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12/02/20 - NNHS Newsletter -
The Wexford Carol

“And she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes,
and laid him in a manger; because there was no room for them in the inn.”

Luke 2: 7

Dear Friends and Schoolmates,  

   We continue our month long celebration of all things December with a traditional (if not wildly familiar) Irish Christmas carol.

BONUS #1 - The Wexford Carol - The Mormon Tabernacle Choir and The Temple Square Orchestra with soloists Shane Warby and Darren Bradford on the Pennywhistle, 2007 - set to a slide show "of images primarily regarding the birth of Christ" - and largely the work of Latter-day Saint artists

BONUS #2 - The Wexford Carol - James Galway, flute; Laurence Beaufils, harp

BONUS #3 - The Wexford Carol - Orla Fallon

BONUS #4 - The Wexford Carol - Loreena McKennitt


The Wexford Carol (Irish: Carúl Loch Garman, Carúl Inis CŹórthaidh) is a traditional religious Irish Christmas carol originating from County Wexford, and specifically, Enniscorthy (whence its other name), and dating to the 12th century.[1][unreliable source?] The subject of the song is that of the nativity of Jesus Christ.

"The Wexford Carol" is one of the oldest extant Christmas carols in the European tradition. Traditions abound concerning the song. For many years, it was felt that only men should sing it.[citation needed] It was only at the current revival of all things Irish that this attitude changed. Many popular female artists, such as Loreena McKennitt, recorded the “Wexford Carol” during the 1990s.

The song achieved a new popularity because of the work of William Grattan Flood (1859 - 1928), who was organist and musical director at St. Aidan's Cathedral in Enniscorthy. He transcribed the carol from a local singer, and had it published in the Oxford Book of Carols, putting Enniscorthy into most carol books around the world.

The song is sometimes known by its first verse, "Good people all this Christmas time."


   Happy Birthday today to   Ann Lillaston Wilson ('57) AND Jimmy McDonald ('57) AND    George Konstant ('65) of VA!

   Happy Birthday tomorrow to Barbara Woods Spiers ('61) of VA AND The late  Barbara Nell Howard Floyd ('67) (d. 10/01/88) AND Franki Satisky ('68) of OR!

   Happy Birthday this week to:

04 - The late W. D. Dangler ('57) (d. 03/07/17) AND Howard Williamson (HHS - '63) of VA;

05 - Eugene Peters ('57) AND the late Gene Peters ('57) (d. 07/24/09) AND     the late Melody Clendenin DeBerry (Warwick HS - '66) (d. 11/21/18);

06 - Frances Scheinman Berkman ('57);

07 -  Jay Styles ('68) of VA AND Janice Pratt McGrew (Hampton HS - '67) of VA AND   the late Tim Parsons (NNHS / Menchville HS - '73) (d. 10/29/17);

09 - Shirley Smith Langston ('57) AND Joan Gardner ('63)!

   Many Happy Returns, One and All!


December 2, 1942 - Manhattan Project: A team led by Enrico Fermi initiated the first self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction.

December 2, 1943 - A Luftwaffe bombing raid on the harbour of Bari, Italy, sank numerous cargo and transport ships, including an American Liberty ship, the John Harvey, with a stockpile of World War I-era mustard gas.


         From Bill Lee (Warwick HS - '54) of NC - 11/30/10 - "Camp Patrick Henry activated":

Hampton Roads Port of Embarkation (HRPE) General Order #1 was issued on December 2, 1942, formally activating Camp Patrick Henry.
Carved out of 1,700 acres of thick woodland in what was once rural Warwick County, the rough-hewn camp was located along the C&O railroad line, fourteen miles northwest of the piers in Newport News. Camp Patrick Henry was essentially a city; albeit a temporary and decidedly military one. At the height of activity there, the staff included 350 officers, 2,300 enlisted men, 175 WAC's and 1,100 civilian employees. 
The camp's initial mission was to house, feed, process and entertain troops heading overseas through HRPE. By the end of World War II, the number of men and women who passed through the camp and then went overseas totaled 1,412,107.
During 1944, some 2,300 German prisoners-of-war and 185 Italian Service Unit personnel worked at the camp, doing KP, grounds' keeping and maintenance work so that American soldiers would not have to do such menial duties. 
After the war ended, the process was reversed. The total number of troops that came home and were processed back into civilian life at Camp Patrick Henry reached 697,341.
The camp was deactivated in early 1946, and the land was sold for commercial development in 1949. A sizable part of the property became Patrick Henry Airport.  
Today, many other commercial entities are located on the grounds of what once was this vital part of the HRPE operations during World War II.

