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05/16/17 - NNHS Newsletter - That Old Feeling

It didn't dawn on me until you were gone just how much I would
miss you. Sometimes I start to pick up the phone to see if you
want to do something, and then I remember you're far away.
Or I go somewhere we used to go, see people having fun, and
wish we could be there, too, laughing and talking like they are.

- Renee Duvall

Dear Friends and Schoolmates,

   You know how it is once I get into one of my Frank Sinatra moods.....  

BONUS - - That Old Feeling - Frank Sinatra, August 11, 1947


"That Old Feeling" is a popular song.

The music was written by Sammy Fain, the lyrics by Lew Brown[1]. The song was published in 1937.

The song first appeared in the movie Vogues of 1938, actually released in 1937[1]. It was immediately a hit in a version recorded by Shep Fields and His Rippling Rhythm Orchestra, considered to have spent fourteen weeks on the charts in 1937, four at #1. (The charts did not actually exist in those days, but reconstructions of what they would have been give those statistics[1].) A version was also recorded by Jan Garber, which charted at #10[1].)

In 1952, it was included in the Susan Hayward movie, With a Song in My Heart where Jane Froman sang it in a dubbing for Hayward. Patti Page, as well as Frankie Laine and Buck Clayton, had hit versions of the song in 1955. Frank Sinatra had a hit with the song in 1960.

The title of the song was given to a film in 1997, starring Bette Midler and Dennis Farina, where it was performed by Patrick Williams and by Louis Armstrong and Oscar Peterson[1][2].


   Happy Birthday tomorrow to    Don Coffey ('54) of VA AND    the late Susan Whitt Vest ('66) of VA (deceased 06/16/10)!

   Happy Birthday this week to:

 19 -     David Whitley ('67) of VA;

20 -  Chuck Ragland ('66) of VA;

21 -   Faye Merritt Houk ('66) of VA;

22 - Judy Blechman Morenoff ('57)!

   Many Happy Returns to You All!


May 16, 1943 - Britain began Operation Chastise. The plan was to bomb key dams in order to flood the Ruhr region of Germany. 1,268 people were killed including 700 Russian slave laborers.

May 16, 1943 - Germany began Operation Gypsy Baron. The offensive was against partisan resistance fighters who controlled areas of swampland, forest and mountain ranges and were still fighting German invaders on the Russian front.

May 16, 1943 - Holocaust: The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising ended. The Jewish revolt had begun on April 19.


Tuesday, May 16, 1967 - Baseball player and coach Doug Brocail was born Douglas Keith Brocail in Clearfield, Pennsylvania.

Tuesday, May 16, 1967The Baroness Williams of Trafford, Susan Williams, was born Susan Frances Maria Williams in Blackrock, Cork, Ireland.

From My Friend, Susan, of NC - 05/14/15:

“...There is no expiation in retaliation; vengeance not only prolongs conflict, but also deepens and widens it. Thus, forgetfulness and forgiveness, by being intertwined, make strong the chords of brotherhood.

- Neal A. Maxwell
06 July 1926 - 21 July 2004)

   Thanks so much, Susan!

   From Harry Covert ('57) of MD - 05/15/17 - "A VISIT TO MR. HOOVER’S GHOST":

The Nattering Nabobs Still Busy

By Harry M. Covert

The current bumptiousness ongoing among the nation’s elite – the know-it-all’s – is something to behold and brings more cause to be concerned about the country’s health.

Relax, friends. No matter what the “nattering nabobs” of today are blathering, there’s no constitutional crisis or Tuesday night massacre.

Stirring the political pot continues and likely will. The late great speechwriter and newspaper columnist William Safire is remembered for that wonderful “nattering” quote.

Actually to put everything in perspective today,
the big issue is simple. Will the Washington Nationals and the Baltimore Orioles reach baseball’s World Series at the same time? Both teams are excellent and currently lead their respective divisions. The star players are performing as stars. That’s extremely good for us all.

For the sake of the made-up crises, please forgive my negative attitude, cynicism and despair to the latest hogwash emanating from the Halls of Congress and the ancillary operatives. All of the hatefulness is no longer funny, but tiresome. The subject today is the firing of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) director of the past three years. No is necessary here to mention his name.

I do have a suggestion for whomever is anointed the next director of the FBI. That person, before being grilled by the Congress and ensconced in office, should visit the Congressional Cemetery on E Street Southeast, Washington, D.C.

Yes, that’s the resting place of John Edgar Hoover, founder and director of the FBI for four decades. The nominee should go and stand at Mr. Hoover’s grave, attempt to elicit advice on how to run the department and modernize the thinking.

No matter what Mr. Hoover’s critics may say, he knew how to handle the reprobates, criminals and other money grabbers who infiltrate the nation’s political offices on the premise of serving the people.

He may have missed the growth of what’s called the Mafia, or Murder, Inc., for a while, but Mr. Hoover had the goods on quite a few of the nobles who liked to portray themselves as perfect specimens of honor and dignity. Since they’re all dead I won’t bring up their identities. I could, but won’t to keep their families from sad memories.

Mr. Hoover served as director under six presidents. Let’s face it, none dared to fire him or remove his presence. He ran a tight organization, maintained detailed files on those in the law-making business. Those people were fearful of what he may or may not know about their devious extracurricular activities. This is accurate historical information.

Somehow I don’t think Mr. Hoover would today have become a daily media talker like so many. He ruled with an iron hand. He’d do the same today. He probably would not have put up with the modern class of office holders.

