09/29/04 - NNHS Newsletter - Hodgepodge, Sandi and Johnnie's Father,
and Beverly's Mother

Dear Friends and Schoolmates,


1. Harry Seay ('63) of VA - 09/28/04:

I would enjoy receiving the Newsletter....
I finally decided to retire in June after reading about Bill Deal (of the Rhondells) dying in December of  2003.
He was exactly my age and it scared the crap out of me. I thought he was young. I have got to see the world and
live a little before it is all over. Just got back from a great two week trip to Colorado Springs. Going to the Biltmore
in Asheville, NC in December and Las Vegas in February.        
Party on,

   Welcome aboard, Harry. 

   I quite agree with you.  I would have retired myself had I been doing anything - which I wasn't.  But I've decided to see the world
myself this month.  Yes, St. Louis next week, and Newport News in three weeks!  What - you mean there's MORE world to see???
Oh, well, I suppose that'll just have to wait.

From Eric Huffstutler (BHS - '75) - 09/28/04:

Ding!... Ding!... Ding! The familiar sound of a simple but important bell to children and adults alike. It was the sound of a Best Ever
Ice-Cream truck. Those familiar green and white late 50s early 60s Chevy pickup conversions with a freezer box in place of a bed
on the back. I can't recall when they ceased to exist but a foggy memory says sometime in the early 1970s? Fell to the wayside
like Mister Softee soft cones and its familiar white vans fluorescent lights and gasoline generators buzzing down the street. They had
the best ice "cream" made with the real thing prior to health-conscience diets evolved. Anyone know the history behind Best-Ever and
its demise?

   Thanks, Eric!  Y'all are really blowing me away with the richness of the details you're remembering!

   Can anyone help Eric with "the rest of the story"?  Thanks!

From Ron Miller ('59) of NC - 09/28/04:

Carol --
I tried to get in to the Elvis show that Eric mentioned, but couldn't because of the crowd even though Elvis was
still relatively unknown at that point. However, I thought it was the James Theater, not the Paramount. Maybe
that's why Eric couldn't find further info? I could very easily be wrong. There should be several from the classes
of '56 - '60 or so who went, because it was the talk of the school for several days. Maybe one of them will remember
for sure.

   Thanks, Ron!  Keep reading!

From Kelly Loose Bustamante ('58) of TX - 09/28/04:

Hi Carol! 
I wanted to let Eric know that I attended the Elvis Presley performance in 1956.  June Carter (later Johnny Cash's wife) performed with him on stage
at the Paramount.  His manager, Doc Parker,  "hawked" his 45 record singles in between performances.  I also remember that Elvis bought a pair
of blue suede shoes in a shoe store across from the Paramount while he was in town for the show.  The Daily Press actually had a photo of him
purchasing the shoes!
It also brings to memory that Miss Sherman (NNHS) allowed us students in her music class to bring in Elvis' "Heartbreak Hotel" record and play it
in class.  She was great!

   Thanks, Kelly!  Keep reading!

From Wayne Stokes ('65) of VA - 05/22/03 (I thought it was time to reprint Wayne's original posting here):

It's no big deal, but I do have a memory of "The Paramount, Elvis and Me". At the time, I was not of "legal" age to be by myself, so I had
a "babysitter" in the afternoon after school for a bit. Boy, acknowledging that really hurts a "macho man" such as I was! I was around 8-10
years old and my mother had a teenage girl in the neighborhood watch after me until she could get home from work.

As a reward for the "babysitter", my mother took her and me to the Paramount Theater to see this new "Rock and Roll" phenom that was beginning to sweep the country. I think he had released 1 or 2 records by then and was gaining popularity very quickly. He was appearing
"live", with some others, on stage at the Paramount. Remember, the Paramount had a stage?

To say the least the place was filled with adoring teenage girls screaming to the top of their lungs. I didn't quite understand it? So, we get
to the end of the concert, and as my mother usually did, we waited until the theater was nearly empty before we left. We go out through the
front doors, take a right toward 34th Street to head to the bus stop at 34th and Huntington to catch a bus home. I'll add here, if you recall,
beside the theater and attached restaurant, on the corner of 34th and Washington, was an open lot with a cab stand. There was no building there at that time and you could clearly see to the back walkway behind the Paramount.

To make a short story longer, as we left the theater, I noticed a huge group of people, again mostly teenage girls, across the street, spilling
onto Washington Avenue in front of Patrick and Silk's. Remember that place? I asked what that was about and was told that "some of the singers" were going over there to sign autographs.

