06/17/04 - NNHS Newsletter - Lighter, Happier News

Dear Friends and Schoolmates,

   This week has NOT gone as planned.  My 16-year old darling daughter, Adrienne, was to be gone to camp
all week.  I had wild visions of things I would be able to accomplish with no interruptions.  HA-HA-HA-HA! 
On Monday, she was ill, and couldn't leave for camp until Tuesday.  On Tuesday I did manage to accomplish
one or two things.  On Wednesday I was called away from home for long periods of time on THREE separate
occasions, including (and I am not making this up) an emergency call which came at 12:20 this morning!  I was
home only long enough to receive generally bad news.  This put a serious crimp in my goal to become a Happy
Hermit.  This morning I need to bake about twelve loaves of that Amish Friendship Bread to give away, or bear
the guilt forever in my soul that I let all that starter go to waste.  At 1:00 PM my favorite two-year-old boy, Ben,
is arriving to spend the entire afternoon with me while his mama goes to the doctor.  And tomorrow night I've
learned we're having company for dinner.  This means that I will not only hafta actually COOK sumpin', but I've
a strange feeling my home will need some serious rescuing from the ravages only a precious little toddler can
create.  ARGHHHH!!!  So much for my fantasies of accomplishing Great and Wondrous Things.  But enough
about me; let's talk about you.

From Jimmy Parker ('62) of VA - 06/16/04:

Given the fact that you are generally several steps ahead of me, I suppose you know already that two of
my classmates passed away over the past several days: Kathryn Brinn (Dicus) and Charles Duke. I was aware
that Kathryn Brinn had been ill for some time, but Duke came as a surprise.

   Well, Sweetie, actually this week I am several steps behind you and everyone one else - and I didn't find your
note until moments after I had released that last Newsletter.  And it ALL came as a big shock to me!
   But thanks, Jimmy-Jimmy!  Stay in touch!  Oh - and Joe Madagan ('57) said to tell you "Hi"!


From Mike Ozmer of VA ('63) - 06/16/04:

Just taking a shot at this...looking to rent a cottage on the Outer Banks in August.
Could you ask in your next newsletter if anyone has a connection on the Outer Banks..
          Mike Ozmer

   Why, certainly, Mike!  There are over 210 people on the mailing list now, and they seem to know
all sorts of incredible things!  Which one of you knows something about THIS?
  Stay tuned, Mike! 


From Evelyn Fryer Fish ('58) of TX - 06/17/04:

I used to babysit Jimmy Moody and his sister, Melissa.  Do you happen to know where Melissa lives? 
She was about five years younger.
Evelyn Fryer Fish

From Me ('65) in NC to Evelyn - 06/17/04:

Small world:  The Moodys went to the same church we did (Trinity Methodist) and my mama used to give
Melissa rides on a frequent basis.  Jimmy was in the Class of ’61, and Melissa was in the Class of ’67.
According to Jimmy’s obituary, as of three years ago, Melissa was still in Newport News, and still using
her maiden name: 


I’ll see if I can find a phone number for you in the morning.

   That would be now, Oh Mighty Panel of Experts - whoever you might be.

   Thanks, Evelyn!



# 1 - Nancy Bigger Alligood ('56) of VA - 06/15/04:

Hey Carol,

Thanks for including me.  Yes, Joe Madagan ('57) was a very special friend of mine way back when!!! 
His sister (Mary Ann) was in my class, NNHS 1956. 

I have not read your website entirely, but I will try to include all when time permits.  I was the head JV
cheerleader in 1954.  Can send you a list if you care to include them in your website.  Also have a picture,
but do not know how to send it on the Internet.  And, I was a member of the Varsity squad in 1956.



I did not know Joe was in Tampa and have no idea where you are located.  I lived away from here for 30
years and returned 13 years ago.  I own in and manage a travel agency (Warwick Travel Service), so if I
can ever be a help in the way of travel for NNHS, please let me know - www.warwicktravel.com .  About
4 years ago, I did a cruise out of Norfolk for the NNHS class of 1955. Actually, they invited other classes
and ended up with a great group of NNHS classmates and their friends.  It was fun to be in contact with
so many former classmates.

Thanks for inviting me to join your website.  Please stay in touch.

Many thanks again,
Nancy Bigger Alligood  NNHS 1956

   Oh, we stay in touch alright.  We annoy the living beebees outta everybody - that's our job!  Wild giggles!
Seriously, it's good to have you with us!

   I have been in Fayetteville, NC for the past 28 months, very close to Ft. Bragg and Pope Air Force Base -
which being the military groupie that I am, I find delightful.  I'm also four miles and seven minutes from my
sister, Eleanor Buckley Nowitzky ('59), which I find even more delightful, having also been far away for
more than 30 years.

