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09/20/18 - NNHS Newsletter - Pretend

“Be careful what you pretend to be because you are what you pretend to be.”

Kurt Vonnegut
(11 Nov 1922 - 11 Apr 2007)

Dear Friends and Schoolmates,   

   I love this 1952 Nat King Cole classic. It's, well, lovely!

BONUS - Pretend - Nat King Cole


"Pretend" is a popular song, written in 1952 by Lew Douglas, Cliff Parman, and Frank Levere.

The best-known recording, by Nat King Cole was released by Capitol Records as catalog number 2346. It first reached the Billboard magazine Best Seller chart on January 31, 1953 and lasted 20 weeks on the chart, peaking at #3. [1]


From Maureen O'Brien Lowder ('68) of VA - 09/19/18:

The tour will take place on Saturday, September 29th at 11:00 A.M. (The tour was previously scheduled for 12:00 Noon). There will be two groups taking the tour simultaneously in different directions in the building.

Everyone should take 32nd Street to the second gate behind the school. They are allowing us to use the parking lot. You must be signed up for the tour in order to attend. A list of names of people who signed up on the Website will be given to the guard at the building. The guard will check ID's, so its imperative that everyone have a valid ID in order to get into the building. Everyone will gather in the parking lot and will be taken in at the same time by a docent (NNHS alumni) and a navy representative. Please try to be there by 10:45 A.M.!!! If you are late, you may not be permitted to take the tour.

The tour groups will likely see only parts of the first two floors, gym, and what was our cafeteria. Elizabeth has been granted permission for a group picture on the stairway.

If you know anyone who has signed up for the tour please pass this information along to them.  


   Happy Birthday today to Barry Stutt ('57)!

   Happy Birthday tomorrow to Maxine Petty Ramey ('57)!

   Happy Birthday this week to:

22 - The late Curt Overman ('59) (d. 11/05/16) AND   Lola Babb Hallman ('63) of NC;

23 - Fred Fox ('63) AND    My Oldest Grandson, Andrew Harty (Collinsville HS, IL - '10) of IL;

24 -  Mary Anne Mays Davis ('58) of VA;

25 - Jimmy Stroup ('57) AND James Comer ('57) AND Robert Coffee ('63) AND   Don Wilson (John Marshall HS - '64) of VA AND  Jerry Allen ('65) of VA;

26 -   The late Tommy Scott ('61) (d. 01/05/10);

27 - Judy McCall Nesbitt ('65) of NC!

   Many Happy Returns, One and All!


September 20, 1941 - The Holocaust in Lithuania: Lithuanian Nazis and local police murdered 403 Jews in Nemenčinė.

September 20, 1942 - The Holocaust in Letychiv, Ukraine. In the course of two days German SS murdered at least 3,000 Jews.

September 20, 1943 - Operation Source began when British submarines attempted to sink the German battleship Tirpitz as it sat in Norwegian waters. The six submarines involved did enough damage to cripple the battleship for 6 months. 

September 20, 1946 - The first Cannes Film Festival  premiered. The original premier was delayed in 1939 due to World War II. 


Thursday, September 20, 1968 - Actress Leah Pinsent was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Thursday, September 20, 1968 - Race car driver Darrell Russell was born in the USA. On 27 June 2004 he was killed at the NHRA Sears Craftsman Nationals at Gateway International Raceway in in Madison, Illinois, just east of St. Louis, Missouri. He was 35 years old.

Thursday, September 20, 1968 - Television and radio presenter, producer and author Philippa Forrester was born Philippa Clare Ryan Forrester in Winchester, Hampshire, England.

“If for a while the harder you try, the harder it gets, take heart. So it has been with the best people who ever lived.”

-  Jeffrey R. Holland
(b. 03 Dec 1940)

From Joan Lauterbach Krause ('60) of VA - 09/20/17:

   Thank you, Joan!


  From Me ('65) of NC - 09/16/18, 1:18 PM AND 09/19/18:

   We lost power Friday, September 14 at 7:30 PM. The house sustained no discernable damage, but continuous rains and soggy ground still pose a threat to three trees which could fall on it. My cell phone needs a new battery, so by Saturday morning it was dead.    Our #2 Son, Brent (Harty - Hillsboro HS, IL - Most Popular Boy in the Class of 1990) and Laura Adams Harty (Cardston HS, Alberta - '95) of NC brought over an external charger Saturday evening which bumped charge up to 66%, then inexplicably stopped. I saw I had forty-eleven new messages, but phone is not recognizing new WiFi, so I couldn't connect to open most of them. A prowler shone flashlight in bedroom window in the wee hours of Saturday morning, but fled at the sight of movement. Inside nocturnal prowler strongly suspected of being husband.

    My Sister, Eleanor Buckley Nowitzky of NC, the Best Dressed Girl in the Class of 1959, had bought all our lifesaving RXs for us on Monday, September 10. Thank you, Eleanor! Our water situation, both running and bottled, is fine. Most non-perishable snacks are forbidden on Paul's very restricted diet. I ordered more Belvita bars and meal-replacement shakes on, but their delivery has been delayed by the storm. We still have 8 Belvita breakfast bars, 6 slices of bread, several cans of tuna, roast beef, green beans, pineapple chunks, and applesauce. We won't starve, but we may die of boredom. I'm turning my phone off now to preserve remaining 45% power.....

   Our power came back on Tuesday, September 18 at 2:08 AM (and with it Wi-Fii and TV), the water never ran out - even the hot water, I'm able to keep my Android phone charged now, and my several orders of food from were finally delivered. Due to the flooding rivers, closed roads and bridges, we're completely cut off from our son, Brent and his family 15 minutes away, and I think also from my sister, Eleanor, just seven minutes away, but aside from the A/C being knocked out, and minimal damage of water leaking into the fireplace, plus the bedroom ceiling light/fan fixture acting wonky, we're well and fine.

