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04/13/09 - NNHS Newsletter
Thomas Jefferso
n's 266th Birthday

“Educate and inform the whole mass of the people...
They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.”

- Thomas Jefferson
(13 Apr 1743 - 04 July 1826)

Dear Friends and Schoolmates,   

   This observance is supposed to repeat every year:



  From Wayne Agee ('58) of FL - 04/13/09 AND    From the Head Cheerleader of 1958, Evelyn Fryer Fish of TX - "Carolyn Burns, wife of Bob Burns ('58) of VA":


Please put this on the prayer list as Bobby Burns' ('58) wife, Carolyn, has suffered a heart attack and is hospitalized in Mechanicsville, Virginia.


Hi Carol - I received the email below from Bobby Burns who graduated with me in '58.  Carolyn is his wife.
You may have already been notified of this - but just in case you have not, thought you could add her to our prayer list.
Thank you Carol for all that you do for us.
lv, ev

From Bob Burns ('58) of VA - 04/13/09 - "CAROLYN":


Carolyn suffered a heart attack Saturday at home. Carolyn is in Memorial Regional Hospital in Mechanicsville. She is in a coma. Our Family asks you to pray for her recovery.


  OH, NO! I'm so very sorry to learn this sad news! Thank you for letting us know, Wayne and Evelyn! Our prayers will all be with Carolyn and Bobby!


   Happy Birthday today to    Gil Hughes ('64)!

   Happy Birthday this week to:

14 -   Linda DeShazo Hatchett (’65) of VA;

15 -   George Helliesen ('61) of MI;

17 - David Jones ('57);

18 -   Monty Phillips ('62) of VA AND   Bill Wolfley ('70) of VA!

   Many Happy Returns to You All!

    From Eric Huffstutler (Bethel HS - '75) of VA - 04/11/09 - "Movies":


Do you and yours have Big Lots where you live?

   Well, Eric, I certainly always enjoyed the one we had in Fayetteville! There used to be one here in Edwardsville, but it closed before we moved here. Now the closest two Big Lots are in Granite City and in Alton. We actually passed the Alton store yesterday on our way up to Winchester for our mini-family reunion, but even though it's only 20 minutes or so away, and I've been meaning to shop there ever since we arrived, I've never actually been inside..... :o(

I know here in Richmond we have a few and occasionally they get in bins full of $3 movies, mostly old stock from Warner, MGM, and Columbia - a good way to increase one's collections pretty cheap.  Today I picked up 23 more movies - many classics which include: 

 EAST OF EDEN (2-disc set)  (1955)
ROBERTA  (1935)
THE CHAMP  (1931)
KINGS ROW  (1942)
TEENAGE CAVEMAN (Creature Feature Series)  (2002)
DOMINION  (2005)
CABARET (believe it or not, I never had this one) (1972)

I do like WWII subject movies but they didn't have any except war era made movies. 

   But those are my particular favorites, Eric!

I watched "Gung Ho!" just last week.  Two I watched today had the NRA eagle (National Recovery Administration) that says "We Do Our Part".  When I see these my mind starts wandering and one thing leads to another such as War Bonds, and Savings Bonds.  I can remember how excited I would become each week when mom gave me change to purchase stamps (The Savings Stamp Program) at school that ran between 1949-1970.

  Speaking of stamps and our grocery stores thread, don't forget:  


   OHHH, how well I remember them all, Eric! Thanks for the memories - and enjoy your "new" movies!

    From Linda May Bond Crayton ('66) of VA - 04/12/09 - "Movies":


Not only am I a movies addict, I am teaching my grandson how to enjoy a movie and avoid a waste of time.

I've taken to renting (because they are not worth buying) the "new" remakes of our old favorites and having my grandson over for a movie night in which we play both old and new and compare them.

I agree with you (and so does my grandson, age 11) that most remakes are not worth the time or money. Instead of walking away with that movie with you for several days, you feel empty and annoyed. They seem to be like a cartoon of a classic, not worth remembering, except to laugh at.

War of the Worlds, although very violent, is a good remake, in my opinion. Only thing is, instead of "others" reaching out to us in a wondrous-what if-WOW- sorta  way that made space travel a cool thing, it was a reality check! And we all know what we think of reality!

Mark honey, I knew all those year ago when Phyllis Diller started making those commercials for laundry detergent that Mrs. Ward's, Mrs. Nelson's, and Mrs. Cleaver's days of waisted full skirted dresses with pearl necklaces and high heel accessorized floor cleaning days were over.