   The pictures would be a real treat!  You could mail me a hard copy or you could have someone nearby show
you how to scan and send an attachment on your computer - whatever works best for you.

   Your cruises sound delightful!  Y'all go See the World!

   Welcome, Nancy!


# 2 and 3 - A husband and wife team: Tim Whitt ('66) and Kathy Presgraves Whitt ('71) of VA - 06/16/04:

I found this site just by a fluke

My Husband and I both are graduates of NNHS
James Timothy Whitt class of "66"
Katherine Lorraine Presgraves class of "71"

What a great idea!!!
I would like to receive this Newsletter.


YAY!!! - gotta love those flukes!  Welcome, Tim and Kathy!


# 4 - Jimmy Dick ('65) of FL - 06/15/04:

I was glad to find this web site while surfing. Please
add me to the mailing list.

James M. Dick, Sr.
"Jimmy", Class of '65

From Me ('65) in NC to Jimmy - 06/15/04:

Hey, Jim!

Great to hear from you! Consider yourself added.

So where are you (pick a state, any state...)?

And if you have any great memories, be sure to send them to us.

Take care,

From Jimmy Dick ('65) of FL - 06/15/04:

Wow, your response was fast. I am impressed! In
answer to your question, I live in Hawthorne, Florida
a small town some 50 miles SW of Jacksonville. I work
in Jax, managing a recycling and waste removal
company. I now in my new life raise horses and have a
wide variety of animals on my ten rural acres. In
short, I have become a country boy although I still
like to go in to the city. I don't ever care to live
through a cold winter again. And I look very forward
to hearing more about classmates with whom I lost
contact for so long. Thanks for providing this service
and I will have to send a stipend to help with the
program upkeep. Thanks, Carol

   Welcome, Jimmy!



More FABULOUS News from Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 06/15/04:

On behalf of the NNHS 64/40 Reunion Committee, I am pleased to report to the Class
of 1964 that our Class Co-Sponsor, Miss Ettalea Kanter, has accepted our invitation
to attend our Reunion on Saturday, October 23rd, 2004. In her reply she stated, in part:

"I now have '64 Class Reunion on my calendar for October 23. I do appreciate
the invitation and look forward to seeing your classmates at the OMNI."

   SUPER!!!  Miss Kanter also attended the 40th Reunion of the Class of '63 in October, and she was a knockout! 
I had no idea she was one of the teachers; I mistook her for one of the students!  And she's still delightful!


   Thanks, Dave!


From Sarah Puckett Kressaty ('65) of VA - 06/16/05:  



    HA-HA-HA!  Henry, I never see this without thinking of you!

    Thanks, Sarah!


From Billy Turner ('65) of TX - 06/14/04 (in response to a query by Carol Griffith Moody - '71 of VA):

I coached Willie Armistead at NNHS for two seasons. Willie had an outstanding football career at
University of Utah. Never made it in NFL. Believe he played couple of years in Canadian league.  
Owned BBQ restaurant in Salt Lake City for a while. Not sure where he is now. He started at center
for the last two NNHS basketball teams. As you know I was Charlie Woollum's assistant and head JV
coach at that time. Other team members were JoJoBethea, Jimmy Swinton, Danny Rawlston, Kenny
Baker, Phil  ??? etc. Best I can do for right now. Got to go to a meeting.
Billy Turner

    Thanks, Billy Turner (still one word)!  You da man!


From Jennifer Sheppard ('62) of NC - 06/14/04:

WoW!  Thanks, Carol, for the wonderful pages for old NNHS.......they are coming through fine for me....
and I'm enjoying the information very much.

The music is wonderful!!! Thank you so much, Jennifer

   Thank you, Jennifer!  I'm glad you're enjoying it!  The music can, as you see, largely be attributed to the
magnificent talents of Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA, who is a veritable wizard at both remembering and finding
the most appropriate music for every page.  (Thanks, Dave!)


From Sue Scott Moore ('64) of VA - 06/14/04 (who sent us the precious old images several days ago):

Thank you, Carol!!  I love those old pictures too!!

   Thanks again, Sue!  I can't remember a time in my life when I wasn't completely captivated by old photos!