   WOWZERONI! Thank you so much, Bill!


December 02, 1970
- Singer-songwriter and guitarist James Mercer was born James Russell Mercer in Honolulu, Hawaii.

From My Friend, Susan, of NC - 12/01/17:
“God expects you to have enough faith and determination and enough trust in Him to keep moving, keep living, keep rejoicing. In fact, He expects you not simply to face the future (that sounds pretty grim and stoic); He expects you to embrace and shape the future--to love it and rejoice in it and delight in your opportunities.”

- Jeffrey R. Holland
(b. 03 Dec 1940)

   Thanks so much, Susan!


From Joan Lauterbach Krause ('60) of VA - 12/02/19:

   Thank you, Joan!


  From The Best All-Around Boy in the Class of 1962, Bobby Hilling of VA - 12/01/20, 4:23 PM - " Bob Moskowitz":

Hi Carol,

Former Daily Press sports writer Bob Moskowitz passed away Saturday, Nov 28. Over many years he covered many events which included the TYPHOON. I am sure a lot of your readers will remember him. Although not a NNHS alum, I think it would be interesting for others to include him in a future newsletter.

Thank you Carol....and as always Thank You for all that You do for all of us......Bobby

Bob Moskowitz"s obituary..

   Absolutely, Bobby!, thank you so much for telling me this news, sad as it is. Bob Moskowitz was a legend. I'm sorry to learn of his passing.

 From Jean Poole Burton ('64) of RI - 11/30/19, 12:00 PM:


The Narcissist And Their Smear Campaign Against You.

Overcoming Narcissist Abuse, by Elizabeth Shaw.

   SO DEVASTATINGLY TRUE Thank you so much, Jean!



   From My Cousin, Jean Atkinson Mallory (Warsaw HS / Rappahannock HS / John Marshall HS - '65) of VA - 11/26/19, 2:04 PM:

It only takes a few seconds
to hurt someone. But sometimes
it takes years to repair the damage.
Cherish the hearts that love you.

    MORE SAD TRUTH Thank you, Jean!

“Inside me there’s a thin person struggling to get out, but I can usually sedate him with four or five cupcakes.”

- Bob Thaves
(05 Oct 1924 - 01 Aug 2006)


Aurora Suominen's My Simple Star Coaster

K J Hay's Elf Slippers - Pattern is not free, but only $3.00, and so super cute!


  From Me ('65) of NC - 12/02/08 - "And Speaking of Gingerbread...":

   This is my favorite gingerbread recipe; I've been enjoying it for forty-eleven years.

Southern Spicy Gingerbread

2 beaten eggs
3/4 cup brown sugar
3/4 cup molasses
3/4 cup melted butter
2-1/2 cups flour
1/2 tsp. baking powder
2 tsp. baking soda
1-1/2 tsp. cinnamon
1/2 tsp. nutmeg
1/2 tsp. cloves
2 tsp. ginger
1 cup boiling water

   Add beaten eggs to sugar, molasses, and melted butter  Then add dry ingredients, which have been mixed and sifted.  Gradually add the boiling water to the mixture, and bake at 350 degrees in a well-greased 9' square pan.

   Serve with a sauce made of brown sugar, water, and butter, cooked together until well blended.   May top with whipped cream.

                                        - Mrs. H. M. Marshall, Appomattox County, VA

   Of course, this won't make those cute little gingerbread men.  I found this recipe in my Sunday Newspaper, and have not yet tried it.  It looks like way more work than I'm willing to exert.....

