12/19/04 - NNHS Newsletter - Christmas Comes
But Once a Year


Dear Friends and Schoolmates,

   I hope you're all enjoying these last precious days of 2004.  The weather is turning crisp and cold - at least where I am - and the
excitement in the air continues to build. 

From Linda Lane Lane ('64) of VA - 12/14/04:

Mary Alice Ring Price was married to my dad's first cousin, Gordon Price.  And yes she did work in Nachman's
selling material.  I first remember them living on 48th Street in her mother's house next to the Shipyard
.  They later moved to Franklin Road in the Hilton suburbs.  They had one daughter, Mary Alice
Ring Price
, who graduated in the 1950s from NNHS I believe.  She went on to graduate from Mary Washington
College with a degree in Nursing.  As was customary at the time after graduation, she went to Europe and met
the man of her dreams, Rafael.  They have lived in Spain all of her married life that I am aware of. 
I also have another first cousin of my dad's by marriage that was called "Berta".  Short for Alberta.  She was
married to Tommy Price that I mentioned earlier who was a Captain on the NN Fire Department.  She worked
for many years at W. T. Grants on Washington Avenue.  She is still living and should be around 97 this year. 
I saw her last year and as always, she looked magnificent.  She lives with her daughter, Jane Price London,
in Hampton.
I had a very large extended family in the NN/Hpt. area.  My great-grandfather, Alexander Powhatan Price,
married my great grandmother, Alice Baker Irving Price.  They had 10 children that lived into adulthood.  So
there are many first, second, third, fourth and a few removed several times cousins that had lived in the area.  A
fellow nurse I met at Riverside years ago was a Price.  Her brother did the family tree and found we were related
to Pugh Price and direct descendents of some of the original settlers at Jamestown.  They sold hard woods back
to the mother land.
So...to keep from marrying a cousin, I married a Lane.  And the rest is history.
Since I have arrived here in Tampa, with the sinus cold from the devil, the first night I was barely able to hold
my head up.  The female golden retriever Maggie decided it was now time for her to have her pups.  It took
almost two hours for her to deliver ten beautiful pups.  Number Ten didn't make it but the other nine are full
of life.  I don't know how I manage to get into this mess.  I was a good Psych nurse and I could hold my own
in the ER for 25 years.  But honest, I'm not into birthing no babies.  The good lord gave Maggie the knowledge
she needed and I just gave moral support.  My son-in-law, the great intel boss, swore she wasn't expecting. 
Guess we showed h

   WHOA!  Let me get this straight.  David's mother's first cousin married Linda's father's first cousin!  COOL BEANS!!!

   There are a goodly number a genealogists among us, and I'm sure you just made their day, Linda!  My Fitts and Tuck ancestors
were in Jamestown by 1623, as well as the Rolfe's and Powell's and a few others.  I have several collateral lines of Prices as well. 
It would be interesting to compare charts!

   Have fun with those puppies - and get well!  Thanks, Linda!

From my Niece, Shari, of VA - 12/14/04:

   HA-HA-HA-HA!!!!  That's a good one, Shari!  Thanks!  Now that you mention it, there's a lot of merit there.  We are required
to bear one another's burdens are we not?  I'd certainly be willing to do my part.  WILD GIGGLES!!!

From Eric Huffstutler (Bethel HS - '75) - 12/17/04:

I am "pretty sure" the burger joint that was next to the DMV was a Carrol's first and then another hamburger place, then
something else prior to becoming a bank.  I know Carrol's seemed to have been short-lived yet I recall the orange and
white vertical stripes and having a jukebox (or maybe I took too much antacid in the 70s...????)

   GIGGLES!!!  It sounds good to me, Eric!  Thanks!

From Tom Norris (HHS - '73) of VA - 12/17/04:

Hmmmmm .. .the Willis dances! Never went to one, but I do remember them. John M. Willis Elementary School was
on Victoria Boulevard next to Charles Taylor Library, one block over from Thorpe. I do remember the sock hops
at Thorpe in 67-68 ... but once we integrated in Sept 68 that all stopped. Security became a big concern, something
that sadly has not corrected itself over the past 36 years.

Kewl newsletter ... later babe.

   I have a vague fragment of a memory returning about the Willis dances.  It's funny - I can remember the summer dances
at Magruder so clearly, but I still can't quite recall those at Willis.  perhaps in another six months or so, it'll all come back to me....
Ah, well, thanks, Tom!

   Hey - wait a minute - I'm not the babe - YOU Da Babe!  WILD GIGGLES!!!

From Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 12/17/04:

Maybe you could put up a link on the Dr. Pepper page to this URL:


   OHHH, David - what fun!  Thanks so much!