Taking a right at 34th, headed toward Huntington, I noticed three guys come out of the back of the Paramount and head toward Washington Avenue in our direction. Turning around to see what all the noise was about across the street at Patrick and Silk's, I kept walking ahead
looking backward toward the noise. The next thing I know I've "run into" one of those guys who patted me on the head and said something
to the effect of, "Be careful there, big guy" or something to that effect. My babysitter says, "Do you know what you just did?", to which I replied with something like, "I didn't mean it".

She says (and again I'm paraphrasing), "No, no, it's OK! You just ran into Elvis Presley!". To which I'm sure I must have said something
like, "Who's that?". She quickly spread the word around North End of my encounter with Elvis, and for a couple of weeks every teenage girl
in North End wanted to "touch" the kid that had "run into Elvis!". But the fame was fleeting, as fame usually is, and soon I returned to being nobody.

There you have it, "The Paramount, Elvis and Me", a true story.

Next, sometime, I'll have to tell you about Marlon Brando's version of Mutiny on the Bounty.

   Thanks, again, Wayne!  That's such a great story!  And now we know that it was very near your tenth birthday when it transpired,
explaining your embarrassment at having a babysitter.

   Hey - you never have told us that Brando story!

From Tom Oxner ('65) of AR - 09/28/04:

I remember the old Tankar Gas Station on Jefferson, even though I was a "Briarfield Boy".  The junkyard next to it was Spooner's Salvage (I think).
Riding the bus (probably driven by Mrs. Coltrane) over the 39th Street Bridge, we would look at the cool stuff there.  They often had huge metal lifeboats
from ships.  Later, I remember the Victor fellow at Spooner's had one of the first 911 Porsches I ever saw (this was about 1966).  I had heard how fast and expensive it was.  I remember asking myself , "Why would anyone pay that much money for such an ugly little car?"   Needless to say my, my perspective
has changed.

Tom Oxner- with three old Porsches- two even run!

   WOWZERS!  Three Porsches!!!

   Thanks for the detailed memory, Tom!

From Wayne Stokes ('65) of VA - 09/28/04:

Dear Carol,
To our friend Tom Norris of HHS: I certainly have nothing against HHS; I married one of their girl grads. If he is referring to the
'64 team of HHS as "one of if not the best team to ever come from the Peninsula" or if he is referring to the '69 State Champ team
(which I followed all the way rooting as hard as I could for a Peninsula team, even Hampton!) he is understandably hopeful, but wrong!
HHS '64 is, I believe, the best Hampton team ever, they just chose the wrong year and ended up the 2nd. best team that year.
NNHS '64 holds that honor (best team ever) till this day! Sorry, Tom 

   Hi, Wayne!  If I read Tom correctly, I think he was referring to the 1964 NNHS team as "one of if not the best team to ever come
from the Peninsula".  In other words, I think he was paying an extremely high (but well deserved) compliment to NNHS, coming as he
does from HHS.

   Of course, every now and then I'm so wrong it's quite ludicrous, so perhaps we'd better ask him to reword his statement.

   Oh, Tom!  Would you clarify that for us again, please?  Thanks, Babe!

From Sandi Bateman Chestnut ('65) of VA - 09/29/04 (a resend of a lost email):

As you'll see from the link below, Johnnie and I lost our birth father in FL last week:


Tribune obituaries: September 19

September 19, 2004

VeteranJohnnie Bateman Sr.,
Fort Pierce

Johnnie William Bateman Sr., 78, died Sept. 10, 2004, at his home (in Fort Pierce, Florida).

He was born in New Bern, N.C., and lived in Fort Pierce since the mid-'60s.

He was a self-employed real estate broker in Fort Pierce for several years.

He served in the Navy during World War II.

Survivors include his wife Christine; sons, Johnnie W. Bateman Jr. and Marty Bateman; daughters, Sandi Chestnut and Cindy;
stepdaughters, Peggy and Shirley; brothers, Leamon Bateman, Ray Bateman and Osburn Bateman; and a sister Elsie.

SERVICES: A funeral service will be held at 2 p.m. Sept. 21 at Hillcrest Memorial Gardens Mausoleum, Fort Pierce. Arrangements
are by Aycock Funeral Home, Fort Pierce.

