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11/14/12 - NNHS Newsletter - Goodnight, My Someone

“You know how easily and suddenly these things happen, beginning in playful teasing and ending
in something a little warmer than friendship. You squeeze the slender arm which is passed through yours,
you venture to take the little gloved hand, you say good night at absurd length in the shadow
of the door. It is innocent and very interesting, love trying his wings in a first little flutter.”

- Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
(22 May 1859 - 07 July 1930)

Dear Friends and Schoolmates,

   This song - like soooo many others - is a sentimental favorite of mine.

BONUS - - Goodnight, My Someone - Kristin Chenoweth


    Happy Birthday today to   Glenda Stewart Martin Faires ('68) of GA AND    Timothy of DC (son of    Kathy Cooper - '70 - of VA!

   Happy Birthday tomorrow to    the late Bobbie Whitehurst Canady ('57) of VA (deceased 11/16/07) AND       My Niece, Shari, of VA!

   Happy Birthday this week to:

16 -    the late George-Morewitz ('57) (deceased 06/09/08);

17 - Ronald Creech ('57);

18 -   Joe Drewry ('58) of VA AND    Jane Coltrane Leonard ('64) of VA AND   Ann Allen ('65) of NC;

21 -  The late Rose Woodard Groff ('65) ( deceased 10/14/84) !

   Many Happy Returns, One and All!


November 14, 1940 - In England, the city of Coventry was heavily bombed by about 500 German Luftwaffe bombers. Coventry Cathedral was almost completely destroyed.

November 14, 1941 - The aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal sank due to torpedo damage from the German submarine U-81 sustained on November 13.


Wednesday, November 14, 1962 - Actress Laura San Giacomo was born in West Orange, New Jersey.

Wednesday, November 14, 1962 - Voice actress Satomi Kōrogi (興梠 さとみ) was born in Musashino, Tokyo, Japan.

Wednesday, November 14, 1962 - Keyboardist Josh Silver (Type O Negative) was born in Brooklyn, New York.

Wednesday, November 14, 1962 - Actor Harland Williams was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.





  From Carol Moell Marcella ('56) of VA - 11/13/12:
Hi, Carol. 

I see where you show your address now in Fayetteville, NC and prior to that I showed Edwardsville, IL.  If we ever needed a mailing address for you, is it now in Fayetteville?

Carol Marcella 

   Yes'm, after 2-1/2 years in Edwardsville, Illinois, we moved back to Fayetteville in June 2011, and are delighted to be back where we belong!

   My correct address appears at the bottom of each email, and near the end of every Newsletter.

Thanks, Carol!

    From Eric Huffstutler (Bethel HS - '75) of VA - 11/13/12 - "NNHS Reunions":

Would like to make an offer to those in charge of various year reunions when it comes to their music. Over the past 3 years I have been working on personal projects that encompass #1 hits of every year for both Pop and R&B. So far I have “every year” and “every song” from 1930-1970 so whatever you can ask for I am sure to have. And these are in High Quality clean and Original version songs and come in 320 kbps MP3 format which can be loaded onto a computer for continuous list plays or expanded (converted) to a wav file for burning as regular music CDs (or I can do that for you). All have also been tagged so title, artist, year, and chart dates can be seen and all have been equalized to 92db (decibels) so sound won’t wildly go up and down on you. I also have access to songs dating back to 1895 (I am sure those aren’t needed anytime soon) and almost any non #1 charted hits you could ask for.

All I ask is donations so I can cover disc and shipping costs.

I can be contacted directly at

Eric S. Huffstutler

Bethel High
   Thanks, Eric! This is now double-posted: (top) (bottom)

 From Wayne Agee ('58) of FL - 11/13/12 - "Year of My Birth...":
Year of My Birth (Fascinating!)
The screen is going to fade to black; have your glasses on, and follow the instructions below.
You'll be pleasantly surprised with this one...
Type the year only!!
Then click the question (?) mark!
Sit back and enjoy!!
Click below...

    WOWZERONI! This is fabulous! I could spend hours here looking at various years! Thank you so very much, Wayne!

