06/09/04 - NNHS Newsletter - Urgent Message #2!

Dear Friends and Schoolmates,


   I received this message this afternoon from Dave Arnold (’65): 


Here's an update on the Yevak saga, and while this hasn't reached

the biblical proportions of the Israelites leaving Egypt we may be

getting close.


H.P. has been hard at work the last week, and we met last night with

another old friend of Bobby's in an attempt to finalize some issues. 

It appears H.P. has located housing for Bobby but it won't be available

immediately.  In the interim Bobby and the family will stay with a relative. 

A local realtor friend of H.P.'s has talked to a friend with a storage

business, who will accept, unload and store Bobby's household goods

gratis, a very nice gesture.  The cost of the movers is estimated

at $1,650.00, and that bill needs to be paid when they arrive on

Monday the 14th. 


Sooo - if you can put out another alert to the Typhoons that would be great. 

This will get everyone back to the Peninsula and we're arranging work

for Bobby to begin getting back to normal.


I've got to tell you the response and effort of so many people has been

gratifying during this entire event, and makes me proud to know all

those lending a hand.  And as always, thanks for everything you do.



Captain Dave Arnold
Director of Personnel and Training
Virginia Peninsula Regional Jail
9320 Merrimac Trail
Williamsburg, VA 23185


Voice (757) 820-3909    Fax (757) 887-1849


   Y’all know what to do, bless your hearts.  Thank you.


                                                                       Love to all, Carol





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