11/19/04 - NNHS Newsletter - More of the Same

Dear Friends and Schoolmates,

   I think it's obvious by now that I have not had a particularly good week on a number of levels.  A couple of you have borne
my troubles through this time, for which I am eternally grateful.  The good news is that I didn't dump all of my problems on any
one of you, but just scattered them a bit so as not to overly annoy you.

   And now I'm a wee bit behind....

   Page Hit # 28,000 was made on Wednesday, November 17, 2004 at 4:13 PM by someone from roa.nc.charter.com
with an interest in Buckroe Beach.  How's THAT for easy?!?  Just tell me who you are, and I'll send you a prize.



1. Bob Harris ('66) of ??? - courtesy of Chuck Jones ('66) of Northern VA - 11/15/04

2. Terry Hunsucker ('65) of ??? - 11/18/04:

Please add me to your mailing list. How can I be added to the links on the home page? Thanks

   Thanks, Chuck!  And welcome, Bob and Terry!  You're obviously now both on the mailing list.  You're also already listed here:


   If you'll tell me your state of residence, that'll make more sense.  If you'll send me your birthdays, we can wish you well:


   If you'll give me permission to do so, I'll add y'all to the contact pages, so that you can hear directly from your old friends
without having to use me as an intermediary:




   If you'll send me your full addresses and phone numbers, I won't post them anywhere, but I'll pass them along to your respective
Reunion Committees and make them very happy.

   And anytime you want to share memories, just send them to me.  I'm not always this far behind.  Sometimes it's even worse.

From Cheryl Mays Howard ('66) of VA - 11/14/04:

My year book is out of reach right now, but I think he was class of '66. I recognized his pic in the obit....
it was his high school pic.

Carlton Raymond Guthrie Jr.

WILLIAMSBURG - Carlton Raymond Guthrie Jr., 56, of Williamsburg, died Thursday, Nov. 11, 2004. He was the owner of the Blue Plate
Diner in Lightfoot for three years and a member of the Williamsburg Moose Lodge. He was preceded in death by his father, Carlton R.
Guthrie Sr. He is survived by his wife of nine years, Debra R. Guthrie; two children, Teresa Wiggins of Newport News, James E. Chilton
of Eden, N.C.; four grandchildren, Mario, Breyonna, Autumn and Daythan; mother, Catherine S. Guthrie of Newport News; three sisters
and one brother, Linda D. Cox, Diane Groshong, Jeanie Blake and Michael R. Guthrie. A graveside service will be held at 2 p.m. Tuesday,
Nov. 16, in Hampton Memorial Gardens Cemetery. The family will receive friends from 7 to 8:30 p.m. Monday evening at the Bucktrout
of Williamsburg Funeral Home. Memorial donations may be made to the James City County Shop-with-a-Cop, 5087 John Tyler Hwy., Williamsburg, VA 23188, or to the York County Shop-with-a-Sheriff, PO Box 99, Attn: Capt. Crotty, Yorktown, VA 23690. Bucktrout
of Williamsburg is in charge of the arrangements.

Published in the Daily Press from 11/13/2004 - 11/14/2004.

  Sigh.  Thanks, Cheryl.  I don't have this posted anywhere yet.  I cannot seem to locate him in a yearbook.  The 1966 Anchor shows
only two Guthries, John and Grant, and they were both already deceased.  Could someone help me with this one, please?  I'm
obviously not tracking on all burners at the moment...

   Our sincerest sympathies are extended to his family and friends.

From Joe Madagan ('57) of FL - 11/15/04:

Hi, Carol:
Thanks for creating the page for former teacher, Mr. Larry W. Armstrong. Larry was probably considered the original
"Adonis" by working as a Life Guard and Swimming Instructor at the World War II Memorial Municipal Swimming Pool.
My sister, Nancy Van Orden ('61) of FL and Judi Hawley Whitestone ('61) of VA still talk about how handsome Larry
was back in 1953 when he was their swimming instructor. He was a real gentleman and a fine athlete for the TYPHOON.

   Thanks, Joe!  I remember when Mr. Armstrong walked on stage during assemblies, there was a very audible swoon from the girls
all over the auditorium.




From Chuck Jones ('66) of Northern VA - 11/15/04 (and also someone else, and if I had half a brain left intact, I'd remember
who that was...