    From Frances Goodson Wang ('65) of MD - 11/13/12 - "Homecoming King With Cerebral Palsy Takes First Steps - Disability Scoop":
Love and justice in action. Made me cry. People can be so kind or so cruel to people who are different, but here…. Love won out.

     Thanks, Frances - worked for me!

    From Glenn Dye ('60) of TX - 11/12/12 - "Can you locate any of your 'early years' vehicles?":
Can you locate any of your "early years" vehicles?

Good look at the past.

   WOWZERS! This is such fun - and yes, I spotted a couple of ours there! Thank you, Glenn!

      From My Niece, Shari, of VA - 11/13/12 - "...Things":
My wife was hinting about what she wanted for our upcoming anniversary.

She said, "I want something shiny that goes from 0 to 150 in about 3 seconds."

I bought her a bathroom scale.


Joe The Farmer

Farmer Joe decided his injuries from his recent accident were serious enough to take the trucking company responsible for the accident to court. In court, the trucking company's fancy lawyer was questioning farmer Joe.

"Didn't you say, at the scene of the accident, that you were fine?"

"Well, I'll tell you what happened. I had just loaded my favorite mule Bessie into the--"

"I didn't ask for any details," the lawyer interrupted. "Just answer the question. Did you not say, at the scene of the accident, that you were fine?"

"Well I had just got Bessie into the trailer and was driving down the road--"

"Judge, I am trying to establish the fact that, at the scene of the accident, this man told the Highway Patrolman on the scene that he was just fine. Now several weeks after the accident he is trying to sue my client. I believe he is a fraud. Please tell him to simply answer the question." By this time the Judge was fairly interested in Farmer Joe's answer and told the lawyer so.

"Well," said the farmer, "as I was saying, I had just loaded Bessie, my favorite mule, into the trailer and was driving her down the highway when this huge semi-truck and trailer ran the stop sign and smacked my truck right in the side. I was thrown into one ditch and Bessie was thrown into the other. I was hurting real bad and didn't want to move. However, I could hear ol' Bessie moaning and groaning. I knew she was in terrible shape just by her groans. Shortly after the accident a Highway Patrolman came on the scene. He could hear Bessie moaning and groaning so he went over to her. After he looked at her he took out his gun and shot her between the eyes. Then the Patrolman came across the road with his gun in his hand and looked at me. He said, 'Your mule was in such bad shape I had to shoot her. How are you feeling?'"


Getting rid of stress:
Walk barefoot – doing so stimulates pressure points on the soles, releasing the calming hormone dopamine.


Household Hint

Fiberglass Shower Stall Dirty?

* Mix baking soda and water to make a paste.
* Apply this mixture to the affected areas in the tub or on the shower stall and leave for a couple of hours or overnight.
* Turn on the water and let it run to remove the paste.



Newer U.S. cities that have had room to "spread out" tend to have fewer (and smaller) skyscrapers. The tallest building in Phoenix, the sixth-most-populous American city with 1.5 million inhabitants, is only 40 stories tall.

Chinese architects have been reaching for the sky over the last two decades. In 1988, none of the nation's buildings ranked in the top 20 worldwide. Today, China claims 10 of the 20 tallest skyscrapers on the planet.

Besides the Sears Tower, Chicago is home to three other buildings more than 1,000 feet tall: the Aon Center, the John Hancock Center, and the AT&T Corporate Center. A fourth, Two Prudential Plaza, misses the cut by only 5 feet.

Laws dictate that no structure in the District of Columbia can stand taller than the 555-foot-tall Washington Monument.

When viewing a list of the 20 tallest buildings on Earth, the Empire State Building stands out because of its age. The structure was completed in 1931, nearly 40 years before the next-oldest skyscraper on the list.

The height of the Empire State Building stretches from 1,250 feet to 1,455 feet when you include its antenna. At the very top is a mast that was intended to anchor dirigibles but was never used for that purpose.


Someone Was Watching

We live in a small town in Northumberland, near the sea and right next to the woodland.

Sounds great eh?

It was until our recent addition.

Our baby is now one year old. Around a month ago, someone knocked on my door holding my baby boy and telling me that he was standing in the road, waving at the cars.

I was devastated; the thoughts of what could have been tortured my imagination.

We built a fence.

