thee' was adopted by the Utah State Legislature on February 19, 1917. Because statehood was on the mind of the composer, there are many references to Utah taking its rightful place in the union.

In 2003, the Utah State Legislature, in HB223, voted to change the state
song to "Utah, This is the Place." In 1996, Sam and Gary Francis wrote "Utah, This is the Place" for Utah´s centennial celebration. Rep. Dana Love, R-Syracuse, sponsored the change at the behest of the Cook Elementary School in Syracuse.....

The first Utah State Song (now State Hymn), entitled Utah, We Love Thee written by Evan Stephens, was adopted by the State Legislature on February 17, 1937, to become effective on February 24, 1937 (Utah Code). The author builds the theme of this song about Utah's mountains, sunny skies, State flag, pioneers, and closes by predicting that Utah will grow along the lines of wealth, peace, fame, and glory. He also stresses the great love of the people of Utah for their State. This song with words and
music was published by the Deseret Sunday School Union, Salt Lake City, Utah, in 1917.


Land of the mountains high, Utah, we love thee,
Land of the sunny sky, Utah, we love thee!
Far in the glorious west, throned on the mountain's crest,
In robes of statehood dressed, Utah, we love thee!

Columbia's brightest star, Utah, we love thee,
Thy luster shines afar, Utah, we love thee!
Bright in our banner's blue, among her sisters true
She proudly comes to view, Utah, we love thee!

Land of the pioneers, Utah, we love thee,
Grow with the coming years, Utah, we love thee!
With wealth and peace in store, to fame and glory soar,
God guarded, evermore, Utah, we love thee!

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Utah Elevated Logo (launched 04/05/06) courtesy of - 02/05/08

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