10/28/04 - NNHS Newsletter - Charging at Windmills

Dear Friends and Schoolmates,

   Happy Birthday today to Nancy Bigger Alligood ('56) of VA!


   Nancy, I'm still shocked that I didn't make it by your office to visit with you Friday afternoon.  I could see that I wasn't going to get there
in time to have  lunch with you and Pam, but I had every intention of running by your office as soon as we had checked into the Omni. 
Then I unpacked my suitcase, and found that a major part of my ensemble for Saturday night was still at home in Fayetteville, and my
mind totally left me.  I think I went into shock or sumpin'.....


   If you would prefer monthly notifications of the arrival of Newsletters, please send me a specific request to that effect, and I’ll move
your name to a separate mailing list.  Similarly, if you’d like to be dropped altogether, please tell me that as well.  The rest of you will
remain where you seemed happy to be – receiving notifications as soon as each Newsletter is available. 

   And there’s always that lovely DELETE button.  Would that such a thing were available for many other areas of our lives.  Sigh.


1. Barbara Sherwood Brickner ('64) of VA - 10/24/04

2. Bill Minnick ('59) of VA -10/25/04

3. Bobby Callis ('64) of WV - 10/26/04

4. Steve Klein ('64) of MS - 10/26/04

5. Dale Mueller ('64) of VA - 10/27/04

   Welcome, Bill, Barbara, Bobby, Steve, and Dale!  As you're all probably wondering why you're here, I'll tell you a little secret. 
Each of you made a fatal mistake somewhere.  Perhaps you signed the Guest Book, or dropped me a note, or in Dale's case,
actually sent me images for the website.  Bobby merely promised to send me some goodies.  Now see what you've all done!

   Well, the good news is that you'll get to hear from a lot of your friends on a regular basis, and hopefully we'll all get to hear
from each of you, which is always a delight.



   I was speaking with Donnie Tyndall ('64) of MD after Saturday night's Reunion, and he told me that he would be unable
to attend brunch with us Sunday morning, as he had to travel to Kinston, NC because his father had passed away.  I have been
unable to locate an obituary for Mr. Tyndall so far to share with you, but we certainly extend our deepest sympathies to Donnie
and his entire family at this time.

MORE SAD NEWS - from Thelma Spade Roberts ('57) of VA - 10/27/04:

Dear Classmates,
It is with great sadness that I must inform you all that our dear classmate, Mike Spangler ('57), passed away
peacefully early this afternoon.  Ginny and family members were with him at the hospital when he died.
I do not have any information regarding services, etc., but will keep you informed as soon as I become aware
of details.  This is such a difficult time, especially for Ginny – we should now focus our prayers that she be given
strength to continue without Mike.  She will feel such a loss and her life will never be quite the same again. 
If you wish to send expressions of condolence, send them to Virginia Spangler, 5 Sylvia Lane, Newport News,
VA  23602; telephone
(757) 875-1666.
Mike was a wonderful person, who contributed much to our class with his quiet humor and concern
for the rest of us, even though he was going through the terrible ordeal of cancer … we shall dearly miss him.

   I'm so sorry to learn this, Thelma.  Thanks for letting us know.  I'll post this as soon as I'm able.  We knew Mike was ill; we extend
our sincerest sympathies to Ginny and her family, and to Mike's many friends.


   Van Rowell ('65) of NC was called away from the Reunion Saturday morning upon hearing that his daughter had just given
birth to her second child and first daughter.  Congratulations to Van and Mattie and their family!


   Here are all the Reunion Pictures which have been posted so far.  I haven't yet posted two sets of my own, and all the images
from those disposable cameras on each and every table both nights have yet to come my way, and many more of y'all have some
great shots to share with us as well, but we're all pedaling as fast and as excitedly as we can.

   As usual, I only took about half as many pictures as I meant to take, so I'm counting on y'all to pick up some slack for me.  I seem
to have been just a little bit excited and distracted by the wonder of it all!




















