08/23/04 - NNHS Newsletter - Monday Morning

Dear Friends and Schoolmates,

   A great many goodies arrived over the weekend, primarily from Joe Madagan ('57) of FL (Thanks, Joe!),
but as I was feeling particularly crummy, I have processed very few of them as yet.  My work remains cut out for me.


1. Linda Waterfield Kenney ('66) of VA (I think) - 08/21/04:

Would love to receive your newsletter

2. Joan Ownby Mathieson ('58) of, um, VA?? - 08/24/05:

Hey........I love this!  Thanks for sending me the news from old NNHS.  I am not listed under "class of '58"
if you want to put me there........Joan Ownby Mathieson......yes, I'm still married to the same guy I went steady
with in high school......Jim Mathieson from HHS class of 56......and we both enjoy news from all of you.  Our love
to all of you!

Certainly, Linda and Joan!  There you go, and welcome!


From Me ('65) in NC:

   Thank you for your generous contributions to the page.  I'll be mailing off a check today to our server,
and you've made it possible for us to be online.  We deeply appreciate it.

From Pam Smith Arnold ('65) of VA - 08/21/04:

What do you mean that I look like one of your relatives? Who?

   You look like my mama's late sister, Alice Brownlee Frix Booth.  As the resemblance is largely one
of expressions and mannerisms, chances are small that you'd be able to see the resemblance.  You'll
just hafta trust Eleanor and me on this one.  You're our long-lost cousin, all right.  Sorry about the wacko
family.  It goes with the territory.

From Me ('65) in NC:

   Speaking of family, I had a phone call on Saturday from my long-faraway, #2 son, Brent, newly arrived in IL. 
He's calling a family Reunion for October 15 - 17 - the weekend before the WOWZER Reunion - in Edwardsville, IL. 
It looks as though I'll finally be meeting those two youngest grandchildren after all!

From Jimmy Smith ('62) of VA - 08/21/04:

Carol, please add to your birthday list. Jimmy Smith 6/29/44 class of 62 ----- Elliott
2/9/47 class of 65 ------ Aaron (Hank) Smith 4/6/51 class of 69

   Well, Jimmy Smith, as I live and breathe - long time, no hear!  Roger Willco, you and your brothers
have been added to the Birthday Page:


   Thanks, Jimmy!


From Tom Norris (HHS - '73) of VA - 08/19/04:

Great newsletter .... thanks!
For the birthday page .... mine is 12/12/54 .... moving gracefully into the next decade.
Saw Odis Hodnett ('46) today at the Khedive Car Show in Chesapeake. Odis has a green 74 VW Beetle that he shows,
and is active in local car shows. He's still going strong! A classmate of his was Anne Greene ('46), who is the mom of an
ex-girlfriend of mine Becky Crenshaw (HHS-'69).
Anne married Jimmy Crenshaw (HHS '44) who passed away just a few months back. Smaller world .... Anne grew up on
34th street (I believe).... my grandparents lived at 525 35th, and my parents lived as newlyweds at 726 33rd in 1929 ....
while her dad grew up on Hollywood Ave and my grandfather moved to Cottonwood Ave (one block over) from 35th in the
40s. Old city directories are great sources of info!
Speaking of
Wythe ... anyone have pictures of Bill's Barbecue??? As many sandwiches that I ate over the decades I never
took a picture of the place. One would look great framed in my "Hampton" room at the house.
Thanks for the memories ....

   Thank YOU, Babe - and you're all added:


   I personally would pay Big Bucks for a picture of Bill's Barbeque.  Wait a minute - I don't HAVE any bucks,
big or otherwise.  Scratch that.  I would DEARLY LOVE to have an image of Bill's Barbeque.  It was one
of the first additions on "Our Old Stomping Grounds", because it was one of my very favorite places. 
"Anyone?  Anyone?"

   Hmmm - I don't seem to have ever posted my fond memories of the place there.  Sometime when my mood
brightens I'll hafta take care of that...

   While we're stomping, one of the things which Joe Madagan sent me that I actually DID process was his
wonderful memory of What-a-Burger:


   Thanks, Joe!

   Two of the other items were a picture of Joe Bellino for "Famous Sailors", and an image of Henry Kissinger
for "Famous Soldiers":



   Thanks again, Joe!  You and Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA just keep gussying up those Famous Military pages for me,
and I really appreciate it - even when I'm moving as slowly as I am right now.