Riley Samuel Crayton

HAMPTON - Riley Samuel Crayton, 58, passed away on Nov. 5, 2004.
He was a lifelong resident of Hampton and attended the Parkview Church of
God. He was a member of the Naval Reserves for six years and served on the
same ship with his brother, Ronnie. He was a 32nd-Degree Master Mason of the
Monitor Lodge #197 AF & AM located in Phoebus. Riley was a much loved
husband, father, grandfather, brother, and friend and will be missed by
anyone who ever knew him. He was employed by Seven Eleven Stores for 36
years and made many wonderful and lasting friendships through his
association with the public. Having worked at the Poquoson Seven Eleven for
23 years, his store was a landmark and 'gathering place' for many who knew
him. He was a hard worker and received many accolades from his employees,
employers and customers. He is survived by his wife of 39 years, Linda May
Bond Crayton; one son and his wife, Christopher Shawn and Nikki Crayton; one
grandson, Christopher Shawn Crayton Jr., and a step-grandson, Joshua
LaMendola of Poquoson; three sisters, Evelyn C. Walls of Bryson City, N.C.,
Elizabeth C. Martin of York County and Carolyn C. Costa of Hampton; two
brothers, Charles E. Crayton Jr. and Ronald T. Crayton, both of Gloucester.
He was preceded in death by his father, Charles E. Crayton Sr., and his
mother, Beadie A. Crayton, who had resided in Hampton since 1936. The family
would like to extend sincere gratitude to all for the prayers, visits, and
kindness shown during this time of sorrow. A special thanks is extended to
his niece, Judy Walls-Clark, for her love and support. The family will
receive friends from 6 to 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 10, at Poquoson
Masonic Temple. A funeral service will be held at 10 a.m. on Thursday, Nov.
11, at Peninsula Memorial Park by Pastor Dennis Moore of the Parkview Church
of God followed by a Masonic service. After the service the family will be
at the Poquoson Masonic Temple. In lieu of flowers, a Riley Crayton Fund has
been arranged at the Poquoson branch of Wachovia Bank. The Cremation Society
of Virginia - Peninsula Office, Newport News, Va., is in charge of the

Published in the Daily Press from 11/9/2004 - 11/10/2004.

   This is the husband of Linda Bond Crayton ('66) of VA.  We extend our deepest sympathies to Linda and her family at this
very difficult time.  Thanks, Chuck - and, uh, whoever else it was who sent this to me - Cheryl, Dee, Sandi, somebody...)

From Fred Mays ('60) of VA - 11/15/04:

Good Morning Carol:  Hope all is well with you.  As I had mentioned to you, I am unable to receive your emails if there are sites
to click on.  It tells me, access denied".   This is true at the Shipyard.  I do not know why....just the case.  Cheryl (Mays Howard
- '66 - of VA)
, my sister, has done some cutting and pasting and sent me a lot of what you have sent...they are of course so
interesting.  I cannot imagine anyone NOT being excited to receive any of you interesting emails...... 

If you send any emails to my daughter, I can receive them.  When I retire I will upgrade my home computer and probably be as
fanatical as my sister as she is on the computer much of the day, it seems. 

The 1964 Reunion was so outstanding.  The committee really did an outstanding job and all other classes can/should learn
from them.  Dave Spriggs and Tom Flax really went more than the extra mile.  How fortunate to have them as a part of this class.
Keep up the outstanding work, Carol....you are the best.
Take care, Frederick

   Thanks so much, Fred.  It's always a pleasure to hear from you, whether my head's screwed on properly or not.

   The computer difficulty you experience at work is not unique to you.  Many businesses have have adopted this policy as a
spam guard.

   I, of course, cannot agree with you more concerning that totally phenomenal reunion, and the vision and hard work from Dave
and his wonderful committee which brought it into being.  People kept accusing me of wild hyperbole beforehand.  The reality
is that I didn't extol it highly enough, as words were not adequate to do so.

   Thanks for your kind words, Fred!  They sound particularly nice at the moment.

