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URGENT PLEA: Following Paul's latest health scare, my two youngest children in California are desperately trying
to find a way to get home to see their father one last time before it grows too late.
They have raised over half the cost, but are falling short and time is of the essence.
If you are able to contribute any amount, no matter how great or small, our family would be eternally grateful.
Thank you so much.

07/07/18 - NNHS Newsletter -
Doc Severinsen's 91st Birthday

“Music and the arts are not just something to make people feel good. They elevate the soul and broaden the entire personality.
It's easy to say they aren't needed because culture seems intangible. But not having it deprives young people of a cultural heritage.”

- Doc Severinsen
(b. 07 July

Dear Friends and Schoolmates,

    Today's birthday theme was suggested by  Frank Blechman ('65) of VA for our use three years ago. I was "posta" use it last year "fer shure", but apparently I was too "messed up in the headbone" to remember. I'm equally "messed up in the headbone" this year, but it somehow clicked anyway. Go figure.

   Thanks, Frank!

BONUS #1 - Doc Severinsen • La Virgen de la Macarena 1967 • Burlington, Iowa

BONUS #2 - Johnny Carson & Doc Severinsen Talk Thanksgiving Plans on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show - 1979

BONUS #3 - TWO Clips of Johnny Carson Asking Doc Severinsen for His Highest Note

BONUS #4 - Doc Severinsen - Begin The Beguine

BONUS #5 - Doc Severinsen, age 89, with the United States Coast Guard Guardians Big Band


   Happy Birthday today to   Frank Blechman ('65) of Northern VA AND    Steve Silsby (Ferguson HS - '72) of NC!

   Happy Birthday this week to:

09 - The late Adrienne Price Cox ('57) (d. 08/20/06) AND  Eva Ellis Madagan ('61) of FL;

10 -  Nancy Gordon Schreier ('60) of VA AND  Bill Wynne ('63) of MD;

11 -   Bobby Maddy ('57) AND    Aretie Gallins Patterson ('59) of TN;

12 -   Jerry Gammon ('63) of VA;;

13 - James Stidham ('57) AND  Bobby Jeffries ('63)!

   Many Happy Returns, One and All!


July 07, 1941 - The American occupation of Iceland replaced the British occupation.

July 07, 1941 - Beirut was occupied by Free France and British troops.

July 07, 1944 - Largest Banzai charge of the Pacific War at the Battle of Saipan.


Saturday, July 07, 1968 - Actress Jorja Fox was born Jorja-An Fox in New York City, New York.

Saturday, July 07, 1968 - Race car driver Jo Schlesser (b. Joseph Schlesser on 18 May 1928 in Liouville, Meuse, France) was killed at the age of 40 in Rouen-Les-Essarts, Seine-Maritime, France during the 1968 French Grand Prix.

“If you stumble, rise up, go on.”

- Boyd K. Packer   
(10 Sept 1924 - 03 July 2015

From Joan Lauterbach Krause ('60) of VA - 07/07/17:

  Thank you, Joan!    

   From the Head Cheerleader of 1965, Pam Smith Arnold of VA - 07/06/18, 7:47 PM:


So sorry to hear about Paul's health problems. Why don't you just forget about the missing issues. You do plenty as it is.

Love Cuz Pam

   Thank you, Cousin Pam! That certainly would seem to be the logical thing to do, but focusing and keeping a strict routine actually seems to be helping me cope with the issues facing us. Besides, when was the last time you noticed me behaving logically?

From Wayne Agee ('58) of FL - 07/06/17 - "4th of July":

Freedom Speaks.....

4th of July

Have you ever wondered what happened to the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence?

Five signers were captured by the British as traitors, and tortured before they died.

Twelve had their homes ransacked and burned.

Two lost their sons serving in the Revolutionary Army; another had two sons captured.

Nine of the 56 fought and died from wounds or hardships of the Revolutionary War.

They signed and they pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor.

What kind of men were they?

Twenty-four were lawyers and jurists.

Eleven were merchants, nine were farmers and large plantation owners; men of means, well-educated, but they signed the Declaration of Independence knowing full well that the penalty would be death if they were captured.

Carter Braxton of Virginia, a wealthy planter and trader, saw his ships swept from the seas by the British Navy. He sold his home and properties to pay his debts, and died in rags.

Thomas McKeam was so hounded by the British that he was forced to move his family almost constantly. He served in the Congress without pay, and his family was kept in hiding. His possessions were taken from him, and poverty was his reward.

Vandals or soldiers looted the properties of Dillery, Hall, Clymer, Walton, Gwinnett, Heyward, Ruttledge, and Middleton.

At the battle of Yorktown, Thomas Nelson, Jr., noted that the British General Cornwallis had taken over the Nelson home for his headquarters. He quietly urged General George Washington to open fire. The home was destroyed, and Nelson died bankrupt.

Francis Lewis had his home and properties destroyed. The enemy jailed his wife, and she died within a few months.

John Hart was driven from his wife's bedside as she was dying. Their 13 children fled for their lives. His fields and his gristmill were laid to waste. For more than a year he lived in forests and caves, returning home to find his wife dead and his children vanished.

So, take a few minutes while enjoying your 4th of July holiday and silently thank these patriots. It's not much to ask for the price they paid.

Remember: freedom is never free! We thank these early patriots, as well as those patriots now fighting to KEEP our freedom!

I hope you will show your support by sending this to as many people as you can, please. It's time we get the word out that patriotism is NOT a sin, and the Fourth of July has more MEANING to it than beer, fireworks, HOT DOGS, and picnics......