More reservations continue to arrive for the fabulous 40th Reunion of the Great Class of 1964
Make sure your name is there:


From Nancy Bigger Alligood ('56) of VA - 08/22/04:

Hey Carol,
Ooop's on me!!   How wrong I was about you and your children.  Somewhere, I saw a picture
of you and 4 young boys and another gal.  I assumed you had only 4 sons.  WOW!!!  Was I assuming
wrong!  I had a time with just 2 (good) boys, and I was thinking you had twice as many.  Now, I learn
that you had 6 boys and a daughter.  WOW!!   WOW!!  And, you survived!!!!  WOW!!!  WOW!!!  You deserve
a medal .
One interesting note - as I was looking at some pictures of your last reunions, I saw where Lynn Walker
was also in your class.  Boy, do we go way back.  Lynn, my dearest friend Sandra Walker Batson
(her dear sister) and her brother,
Dennis, lived across the street from me for years during our teenage years. 
Who remembers "party lines"?  Well, we shared a phone line with them, and I later learned (much later) that her 
brother, Dennis, would listen in on my teen age conversations with my girlfriends and "boy friends".    What
can I say?  Too funny!!!    I adore the whole family!!! 
And, Pam Smith Arnold ('65) (my long lost cousin) and I will be meeting for the first time on Tuesday for lunch!!! 
We are both looking forward to it.
Keep up the good work, Carol.  I am learning more and more all the time.  You are so good at what you do! 
And, you are appreciated!!!

    Thanks, Nancy!  I think the "medal" to which you're referring is called grey hair, but a box of Clairol Balsam Color #610
Medium Ash Brown usually takes care of that for me.

   I'm so excited for you and Pam!!!  Y'all have a wonderful time!

From Judy McCall Nesbitt ('65) of NC - 08/22/04:

 Will you please add the e-mail address for Alan & me to your web page?
Your site has brought back many memories of things and people that I haven't thought of in years. 
We moved from Virginia in 1973 so we hardly ever see anyone or get any news of our former classmates. 
It has been a true stroll down memory lane reading all the info you have gathered.  Thanks for keeping
us all updated.  Sounds like your sense of humor has only increased over the years. 
Alan & I have been blessed with a happy, long marriage and 4 wonderful sons, 3 daughters-in-law and
4 grandchildren. (Another one on the way).  We have moved several times during our marriage with his job
(Alan retired this years after 31 years with Federal Aviation Administration, Operations Managers at the
Atlanta-Hartfield Air Traffic Control Tower).  I retired from federal service too, most of my career with the FAA
also, but was working for the Immigration & Naturalization Service in Atlanta as Personnel Officer when I
retired.  We have just moved recently to Asheville, NC to his family farmplace.  We are now in the cattle
business.  It has been quite a change and we absolutely love it.  Country life is great.
God has been good to us and we are truly grateful.  
Sounds like you have a lot to be thankful for also with all those sons.  Aren't they great!  They sure kept
me on my toes.   
Hope to see you at the reunion next year.

   Thanks, Judy!  I added your email addy to the Contact Page for the Class of 1965: 


   That reminds me of two things.

   First, I CANNOT post you email addys without specific permission, so all you '65ers please go take another
look at that page and tell me one way or t'other.

   Also, several of you from other classes (Brownie Shaffer Haracivet - '62 and Neta Collins Hastings -'60
come readily to mind) have given me permission to post their addys, but I need a place to display them.  I'd be
delighted to create a similar page for each of the other classes.  Tell you what - when I have permission from
at least five of you from each class, I'll create your own page.  How's that?

   Thanks, y'all!

From Jeanette Parrish Houston (64) of VA - 08/22/04:

Dear Carol,
Please add my birthday to your list, September 14, 1946.  Also, add me to your list
of admirers - a silent one until now.  I enjoy your site so much and it must be so
gratifying to see how it has grown.  I hope to meet you at
the reunion.

   Thanks, Jeanette!  I've added your birthday:


   I am continually amazed by the growth of the site, and the joy it has brought into my life.
I'm looking forward to seeing you again at
the Reunion


  Y'all take care of each other..

                                   Love to all, Carol


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"I only have two kinds of days: happy and hysterically happy."


Carol Buckley Harty
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Monday, Monday, so good to me
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Every other day, every other day
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