From Pam Smith Arnold ('65) of VA - 10/24/04 - Checking on the status of the beautiful cobalt blue betta she and Dave
brought to the reunion on Friday as a present to me - which I immediately named (WHAT ELSE?!?) "Typhoon":

He can be TyPHoon the Phish - and first cousin to my Phil the Phish.
Great time this weekend, eh!
Love - Pam

   Oh, Pam - what a GREAT idea!  I think it only appropriate that as we've decided we are cousins, that Phil and Typhoon be cousins
too!   GIGGLES!!!  Thanks again!

From Joe Madagan ('57) of FL - 10/25/04:

Hi, Carol:
I hope the reunion brought you great joy, seeing many friends and making many new ones.

   Joe, I doubt it was humanly possible for anyone to have any more fun or gain any more lasting joy than I did!  Your absence was
one of my only regrets!  I had so looked forward to seeing you again after - 47 YEARS???  That can't be right...Thanks, Adonis!

From Janice McCain Rose ('65) of VA - 10/25/04:

It was a Great Reunion…..and makes me look forward to our 40th!!!!!!.....

   It certainly was, Janice!  If our Reunion is even half that good, it will be wonderful!  Thanks for all the pictures you shared with us!

From Tom Flax ('64) of VA - 10/25/04:

Good morning, Carol,
It was so great to see you this weekend.  You are doing a great job with keeping the NNHS name alive for the
great big TYPHOON family.  I will be sending to you pictures of the items to be offered on the website... not
knowing exactly how to get the word out... but I guess some sort of semi-permanent place on the site.  I have
no clue, but I will leave that up to you to find a place.  We can discuss it, but I think it should as soon as possible,
so people will remember better the weekend we just had.  Again I will handling all the orders directly, as well as
the $$$.  I guess people will be sending requests directly to me at:

NNHS 40th reunion
% Tom Flax, 2413 Adair Court
Virginia Beach, VA 23456

(P.S.  You can add my e-mail address to your listings) asking them to send cash $$ ... and I will return the items
to them next day... but please hold off for a couple of days... you will need a couple of days to rest, and reflect
on the weekend...

   Tommy, that reunion was SUCH fun!  I've put the items for sale - donation - right up on the top of the web page where everyone
can see them right away:


   I've finally posted your email addy as well.  These items are truly beautiful, y'all!




Also from Tom Flax ('64) of VA - 10/25/04:

The 40th reunion of the Great Typhoon Family, Class of 1964, went off without any problems on October 22
and 23, 2004 at the Omni hotel in Newport News, VA.  Friday night's casual buffet was well attended by some
90 people.  (I lost count early in the night so my figures could be a little off.)  We dined on an outstanding buffet
as chosen by the reunion committee, chaired by Dave Spriggs.  Music was provided  by collections of songs on CD,
and we danced and talked the night away.  The hi-light of the evening however was the "slide show" presentation
again put together by Dave Spriggs that ran continuously during the entire night - pictures of all our favorite places,
events and of course, teachers.  The show is hard to explain, but everyone who was there was just transfixed to the

Saturday night was also an overflow crowd of over 150.  The food was a terrific full buffet, including this great cake decorated like the front of the NNHS building on Huntington Avenue, and it tasted just as good.  But the greatest
part of the night was the program.  Dave Spriggs and yours truly, Tom Flax, were the co-emcees.  We had J. William Etheridge, our principal, speak, Coach Warren Mitchell spoke, and we presented the 1964 undefeated championship basketball team members in attendance.  Then it was when Wayne Taylor (a former teacher and alum) spoke about his brother Billy, that just got everyone all teary eyed.  When he presented Coach Mitchell with the game ball from the championship season, well, there were not many dry eyes in the house.  Then there was our esteemed band director,
Mr. James Wilson trying to get those band members who were at the function to sell band candy to help send the band
to the Winchester Apple Blossom Music Festival...but Dave Spriggs had to tell him that the school was closed for 30
years, there was no band, and therefore no need for the band candy, except to hand it out to all in attendance.  Everyone
had a big laugh.