   Ohhhh, Sandi!  I'm so sorry this didn't reach me originally.  Important things seem to get lost faster than the trivial ones. 

   I'm so sorry for your pain - and Johnnie's.  I've often said that the death of a parent is just not an easy thing, no matter when it occurs,
and no matter what the relationship.  You're in our hearts, thoughts and prayers - sincerely, if somewhat belatedly.

From Jean Poole Burton ('64) of RI - 09/28/04:

Hi Carol,
I heard from my mother that Beverly Miller Cowell ('65) 's mother passed away yesterday.  Her name was Virginia Miller
It will probably be in today's Daily Press.  I do not know the particulars. 
Re:  male fish named "Betty"  We had a female cat named "Sylvester" because she looked just like the one in the cartoons. 
Sylvester lived to be 21 years old and when she died I felt like I had lost a best friend.  Her photo is proudly displayed
in my house.  We now have my daughter's two cats who are entertaining us. 

   Thanks, Jean.  I've not found this obituary yet, but I'll watch for it.   Thanks for letting us know.  Please pass along our deepest
sympathies to Beverly..

   I'm glad you have Sylvester's portrait!  Our pets are precious family members.

From Tom Norris (HHS - '72) of VA - 09/28/04:

Well ..... in response to attending the reunion ... guess next time I'll just have to wrangle up some cute Typhoon babe to make
it legal :-). You know .... I have never dated anyone from NNHS .... Ferguson, Denbigh, and Warwick yes .... but not NN.
Have any takers??? :-)
I see a new poster from Wythe class of '77 .... I'm gettin' older by the minute!
Take care ....

   Tom, I'm actually giggling too hard to make a proper response to this!  I'm trying to imagine you and your Corvette having any difficulty whatsoever scaring up a date.....

   What?  You never dated a Newport News girl?!?  That's shocking!  Hmmm.  Come to think of it, I can only recall four guys from Hampton
that I dated myself....

   Yeah, Class of '77 - can you believe it?  I had four sons by then!  Still, Babe, anyone in his forties can hardly expect any sympathy
from me on the aging ground.  I've a feeling you'll never really be old anyway.  I firmly believe it's a state of mind.

   Thanks, Tom!

   By the way, we've already had some success in the matchmaking department here, so if any of you gals are interested in meeting
a younger man, lemme know.  WILDER GIGGLES!!!

From Glenn Dye ('60) of TX - 09/28/04:

I was wondering if Barbara Dye Hensley ('69) is related to any of the Dyes that I am related to - Billy Dye
in Yorktown? 

   You know, Glenn, I suppose it's the genealogist in me, but I wondered the same thing myself.  Thanks - we'll await the findings.

From Frances Goodson Wang ('65) of MD to Jerry Gammon ('63) of VA - 09/29/04:

Dear Jerry,
The pictures came today.  Amazing.  Beautiful. I am so thrilled to see places I love captured realistically and interpreted so
sensitively.  Thank you.  The note cards are exquisite.  The pumpkins are so cheerful, evoking memories of falls past. 
You know, I am enjoying your work so much. 
I am so glad Carol created the NNHS site  which has allowed so many wonderful connections to be made.  Without her  bringing
people together from all over the world I would have never know about your work.
I look forward to each mailing with such expectation.    Again, thank you so much.  I am showing them to all my friends.  They
are equally delighted. 
Keep dry--- it has been pouring here.
Just wanted you to know what  a good thing you have done.  I have become  a  devoted  fan of Jerry's  art work.  I have bought
several  pictures and will frame them for my new library.

   I am so happy that you shared this with us, Frances!  Jerry's photography is quite spectacular; I've never really seen anything like it. 
Do your selves a favor and go check out his web site:




   You'll notice that I still did not hyperlink Jerry's site.  You have no idea how my computer has decided to translate that.  Just to be
on the safe side, I'll cause you a little extra work so that your computer does not direct you to the same "interesting" spot where mine
keeps sending me...Sorry about that.

Y'all take care of each other.

                                   Love to all, Carol


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I need you, oh, my darling,
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You ask how long I'll love you?
I'll tell you true.
Until the twelfth of never,
I'll still be loving you.
Hold me close.
Never let me go.
Hold me close.
Melt my heart like April snow.
I'll love you till the blue bells
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I'll love you till the clover
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I'll love you till the poets
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Until the twelfth of never.
And that's a long, long time.
Until the twelfth of never
and that's a long, long time....

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