12/17/04 - NNHS Newsletter - I'll Be Home for Christmas


Dear Friends and Schoolmates,

   Happy 57th Birthday today to Tom Oxner ('65) of AR!


From Wayne Stokes ('65) of VA - 12/16/04:

   A charming story of of his teenage experiences with Rich's, now posted here:


   Thanks, Wayne Honey!

From Eric Huffstutler (Bethel HS - '75) of VA - 12/16/04:

I seem to remember that there was a Carrol's on Washington Avenue that later ended up being something else, a tire store
or something?   Then there was one in the Newmarket area on Mercury Boulevard and it later ended up being a bank.  I think
it was on the same side of the boulevard but opposite corners from the DMV?

   Duh - I dunno - anyone?  Anyone? 

   I'm really enjoying this fast-food restaurant line of discussion myself, because I have them so completely muddled in my mind. 
The only such place I ever remember going to with my mama was Bill's Barbeque.  Never having learned to drive myself, that
meant the only times I went to the others was with a date - and I was always too nervous and tied in knots then to remember
which places we frequented after the movie/game/dance or whatever.  I do remember going to Shoney's (and I can't even recall
which one!) once with - oh, never mind, he probably doesn't even remember dating me anyway.  But I remember....

   My point is - the more y'all talk, the more I'm apt to piece together and remember, so I really appreciate all the input.

I don't quickly see a link to but wonder if you already have a page dedicated to the S.S. United States?  If not, could I suggest one
and head up getting it started?  I use to be a steam ship fanatic years ago and this one luxury liner was built in Newport News and
launched June 23, 1951.  When it docked you could see the funnels (smoke stacks) above the city.  Its fate hangs in the balance
even though it is slated to go back into service after years of rusting away at various docks since 1969.  I have lots of information
about it, photos, resources, and links to various sites.  Would you be interested in this symbol of our country and freedom as well
as Newport News lore as part of your web site?

   Oh, ABSOLUTELY!!!  That would be fabulous!  Thanks, Eric!

From Bill Black ('66) of GA - 12/16/04:

Please pass along to Tim (Parsons - '73 of VA) that I was part of the stage crew when Bob Calvert played the role of
"Matthew.. A Common Man"  in "A Man for All Seasons" for the Community Theatre in 1965 or maybe 1966.    Quite the
performer, as I recall, watching him each night from the fly gallery on stage left.......
Thanks, and happy holidays from a Lonely Typhoon in LaGrange..
Keep 'dem newsletters coming..
Bill Black

   COOL!  Thanks, Bill!

From  Tom Norris (HHS - '73) of VA - 12/16/04:

Hi all ...

The Carrol's on West Mercury Boulevard was the Crabber hangout ... later became Wendy's (I believe the first one
on the Peninsula) in '73 or so ... was briefly something else in between.

I dated Kathy Gresham (Wythe girl) in '71 for a bit ... went to Guess Who/Mason concert at the Coliseum in April 71 ....
walked across Mercury (oh, how brave!) to Carrol's for an after concert Club Burger and a shake. Seems like yesterday!

   GIGGLES - I'll say!  Thanks, Babe!

From Tom Flax ('64) of VA - 12/16/04:

I want to wish all the members of the great typhoons family out there in Typhoonland all the best for a happy, merry, safe, and
healthy holiday season..
I want to pass along to Jim VanNoy ('58 of VA) and his family best regards from my sister Helen (NNHS 58-Canada)..
they were classmates and she is most happy that Jim came thru his surgery well....Special best wishes to all who came to the
40th reunion of the great typhoon family class of '64, and for those who did not attend, I urge you to order a copy
of the DVD/or VHS.  You will enjoy it just as if you were there.  Send your requests to nnhs40video@yahoo.com  and I will
send details.
Special hellos to Jo Ann Stewart ('64 of TX), Sandra Boatright (Carroll - '65 of VA), and Al Dorner ('66 of VA) (your work
with the trophies is terrific).
Best wishes.

   DITTO!!!  Thanks, Tommy!

From Alice Fowler Edwards of VA - 12/16/04:

I remember the "Esso" fires also ... I don't think the name was Exxon at the time. I remember that Sue Scott ('64)
and I could see the flames from the attic window of her house on Chestnut Avenue. I believe (like Jo Ann Stewart -
) that we were in 6th grade at Walter Reed. Seems like I remember being in Mrs. Ballard's class on the front side
of the school and seeing the fires out the window. We were all scared!
Have a great holiday ...

   Yep!  That puts it in 1958 - just as Joe Madagan ('57) of FL confirmed yesterday!  Thanks, Alice!