We missed all of you guys that could not attend, and hopefully we will see you next time.  In 2 years we will have a turn
"60" party.  Make your plans now.
For those of you in the Class of 1964 who did not attend the function, you can still feel a part of the event.  There were goodie bags handed out.  They contained a soft sided cooler, coffee mug, notepad and school magnet. (See the pictures
on the top of the front page of the website.)  If you would like to have one, here is what you need to do...please send a
$10.00 donation to cover shipping and handling to NNHS 64,  % Tom Flax,  2413 Adair Court, Virginia Beach, VA 23456..and I will send it out to you.  We also have extra coffee mugs and school magnets for anyone who would like
one.  The mugs would need a donation of $5.00, and the magnets would need a donation of $2.00 (for the magnets, a
SASE would be nice).
I hope everyone in the big Typhoon family will continue to be safe and well as we goes though the next years until we
can meet again.

Tom Flax, NNHS Class of 1964

   What a beautiful summary!  Thanks, Tommy.  I posted it here:


From Cheryl Mays Howard ('66) of VA - 10/26/04:


Sunday, October 24, 2004

I am resending this as I forgot the attachment...duh
As most of you know, (my husband) John ('66) left this (Sunday) morning at 7 a.m for Texas and then to Baghdad.
It was probably one of the saddest days I have experienced. As I left the airport and went to Hardee's waiting
for the Sunday School hr...I gazed out of the window. I think God left me a message....see attachment.
Peace & Blessing,

   Oh, Cheryl!  What a lovely rainbow!  I hope and pray that you're able to hold that image in your heart throughout this year as a reminder.
And of course, you'll both be in our prayers.

From Joe Madagan ('57) of FL - 10/26/04:

Hi, Carol:
Thanks for sharing the great photos. The Basketball team photo is a real classic.

   Thanks, Joe.  I'm sure there are still many, many more to come!

From Me ('65) in NC - 10/26/04:

   While my husband Paul was helping the Reunion Committee decorate Friday afternoon, I was looking over some memorabilia
(HEY!  You didn't seriously think that I was going to do anything useful, didja?!?) brought by Alice Fowler Edwards ('64) of VA.
In it was a Beacon from May of 1961, which contained spotlights on both Mr. James Loving and Coach Jack Powers -
coincidentally two of my all-time favorite teachers.  In it I learned that both of these esteemed men had served in the United States

 I was aware that Coach Jack Powers was an officer in the US Navy.
He was a commander, if I am not mistaken.
His children and my children attended the same kindergarten classes,
so we used to get together and talk military at PTA meetings.
I always admired him for his self-discipline.
The man sure hated John C. Calhoun and made no secret of it. He was my history teacher and a good one.
He also coached the J. V. Football team along with Coach "Pistol Pete" Robinson and I can still remember him
on the sleds demanding more and more from the players as we got into shape to play football.

- Joe Madagan ('57) of FL - 10/26/04
Ohhhh, thanks so much, Joe!

THAT just brought back a sharp memory!
My mother was descended from five different branches of the Caldwell family of VA and SC
of which Sen. John Caldwell Calhoun's mother was a member.
As a result, Calhoun was my first cousin, five times removed, several times over.
When Coach Powers started sounding off on Calhoun - which was frequent - I would remind him of this.
It made him totally ballistic!  It was absolutely delicious!  I loved that man; he was one of the best teachers I ever had.
Thanks for the memory, Joe!

- Carol Buckley Harty ('65) of NC - 10/26/04

Hi, Carol:
Your remembering that "Captain Jack" could be explosive at time in the classroom
brings to mind his demonstration of anger in our U.S. History class.
Edna Earle Martin Clemence ('57) of GA could get his temper to explode better
than anyone in the class when she would challenge his conclusions in class.
His words were always prefaced by "Edna Earle..." and he would proceed to kick the trash can
across the room, sending it bouncing until it struck the wall and bounced some more.
He would have everyone's attention then, and set the record straight.

