07/05/04 - NNHS Newsletter - A Total Mixture

Dear Friends and Schoolmates,

   I trust you are enjoying your holiday.

   Let's deal with the sad news first.

   Two of the mothers of several of our schoolmates passed away in the past few days.  The accounts and obituaries for
Ethel Jaffe Margolis and Louise Janet Bauz now appear on  on "Other Recent Deaths":


   While I was there, I did some "clean-up" work.  I finally added Carl Nettles' picture, and I changed the tense on the funeral
arrangements from future to past tense.


   I hope y'all have been reading the Guest Book lately.  People have been leaving actual messages, as was intended
for these past nearly four years!  Tee-Hee!  Thanks, Guys!


From Sandi Bateman Chestnut ('65) of VA - 07/04/04:

Hi, Carol,
I really enjoyed reading the last newsletter, with the references to my brother, John and my neighbor, David Whitley (and
you're right about his being Da Babe).  You're doing really well with your memory to remember when my brother was born,
as I don't even remember, since I'm only 17 months older than he is!  He was born May 14, 1949, so you weren't quite 2
years old either.  HeHeHe!!!  Maybe you remember either my younger brother (born in 1960) or my sister (born in 1958). 
We were 10 and 12 at that time.  By the way, our mother let John and me pick a boy's name and a girl's name each time
she was pregnant, and my sister ended up being named Pam, which I picked after Pam Smith (Arnold - '65 of VA)!  We
were in the fifth grade, I think, together in Mrs. Ransone's class, plus we both attended church at Chestnut Avenue Methodist 
and I thought Pam was such a cute, sweet girl (still is, isn't she?!)   When I told my mom, she liked the name too,  and she
knew Pam and her mother from church. So my sister became Pamela Susan when she was born.  I remember very well,
when my mom worked for your dad.  She always spoke so highly of him and when he died, I think it was the first time that
I had to deal with someone I knew losing a loved one.  I just couldn't imagine what you must have gone through.  I'm just glad
that you and your mom stayed in Newport News and didn't move back to Richmond.  All of us Typhoons would have missed out
on the privilege of having you for such a wonderful friend.  (OK, now you can let the tears fall!!)  Keep up the good work you
continue to do for all of us!

   Red-faced giggles!  I released yesterday's Newsletter within seconds of leaving for church yesterday, knowing I wouldn't be
home until 4:00 PM, and didn't have time to think many things through.  About an hour after I left, it struck me that there was
something seriously wrong with that math!  And whereas I can remember many things quite clearly and in great detail which
happened when I was two years old, and I can remember one quick flash each of being in my crib, my playpen, and my stroller,
there is an additional detail involved here.  We didn't move to Newport News from Richmond until January of 1954!
   Therefore, I am either remembering the STORY of Johnny's birth, or the reports of your younger brother's birth.  That would
depend on just when in 1960 he was born, as my daddy died on April 25 of that year.  But it shouldn't be too difficult to resolve,
as the story involved a quite unexpected home birth!  I shouldn't imagine the circumstances of both your brother's births would
bear any resemblance one to another.
   I think it is no exaggeration to say that my father's death was the pivotal event of my life, affecting everything from my shoddy
school attendance to my "stellar" grades (it's a grand wonder that I was able to graduate 70th in my class of what - 304?) to my
dropping out of college - twice - to...well, you see where this is going - basically nowhere good.
   Yet I can't recall that moving back to Richmond was ever even considered.  Having one such major life change was quite
sufficient enough without compounding it.
   "Let the tears fall?!?"  Who - ME?!?  Why, Sandra, are you insinuating that I ever CRY?  Wild giggles!
Thanks, Sandi!  You are a gem!


From Tom Norris (HHS - '73) of VA - 07/04/04:

Thanx .... awesome job with the newsletters!
Check out this site for HHS alumni:


I co-created it four years ago with Barbara Shelton Marko (HHS '65) .... we did an all-alumni reunion in 2001, but the
site has not been updated much since then. Must say .... your site is way better than ours. I have a lot of HHS memorabilia
that I would like to post ... just no time. I'm single, back in the dating game, and have to maintain that blue Vette, right??? :-)
And ... if you want to verify the 'babe' part ... on the first pic I'm on the back row in the middle. I think I held up well for 49 years!