From Sherry Mitchum Baker ('65) of VA - 11/15/04:

I was just reading several of Wayne Stokes'  ('65 of VA) "memories" of North End.  I wonder if he recalls when he and
Steve Smith ('65)
would throw water out of the windows of their apartments above the pharmacy drenching those of us
who stood below, and also if he recalls the many summer days spent at 58th Street beach?  Where is that picture of Wayne
that Sarah (Puckett Kressaty - '65 of VA) had.  I can't seem to find it on your web page.  Also, how did the get together
with Pam and Dave Arnold (both '65 of VA) and other members of the Class of '65 go (Friday afternoon)?   Hope ya'll
enjoyed Mitty's.  I have reserved my copy of the video.  Can't wait to see it.  Sherry

   Giggles!  Now, THAT sounds like fun!  Thanks, Sherry!

   Sarah's picture of Wayne is POSTA be posted on the Stonewall Jackson page, but apparently I never actually did that, so
let's see.  She sent them to me on 11/05, so...




   Hey!  What's wrong with this page??  It's folding over on itself!  Hmmm....

   Okay, let's try this one:


   OOOOPS!  That's the one where my computer went Nutzo, and I couldn't post them.

   HEY - wait a minute!  All those images that Sarah sent never were posted ANYWHERE!!!   Who's responsible for this shoddy
work and sloppy follow up, anyway?!?  Oh, yeah, that would be me....

  Okay, until I get back to everything later, here's Wayne's second grade picture:

   See - isn't that just preci...., I mean, cute?

    I think I'd better go reread the last forty-leven Newsletters to find what else I've forgotten in life - besides the latest additions
to the Famous Military pages......  My apologies, everyone...

   Oh, but Friday afternoon at Mitty's was great fun.  Thanks for your suggestion, Sherry!  It left us plenty of time to keep talking, and
no one ended up lost.  I just didn't take enough pictures - as usual!


   These were taken upstairs in the lobby before we went down, and as you can see my camera was giving me fits, and after we were
downstairs I was laughing too hard to do much of anything else, but we had great fun!

   Thanks, Sherry!

From Bob Morgan ('56) of MA - 11/15/05:

Dear Carol,  please remove me from the mailing list. I did enjoy reading some of the items that were sent
about the history of NNHS, but I have to admit that I have long since lost contact with my former co-students.
Best regards. Keep up the good work for those people who want this contact to continue. 
Sincerely, Bob

   No problem, Bob.  From time to time we hear more from one class or another, which would give more meaning to their friends
in the Newsletters.  The good news is that the Newsletters themselves are always available online, and information continues
to appear on the various pages themselves.  Feel free to check in and rejoin us at any time, Bob - thanks!

From Wayne Stokes ('65) of VA - 11/15/05:

...... A point of seriousness, indeed Tom (Flax - '64 of VA) did mention in his first release regarding the upcoming availability
of a recording of Saturday Night's Program, that there would be 2 formats: DVD & VHS. His latest update refers only to DVD.......
SOOO, is it a "mis-speak" OR is it DVD only? Pray tell, do ya know? Makes-ah No dee-ference to me!!

   Thanks, Wayne.  I must confess - I do not know.  Tommy, are these memories still going to be available in VHS form as well?

From Steve Veazey ('60) of VA - 11/15/04:

Carol, thanks for sharing the 64 Reunion photos with us.  They were GREAT!!!  I can remember my Dad coaching both
Jimmy Van Noy
('58 of VA) and Jimmy De Berry ('64 of VA) in NN Pony League Baseball.  Both were Pony stars
at ages 13-14 and later at NNHS, too!  ...........

Now, including Richard Curtis ('64 of AL) in the photos was an extra bonus.  He was one of the finest catchers I can
remember from those days.  Also, Dale Mueller ('64 of VA) looks like he could suit up at QB for the Typhoons football
team right NOW!  His sister Shirley was in our NNHS 60 class.  Fred Mays ('60 of VA) is still the backbone of our 60
reunions.  Were due for one in 65.

Gads these people make me feel old.Im sorry I missed the reunion.


   We're sorry you missed it, too, Steve.  It was way beyond wonderful!  But you surely can't feel old - you're still just a kid!

   And, yes - Dale looked as fabulous as always!

   (GIGGLES - I got another note from Steve Veazey!!!  LA-LA-LA!!!)