   Thank you so much, Wayne! The Fourth was a few days ago, but it never hurts to remember the many sacrifices which were made on our behalf!

   From My Cousin, Jean Atkinson Mallory (Warsaw HS / Rappahannock HS / John Marshall HS - '65) of VA - 07/06/16:

  ABSOLUTELY! Thank you, Jean!

  From Mary Massey Lyle ('61) of PA - 07/06/17:

  BRILLIANT! Thank you, Mary!    

From My Cousin Jean's Daughter, Samantha, of VA - 07/06/17:

    This was me the other day!!

         Thanks, Samantha!    


 From My Cousin, Jim Atkinson (John Randolph Tucker HS - '77) of AZ, Sonoran Pronghorn Recovery Coordinator at U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service - 07/06/17:

  Thanks, Cousin Jim!    

From Jim Rohn's Newsletter - 07/06/15 - "4 Things You Can Learn from Your Child":
4 Things You Can Learn from Your Child

Refresh your perspective on life and practice being child-like.
by Jim Rohn

Remember the master teacher once said 2,000 years ago, “Unless you can become like little children, your chances are zero; you haven’t got a prayer.” This is a major consideration for adults.

Be like children, and remember there are four ways to be more like a child no matter how old you get…

1. Curiosity

Be curious; embrace childish curiosity. What will kids do if they want to know something bad enough? You’re right. They will bug you. Kids can ask a million questions. You think they’re through, then they’ve got another million. They will keep plaguing you. They can drive you right to the brink.

Kids use their curiosity to learn. Have you ever noticed that while adults are stepping on ants, children are studying them? A child’s curiosity is what helps them to reach, learn and grow.

2. Excitement

Learn to get excited like a child. There is nothing that has more magic than childish excitement. So excited that you hate to go to bed at night… that you can’t wait to get up in the morning… that you’re about to explode. How can anyone resist that kind of childish magic?

Now, once in a while I meet someone who says, “Well, I’m a little too mature for all that childish excitement.” Isn’t that pitiful? You’ve got to weep for these kinds of people. All I’ve got to say is, “If you’re too old to get excited, you’re old.” Don’t get that old.

3. Faith

Faith is childish. How else would you describe it? Some people say, “Let’s be adult about it.” Oh, no. No. Adults too often have a tendency to be overly skeptical. Some adults even have a tendency to be cynical.

Adults say, “Yeah. I’ve heard that old positive line before. It will be a long day in June before I fall for that positive line. You’ve got to prove to me it’s any good.” See, that’s adult, but kids aren’t that way.

Kids think you can get anything. They are really funny. You tell them, “We’re going to have three swimming pools.” And they say, “Yeah. Three. One each. Stay out of my swimming pool.” See, they start dividing them up right away, but adults are not like that. Adults say, “Three swimming pools? You’re out of your mind. Most people don’t even have one swimming pool. You’ll be lucky to get a tub in the backyard.”

You notice the difference? No wonder the master teacher said, “Unless you can become like little children, your chances, they’re skinny.”

4. Trust

Trust is a childish virtue, but it has great merit. Have you heard the expression “Sleep like a baby”? That’s it. Childish trust. After you’ve gotten an A+ for the day, leave it in somebody else’s hands.

Curiosity, excitement, faith and trust. That is a powerful combination to bring (back) into our lives.

It's tough to make predictions, especially about the future.”

- Yogi Berra
12 May 1925 - 22 Sept 2015)

   From My Niece, Shari, of VA - 06/30/18 - "Some Great Ones (#7 in a Series of 16)":  

  Thank you, Shari!


- Amanda Saladin's Similarly Styled Single Square Granny Vest Crochet Pattern - "Similar vests inspired by popular 1970s fashions are being seen on today’s designer runways. This one was adapted from our collection of “Rib Tickler Vests” published in 1970. Crochet your own at a fraction of the designer version cost and choose the colors you desire."


Doc Severinsen's Braciola - "I'm a Swede who loves Italian food; it's the culture I identify with mostly. I love the people and everything about them."


From - 07/06/18:

A state trooper stopped a woman for going 15 miles over the speed limit.

After he handed her a ticket, she asked him, "Don't you give out warnings?"

"Yes, ma'am," he replied. "They're all up and down the road. They say, 'Speed Limit 55.'"

1. Every Tuesday, 7:30 AM - Male grads meet at Angelo's Restaurant on J. Clyde Morris Boulevard for breakfast and camaraderie.

2. Wednesday, July 11, 2018 -The NNHS Class of June 1942 meets at noon on the second Wednesday of every other month for a Dutch treat lunch at the James River Country Club, 1500 Country Club Road. PLEASE JOIN THEM. Give or take a few years makes no difference. Good conversation, food and atmosphere. For details, call Jennings Bryan at 803-7701 for reservations.

3. Wednesday, September 12, 2018 -The NNHS Class of June 1942 meets at noon on the second Wednesday of every other month for a Dutch treat lunch at the James River Country Club, 1500 Country Club Road. PLEASE JOIN THEM. Give or take a few years makes no difference. Good conversation, food and atmosphere. For details, call Jennings Bryan at 803-7701 for reservations.

4. Friday and Saturday, September 28 and 29, 2018 - The NNHS Class of 1968 will hold its 50-Year Reunion at the Mulberry Inn on Warwick Boulevard next to Fort Eustis. Visit, and contact

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Animated Tiny Birthday Cake clip art courtesy of Sarah Puckett Kressaty ('65) of VA - 08/31/05
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