06/01/04 - NNHS Newsletter - Urgent Message!

Dear Friends and Schoolmates,


   Sometimes our news is joyous.  Sometimes it is far different.  I had a call from Dave Arnold (’64) of VA this afternoon, who related to me the following information.  I asked him if he would put it in his own words, which he graciously consented to do:


As we all look forward to summer and the many activities we enjoy, I need to make all of you aware of one of our classmates who is in immediate need of our help.  Bobby Yevak (’65) of NC has been confronted with a multitude of circumstances that are taking a toll on him and the family.  Any one of these issues alone would be devastating, but taken in total it's a terrible burden to bear.  The immediate need being faced right now is funding.  If you can provide assistance in any amount for Bobby and the family please give it serious consideration.  If you would like to talk about what challenges Bobby is facing, please feel free to contact me at (757) 618-6646, or H.P. Lucas (’65) at (757) 827-8287, or Ron Smith (’65) at (757) 595-4424, and we'll provide more information.


If you're able to offer assistance to Bobby and his family, money may be sent to the following account from any Bank of America branch office;


John R. Yevak

7779 NC 39 Highway South

Henderson, NC 27537

Acct. No. 000684269490


Thanks to all of you Typhoons in advance for your consideration.



  Thank you, Dave – and H.P. and Ron.  And Bobby, our prayers, as ever, are with you.

   I often close my Newsletters by saying “Y’all take care of each other.”

   And you really do.

   Once again may I say how honored I am to know all of you, and to count you among my friends.


   Love to all, Carol





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