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NNHS Newport News High School - The Early Years NNHS

Capt. Dave,

I was looking through some old photos handed down from my relatives and discovered some vintage NNHS pictures. One is a 1918 Football team photo. Seems they were the state champs that year and no one scored against them. Pretty amazing. I’ve got to work on the scans to clean them up but they will be available soon. I guess Walter Reed High School was co-existent with NNHS about that time…see attached photo. Do you think your NNHS65 site would like some of the scans I am doing, or is this stuff too old for that site?

- Ron Lowder of VA - 01/18/11


A way cool scan. It will be interesting to research “Walter Reed High School” and its connection with NNHS. We know that NNHS existed earlier than 1918. It was once in a building on Washington Avenue. Later, it was located in what became Daniel School on 31st Street. The Huntington Avenue school was completed ca. 1922. So, it is a mystery to be solved just how WRHS fits into this.

In answer to your other question, NOTHING is too old for the NNHS site. I am so sure of this that I have CCed Carol, so that she can see and use the image.

She and I will look forward to the other scans, as you prepare them for publication.


- Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 01/18/11

I’ve cleaned these photos up as much as I can. Hope the NNHS web community enjoys them.

There is one common thread in these photos. In each one is my uncle, G. Edward Travis, who was sports editor and then managing editor of the Times Herald newspaper for many years before its demise. He also broadcasted the news on WGH Radio once or twice daily from the old Daily Press building downtown.

- Ron Lowder of VA - 01/20/11

Thank you so very much, Ron - and Dave!

According to the 1996 lithograph, the "new" Newport News High School building was completed in 1923:


Graduating Class of 1918 - Walter Reed High School, Newport News, Virginia
Graduated Saturday, June 15, 1918
Mallory S. Andrews, President
Colors - Yellow and Green


Friday, December 20, 1918 - Walter Reed High School, Newport News, Virginia
Season of 1918 - September to December - Scored 62 Points Against Their Opponents - Was Scored on by NC Team
Champions of the Peninsula and of the State with a Percentage of 100%!
Won Three Games, Tied Three Games, and Was Not Scored upon

"Col. Roosevelt Died To-Day"
Theodore Roosevelt died in his sleep of a coronary thrombosis on Monday, January 06, 1919.
Edward Travis labeled this picture on that very day.

TOP ROW: Carl G. Campbell, Coach; Norman Bradburn; Adolph Lefkowitch; Genevive Woodward; Prof. (Frederic M.) Alexander, Principal; Howard Tall; Conn; Ellis Mirmelstein; Robert Bailey, Business Manager;
: Willard Smith; Otis Forbes; John Islin; Winnifried Topping; John Todd; Fayette Cline; Hobson Wilson; Reginald Stinnette; John B. Stone;
: Clarence Barton; Carter Robinson; Clark Smith; Venable Jester, Captain; Norman Williamson, Manager; Edward Travis


1920 Virginia State Champions - Walter Reed High School, Newport News, Virginia

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