From Craig Miller ('63) of FL - 06/15/04:

I didn't remember Art's and Spano's either, but I do remember Mike's Hot Dog joint,  one-half a block from school. 
Two chili dogs for 25 cents, and they were the best in town!  When did Mike's disappear?
Does anybody remember Mike and his "two hots-a-doggy Carolina chick-chicks all the way!"  Or am I the last one?
I know Clinton Price ('63) and Tommy Payne ('63) would remember...anybody know where they are?
Carol, speaking of the cherry cokes at the Stuart Gardens Pharmacy, do you remember the name of the very nice
young African -American gentleman who worked the soda fountain?  After ordering our cherry coke, he used to ask: 
1) large or small?; 2) with or without a straw?; 3) with or without ice?; 4) a lot of ice, or little ice?;  5) a lot of cherry,
or a little cherry?  He used to crack me up!
Craig Miller ('63)

From Me ('65) in NC to Craig - 06/15/04:

   Duh…. I dunno….I don’t remember Art and Spano's either!  All I remember is The Dog House!  Hmmm….I don’t
remember Mike's at all…   Um, I think I only ate at four places: the cafeteria, The Dog House, Woolworth’s, and the Y. 
I musta been a real stick-in-the-mud. 

   Clinton was still missing, last I heard, but Tommy is in Williamsburg.  Sorry, I’ve no email addy for him.

   I DO remember the pharmacy guy – and his face, and his hands - but not the conversation!  That’s funny!!!  And I
don’t remember his name, but I'll bet Larry Puckette ('63) would! Let’s ask Dianne (Adams Puckette - '65)!  Oh, Dianne....


From Cookie Phillips Tyndall ('64) of VA - 06/16/04:

Okay, here is the rest of the scoop on Charlie. He is Dr. Charles C. Phillips, MS, MPH, CIH.
He was born Jan 30, 1947 in Lakeland, Florida. He served in the Army from 1969 until he
retired in 1989. He is now an Industrial Hygienist with a firm in Knoxville, Tennessee. And
as his sister, I can say he is a sweetheart.

   Thanks, Cookie!  This information has now been added to Charlie's entry (with his adorable picture)
on Famous Soldiers:


   And I knew that "sweetheart" part already!  (Hi, Charlie!)

Note to all former Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines out there:  Send me your data, and you too
can be Rich and Famous!  Well, famous, anyway...


From Joe Madagan ('57) of FL - 06/16/04 (upon actually receiving his red, white and blue crocheted
Christmas ornament):

Hi, Carol:
That was very sweet of you to send me a card. I am glad to contribute to the web page.
Thanks for the labor of love in making the beautiful ornament. I will always remember you when I
hang it on my tree.
I like your business card. SWEET!
Take care,

   WOW!  What we have here, sports fans, is a bona fide satisfied customer!  Quick - somebody write that down!
Giggles!  You're certainly welcome, Joe!  And thank you for all the great new content you've added to the pages
in the last few weeks!


From Ron Miller ('59) of NC - 06/16/04 - a very touching memory of Coach Jack Powers:




   Ronnie, you made my whole dreadful day bearable with this!  Thanks so much!


From Wayne Stokes ('65) of VA - 06/16/04:

"prompt service, no matter how long it takes!"
As you can see and already know, this email is dated 6/13/04 (7:41AM). Nothing wrong with that.
But, why I am just receiving it? Rhetorical question, not to worry.
Now I know how Madagan was able to comment on Ron's suggestion, as noted in your last newsletter, 
the fact! I was wondering how he could say on 6/13 how great an idea something was that wasn't
known until 6/14? Now, I know! But, I still don't know who Madagan is? I bet ya, he doesn't know who I am!
(all improper English aside) makes us even!
Thanks for the info.

   Wayne, you are a HOOT - but a very astute hoot.  I should toot you and your zoot suit a tune on my flute,
but your point is moot.  If only I were mute!  TRA-LA-LA!!!

   No, seriously, there are several things at play here (beyond myself).  For one, Time-Warner Cable has been
doing strange and goofy things with the timing of my mail.  F'instance: My #6 son, Dale, sent us each a letter
from CA, which everyone but me received right away.  My copy took TWELVE stupid hours to arrive!   But this
particular item was one in which Joe had been given Insider Knowledge - much as you yourself have had the
rare and honored privilege of previewing certain pages before their debut - such as the 1964 State Basketball
page - which WILL be released on or before 06/25/04,
ready or not.

  And how could you not know who Joe Madagan is after all this time?!?

   Go take a look-see:








   See?  That's the beauty and the wonder of the internet: you don't have to actually meet people to get to know
them.  Besides, Once a Typhoon, Always a Typhoon - just like the Marines.  And now we've come full circle, so I
I'll go get started on that bread.

   Y'all take care of each other.

                                   Love to all, Carol


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"I only have two kinds of days: happy and hysterically happy."


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