07/02/04 - NNHS Newsletter - Happy Holiday Weekend!

Dear Friends and Schoolmates,

   Thanks to Frances Goodson Wang ('65) of MD, there will now be links at the bottom of these Newsletters
to take you back to regular starting places.  They're not all in place on the back issues, but I'm working on it. 
   Thanks again, Frances - great idea!

   I've also divided the address up again into three main batches so your notifications won't be so looooog.  It's
more work for me, but it should be somewhat less annoying for you.  In case you're wondering, they're now grouped
(by first names): A-D, E-L, and M-W.



#1 - Russell Gary ('59) of CA - 07/01/04

   Hi, Russell - and welcome! 
(Hey - you signed the Guest Book; you've automatically joined us - what can I tell you?  Giggles!)

#2 - Charles Braslow ('65) of - um, I'm still thinking it's NY - 07/02/04

   The Class of 1965 has been trying to locate its Valedictorian for four years now, and he found us!  Hi, Charles! 
(Well, for all I know, the Reunion Committee knew where he was all along, but I certainly didn't know how to contact
him - and I've had repeated queries.)


From Evelyn Fryer Fish ('58) of TX - 07/01/04:

Love your Newsletters!!!! And wanted to let you know that shortly after I joined your website that I received a very nice telephone call from Glenn Dye ('60) of TX!!! It was such a nice surprise. And I wanted everyone to know of his website with such beautiful music. He sings with a group and they travel to many places - I am hoping they come our way to Fort Worth.

Thank you for making this all possible.

   Okay, this has been up on the Alumni Page for some time, and I've seen the picture, but I've never heard the sound clips before!  How'd I miss those?  Maybe they're new.  Or maybe I'm just losing my grip on reality.  Naaah...

   Anyway - very nice, Glenn!  And thanks, Evelyn, both for bringing this to our attention, and for your kind remarks!


From Dave Arnold ('65) of VA - 07/01/04:

Mr. Wilson is coming (to the 40th Reunion of the Class of 1964)?  That's great, but be prepared -
he'll probably have us all out in the parking lot marching around for an hour or so.

   I think wed jolly well better pack our instruments just in case!  Giggles!  See ya soon, Dave!


From Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 07/01/04 - in response to my query:

Did I cover everything for you in that Newsletter that I was supposed to mention?  


  OOOOH!  Thank you, kind sir!


From Jean Poole Burton ('64) of RI - 07/01/04:

So glad to read all the good news, especially about Mr. Wilson coming to our reunion.  I have a story for you about the city pool. 
Not quite as good as Brownie's story, but close. 

    Yes, ma'am, it certainly is!  Y'all go read it: 


   Thanks, Jean!


Also from Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 07/01/04:

   An image of Hilton Shopping Center in the 50s - with some WAAAY cool cars:


    Thanks, Dave!


From Joe Drewry ('58) of VA - 07/01/02 AND Rip Collins ('65) of TN - 07/02/04 AND Thelma Spade Roberts ('57) of VA - 07/02/04:

Go to the website below to nominate someone to be recognized by the Daily Press.  Bucky Keller has been nominated and will obviously finish near the top.  But we had many great athletes in our class.  Virgil Meares and David Peltz immediately come to mind.

100 top area high school athletes

On Aug. 8, the Daily Press will recognized the accomplishments of 100 of the best athletes who have played high schools sports in this area. Any former high school athlete from the Daily Press coverage area is eligible. We're especially interested in noteworthy athletes who played for Virginia Interscholastic Association schools or in the long-distant past. While many athletes from here have gone on to collegiate and professional fame, the top 100 will recognize athletes for their high school accomplishments. If you would like to nominate an athlete, fill out this form in full.


   Thanks, Joe!

   Obviously, this is a biggie...

Additional from Rip:

I thought your readers may be interested in this and especially Wayne Stokes ('65 of VA),
who if I could find better statistics, I would nominate! (yea, you can print it if you wish)

   WHOA!  How's THAT for a compliment?!?  Still standing, Wayne?!?

   Thanks, Rip!

Additional from Thelma:

I probably should have checked out the Daily Press online (since I dont take that paper), before I forwarded the info from Joe Drewry.  But, I did go to their website afterwards, and checked out the schools that are included: The area covered includes any schools in Hampton, New Kent, Newport News, Suffolk and Williamsburg, and the following counties: Gloucester, Isle of Wight, James City, King and Queen, King William, Mathews, Middlesex, Southampton, Surry, Sussex and York.

   Thanks, Thelma!


From Rochelle Spooner ('63) of NY - 07/02/04:

Dear Carol.  
I hardly see any names from the class of '63
What's up with those folks????
Rochelle Spooner

   Hey, Lady!  How ya doing? 

   What can I say?  I invited them personally at '63's 40th Reunion in October, and I sent everybody with an email address
listed in the Reunion Booklet another invitation when I came home.  You know what your mama used to tell you.  You can't
make other children play with you.  If they want to, they will.  Or at least, that's what my mama told me.