- Joe Madagan ('57) of FL - 10/26/04
No doubt about it, Joe, the man had a way of commanding attention!  Giggles!  Thanks again!

   I just took a shortcut and pulled this conversation straight as it now appears on Coach Powers' page:










   Thanks for bringing that Beacon, Alice, and thanks for the great memory, Joe!


   I still have a great deal more to add to the Famous Military pages - almost exclusively thanks to Joe Madagan.  I'll get there yet!

From Jean Poole Burton ('64) of RI - 10/26/04:

Dear Carol,
So glad you could join us for the weekend. It was fun helping you fix your outfit!!!  I think the '64 Reunion was just wonderful
and I would personally like to thank each member of the committee and tell them what a fine job they did.  I loved it all:  the
slide show, the memorabilia table (thank you, Fred Mays ('60) of VA!), the wonderful music, the beautiful cake, seeing
Mr. Wilson and getting band candy, the fun lunch bag with mug, note pad and the beautiful drawing of our dear school on the
magnet, seeing Coach Mitchell and hearing from the guys on the basketball team, (there were no dry eyes in the place when
Wayne Taylor ('55 of FL) finished and handed over the ball and net to Coach Mitchell), hearing from Mr. Etheridge and
our former teachers and sponsors,  the delicious food, but most of all just connecting again with our dear friends.  The older I get
the more special my friends and loved ones become.  I really felt that I got to know several people a lot better, they were already
my friends but now they have shared their lives with me and I have a deep and heartfelt closeness with them.  As for the
, I cannot wait for each one and I CANNOT IMAGINE anyone complaining!  WHAT ARE THEY THINKIN' ?
OH WELL...you cannot please everybody. 
Love, Jean

   Thanks, Jean!  You echoed my sentiments exactly!

   And thanks once more for helping me finish my clothes for Saturday night!  It is just SOOOO tacky to show up at a Reunion half
naked after all those years because you were so excited you left half your clothes by your bed instead of in your suitcase where you
thought they had safely landed..... So thanks for saving me from a true reenactment of one the Classic Nightmares of Life!  GIGGLES!

   I'm glad you enjoy the Newsletters!

From Pam Smith Arnold ('65) of VA - 10/26/04

Please don't let anyone give you any grief. You are doing an amazing job. It was great seeing you and Paul (what
an amazingly sweet, tolerant guy) and I hope Typhoon (the Phish) made it home safely.
Love, Pam

  Oh, it's no grief to me, Pam!  I aim to please.  Thanks for your concern!

From Ron Miller ('59) of NC - 10/26/04:

Carol -- I finally got in touch with Bill Schroding ('65 of TN) last night, and  sent an email to him with the site info. Hopefully he'll be
checking in soon.

   Super!  Thanks so much, Ron; we'll be looking forward to hearing from him.

From Pam Smith Arnold ('65) of VA - 10/27/04:

I left the party early on Saturday - which I hated to do as I really wanted to see a lot of people I did not get to see
or talk to for very long. But--I went to see my daughter, Captain Laura McManus, Army, run as a part of the Army
10-Miler team from Ft. Bragg. We drove to D.C. - Dave is a gem to accommodate my craziness.

BUT--not only did Laura's team win for the women, but she was outstanding on her own! She finished in the top
4.6% of all men and women and in the top 1% of all women. There were 13,071 people who finished the race. She
ran 10 miles in 1 hour and 6/7 minutes--6.6/6.7 minutes per mile. I am in awe and so proud.

Oh - and she has been to Afghanistan, I am proud to say. My son is also in ROTC on scholarship at Illinois State
University. I am so proud that my children are a part of keeping this wonderful country safe for all the rest of of us
to enjoy. I can't think of a more wonderful thing for anyone to say they have done or are doing.

   WOWZERS!!!  I am totally impressed!  That is just fabulous!  Please extend my congratulations to both Laura and Peter.  Thanks
for sharing this with us, Pam!