From my Niece, Shari, of VA - 12/18/04:

Be sure to click all of the reindeer.


   Thanks, Shari!

From  Brownie Shaffer Haracivet ('62) of the Virgin Islands - 12/18/04:

Dear Carol,
Thanks for all you do for us. I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Safe
and Wonderful New Year.
I loved the way Tom Flax ('64 of VA) ended his email with TYPHOONS FOREVER and I think
from now on all of us should do the same!
I think you will enjoy this one!
What would you say are the chances that on a particular day I would leave the office
early to run an errand, drive through our downtown area just at the millisecond that a
classmate from the wonderful NNHS class of '62 is making her way across the street
in front of my stopped car?!!
Well, that's what happened this week and it was a very happy experience for me!
I would love to know the odds on that one. It was wonderful to see Pat Merilic Duncan
(of VA)
and knowing that NINE ships were in that day with thousands upon thousands
of people all of St. Thomas it was magical that I was in that spot at that time and was
able to give and get hugs from a childhood friend....it was absolutely priceless!
John and I will spend Christmas in NN and it looks like our Christmas may be a white one! EEEEEEEK! My mittens are packed.

   WOWZERONI!!!  Brownie, I certainly don't know the odds, but I'd say that's a Christmas miracle!  What an incredibly
happy moment that must have been for both of you!  Thanks for sharing that with us.

   It's wonderful that you'll be home for Christmas!  Have a great time - and stay warm!

   Thanks, Brownie - and Tom! 

From  Jean Poole Burton ('64) of RI - 12/18/04:

Hi Carol,
I had to chuckle as I quickly checked out the sight last night and realized that most of the women I know are much
too busy WITH CHRISTMAS PREPARATIONS...to think about what kind of aircraft crashed around the time that
Forrestal was commissioned!  As you would say "wild giggles"...I have made a big batch of cookies today, singing
in a cantata tomorrow as well as getting a houseguest...
Love, Joy, and Peace to all of your family.  You are wonderful to have put this site together for us and I thoroughly
enjoy it! 
Jean - Up to my ears in Christmas...

   Hey, Jean!  I caught your note just as I was heading off to bed late Saturday night - and I did more than chuckle!  I made a
fancy-schmancy cake Saturday to take to a party last night which we ultimately did not attend (Paul became ill).  In addition to laying
the foundation for the next five Newsletters,  I spent the entire day constructing a Christmas worship service program of carols
and scriptures and rounding up soloists and narrators from among those who aren't sick or might have already left town for the
holidays.  Oh, yeah - that'll be held THIS MORNING - at 11:30!!!  Rehearse?  What, you mean - all together???  HA!  HA-HA-HA!!! 
Ahhh - good one!  There are several very good reasons why this wasn't all done earlier - say, October, but it's way too long and
involved.  Let's just say we'll be relying heavily on the spirit today....

   Thanks for the laugh, Jean!  Have fun with your house guest - and think of me during your cantata!  Giggles!!!

From Renee Helterbran Benton ('59) of VA - 12/19/04:

This appeared in the December 16, 2004, Daily Press, Newport News, Virginia.

   OH - what a great article!  That should certainly increase public awareness of Pick's Disease!  Thanks for sharing this with us,
Renee.  We'll continue to keep you and Julius (Benton - '58) - and your daughters - in our thoughts and prayers.

   Well, I still have a couple of narrators and a soloist to verify, so I suppose I'd better run now.  I just threw myself in a flute solo. 
That should be fun!

   Y'all take care of each other!  TYPHOONS FOREVER!

                          Love to all, Carol


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Christmasse Comes But Once a Year

Music:     GREENSLEEVES (variant) §7255d
original harmonization from Christmasse in Merrie England, Marie Ruef Hofer, 1915
converted to SATB by CRB

Let's dance and sing and make good cheer,
For Christmasse comes but once a year,
Make merry now nor draw a tear,
So early in the Morning.

Then shout and sing till rafters ring,
For joy and mirth the seasons bring;
We'll welcome Father Christmasse in,
So early in the Morning.

“Christmasse Comes But Once a Year” midi courtesy of http://www.santasearch.org/music.asp - 12/18/04

“Christmasse Comes But Once a Year” lyrics - and sheet music! - courtesy of http://christmassongbook.net/s7255d.asp -12/19/03

 Angel clip art courtesy of http://d21c.com/AnnesPlace/Angels4.html - 12/18/04

Branch and Bells and Gold Bells Divider Lines clip art courtesy of http://d21c.com/AnnesPlace/Xmas5.html - 12/18/04

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