Gingerbread Men

1/2 cup PLUS 3 Tbs. flour
1/2 tsp. cinnamon
1/4 tsp. ginger
1/4 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp. baking soda
1/4 tsp. allspice
2 sticks softened butter
3-1/4 Tbs. brown sugar, packed
1/4 tsp. vanilla
1 Tsp. molasses
1 egg

   Combine flour, cinnamon, ginger, salt, baking soda, and allspice in a medium bowl. Beat butter, brown sugar and vanilla in a large bowl with electric mixer at medium speed until light and fluffy. Beat in molasses and egg until well blended. Shape dough into three equal sized discs. Tightly wrap each disc in plastic wrap; refrigerate at least 2 hours or up to 24 hours.

   Preheat oven to 350°F. Spray large cookie sheets with no stick cooking spray.

   Working with 1 portion at a time, roll dough on lightly floured surface to 1/2 inch thickness. Cut dough with 3 inch gingerbread man or bear cookie cutter . Place cutouts 1 inch apart on prepared cookie sheets. Shape dough scraps into small balls and combine and roll out to make use of dough.

   Bake 10 minutes or until edges are lightly browned. Cool cookies on cookie sheets 1 minute. Remove to wire racks to cool completely before adding frosting.

   Pipe or spread frosting cooled cookies; decorate as desired using frosting, assorted nonpareils, colored sugars and assorted candies. Store tightly covered at room temperature.                


Mr. Food's Easy Pecan Pie Bars - "Pecan pie lovers, rejoice! Now you can get your favorite taste in bar cookie form. That's right, these little wonders taste just like bite-sized pecan pies!"

Mr. Food's Sweet Potato Crowns - "They taste delicious, so why not treat your gang royally with our Sweet Potato Crowns? If you're looking for a change-of-pace go-along that teams with lots of your favorite main dishes, this is a must-try."

Mr. Food's Bread Bowl Dip - "For years we've been sharing recipes that your gang eats up. With this one, we betcha they'll even eat the 'bowl' it's served in!"

“Inside me there’s a thin person struggling to get out, but I can usually sedate him with four or five cupcakes.”

- Bob Thaves
(05 Oct 1924 - 01 Aug 2006)


From - 12/01/18:

Exercise works best first thing in the morning...

Before your brain figures out what you're doing. 

PRAYER ROLL: - updated 12/20/20

BLOG: - updated 03/13/11

   Y'all take good care of each other! TYPHOONS FOREVER! We'll Always Have Buckroe!

                          Love to all, Carol





   Y'all take good care of each other! TYPHOONS FOREVER! 
We'll Always Have Buckroe!

                          Love to all, Carol





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"Never underestimate
the power of a drop
in the bucket."


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The Wexford Carol

(Carúl Loch Garman)

Good people all, this Christmas time,
Consider well and bear in mind
What our good God for us has done
In sending his beloved son
With Mary holy we should pray,
To God with love this Christmas Day
In Bethlehem upon that morn,
There was a blessed Messiah born

The night before that happy tide
The noble Virgin and her guide
Were long time seeking up and down
To find a lodging in the town
But mark right well what came to pass
From every door repelled, alas
As was foretold, their refuge all
Was but a humble ox's stall

Near Bethlehem did shepherds keep
Their flocks of lambs and feeding sheep
To whom God's angel did appear
Which put the shepherds in great fear
Arise and go, the angels said
To Bethlehem, be not afraid
For there you'll find, this happy morn
A princely babe, sweet Jesus, born

With thankful heart and joyful mind
The shepherds went the babe to find
And as God's angel had foretold
They did our Saviour Christ behold
Within a manger he was laid
And by his side a virgin maid
Attending on the Lord of Life
Who came on earth to end all strife

There were three wise men from afar
Directed by a glorious star
And on they wandered night and day
Until they came where Jesus lay
And when they came unto that place
Where our beloved Messiah lay
They humbly cast them at his feet
With gifts of gold and incense sweet.

"The Wexford Carol" midi courtesy of - 10/06/09

"The Wexford Carol" lyrics courtesy of - 12/01/09

Image of Antonio Allegri da Correggio's (Aug 1489 – 05 Mar 1534) "Nativity (Adoration of the Shepherds, or Holy Night" (1528/30) courtesy
of - 12/01/09

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Animated Tiny Birthday Cake clip art courtesy of Sarah Puckett Kressaty ('65) of VA - 08/31/05
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