NNHS Newsletters - 2005
This long overdue page was created 06/13/04 at the brilliant suggestion of Ron Miller ('59) of NC.
Ron, you are my hero!  Thanks so much!

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... I see so many names in the newsletter that sound so familiar but I just can’t put a face with the name.....
I don’t want to suggest any extra work (‘cause lordy knows girl, you do a LOT of work getting these newsletters out)
but what if we had (as an option, of course) our yearbook pictures next to our names when you post that person’s
newsletter input. Maybe you already tried it or decided it wouldn’t work….Just an idea….maybe a bad one.

- Chandler Nelms (Hampton HS - '63) of MD - 10/13/05

Not at all, Chandler!  It's a great idea! 
Beginning with the 10/14/05 edition, images will be inserted into the newsletters as available.
Thanks so much, Chandler!


12/31/05 Happy New Year's Eve!
12/31/05 Clifford Phillips
12/30/05 Fifth Day of Hanukkah
12/29/05 Fourth Day of Hanukkah
12/28/05 Gary Hancock - Ferguson High School Class of 1968  (added 01/21/06; updated 01/23/06)
12/28/05 Third Day of Hanukkah
12/27/05 Second Day of Hanukkah
12/26/05 Happy Hanukkah!
12/25/05 Merry Christmas!
12/24/05 Happy Christmas Eve!
12/24/05 A Mele Kalikimaka
12/23/05 Peter Brame (added 01/24/06; updated 01/26/06)
12/23/05 Joseph Smith's 200th Birthday
12/22/05 Mary Elliot (added 01/13/06)
12/22/05 O Holy Night
12/21/05 Dance of the Reed Flutes
12/20/05 O Come, All Ye Faithful
12/19/05 Carol of the Bells
12/18/05 Ave Maria
12/17/05 God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
12/16/05 O Little Town of Bethlehem
12/15/05 The Holly and the Ivy
12/14/05 It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas
12/13/05 There's No Place Like Home for the Holidays
12/12/05 O Tannenbaum
12/11/05 It Came Upon the Midnight Clear
12/10/05 Deck the Halls
12/09/05 Hark! The Herald Angels Sing!
12/08/05 Blue Christmas
12/07/05 Pearl Harbor Day
12/06/05 Happy St. Nicholas Day!
12/05/05 The First Noel
12/04/05 All My Heart This Night Rejoices
12/02/05 Silver Bells
12/01/05 I Wonder As I Wander
11/30/05 I Love You So Much It Hurts Me
11/28/05 There's a Kind of Hush
11/27/05 O Come, O Come, Emmanuel
11/26/05 Charlie Karmosky - Class of 1961 (updated 12/04/05)
11/25/05 You've Lost That Loving Feeling
11/24/05 Happy Thanksgiving!
11/23/05 Now Thank We All Our God
11/22/05 We Gather Together
11/21/05 Dead Man's Curve
11/19/05 Never My Love
11/16/05 She Loves You
11/15/05 One Step Closer (imageless)
11/14/05 409
11/11/05 Veterans' Day
11/10/05 230th Birthday of the United States Marine Corps
11/09/05 Little Deuce Coupe
11/08/05 Election Day
11/07/05 You Can Be My Hero (silent version)
11/07/05 You Can Be My Hero (437 KB WAV version)
11/04/05 I Want to Hold Your Hand
11/03/05 If I Were a Rich Man
11/02/05 Love Me Do
11/01/05 All Saints Day
10/31/05 Happy Halloween!
10/28/05 We'll Meet Again
10/26/05 I Get Around
10/26/05 Wayne Sparrow - Class of 1957
10/26/05 Sharon Cook - Class of 1969 (updated 08/27/07)
10/25/05 A Kiss from a Rose
10/24/05 California Girls
10/21/05 I'm in the Mood for Love
10/20/05 Tomorrow
10/19/05 It's My Party
10/18/05 It's Been a Long, Long Time
10/17/05 Be True to Your School (silent version)
10/17/05 Be True to Your School (307 KB WAV version)
10/15/05 So In Love
10/14/05 If You Wanna Be Happy
10/13/05 Happy Birthday to the United States Navy!
10/12/05 Our Day Will Come
10/11/05 The Nearness of You
10/10/05 Happy Columbus Day!
10/08/05 When Will I Be Loved?
10/07/05 Pipeline
10/06/05 I'll Still Be Loving You
10/06/05 Barbara Nunnally Turner - Class of 1965 (updated 01/30/06)