From Dee Hodges Bartram ('66) of VA - 11/15/04:

I was checking out the Teacher site that Albert Dorner ('66 of VA) had a hand in putting together when I came across the name of Linda Allen
I was reminded of what a small world we live in.  Linda's son, Gary Phillips, became my son's best friend when we moved to Poquoson 24 years ago. 
To this day, Gary and Brian are best buddies.  We only realized about 5 years ago that Gary's Mom was Linda - a former teacher of mine!  Linda
resides in Northern Virginia and has for many years now.

   WOW!  What a cool story!  Thanks, Dee!




   The Faculty and Staff section was one of the original six or eight pages I had when I started the page over four years ago.  While I
waited to catch the vision of how I wanted the pages to appear, it lay all but dormant for quite some time.  When Dave Spriggs ('64)
of VA
joined us in February of 2003, he gently nudged me until I at last put the pages into a workable form, and with the help of a
number of people, we've been adding to it steadily ever since.  It's become one of my favorite portions of the page.

From George Konstant ('65) of VA - 11/15/04:

Hey Carol, my birthday is December 2, and my wife Cindy's birthday is June 14.
We consider Cindy part of our reunion committee.  Thanks, George

   And so should we all, George.  Cindy has done a great deal of work for '65's reunion committee!  Thanks - I added you both
to our birthday list - along with Gary Fitzgerald ('61) of VA, who now appears also on Famous Marines (Thanks, Gary!):



From Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 11/16/04:

Wanna see a 1904 photo of First Baptist Church looking up 29th Street from West Avenue???

   Well, certainly, Dave!  And it makes an excellent addition to that page - thanks!


Also from Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 11/16/04:

You have a request in for current images of Yoder Barn. Rather than my trying to be there at the right time in the right light
and dodging traffic, perhaps this is a preferable option:





   Thanks again, Dave.  This certainly would be the safer plan!  This would be yet another thing I haven't yet completed, but y'all
take a peek now, and I'll see how my afternoon progresses, because soon they will find a home here:



Also from Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 11/16/04:

I found this on the back cover of the Class of 1954's 50th Reunion Directory.  Sammons gave it to me as a sample of their work.

   OHHHHH, David!  What a treasure!  Thanks so much!  This is now posted - doubly so:





From Marc Snyder ('65) of NC - 11/18/04:

I would like to thank you for putting Mark Friedman ('65 of VA) in touch with me. We were two very special buddies
while we lived in Stuart Gardens. It has been wonderful corresponding to him. I am sorry that I wasn't able to attend
the reunion as I had expected but all that I read is great. It sounds as if it was a beautiful event and I have only myself
to fight with over not being able to attend. Again thanks.
PS   I hope everyone has a very safe and happy Thanksgiving. Can't wait until I read the next issue.

   Marc, I came home last night after a meeting and some emergency shopping about five steps beyond exhausted and
found your note.  You've no idea how it lifted my spirits!  Reuniting old friends is one of my very favorite parts of this job!

   In fact, this morning my mood was so improved that I decided to add a memory to the Dairy Queen page in which you
played a major role.  It is a story which scandalized all seven of my very mature children - who would never be guilty of such
outrageous duplicity, but one which brings joy and delight to me this very day, more than 44 years later:


   And I'm sorry you didn't make it to the reunion too, Marc.  It was glorious!

From Billy Turner ('65) of TX - 11/19/04:

This is special. No joke. Go to web site (below). It is fascinating.


This is truly amazing. Be sure to click on NEXT PAGE
at the bottom of each page; there are 5 pages in all. A lady found a
hummingbird nest and got pictures all the way from the egg to leaving
the nest. Took 24 days from birth to flight. Because you'll probably
never in your lifetime see this again, enjoy; and please share.


   OHHHHH, Billy Turner, that's incredible!!!  Thanks so much for sharing that with us!  What a day brightener!

   Surely I'll be writing more before Thanksgiving, but y'all have fun with your holiday preparations and festivities.

   Y'all take care of each other!

                          Love to all, Carol


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"I only have two kinds of days: happy and hysterically happy."


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More than the simple words I try to say
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More than you'll ever know
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My life will be in your keeping
Waking, sleeping, laughing, weeping.

Longer than always is a long, long time
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I know I never lived before
And my heart is very sure
No one else could love you more.

No one else could love you more.

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