Bill Black's Play Reading -
"Well... I Guess I'm Back"
Saturday, April 26, 2008 

I've spoken to
Le'Royce E. Bratsveen about ticket sales for my little play reading this coming Saturday night, and she paints a pretty bleak picture. There'll be an ad in Thursday's Daily Press, and David Nicholson might be running a story in Friday's paper.  Dick Lamb will almost definitely have me on the air at 92.9 the Wave one day this week,  and there's a slim possibility I'll actually be on-camera with WTKR's noon news.  All of that is last minute stuff,  so I hope people would still to be able to make plans to attend the reading.

The reading of Bill Black's play, "Well I Guess I'm Back" is this Saturday night, April 26th, 8PM at the Dr. Mary Christian Auditorium at Thomas Nelson Community College.  Tickets are $12.00.  
Bill says: "Don't let the fact that the name Jim Quinn appears as the playwright, it's me, but that's the air name I used for many years at the Sooper Q, WTAR, and WRVA in Richmond.  I thought it would help me with the media publicity, but that ain't happened, so the whole evening might turn out to be the second stupidest thing I ever did on the Peninsula.  The first was when I stood up at Mouse Assembly our senior year and described the in-coming eighth graders by saying: "Don't mock the afflicted...."   Which I hope everyone remembers as a line from "A Hard Day's Night"...  Huh?  The Beatles' first movie...What?  Those four guys from Liverpool .. Never mind.."

Anyone interested?  Hopefully everyone saw "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" last weekend, so there's nothing else worth seeing at the movies.  Call Le'Royce Bratsveen, artistic director of Iron Street Productions, at 244-8937.   Call often, buy lots of tickets.  One of you on the mailing list has knowledge of at least one of the other stupid things I've done.  I think I'll recognize you; just tug on your ear in case I don't.  It's been a long time.  

And if any of you can't attend, call  Margaret Burns Edwards ('67) at Floral Fashions, 868-0405, for a suitable memorial arrangement.  If you all pool your money, it won't cost much.

Oh!  What's "Well, I Guess I'm Back?" all about?  It's a love story, basically, and the third stupidest thing I've ever done...  Anything else, ya gotta pay.  But that also lets you rip me to bits at the Q&A afterwards. Careful, though, the director and the cast are on all my side.

Thanks, Dee.  Hope you can come.


- Bill Black - a.k.a. Jim Quinn  ('66) of GA to Dee Hodges Bartram ('66) of VA- 04/21/08
COOL BEANS! Thanks, Bill!

Dave Arnold ('65 - of VA) and I are attending Bill Black's ('66 - of GA) play reading; Pam (Smith Arnold - '65 - of VA) cannot make it.

- Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 04/23/08
SUPER-DE-DUPER! Thanks, Dave!

Please let Bill Black ('66 - of GA) know that I was going to see his production on Saturday evening. but we have a guest staying with us and I can't get away. I have not seen Bill in years; let him know I would love to see him if gets up around Washington some time.

Tell him I'm sorry I missed seeing him and good luck with his play..

From an old 58th Street Beach Friend, 

Bob Parrish

-  Bob Parrish ('68) of Northern VA - 04/24/08
AWW!!! I'm so sorry you'll miss it, Bob, but I'll pass your note along to Bill! Thanks!

There was a nice turnout for the reading, including a number of TYPHOONs. The play was well received, despite Bill's apprehension.

When Dave Arnold and I arrived, we saw Richie Allen and Frances Goodson Wang and had a nice chat.

The reading concluded to thunderous applause, after which we retired to the lobby for 45 minutes of interesting conversation. I asked an attendee to take this photo of the TYPHOONs in attendance.

After the reading I got a photo of Bill and Richie. Here is the Bill Black Fan Club from left to right:
Richie Allen ('66) of VA and
Bill Black ('66) of GA
Donna Worsham Lonce ('65) of VA; Frances Goodson Wang ('65) of MD; Richie Allen ('66) of VA; Bill Black ('66) of GA; Dave Arnold ('65) of VA; and Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA.

Regrettably, it was after the image was snapped that I found that Bill Raper ('66) was also in attendance. The group was reformed to include Bill Raper, and someone with a cell phone camera captured that image.

- Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 04/27/08
WOWZERONI! Thanks, Dave!

Well, as much as I missed seeing some faces, and as great as it was meeting Dave Spriggs ('64 - of VA) and seeing some of the guys again, my night was infinitely brighter for seeing my girlfriend from Stonewall Jackson days,  Nancy Carmen Lewis.   Thanks, Richie Allen ('66 - of VA), for tracking her down.
And meeting her husband, Carl. 
Please add Nancy to the newsletter mailing list.  Crawford, Nancy Lewis  
Maybe her husband, Carl will know some people, too.
And thanks, Carol and Dee (Hodges Bartram - '66 - of VA), for everything you did for me.    I'm doing some re-writes, and there might be another reading in Norfolk later this summer / fall.  We'll see what happens next...   Knowing about Susan Sandler's ('66 - of NYC) success, I thought this was all gonna be a piece of cake!
I mean, we went to the same school didn't we?  Took the same drama classes, didn't we?
What's that sound?  Miss Crane spinning in her grave?

- Bill Black - a.k.a. Jim Quinn  ('66) of GA - 04/29/08
WILD GIGGLES!!! Thanks so much, Bill! I'm still crushed that I couldn't be there myself, but I'm glad it turned out so well in so many ways!

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