06/20/04 - NNHS Newsletter - Happy Father's Day!

Dear Friends and Schoolmates,

   I hope your day is pleasant and your memories of past Father's Days are precious.

   Thank you for the generous donations which several of you made to the website funding this week; it's always appreciated!


   Susan Avent Hill ('66) of VA - 06/17/04:

Please add me to your mailing list for the newsletter.  This is really nicely done and Iíve really enjoyed looking at it.

   Steve Kiger ('66) of VA - 06/18/04

   Mr. Don Harvey of VA - 06/18/04 (keep reading!)

   Thanks, Susan, Steve, and Mr. Harvey - and welcome!



From Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 06/17/04 (in response to a query from Mike Ozmer - '63 - of VA):

Tell Mike to get in touch with:
Tompkins, Christopher W
4123 Columbus Ave

He is a neighbor and owns a rental on the Outer Banks.

   Thanks, Dave!  There ya go, Mike!


From Mike Ozmer ('63) of VA - 06/18/04:

Thanks so much for the referral.


From Merle Sammons Ivey ('66) of VA - 06/17/04 (in response to a query from Craig Miller - '63 - of FL):

The name of the Stuart Gardens pharmacy guy who was so memorable....Daniel....the fingernails!!!
Merle Ivey


From Craig Miller ('63) of FL - 06/17/04:

 That's him!  Great guy!


From Me ('65) of NC - 06/17/04:

In truth, it was the fingernails I most vividly remember.  I just didnít wanna SAY that!  HA-HA!  Thanks, Merle!


From Jim Brinkley ('65) of IA - 06/17/04:

I really enjoy reading all the information you have provided on the NNHS web.  It brings back
many fond memories.  Do you have any information on our teachers and where they are now? 
I would like to know where our Band Director, Jim Wilson, and our Latin teacher, Miss Brewer,
are now, as well as any others that you have info on. 
Jim Brinkley, "Class of 65"

   Hi, Jim!  The Teacher section is growing practically every day:


   Mr. Wilson is in Emporia:


   I have his address and phone number around here summersÖ. Iíll track it down for you soon. 
(And I "tracked it down" by asking Dave Spriggs, who is a Super Genius and knows everything. 
Thanks, Dave!)  As I generally don't publish addresses and phone numbers online, it is available
by request.

   Of Miss Brewer, I know nada:



From Forrest Powell ('63) of VA - 06/17/04:

Carol,  I ran into Don Harvey, one of the NNHS teachers.  He taught me typing and was one
of those young guys just out of college who taught business classes, etc.  He is as young as ever
along with his bride of a lifetime Peggy.  Anyway, I mentioned your newsletter and thought the
best way to connect him and you was to email you both.
Also Wayne Taylor ('55),  my cousin, is coming up from Florida next week to visit me so we will
reminisce about good old NNHS and the great job you do.


From Me of NC to Forrest Powell ('63) and Mr. Harvey - 06/18/04:

   Hey, Forrest!  Itís always delightful to hear from you!   
Thatís just marvelous!  Well, we couldnít really invite Mr. Harvey to join a website where he didnít have
his own page, now could we?  So now itís there - thanks for the nudge:





 More from Forrest Powell ('63) of VA - 06/17/04:

(I have not said it before but thank you for your Memorial page for my daughter Lisa Powell.)

   Oh, yes you did, Forrest Ė in person, at your reunion in October.  Iím not certain that I adequately
expressed to you my feelings about all of that, nor will I probably be able to do so now.  Lisaís passing
touched me very deeply, both as a mother of seven and as your friend.  At that time the website was pretty
much restricted to members of the Class of 1965.  When I finally could no longer ignore the promptings I
was receiving and added her memorial page, it marked the beginning of the expansion of the entire website. 
I very much appreciate your allowing me to add it.



   And because I created her page when I barely knew what I was doing, I just noticed it wasnít very
attractive.  Therefore, Iíve just upgraded its appearance somewhat.  If you have any images, I would so
love to add them.  It really needs some music, too Ė her favorite song, perhaps, or something that reminds
you of her, something precious.  Please let me know.  Dave Spriggs has a magical ability to find practically
any music you want.

   Thanks so much Ė to all of you! 


From Billy Turner ('65) of TX - 06/17/04:

In answer to Craig Miller's question about Mike's Hot Dog stand, it was the best. Mike's "Dogs" and
the boarding house down near the shipyard were my favorite lunch time retreats. Joe Mooney ('65),
Wayne Vick ('65), Willard Smith ('65) and others would sprint for the boarding house at the sound
of the lunch bell. Had to get there before the shipyard workers. Home cooking, and the eats were plentiful
and good. As for Mike's, I can't remember it being there when I returned to teach and coach at NNHS
in early 70's. As for two dogs for .25 cents I'd be happy to find a good "dog" at any price today. The hot
dog that I remember as a kid has all but disappeared. Best I've found lately have been the "Chicago Dogs"
you can get when visiting the windy city. I'll bet Pam Smith Arnold ('65) can vouch for that, unless her taste
buds are a little too refined for such things.

   Alrighty, then!  Thanks, Billy Turner!