From Steve Klein ('64) of MS - 10/27/04:

It was very nice seeing you again after so many years. I was very glad to have returned for the reunion and renew friendships
from high school.
You have done a wonderful job with the NNHS website. It helped me prepare myself for the reunion.
Best regards,

    Thanks so much, Steve!  I'll have to say that seeing you again was one of my biggest delights at the reunion.  I was so struck by your gentleness and humility.  In a man of your tremendous accomplishments, that was very impressive indeed.  Thanks again for your

From Dale Mueller ('64) of VA - 10/27/04:

I want to personally thank you for all the work you put into helping with our 40th reunion.  Having been a part
of other reunion committees I know first hand the time and effort it takes to pull the whole thing off.  Great job!
I have attached several of the JPG files of photos that you may want to use or at least look at.

   Thanks, Dale!  I felt so honored to be included in any way in that fabulous reunion, that if I accomplished nothing else in my life,
I would be forever grateful for that.  If anything I did was a help to the committee, I'm thankful for that as well.

   Thank you for your great images, too!  They're lovely!


From Sherry Mitchum Baker ('65) of VA - 10/27/04:


I do love your newsletters.  Would love to receive one everyday.  Enjoyed the pictures from "The Reunion"
Looking forward to seeing more. 

   Thanks so much, Sherry!  I appreciate that!  And aren't those pictures FUN?!?

From Wayne Stokes ('65) of VA - 10/28/04:

...Those that spoke with me about your site and newsletter did so in glowing positive terms, I heard ABSOLUTELY NOTHING negative...NOTHING! ....
Keep up the excellent work!

   Thanks so much, Wayne, for your support – and for your friendship – and for everything else…..

From Janice McCain Rose ('65) of VA - 10/28/04:

I can't imagine ANYONE saying that their email box gets too full to get your emails/letters/messages etc.....we LOVE hearing
from you......so DON'T ever hesitate to send stuff to us!!!!!!!!!

   Thanks, Janice!  These last four years with all of y'all have been such fun for me!

   As you've noticed, I'm still running tremendously far behind, but I'll get there soon!  Thanks for your patience!

   Y'all take care of each other.

                                   Love to all, Carol


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"I only have two kinds of days: happy and hysterically happy."


The Windmills of Your Mind

(Noel Harrison)

Round like a circle in a spiral
Like a wheel within a wheel
Never ending or beginning
On an ever-spinning reel
Like a snowball down a mountain
Or a carnival balloon
Like a carousel that's turning
Running rings around the moon
Like a clock whose hands are sweeping
Past the minutes on its face
And the world is like an apple
Spinning silently in space
Like the circles that you find
In the windmills of your mind

Like a tunnel that you follow
To a tunnel of its own
Down a hollow to a cavern
Where the sun has never shone
Like a door that keeps revolving
In a half-forgotten dream
Like the ripples from a pebble
Someone tosses in a stream
Like a clock whose hands are sweeping
Past the minutes on its face
And the world is like an apple
Spinning silently in space
Like the circles that you find
In the windmills of your mind

Keys that jingle in your pocket
Words that jangle in your head
Why did summer go so quickly?
Was it something that I said?
Lovers walk along a shore
And leave their footprints in the sand
Was the sound of distant drumming
Just the fingers of your hand?
Pictures hanging in a hallway
Or the fragment of a song
Half-remembered names and faces
But to whom do they belong?
When you knew that it was over
Were you suddenly aware
That the autumn leaves were turning
To the colour of her hair?

Like a circle in a spiral
Like a wheel within a wheel
Never ending or beginning
On an ever-spinning reel
As the images unwind
Like the circles that you find
In the windmills of your mind

"Windmills of Your Mind" midi and lyrics courtesy of http://www.morleysoft.freeserve.co.uk/midi/songpt.html - 10/17/04

 Windmill clip art courtesy of http://www.chebucto.ns.ca/~ag477/Profile.html - 10/17/04

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