   Really, I was emotionally okay until that outrageous, inexcusable, 2-hour thunderstorm hit when everything was "posta" be over, and my innate brattiness briefly got the best of me. Through it all, we've been exceedingly blessed.

 From My Niece, Shari, of VA - 09/19/18 - "Something that I hope could change some of your lives":

How to reverse diabetes
His explanations make very good sense.

   WOWZERS! Thank you so much, Shari!

 From Alice Menin Daniels ('62) of Northern VA - 09/14/18:


  INDEED! Thank you, Alice! I daresay that except for #8 (and possibly #5 which could get you murdered under certain circumstances), these still apply to adults as well!  


   From My Cousin, Jean Atkinson Mallory (Warsaw HS / Rappahannock HS / John Marshall HS - '65) of VA - 09/14/18:

  PRECISELY! Thank you, Jean!

  From Mark Hutcherson ('66) of VA - 09/19/17:

  Yeah they will...

     Thanks, Mark!


Just picked up a black pair of scissors thinking they were my glasses. That definitely wouldn't have enhanced my eyesight.

- Phil Lester
(b. 30 Jan 1987)


Shellie Wilson's Pretend Play Strawberries - "This Amigurumi crochet pattern shows you how to make strawberries for pretend play and other fun embellishments."

Knit and Crochet Food - "Crafting is fun for all ages and interests. This blog evolved from researching resources for friends and articles I write as a freelance writer. It is a place to share the information I discovered. Please feel free to leave comments and questions. I am always looking at new projects ideas for family and friends in areas of my own abilities and theirs."

Pretend Soup

From - 09/19/18:

My eleven month old was sitting in her high chair, twisting and moving all over the place. My wife said to me, “Straighten her up.”

I looked at my daughter and said, “Young lady, what are you doing with your life? Do you want to be this way forever? It’s time to grow up.”

My wife didn't find it as amusing as I did.


1. Every Tuesday, 7:30 AM - Male grads meet at Angelo's Restaurant on J. Clyde Morris Boulevard for breakfast and camaraderie.

2. Friday and Saturday, September 28 and 29, 2018 - The NNHS Class of 1968 will hold its 50-Year Reunion as follows:
FRIDAY: 6:30 to 9:30 PM at Cove Tavern, Newport News City Center, 711 Lakefront Commons, Newport News, VA. All food and beverages will be paid by each participant. The attire will be casual, and is OPEN to all NNHS graduates.
SATURDAY MORNING: 10:45 AM - Gather for 11:00 AM Tour of
our old school. You MUST have valid ID!

SATURDAY NIGHT: Mulberry Inn on Warwick Boulevard next to Fort Eustis. Visit, and contact

3. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, October 12, 13, and 14, 2018 - The NNHS Class of 1958 will hold its 60-Year Reunion as follows:
FRIDAY: 7:00 PM - ? - Welcoming Party at Holiday Inn's Burger Theory Indoor/Outdoor Cafe. Snacks will be provided, and there will be a cash bar.
SATURDAY: 10:00 AM - A private coach will take us to the downtown are of NN where we can see our old school and the different businesses we remember. Lunch is open.
SUNDAY MORNING: Farewell Brunch. Contact Gail Gaskins Roberson at

4. Wednesday, November 14, 2018 - The NNHS Class of June 1942 meets at noon on the second Wednesday of every other month for a Dutch treat lunch at the James River Country Club, 1500 Country Club Road. PLEASE JOIN THEM. Give or take a few years makes no difference. Good conversation, food and atmosphere. For details, call Jennings Bryan at 803-7701 for reservations.

PRAYER ROLL: - updated 07/16/18

BLOG: - updated 03/13/11


Y'all take care of each other! TYPHOONS FOREVER! We'll Always Have Buckroe!

 Love to all, Carol





Carol Buckley Harty
7020 Lure Court
Fayetteville, NC 28311-9309

"Never underestimate
the power of a drop
in the bucket."


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Written by Lew Douglas, Cliff Parman, and Frank Levere, 1952 

Recorded by Nat King Cole (17 Mar 1919 – 15 Feb 1965)

Pretend you're happy when you're blue
  It isn't very hard to do
  And you'll find happiness without an end
  Whenever you pretend
  Remember anyone can dream
  And nothing's bad as it may seem
  The little things you haven't got
  Could be a lot if you pretend
  You'll find a love you can share
  One you can call all your own
  Just close your eyes, she'll be there
  You'll never be alone
  And if you sing this melody
  You'll be pretending just like me
  The world is mine, it can be yours, my friend
  So why don't you pretend?
  <instrumental interlude>
  And if you sing this melody
  You'll be pretending just like me
  The world is mine, it can be yours, my friend
  So why don't you pretend?

"Pretend" midi (sequenced by Deb Ackley) and lyrics courtesy of - 09/02/10

"Pretend" Image courtesy of - 09/02/10

Pink String of Hearts Divider Line clip art - 11/17/05

Animated Tiny Birthday Cake clip art courtesy of Sarah Puckett Kressaty ('65) of VA - 08/31/05
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Collinsville High School (IL) Logo courtesy of - 09/22/07

John Marshall High School's Justice Scale clip art courtesy of Cheryl White Wilson (JMHS - '64) of VA - 10/13/05 (replaced 02/23/09)
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Army Seal clip art courtesy of Al Farber ('64) of GA - 05/24/06 (still missing...)
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Replaced by Norm Covert ('61) of MD - 02/09/09
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Hillsboro High School's Topper (Band Version) clip art courtesy of - 06/07/08
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Animated Laughing Woman courtesy of Joyce Lawrence Cahoon ('65) of VA - 02/23/09
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