Two weeks ago, I was in the hallway talking on the phone when someone knocked at my door. They were holding my son, who, we now discovered had learned how to open the front door.

We put an extra latch lock onto the door.

Tonight, we went shopping; we came home and were unloading the car. My husband brought the baby in. As usual, everyone thought someone else was watching him, someone was.

A man knocked at our still open door and handed to us our baby boy, gurgling and laughing at us, saying "CAR." I can not tell you how small I felt, devastated yet again.

We are now selling our house and hoping to move to a house where there is no busy road outside. We have all learned a lesson, we need to be more vigilant; three times lucky, our luck is running out!

What about next time?

Even if we were stupid, a family of five and our precious baby escaping!

Someone was watching, and I think you know who kept him safe.

~A MountainWings Original by a MountainWings subscriber in the United Kingdom~

Thanks, Shari!

BONUS CROCHET PATTERNS: - Autumn Leaves Belt - Angelic Charm Bookmark

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  From Norris Perry (Warwick HS - '59) of VA - 10/22/12, 10:36 AM - "Morning Awwwww (#19 in a Series of 22)":


     AWWWWW! Thanks, Norris Sweetie!

Pig in a blanket

  From Ruth Ann Reece Horace ('67) of FL - 10/24/12, 12:32 PM - "More Really Cool Ideas (#11 in a Series of 18)":
Some of these are really great ideas.
Had 2 Share

     WOWZERS! Thanks, Ruthie!  


From - 11/13/12:

A woman worries about the future until she gets a husband.

A man never worries about the future until he gets a wife.

A successful man is one who makes more money than his wife can spend.

A successful woman is one who can find such a man.

1. Thursday, December 6, 2012 - The NNHS Class of 1955 holds Lunch Bunch gatherings on the first Thursday of every month at Steve & John's Steak House on Jefferson Avenue just above Denbigh Boulevard in Newport News at 11:00 AM. The luncheon is not limited to just the Class of '55; if you have friends in that year, go visit with them.

3. Wednesday, December 12, 2012 - The NNHS Class of June 1942 meets at noon on the second Wednesday of every other month for a Dutch treat lunch at the James River Country Club, 1500 Country Club Road. PLEASE JOIN THEM. Give or take a few years makes no difference. Good conversation, food and atmosphere. For details, call Jennings Bryan at 803-7701 for reservations.

PRAYER ROLL: - updated 11/09/12

BLOG: - updated 03/13/11

Y'all take care of each other!  TYPHOONS FOREVER!  We'll Always Have Buckroe!

                                 Love to all, Carol





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Goodnight, My Someone

Words and Music by Meredith Willson
 (18 May 1902 – 15 June 1984

For The Music Man, 1958

Goodnight, my someone,
Goodnight, my love,
Sleep tight, my someone,
Sleep tight, my love,
Our star is shining it's brightest light
For goodnight, my love, for goodnight.
Sweet dreams be yours, dear,
If dreams there be
Sweet dreams to carry you close to me.
I wish they may and I wish they might
Now goodnight, my someone, goodnight
True love can be whispered from heart to heart
When lovers are parted they say
But I must depend on a wish and a star
As long as my heart doesn't know who you are.
Sweet dreams be yours dear,
If dreams there be
Sweet dreams to carry you close to me.
I wish they may and I wish they might
Now goodnight, my someone, goodnight.

"Goodnight, My Someone" midi  (sequenced by Gene Confrey) courtesy of - 11/12/09

"Goodnight, My Someone" lyrics courtesy of - 11/14/09

Animated "Good Night" Title clip art courtesy of - 11/14/09

Cat Divider Line clip art courtesy of - 07/13/09

Animated Tiny Birthday Cake clip art courtesy of Sarah Puckett Kressaty ('65) of VA - 08/31/05
Thanks, Sarah Sugah!

Animated Coast Guard Flag clip art courtesy of - 06/18/03

Bethel High School's Bruin clip art courtesy of Eric Huffstutler (Bethel HS - '75) of VA - 03/22/06 (replaced 02/23/09)
Thanks, Eric!

Animated BOO-HOO courtesy of Glenn Dye ('60) of TX - 08/28/09
Thanks, Glenn!

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