From Glenn Dye ('60) of TX - 12/16/04:

I don稚 know how many remember when the new auditorium at NNHS was built, like1956, I think, but my cousin,
Hugh Dye
, helped do the electrical work in it.

   Thanks, Glenn.  I'm beginning to think y'all are all mind readers.  The fire actually occurred in 1952, and was caused by arson. 
If anyone knows the details of that, I'd be interested in knowing.

   I have before me the 1952, 1953, and 1954 Anchors plus a 1955 Krabba which Tom Norris (HHS - '73) of VA has graciously
allowed me to borrow so that I can scan in wondrous goodies for the web site.  Included among these, are of course, pictures
of the dreadful fire.  The 1955 Anchor is filled with images of the rebuilding.  Stay tuned.  I'm dancing (or scanning) as fast as I can!

From Bill Hobbs ('66) of Northern VA - 12/16/04:

Hello, North and South America and all the ships at sea.
Hi Carol, just enjoying the 12/16 newsletter and didn't realize that the battle of the bulge started 60 years ago, wow! What an event
in our parents time. We need to remember how important this was. From that point until the end of the war in Europe ( V-E Day ),
the allies suffered some of highest casualties during the war. This was a dear price to pay for the freedoms that we all enjoy today.
The war has always had a special meaning to me: my dad served (USN) and I was named after his brother who served in the USAAF,
killed when his B -24 was shot down over the German oil fields in Poland.
My thoughts became more focused when I read Terry Haney's ('66 of VA) comments referencing Nachman's Department Store.
My mother took me there as a young child, and of course it was within walking difference of NNHS. I had forgotten about Esther Davis,
her name maybe, but not her position. I remember her from the US Post Office, in the basement --- the draft board. I had the privilege
of meeting her under, shall we say "tense" circumstances in 1967. I stood in front of her, at attention as I remember, explaining how,
when and where I had joined the US Navy and thus messed up her " quota " for that month. Would anyone remember how long she was
with the draft board. Was it WWII, it couldn't have been WW!, could IT? She was one tough lady, and many of our classmates met their
destiny through her service.
I own a business, or should I say it owns me, in Northern Virginia. The location is right next to Quantico Marine Corp Base and thus
Marines constitute a fair percentage of my customers. As I was writing this I was thinking about my graduation from NNHS in '66,
the following summer and then the draft and Esther Davis. In other words, my little world turned upside down. Good morning Vietnam!
But that was another time, just as WWII is another time that is fading from the memories of those left behind enjoying the freedom paid
for by the sacrifices of others. There is no draft now, only volunteers, and it makes me really appreciate these young service men and
women that I see everyday and then read of every night. What a great job they are doing and with great sacrifice. History will be the
judge as always whether the mission was worthy: we must not judge them by their mission; it is their sworn duty to their county and thus
to all of us. As to those who went before them, we owe much.
                                                                                                               May we hold them and their families up in prayer,
                                                                                                                                God Bless the USA

   WOW!  You made me mist up completely with this one, Bill!  Thanks so much!

From Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 12/17/04:

This is a terrific site for Christmas Wav files:


   Oh, these are such fun!  Thank you, Dave!

From Dave Arnold ('65) of VA - 12/17/04:

I noted Joanne Kates Roos comments regarding the annual gathering of Nachman's employees and remembered something
about my mother.  She was noted for always wearing hats when she went out, even when it was no longer the fashion, and
didn't consider herself dressed for church or a trip downtown without a hat.  I grew up on Cherry Avenue just over the
Hampton line, and our neighbor for over 20 years was a lovely woman named O'Neil Lewis.  She managed the portion
of Nachman's that sold hats and my mother was often found with her in Nachman's basement going through new items
that appeared.  I'm not sure if the relationship led to the hats or if this was fortunate coincidence for my mother, but they
were great friends until Ms. Lewis' death in the 80's.  My brother and her daughter Jane still attend the same church today.

   Thanks, Dave!  I really enjoyed your story.  I was awfully fond of hats myself!