I have some stuff to scan and send you for the website .... Turkey Day programs from '48, '49, 51, and 69, plus a ticket stub
from the LAST Turkey Day game in 70. I am fortunate to have been at HHS for the last one ... the pre-game festivities were so
awesome that sometimes the actual 'game' was secondary. And ... deep down inside ... it didn't really mattered who won ...
it was the spirit that mattered, a spirit that has escaped high school ball today. Except for Hampton games, there is very little
crowd support. My daughter went to Denbigh, and the stands were empty on away games except for football parents and a few
stray students. I took her to Darling to watch Denbigh play Kecoughtan once .... there were like 20 people on the DHS side!
By contrast, a few years ago when Heritage won state the regional finals were Hampton vs. Heritage at Todd ... an estimated
14,000 were there ... the largest crowd I have seen in a long time! The stands were packed and they were standing 5 deep along
the fence! Memories of old Saunders and Darling Thanksgiving crowds!
Have a great holiday ...
Tom (the 'closet' Typhoon :-) )

   AHA!  I was right!  You Da Babe!  AND you have a Babe Magnet in that Corvette!  You go, Babe!

   I've just barely skimmed the surface of your Crabber Website so far, but it is fascinating.  Thanks for sharing that with us - and for
your kind remarks!

   And we're always in the market for memorabilia to post.  Thanks, Tom!


   Speaking of memorabilia:

From Bob Buchan ('61) of VA via Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 07/04/04:

   A cool image of the lifeguard stand at Buckroe Beach in the 50's:


   And while I was there I was shocked to discover that I had never finished uploading the fascinating 1993 news clipping mailed to us by
Michael Kasputin ('55) of WA on 06/17/04
(Michael lived in Buckroe as a youth, but graduated from high school in Detroit).  I'm blaming
an interruption combined with brain damage.  Surely you don't expect me to accept responsibility for something so heinous, now do you?!? 
   Sorry, Michael!  And thanks, Guys!


Again from Tom Norris (HHS - '73) of VA - 07/04/04:

A wild idea - Carol ... each time I scroll through your website, the more nostalgic I get. Has anyone ever thought of having an
NNHS-HHS reunion? I remember the alumni football game we had (and also remember the tragic event that took place) but
that is the last time I remember ever hearing about getting the two schools together.

   Now there IS an interesting proposition!  Out of MY hands, of course, but you just addressed a vast number of people and various
Reunion Committee Members, Tom.  Thanks!


And now for your REAL tear-jerker!

From Evelyn Fryer Fish ('58) of TX - 07/04/04:

Hi Carol - Enjoyed this.  Thank you.  And also for the fireworks over the Statue of Liberty. 
A very important lady to me.  My father brought me and 3 other siblings by himself from Belfast,
Northern Ireland to USA in 1946 for a better life - and I am forever grateful.  We sailed in on 
US Washington, passed the Statue of Liberty, and an uncle whom we had never met greeted us
at the New York Docks.  What a sight we must have been - a 45 year old father carrying a wooden
suitcase which he made - and the four of us in tow.  :)  The uncle took us to his apartment in
Philadelphia for showers :) and then put us on a train for eastern shore.  My Grandfather had
come to the USA in 1920 - and he lived In the Mariners' Museum Area - long before any of us
lived there.  He greeted us at the ferry at the Chamberlin Hotel, took us to his lovely home to live
until we bought a small bungalow in Stuart Gardens.........that's where the Good Life began - and
all of the wonderful childhood friends and their parents were certainly instrumental in my "raising." 
To this very day I am still very close to special friends such as Tzina Zwerdling ('58) , LaRhue Nettles
('58), Nancy Bigger ('56), Sandra Weaver ('56) - and Carolyn Todd ('58) and Mary Jo Edwards ('58) -
Maiden names.  Interesting that my first real job was at Ft. Monroe directly across the street from
the Chamberlin.....and that special ferry .......and I met my present husband, Dick, at Ft. Monroe and
was married at the Chapel of the Centurion, at Fort Monroe.  When I returned to Ireland for the first
time when I was 25 --- it totally changed my life.  I could see where I would have been - and it made
me eternally grateful for this Wonderful USA ---- Happy 4th of July to you and your family!!!!! 
Sincerely, Evelyn Fryer Fish 

    WOWZERS!!!  Evelyn, you totally blew me away with this one!  I had absolutely no idea!  Some of my own ancestors were also from Belfast,
but they came over in 1752, long after the majority of my forebears, who arrived anywhere from 1623 to 1741.  Your story gave me shivers even
before the inevitable tears..  Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful remembrance with us, Evelyn, and for reminding us of things which we
should never forget or take for granted!

   There's still more - quite a bit more, actually - but we're going to stop here for today.  Thanks to all of you.

   Y'all take care of each other. 

                                                              Love to all, Carol


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