From Bill Black ('66) of GA - 06/17/04:

I just read Joe Madagan's comment about Roger ( the all-night lodger ) Clark on WGH, and I can help him
out with something:  Roger's "Match-in-the-gas-tank Boom-Boom"  theme song is called "Strange What A
Song Can Do"  (or some variation of that) and I think it's by Harry James, with Helen Forrest on vocal.  Roger
"Swinging from the Chandelier" Clark was the Sales Manager at WQRK in Virginia Beach in the mid seventies,
and left a copy of it on a 'cart' for me at the front desk, and I've still got it ... somewhere....
Unfortunately, in my travels, I treated it carelessly, and after the trumpet introduction, there's a mangled spot
on the tape, but the rest of it is fine.  I've contacted all the big band resources I can find, even talked to some
bandleader out in California, but can't find a copy of it.  It isn't listed on any Harry James album, isn't listed under
any variation of that title, nor is it listed under anything by Helen Forrest.  So, all these years, I may have the title
and artist completely wrong.
Of course, the cart Roger gave me just says "theme song"... 
Radio legend has it Roger suffered a heart attack and died in the parking lot of a Tidewater K-Mart.  My source
said he was making a sales call at the time..
If I find it, such as it is, I'll transfer it to something so Joe might enjoy it all over again.  Even with the 'blip'... 
Bill Black

   WOW!  Thanks, Bill!  That would be super!  I love the way y'all watch out for one another!


   So I forwarded this to Joe Madagan ('57) of FL, and received this copy of Joe's reply to Bill (a.k.a ."Jim Quinn"
of radio fame):

Hi, Jim:
How very thoughtful of you, and thanks for the message. I did a bit of homework and have
confirmed that "A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody" is the title. It has been recorded by 138 bands
and artists. I was on the trail of a recording by Les Brown, "and his band of renown" with Jo Stafford
as the vocalist, but is is out of circulation. The album title is "Fabulous Song Stylist". Too late, no copies left.
I was sure that Roger Clark used a recording by Harry James, so I have been searching for all of the Harry
James albums I can get my hands on, just for the "hunt". I was not aware of the female vocalist, Helen Forrest.
It was a great rendition. Thanks for the tip.
The song was written by Irvin Berlin. Rogers & Hammerstein are shown on one album I located at a "Used"
CD shop in a small Florida community. It was a new album by the name of "The Stripper" and the owner says
he sells a lot of these albums to the dancers who work at the truck driver stop off Interstate 75. I did not buy
the album.
I have found a jazz or new age rendition of this great old song, but it sure lacked a lot.
Sorry to learn that "Roger, The Dodger" has passed away.
Carol: Thanks for passing along this message. What a delight!
Joe Madagan

  Yes, isn't this FUN?!? 
  I used to have a 78 recording of Jo Stafford's version myself, but that was forty-eleven years ago, and it's long
since gone the way of the world - I think...maybe I should scout around and find out.  Some of my old 78s actually
DID survive!

More from Joe Madagan ('57) of FL - 06/17/04:

Hi, Everyone:
Check out this link:
All Music Guide is one of the better databases for searching old music.

   COOL!  Thanks, Joe!


From Henry Hoyle ('65) of Northern VA - 06/17/04:

Hi Carol,
Jimmy (Dick - '65) and I were good friends and neighbors going through Wilson school together.
Please forward this on to him, so he'll have my email address.


Hi Jim,
It was good to see that you found Carol. She has been doing a great job keeping us all informed
about each other. Yvonne and I are still up in Northern VA. Our three kids are grown,  all living
up here, and we now have 2 grand-daughters and another grand-kid on the way. I develop modeling
and simulation software for aerospace applications. Hope to hear from you.

  I, of course, forwarded that on to Jimmy, but I couldn't resist sharing it with everyone else, Henry. 
Congratulations on the upcoming blessed event!


From Judy Horton Lindstrom ('63) in FL - 06/17/04:

Great pictures with great music - forward this to all our typhoon friends out there:


   Oh, MY!  When I first opened this, I was excited because I love presentations such as this Ė they
never fail to move me.
   But when I reached the ninth image, I was astonished to see my own father on Omaha Beach Ė
the same picture I sent out for D-Day - he's on the right, kneeling down and tending to a wounded man
(Daddy was the Regimental Surgeon for the 29th Division.)  After not seeing him in person for forty-four
years, to suddenly unexpectedly find him on my computer screen is Ė well, astonishing.
   Iíve watched it three times now.  I think I cry harder each time.
   Thank you so much, Judy!  How very precious this is to me - a great Father's Day present in reverse!
   I gave a few of you an early "Sneak Peak", and had a couple of reactions.  A person with better
judgment than I - or least one who is not as open and childlike as I - would probably not share them
with the world.  But then there's me.  And I appreciate their beautiful words, and I love all of y'all,
so I wanted to share them with you.  So I will.

From Joe Madagan ('57) of FL - 06/19/04:

Thanks for sharing this moving presentation with me. I cannot imagine the surprise you must have
had in seeing your father's photo as part of this fine tribute to our military.
Some time there just are not enough tears.

From Wayne Stokes ('65) of VA - 06/19/04:

Very moving!
Thanks for sharing. You are most fortunate to have such an image of your father. Regardless of what
emotion such a photo may bring to you, in a humble way, you should be proud. You have forever proof
of your father helping another in the most dangerous of situations. No one can be any braver or do any
better for a fellow human being.   

   Thanks so much, Joe and Wayne.  I am tremendously excited to have that image - especially in
such a presentation - and to know of his sacrifice.  It brings me a variety of emotions, but all of them good.

   And this is a good place to end.  Actually, there's been even MORE news and some more updates
in the last day or so, but I'll hold it for tomorrow or the next day.

   Y'all take care.

                                              Love to all, Carol


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