10/05/05 In My Room
10/05/05 Barbara Burns Reeves - Class of 1965
10/04/05 One Fine Day
10/03/05 Charlotte Jones Simpson - Class of 1957 (updated 10/04/05)
10/03/05 Happy Rosh Hashanah!
10/01/05 Fever
09/30/05 Wipe-Out
09/29/05 Easy to Love
09/28/05 He's So Fine
09/27/05 This Land Is Mine
09/26/05 Hello Stranger
09/24/05 Careless Hands
09/23/05 Easier Said Than Done
09/22/05 Autumn Leaves
09/21/05 Surf City
09/20/05 Cold, Cold Heart
09/19/05 Surfer Girl
09/17/05 Just a Girl
09/16/05 Palisades Park
09/15/05 Blues in the Night
09/14/05 Sherry
09/13/05 Telstar
09/12/05 Surfin' Safari
09/11/05 Patriot Day
09/10/05 Puff the Magic Dragon
09/09/05 She Cried
09/08/05 How Do You Like Me Now?
09/07/05 The Wanderer
09/06/05 Surfin' USA
09/05/05 Happy Labor Day!
09/03/05 The Girl That I Marry
09/02/05 Twist and Shout
09/01/05 I Didn't Know What Time It Was
08/31/05 Up on the Roof
08/30/05 Memory
08/29/05 Jay Bluxome - Class of 1964
08/29/05 Loco-Motion
08/27/05 Thelma Spade Roberts Class of 1957 (updated 09/15/05)
08/26/05 I Love How You Love Me
08/25/05 When I Grow Too Old to Dream
08/24/05 Barbara Ann
08/23/05 Half As Much
08/22/05 Take Good Care of My Baby
08/20/05 Dawn in the Valley
08/19/05 Nobody Does It Better
08/18/05 The End of the World
08/17/05 Pretty Little Angel Eyes
08/16/05 All Alone Am I
08/15/05 I'm Back!!!
  The Dark Days.....
08/08/05 Vacation Ramblings
08/07/05 Pam Mitchell Bray and Mae Ross Dick
07/09/05 Computer and Reunion Updates
06/25/05 Three More Deaths
06/20/05 TA-DAH!
06/18/05 John DeCamp Bluxome, III
06/03/05 Mr. Mac's Memorial Service PLUS Sunny Erlach Weinberg
05/28/05 News Flash
05/28/05 Vicki Prevatte Fulmore - Class of 1963 - ADDED AT LAST ON 08/02/08
05/10/05 Shelby Lewis Brown - Class of 1956
05/10/05 Mr. Norman Dehart (updated 04/20/08)
05/09/05 Mr. George J. McIntosh
05/08/05 Happy Mother's Day
05/07/05 Miles Nowitzky - Granby High School Class of 1950 (updated 02/20/07)
05/07/05 Mama Said
05/05/05 Cinco de Mayo
05/05/05 Mike Sofikitis - Class of 1961
05/04/05 Stand by Me
05/03/05 Buddy Siceloff - Class of 1956
05/02/05 Please, Mr. Postman
04/29/05 Oldies But Goodies
04/28/05 Kay Burks McCormick - Class of 1965
04/27/05 Moments to Remember
04/26/05 Joe Hinnant - Class of 1955
04/25/05 Peppermint Twist
04/23/05 Passover Wishes
04/22/05 White Flag
04/21/05 Run Around Sue
04/20/05 Mr. J. William Etheridge
04/16/05 Shop Around
04/14/05 Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?
04/12/05 I Don't Know Why I Love You Like I Do
04/11/05 Blue Moon
04/09/05 The Lion Sleeps Tonight
04/07/05 You Made Me Love You
04/06/05 Quarter to Three
04/05/05 What Is This Thing Called Love?
04/04/05 Runaway
04/01/05 April Fool's Day
03/30/05 Frank Kanelos - Class of 1970 (updated 09/19/07)
03/30/05 Sweet Nothin's
03/28/05 Only the Lonely
03/27/05 Happy Easter - Part II
03/27/05 Happy Easter - Part I
03/26/05 Mrs. Garland Conn
03/25/05 Angel Baby
03/24/05 Out of Nowhere
03/23/05 A Thousand Stars
03/22/05 Walk, Don't Run
03/21/05 Save the Last Dance for Me
03/20/05 Come Softly to Me
03/18/05 Sleep Walk
03/17/05 Happy St. Patrick's Day!
03/16/05 Poison Ivy
03/15/05 Andrea Vernon Davis - Class of 1962
03/14/05 When I Fall in Love
03/12/05 Twelfth of Never
03/10/05 Sea Cruise
03/09/05 Jerry Zoumplis - Class of 1961
03/08/05 Sylvia Ottaway - Class of 1962
03/07/05 Sea of Love
03/04/05 What'd I Say?
03/03/05 Just a Dream
03/02/05 Prayers for Mickie - Class of 1966
03/01/05 Weiss and Minga
02/28/05 Yakety Yak
02/25/05 Book of Love
02/23/05 Chantilly Lace
02/22/05 George Washington's Birthday
02/19/05 Little Star

