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NNHS Eleven Pre-Publication Yearbook Glossy Images
Taken for the 1962 Anchor

I ... came across these images. I think the late Gerald Wright ('64) sent them to me
for inclusion in the 2004 Rusty Anchor, but I donít think I used them.

Do you recall seeing these before?

- Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 01/23/11

Thanks, Dave! I have indeed seen most (if not all) of them before - in the 1962 Anchor...

Second Period Lunch After School Rush After Game Dance Friendly Typhoons

"First and second lunch periods are the best two hours in the day. Students and teachers alike agree on this fact."


"There is a mad rush in the halls at 3:30 every day to leave school. It can be very dangerous if you aren't careful."


"After the game everyone goes to the dance usually sponsored by the Student Council. In this picture you can see that the Hully Gully is the rage at N,N,H,S."

"One of the traditions at N.N.H.S. is the selection of the friendliest boy and girl in each class..."

FRONT ROW: Wade Scott ('66) and Eleanor Milne ('66); SECOND ROW: Joe Wingo ('65), Polly Norris ('65), and Vivian Starnes ('64); THIRD ROW: Barry Hatchett ('63), Mary Anas ('63), and Dennis Holbrook ('64); BACK ROW: Joe Fabula ('62) and Ginny Morton ('62)

Pep Assembly SCA Executive Board Publicity Committee Newcomers Committee

"'Let's Go Newport' was the theme of this Pep Assembly.  The nine Varsity pepsters are leading the student body in T-E-A-M."

FRONT ROW: Sally Morewitz ('62), Nancy Dearing ('62), Debby Holton ('62), Sandye Cohen ('64), Marlene Cohen ('63), Bubba Hanrahan ('62), John Carleton ('62), Stevie Spradlin ('62), Jane Walker ('62), Rita Baab ('62), Janice Poole ('66); SECOND ROW: Brenda Veazey ('62), Josie Morgan ('62), Nancy Saunders ('62), Sandra Weaver ('63), Martha Timberlake ('62), Joe Mooney ('65), Dickie Dillaman ('62), Millie Fallen ('62), Phyllis Sweeney McCormick ('63), Miss Ethel Gildersleeve, sponsor; STANDING: Charles Milne ('64), Bud Shaw ('63), Butch Delozier ('63), Donald Schwartz ('62), Philip Gold ('62), Don King ('62), Larry Spigel ('62), and Forrest Powell ('63) FRONT ROW: Steve Smith ('66), Sidney Melton ('64), Larry Spigel ('62) (Co-Head), Sandye Cohen ('64) (Co-Head), and Anita Smith ('62); BACK ROW: Bruce Spigel ('65), Marty Credle ('64), Betty Gares ('62), Kathryn Brinn ('62), and Stanley Glasofer ('66) FRONT ROW: John Gabriel ('62), Porter Blakemore ('64), Donald Schwartz ('62) Co-Head), Charles Milne ('64) (Co-Head), David Parrish ('62), and David Ellenson ('65); BACK ROW: Alice Fowler ('64), Marlene Cohen ('63), Ronni Green ('64), Judy Bell ('64), Judy Lucas ('64), and Sue Miller ('64)
Thank you so much
for these treasures, Dave!
Honor Council Future Teachers of America Before Hampton Football Game
Alice Fowler ('64), Bobby Hilling ('62), Ginny Morton ('62), Susie Greene ('62), Mrs. Frances Nettles (Sponsor), Wade Morrison ('63), Eleanor Milne ('66), Barry Hatchett ('63), and Polly Norris ('65) FRONT ROW: Winnie Hogge ('62), Helen Daggy ('63), Ginny Sue Goolsby ('63), Mary Blandford ('62), Ginny Morton ('62), Clare Smith ('62); SECOND ROW: Sylvia Ottaway ('62), Cissy Wilkinson ('64), Linda Coates ('63), Sandra Pullen ('62), Jean Garner ('63), Ellen Frank ('64), Barbara Halfin ('64), Marcia Solomon ('63); THIRD ROW: (unknown), Alma Crum ('64), Jean Poole ('64), Carol Vogel ('63), Brenda Poole ('62), Elaine Vasilis ('64), Anne Davidson ('64), Sue Miller ('64), Ronnie Glasofer ('63), Pam Russell ('63), Katie Haan ('64); BACK ROW; Patsy Taylor ('64), Joan Faulkner ('63), Katharine Harrison ('63), Frances Heath ('62), Irene Christofi ('63), Betty Spain ('63), Barbara Yost ('63), Pam Forman ('64); STANDING: Virginia Shepherd ('62) and Lynn Wright ('63) AS CROPPED FOR THE ANCHOR:


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