I like to think how today’s politicians would fare knowing Mr. Hoover had confidential files on them. Again, it’s a different historical time, but the new director could absorb Mr. Hoover’s ghost. It still emanates throughout FBI land.

Stories abound at the success of the extraordinary work of the FBI. The agency’s staff knew – under Mr. Hoover’s tenure – what would happen if they didn’t do right. They’d end up in inconvenient and undeveloped locales of western areas.

Washington is out of control these days. To my sincerest chagrin, so is the media.
   Thank you so much, Harry! Speaking of really big issues...

    From My #5 Son, Nathaniel Harty (Hillsboro HS, IL - '97) of IL - 05/14/17 - "Grammar Nazis PLUS Stephen Fry VS. Grammar Nazis":

Mom, here are the videos to which I referred on the phone.

     BUSTED! Thank you, Nathaniel! As a self-professed grammar Nazi, raised by two grammar Nazis, who themselves were raised by four grammar Nazis, who openly equated faulty grammar with moral turpitude, I am indeed guilty as charged!

   I quite share your opinion of the Oxford comma, which clarifies usage, and I'm delighted you agree with me.

   My latest obsession is the rapidly proliferating custom of beginning sentences with "So..." (and the presumably less formal "Okay, so...").

   ARGHH! People, people, people! The word "so" is a conjunction! Conjunctions join two phrases, they cannot begin anything!

   My sainted mother taught me to be polite at all times and in all places, so with remarkable restraint, I have thus far resisted the impulse to throttle all such offenders, but I must admit that it's becoming increasingly difficult for me. I am greatly aided in my resolve by the fact that I would have to let go of my walker to do so.

  From Me ('65) of NC - 05/06/17 - "Temperature Gauge Afghan, Fayetteville, NC, 01/01/17 to 05/06/17:

   As promised, here's another update on my temperature gauge afghan. Using a size H hook, making the popcorn center polka-dots with a size B hook, and breaking the colors down into 10-degree increments:

101 + Burgundy
91-100 Cherry Red

81-90 Pumpkin
71-80 Cornmeal
61-70 Pale Yellow

51-60 Paddy Green
41-50 Honeydew
31-40 Royal Blue
21-30 Baby Blue
0-20 Lilac


      Behold the first eighteen weeks of 2017 in Fayetteville!

   The heat is here, as evidenced by the first appearance of those Cherry Red blocks. On April 28 while it was snowing in Colorado and Utah, and 150 roads were closed in Missouri due to record flooding, here in Fayetteville the temperature reached 92 degrees, and the next day spiked to 94! The beautiful Cherry Red is my favorite color, but I much prefer the feel of the Cornmeal range!

   Just to be safe, I broke out some Burgundy yarn in anticipation of high temperatures reaching in excess of 101 degrees.

   This IS Fayetteville, after all! 


 From Joyce Lawrence Cahoon ('65) of VA - 05/13/17 - "Stenciled Cinder Blocks":

   WOW! Thank you, Joyce!

    From Sarah Puckett Kressaty ('65) of VA - 05/15/16:

  Thanks, Sarah Sugah!

“Long note? Yes. Make it seem short.

- Eugene Ormandy, conductor
(18 Nov 1899 - 12 Mar

BONUS OLD CROCHET PATTERNS: - Old Crochet Patterns - "Yarn Lover's Room welcomes you to our antique crochet room. We hope you will find something old, something maybe you've watched your grandmother make..."

BONUS OLD RECIPES: - Old Recipes - "What are recipe cards, recipes on scraps of paper in a kitchen drawer or old cookbooks with notes in the margin? These are more than just recipes. These heritage recipes - our links with our past and our connections to special people and special events are tied to those scraps of paper. At Heritage Recipes we are dedicated to the preservation of memories and old recipes..."

From - 05/15/17:

My friend Kimberly announced that she had started a diet to lose some pounds she had put on recently.

“Good!” I exclaimed. “I’m ready to start a diet too. We can be dieting buddies and help each other out. When I feel the urge to drive out and get a burger and fries, I’ll call you first.”

“Great!” she replied. “I’ll ride with you.”

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2. Wednesday, July 12, 2017 - The NNHS Class of June 1942 meets at noon on the second Wednesday of every other month for a Dutch treat lunch at the James River Country Club, 1500 Country Club Road. PLEASE JOIN THEM. Give or take a few years makes no difference. Good conversation, food and atmosphere. For details, call Jennings Bryan at 803-7701 for reservations.

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Y'all take good care of each other!  TYPHOONS FOREVER! 
We'll Always Have Buckroe!

                          Love to all, Carol





Carol Buckley Harty
7020 Lure Court
Fayetteville, NC 28311-9309

"Never underestimate
the power of a drop
in the bucket."


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That Old Feeling

Words by Lew Brown (10 Dec 1893 - 05 Feb 1958)

Music by Sammy Fain (17 June 1902 - 06 Dec 1989), 1937

Recorded by Frank Sinatra, 1947

I saw you last night and got that old feeling
When you came in sight, I got that old feeling
The moment that you danced by, I felt a thrill
And when you caught my eye, my heart stood still

Once again I seemed to feel that old yearning
Then I knew the spark of love was still burning
There'll be no new romance for me, it's foolish to start
'cause that old feeling is still in my heart

There'll be no new romance for me, it's foolish to start
'cause that old feeling is still in my heart

 "That Old Feeling" midi (sequenced by Mel Webb) courtesy of - 05/16/07

"That Old Feeling" lyrics courtesy of - 05/16/07

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