From Tom Oxner ('65) of AR - 12/17/04:

Thanks for the great walks down memory lane that this newsletter provides. My family and I recently returned
from VA. Unfortunately, we were there to attend to my father's funeral. He will be missed a great deal by family
and friends, but at least he was spared the agony of a long illness.
Today is my 57th birthday. I was feeling a bit nostalgic and then I read the newsletter. Dave Spriggs ('64 of VA)
referred to the old Charco-Burger at Jefferson and 74th. The convenience store next door (on Jefferson Avenue)
was initially named "Little Joe's" but later became a 7-11 before going out of business. Little Joe's was the pick-up
point for those of us who delivered afternoon papers in the area. One day of the week (I think it was Tuesday) they
had a special of french fries for $.05. I would routinely eat 3-5 orders of french fries while waiting for the papers
to arrive. No wonder I had a weight problem and now have high cholesterol! When we were in Newport News recently,
we visited the What-A-Burger on Jefferson. As I was eating a What-A-Burger for lunch, I recalled how Charlie
Vellines (Class of '65)
and I would often eat at the What-A-Burger when it was located at the traffic circle on Jefferson
(next to the Esso station). Charlie would routinely have 2 What-A-Burgers, a couple of orders of fries and a chocolate
shake for a meal! At the visitation prior to Dad's funeral I talked with Malcolm Davis, and Ronnie Wood (both
from Class of '65)
. In order to be certified as Executor of Dad's estate I received assistance from Rex Davis (Class
of '66)
It was good to see old friends, even under those circumstances.

Tom Oxner (back in Arkansas)

   Hmmmm.  Funerals are unusual affairs.  At the saddest moments of your life you have the opportunity to reconnect with old friends
and distant relatives, and that brings a strange joy - which I suppose makes everything else more bearable, but it's a mighty peculiar
feeling as we've mentioned several times before in the past. Our thoughts and prayers are still with you, Tom. The death of a parent
is just never an easy thing - no matter how old you are they may be.

    Happy Birthday, Tom - again!  And thanks!

From Jo Ann Stewart ('64) of TX - 12/17/04:

When I think of Bob Calvert - I think of him DJ'ing at Willis.  Does anybody remember the dances at Willis?  That is where we all
heard the very best songs-very old and also new.  The Eisley Brothers, Wilson Pickett- records like Sea of Love, Angel Baby,
Toss'n and Turning, Rockin' Robin, A Thousand Stars.  He knew how to pick them and could play the really great ones that he
couldn't play on WGH because they weren't big commercial successes.
Jo Ann

   WOW!  I had forgotten there even WAS a Willis!  I can't wait to hear from more of y'all on this thread!

   Thanks, Jo Ann!

From Joe Madagan ('57) of FL - 12/17/04:

Hi, Carol:

Thanks for sharing the news articles furnished by Captain Dave (Spriggs - '64 of VA). He sure does his homework.
I suppose I was too young or too busy to read the newspapers that I was busy delivering back then or I would have known
the pilot was not a part of the Blue Angels flying team. I was satisfied listening to the rumors. Dave sure had a great
"flashback" regarding the make of the aircraft, given to him by his father. Very remarkable.

   Thanks, Adonis!  Isn't that just the most incredible thing?!?  I still can't get over it!  The man is utterly amazing!

 From Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 12/17/04:

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Ray Staton, Tom Flax, Charles Forrest, Dave Spriggs,
and Bev and John Todd


Hi Guys,

Well, after a lot of phone calls, the turnout was:
John & Bev (Todd of AK)
Chuck Forrest
Ray Staton
Tom Flax

We sat there for over 2 hours telling old stories and filling in John on the reunion. He and Bev had a great time and no one
wanted to leave. He most definitely wants to attend the next function ... most likely a "Turning 60" event.

I snapped a digital photo....

Merry Christmas To All,

   WOWZERONI!!!  What fun!  Thanks so much, David!  And thanks again for finding today's midi for me.  They're so much better
when you do it!

   Well, Sweeties - I don't guarantee this to be complete - or even coherent! - but I gotta run now!

   Y'all take care of each other!

                          Love to all, Carol


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I'll Be Home for Christmas

- Kim Gannon, Walter Kent, and Buck Ram

I知 dreaming tonight of a place I love
Even more then I usually do
And although I know it痴 a long road back
I promise you

I値l be home for Christmas
You can count on me
Please have snow and mistletoe
And presents under the tree
Christmas eve will find me
Where the love light beams
I値l be home for Christmas
If only in my dreams

Christmas eve will find me
Where the love light beams
I値l be home for Christmas
If only in my dreams
If only in my dreams

的'll Be Home for Christmas midi courtesy of http://www.christmasmoon.com/christmas_midis.asp,
at the suggestion of Dave Spriggs (64) of VA - 12/16/04
Thanks, Dave!

的'll Be Home for Christmas lyrics courtesy of http://www.lyricsfreak.com/l/lonestar/84917.html - 12/17/04

 Christmas Home clip art courtesy of http://www.always-safe.com/homefor.html - 12/16/04

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