Norman Nowitzky

02/16/05 Oh Boy!
02/14/05 Happy Valentine's Day
02/12/05 Abraham Lincoln's Birthday
02/11/05 Randy Howell - Class of 1965
02/09/05 Maybe Baby
02/08/05 Boy Scout Day
02/07/05 Tears on My Pillow
02/06/05 J. E. B. Stuart's Birthday
02/04/05 It's Only Make Believe
02/03/05 The Day the Music Died
02/02/05 Happy Groundhog Day
01/31/05 Be Good
01/28/05 When the Twilight Is Gone
01/27/05 Mozart's Birthday
01/26/05 This Magic Moment
01/24/05 In the Still of the Night
01/21/05 Stonewall Jackson's Birthday
01/19/05 Robert E. Lee's Birthday
01/17/05 Martin Luther King Day
01/14/05 Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
01/12/05 I Hear You Knocking
01/10/05 Great Balls of Fire
01/08/05 Happy Elvis' Birthday!
01/07/05 Crazy
01/06/05 Peace on Earth
01/04/05 From a Distance
01/03/05 Forgotten Dreams
01/02/05 You Were on My Mind
01/01/05 Happy New Year!

The Impossible

(Joe Nichols)

My dad chased monsters from the dark
He checked underneath my bed
An he could lift me with one arm
Way up over top of his head
He could loosen rusty bolts
With a quick turn of his wrist
He pulled splinters from his hand
And never even flinched
In thirteen years I'd never seen him cry
But the day that grandpa died, I realized

Unsinkable ships sink
Unbreakable walls break
Sometimes the things you think could never happen
Happens just like that
Unbendable steel bends
If the fury of the wind is unstoppable
I've learned to never underestimate
The impossible

And then there was my junior year
Billy had a brand new car
It was late, the road was wet
I guess the curves was just too sharp
I walked away without a scratch
They brought the helicopter in
And Billy couldn't feel his legs
Said he'd never walk again
But Billy said he would and his mom and daddy prayed
And the day we graduated, he stood up to say:

Unsinkable ships sink
Unbreakable walls break
Sometimes the things you think could never happen
Happens just like that
Unbendable steel bends
If the fury of the wind is unstoppable
I've learned to never underestimate
The impossible

So don't tell me that it's over
Don't give up on you and me
'Cause there's no such thing as hopeless
If you believe:

Unsinkable ships sink
Unbreakable walls break
Sometimes the things you think could never happen
Happens just like that
Unbendable steel bends
If the fury of the wind is unstoppable
I've learned to never underestimate
The impossible

Quill Pen clip art divider courtesy of http://resources.bravenet.com/clipart/dividers/22 - 06/14/04

"The Impossible" lyrics courtesy of http://www.cowboylyrics.com/lyrics/nichols-joe/the-impossible-7441.html - 06/13/04

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