07/04/04 - NNHS Newsletter - Happy Independence Day!

Dear Friends and Schoolmates,

   I'm in a big rush this morning, but I'll try to send you a quick Newsletter anyway!

From Craig Miller ('63) of FL - 07/02/04:

Great question by Brian Beachum ('72 of VA).  My Mom and Dad were both NNHS "Shipbuilders", in the roaring 20's (1924-28). 
This doesn't narrow it down, much, does it?  I'm betting our nickname changed during, or after World War II...

   Thanks, Craig!  Yours is the first answer so far.


From Tom Norris (HHS - '73) of VA - 07/02/04:

Hi Carol .... thanx for adding me to the mailing list. NNHS had a similar charisma and mystique as HHS did ....
even though our school is still there, the charisma of days gone by is just that ... gone by! Fortunately we can relive
those days on sites such as this.

The 'baby' of the group??? Wow .... should I tell you I turn 50 in December??? LOL

Saw a name from the past ... Brian Beachum ('72). We went to Jr High together and grew up in the same 'hood' in Hampton.

The rivalry is alive and well at work (Surry Nuclear Power Station) .... Dave Whitley (67) and John Bateman continue
to send good natured jabs my way. Dave is also quick to remind me that y'all won the LAST Turkey Day game ... somehow
he forgets the 55-6 score from the '66 game. Selective amnesia I think they call it!

If ya see a blue Corvette cruisin' around Tidewater with the license plate HAM CRAB ... wave at the 'baby' :-)

Thanks for the memories...

   Hey, Tom!  Let's see - if you're going to be - GOING to be - 50 in December, that means you're still in your 40s.  Yeah, I'd have
to say you are the baby of the group.  Wait a minute!  I've never seen or met you, of course, but maybe - MAYBE - you DA BABE! 
WILD GIGGLES!!!  Say Hi to David Whitley for me.  I did run into him unexpectedly here in Fayetteville back in March, and I KNOW
for a fact that he's Da Babe!

   Oh - and to put things in perspective, Johnny Bateman's mama worked with my daddy at the VA center at Kecoughtan, and I can
remember quite distinctly when he was born!  YOW!

   Thanks, Tom!


From Wayne Stokes ('65) of VA - 07/02/04:

Hey, kid, keep those cards and letters coming. And keep up the good work.
Finally, I remembered the question I wanted to ask you! And that is: How much does the service (Internet) that you use charge
a year/month or however they charge you ? Please advise.

   Hey, Wayne - thanks!  My Time-Warner cable is $45.00 a month, and the 00freehost.com is $105.00 a year, due Sep 10.  
Easy question, easy answer!  TA-DAH!      


From Ron Miller ('59) of NC - 07/02/04:

Carol -- be sure to include Dan Rouse (on "Famous Airmen")-- I think he was a 20-year man --
at least a Lt Col.  Check with some others who would know better.

   WOW!  I had no idea!  I'll bet that was a sight to behold - the gloriously gorgeous Dan Rouse in uniform.  Now, an image
of THAT would really dress up that page!

   And speaking of Famous Airmen, Maj. Joseph A. Madagan, USAR Ret. ('57) of FL and Capt. David A. Spriggs, USNR Ret. ('64) of VA
and I worked very hard the last couple of days (and that ain't easy on a holiday weekend!), and it now gives us great pleasure to announce that
"Famous Airmen" is up and running:


   Now, aren't you glad I quit being a brat?  Well, for a slight moment, a least...

   Well, then, of course, we had to go back to "Famous Soldiers" and "Famous Sailors":


   I had made a scandalous omission here which Joe, bless his heart, brought to my attention.  Thanks again, Joe!


   Very near the top and very near the bottom of "Famous Sailors" are some things that Dave sent us that are practically unspeakably cool!
DO check them out - especially that awesome video!  Thanks so much, Dave!

   On all five military pages, I've gone back and added more names of schoolmates.  I've checked them and rechecked them, and each time
I think I'm done, I accidentally stumble onto another.  So if y'all will keep submitting names to me, that would be great - thanks!  And thank
you, Gentlemen, for all your kind assistance this weekend!


From Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 07/01/04:

   Some cool new WGH memorabilia, now posted on one of my very favorite pages:


   Thanks, Dave!


From Joe Madagan ('57) of FL - 07/02/04:

I do not know how you manage to do all that you do. This is certainly a great service
to our little community on the Virginia Peninsula that has now spread all across the
country, and even over the pond.

From Me ('65) in NC to Joe - 07/02/04:

   How sweet and kind of you!  There’s a simple answer, of course.  I simply neglect to do all those things which most people
regard as essential!  HAHAHAHA!


From Bobby Turpin ('58) of VA to Joe Drewry ('58) of VA - 07/02/04:

Thanks JOE, for the info. about how to vote for the recognition of athletes.  I have voted today.  Our own classmate
(Kenny Roberts NNHS 58) came to my mind first after your mentioning Bucky (Keller - '58) and several others. 
What a great team person he was.  No one was more dedicated to winning than Kenny.  It sure was a wonderful evening
seeing him and all the other athletes at Coach Driesell's retirement dinner last October.  I have a question that you or
someone out there in TYPHOON land might be able to answer.  I have been trying to find out where all the NNHS
trophies that filled the four trophy cases by the old gym are.  I have asked several people including Mayor Joe Frank
, and people that work in the school administration building at Todd Stadium, who should know their whereabouts.  
I have not gotten a response from anyone about my question.  Would not it be a shame if they are boxed up in some
warehouse collecting dust and deteriorating.  They should be displayed in some prominent place in the city school 
administration.  When they are found, I will work to seek a display place for them.
I really enjoy all the newsletters and other info. that you and Carol send out.    

   Thanks, Bobby!  I LOVE being copied in on other people's mail!  It makes me feel like a spy or something!  Giggles!!!  Such fun!

   Excellent question, Bobby!  Does anyone know the answer to this one?


Also from Ron Miller ('59) of NC - 07/02/04:

Carol -- I couldn't help but notice that you mentioned you had 3 mail lists, so we don't have to look
at all the names.
There's another way -- it's called "Blind Carbon Copy", or BCC.
I'm assuming you use Outlook Express. When you create a new email, click on View, then Click on
"All Headers". You should immediately see a Bcc: line open up beneath To: and Cc:. Put ALL 3 of your
mailing lists there. Each recipient will ONLY see yours and their own email address.  All the other Cc's
are BLINDed -- hence the name Blind Carbon Copy -- nobody sees the list!
Should make your "bookkeeping" a little easier! Keep just one list and don't worry about it.
Thanks for all the hard work. Love those newsletters!

   OHHHH, Ronnie!  29 months!  For 29 months, I've been using Outlook Express and trying to find a way to do this!  It was so simple
on Yahoo - and so obvious that even I could spot it.  But Yahoo has a policy of not allowing you to send more than 100 pieces of mail
per hour. That didn't help me.  You have just simplified my life beyond words!  It's a good thing for you that a) you're a pretty good clip
away over in the western part of the state, and b) that I never learned to drive, or I would be on your doorstep in no short order and plant
on you the biggest Hollywood Kiss of all time!  You are my hero!


From Mark Friedman ('65) of VA - 07/03/04:

hi carol, could you change my e-mail address on the e-mail listing page. m.h.friedman@friedman.hrcoxmail.com
hope all is well, best regards, mark

From Me ('65) in NC to Mark:

Hey, Mark!

   I am soooo sorry!  That poor page has become like a stepchild or something!  I have it changed now:


   Sorry for my dementia!  Have a great holiday!


From my niece, Shari, of VA - 07/03/04

   A gorgeous new image which is now attached to that Happy Independence Day link in the title:


   Thanks, Shari!


From Susan Whitcomb Harlin ('72) of TX - 07/03/04:

Hi Carol,

I had this forwarded to me today. I thought it was pretty cool.


Happy 4th.

    And so it is!  Thanks, Susan!  And Happy Fourth to you all!  Take care.

                                                 Love to all, Carol

P.S.  I received a couple of more things which I've not gotten around to processing yet - one sad, and one awesome. 
I'll try to catch it tomorrow, but I hafta run now.  Sorry.


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