Request from Jim ('66) and Tricia Dossett of VA - 07/02/04:

Jim tried to send this out earlier today but AOL shut him down because it looked like he was spamming....
and all in the interest of higher education.  I'm going to enclose his note below that he had tried to send along
with an attached copy of a survey I'm doing.  If it is possible to send this out to all the typhooners, that would
be great.  It would certainly target the right age group for me and they can also get their Nexter/genxr kids to
participate as well.  The more the merrier.  I just need this quick as this is a quickie compressed summer class
and I really need answers no later than a week from now.  I have to lead a discussion on  this by July 15th. 
Hello fellow Typhoons,

I'm Jim Dossett, NNHS '66 and my brother was Ray Dossett, NNHS '55. 
My wife, Tricia, a Yankee girl by birth (born north of Broad St Richmond) which I hope you will overlook,
is in her final weeks of Graduate School at VCU.  Part of her class in Advance Human Resources requires her
to lead a discussion on retiring (or not retiring) Baby Boomers. A couple of quick surveys have been developed
to see what us old guys n gals have in mind concerning "cashing in our chips".  The info is for her class discussion
only and will not be shared, published or used in any other way. 
This is not part of any commercial venture ...  you will not be contacted later by anyone trying to sell you
If interested in helping, please fill out the attached surveys and email back to:

or  Obxwolfpack@aol.com

Thanks a lot ...

Jim (Jimmy) Dossett


The following questions are part of a group project on multiple generations in the workplace. The results of survey questions are not intended to be applied to a larger population but are only intended to broaden the class discussion of future implications for decision makers and managers in dealing with the varied needs of a diverse workforce.  This information will solely be used within the class setting without indication of work locality.  Your participation will be greatly appreciated by the students in PADM 691: Advanced Topics in Human Resources at   Virginia Commonwealth University.


During the next 15 years, more than 50% of the workforce will become eligible for retirement.  Whether or not all of these employees choose to retire, organizations want to plan for the inevitable changes in the workforce.  Specifically, many organizations wish to provide opportunities for employees who dont wish to retire but might prefer a more flexible work schedule as well as opportunities for individuals to obtain the education and training needed to assume new positions.  Employers also recognize that these issues may also be desired by those outside the pending retirement window.  Your thoughts will add to the discourse.

Check the appropriate box:

 1 .My position is:

        Administrative support (receptionist, administrative assistant)

        Frontline staff (deliver service to customers & support direct service to customers)





2.  I am eligible to retire in:

        The next five years

        The next 10 years

        The next 15 years

        More than 15 years


3.  I plan to retire in:

        The next five years

        The next 10 years

        The next 15 years

        More than 15 years


4.  I would like to have the following new position in five years:





        Other (specify) _______________________


5.  I would like to have the following new position in 10 years:





        Other (specify) _________________________________


6.  I would like to have the following new position in 15 years:





        Other (specify) __________________________________


7.  When I am eligible for retirement, I would like to:


        Work fewer hours (part time)

        Have a flex schedule (for example, work  4 days/have 3 days off)

        Other (specify) ________________________________


 8.  If you intend to work beyond eligible retirement, please indicate why:

        Desire additional income

        Desire to continue to contribute to society

        Social interaction

        Provide for financial needs of older parents  

        Other (specify) ________________________________________________ 


9Work/Life Plans have been implemented in some organizations.  They are used to increase retention, aid recruitment, reduce absenteeism & workplace stress, increase productivity, and raise morale.   They include, but are not limited to, the concepts found below.  Please check the boxes (no limit) of benefits that appeal to you.


        Telecommuting/work at home arrangements

        Compressed work weeks

        Family sick days

        Onsite or near-site childcare centers

        Onsite or near-site eldercare centers

        Eldercare savings accounts (similar to present pre-taxed dependent care accounts)

        Work-related tuition reimbursement

        Unpaid family leave (beyond FMLA requirements)

        Employee Assistance Programs

        In-house training programs

        Other (use space below or back of sheet)

9.  Gender



10. Generation

        Born prior to 1946



        1982 & beyond

Please turn the page and answer the workplace climate assessment.


                                                Workplace Climate Assessment

Indicate if you agree or disagree with the following statements: A (agree) or D (disagree)


1. My manager/supervisor treats my work-life needs with sensitivity.

2.  It is usually easy for me to manage the demands of both work and home life.

3. My career path in this organization is limited because of the pressures of home life demands.

4. My job in this organization keeps me from maintaining the quality of life I want.

5. My manager/supervisor is supportive when home life issues interfere with work.

6. My manager/supervisor focuses on results, rather than the time I am at my desk.

7. My manager/supervisor has a good understanding of flexible work practices.

8. If I requested a flexible work arrangement my manager/supervisor would support me.

9. My manager/supervisor is often inflexible or insensitive about my personal needs.

10. I believe my manager/supervisor treats me with respect.

11. My manager/supervisor allows me informal flexibility as long as I get the job done.

12. My manager/supervisor tends to treat us like children.

13. My manager/supervisor seldom gives me praise or recognition for the work I do.

14. My manager/supervisor seems to care about me as a person.

15. I would recommend this organization to others.

16. The work I do is not all that important to this organizations success.

17. If I could find another job with better pay, I would leave this organization.

18. If I could find another job where I would be treated with respect, I would take it.

19. If I could find another job where I could have more flexibility, I would take it.

20. I am totally committed to this organization.



Thank you for you time in participating in this survey.  Any additional thoughts that you would like to add are welcome.


   I hope that works and that y'all can help Tricia with her project!


   Okay, y'all!  I gotta get back to working on that "Famous Airmen" page (Yes - I'm DOING it!  Sheesh!)
Have a safe an wonderful holiday weekend - be sure to watch 1776 - and take care of yourselves!

                                                      Love to all, Carol


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