That and double knit!
Linda May ' 66

   GIGGLES!!! Thanks, Linda May!

        From Sydney Dearing ('56) of TN - 04/12/09 - "Movies and books":

Hi Carol,

I just watched the remake of The Day The Earth Stood Still.  I was really looking forward to watching it and even though the reviews weren't very good I had high hopes for it.  I agree with     Eric (Huffstutler - Bethel HS - '75 - of VA), what an incredible disappointment!  I suspect that moviemakers today think the public will be so awed by computer generated special effects that we will overlook how bad the movie is.  The day before I watched a movie that I was not expecting to be all that great but it was wonderful.  If anyone wants to watch an excellent film that lives up to all the hype about it, watch Slumdog Millionaire.

   AHA! Another vote for this movie!   Bill Hobbs ('66) of Northern VA recommended this one to us several weeks ago!

I think I have mentioned here before that I am also an avid reader and, like my movies, my taste in books is very eclectic.  I would highly recommend a book that my sister       Nancy (Dearing Berry  - '62 - of TX) sent me for Christmas that I put on my reading list but just got around to reading about the time of your short hiatus from the newsletter.  It is a true, "feel good" book that will give you goose bumpsIt is titled Once Upon a Town (The Miracle of the North Platte Canteen) by Bob Greene.  During the war years, troop trains running east and west carrying American soldiers toward their destinations in Europe and the Pacific passed through North Platte, Nebraska, a small midwestern plains town.  It is the story of how the people of North Platte, wanting to show their support for the servicemen passing through, started a canteen in the train depot. From Christmas Day 1941 to the end of WW2, every day of the year, every day of the war, from 5 a.m. until the last troop train of the day had pulled out, usually after midnight, the canteen which was staffed and funded entirely by local volunteers, provided "coffee, music, home-cooked food, magazines, and friendly conversation during a stopover that lasted only a few minutes, for a never-ending stream of weary, homesick military personnel."  This small town of twelve thousand people, amazingly provided friendship and baskets of food and treats to more than six million GIs by the time the war ended.
Go Blue & Gold

   Thanks so much, Sydney!

       From Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 04/12/09 - "Hilton Park (Extended)":

I can add a few more names, if we extend the boundaries north to 74th Street and east to Wickham Avenue. There have been so many entries that I may duplicate some.

Jefferson Avenue: Rex ('66) & Malcolm ('65) Davis

Clinton Drive: The Dempsey Girls: Katie (WHS ‘64), Patty ’66, and Mary (NNHS ??); Vickie Edgerton ‘66

Marshall Avenue:
Robert Smith ‘64/'65

72nd Street: Billy Gallimore ’66, Anita Parker ’66, Al Hines ’65,
     Dave Spriggs ‘64

Paul Street: John Gillikin ‘63

   I was wondering if we were going to hear back from you on what I thought to be your old neighborhood, David! Thanks, Brown Eyes!

    From Frances Goodson Wang ('65) of MD - 04/12/09 - "The ol' stomping ground":

What a special gift to read     Terry Seay ('67 - of TN) and     Joe Wingo's ('65 - of NC) recollections of our neighborhood on Easter Day! It brought back so many memories from those sweet days. We used to go over into the park at night and play games soon to be wiped from kids' minds by video games and iPod use: hide and seek, the one one where you had to freeze and hold the position, tag, etc. Can you imagine letting kids play outside after dark now? We were safe.  

I remember smudge pots to keep mosquitoes away while my parents talked to neighbors out on the front lawn on summer nights. I can smell the smoke. I remember our neighbor, Mildred Thomas, sitting with us talking about buying a new hat for Easter but no new dress this year to economize. Little things like that come to mind: the smell of  hot tomato plants that my  daddy grew so skillfully in his garden, the sound of corn leaves in a  high wind, the smell of the lawn freshly mowed, the odor of burning leaves wafting across a golden autumn evening, or the smell of my daddy cutting wood to do yet another improvement on our little house. He was never idle and could fix anything non-electrical.

It was so good to see the pictures of people whose names had eluded me. The Oxners were good friends of my parents.

Thank you all for the memories.


  Thank you, Frances - what memories you raise!

   From Bill Hobbs ('66) of Northern VA - 04/12/09 - "Penny Postcards":

Have you seen this yet?


What did your town look like according to a penny postcard?

   Yes, Sweetie, we've run this several times, but it's so cool, we'll run it again for the benefit of those who may not have seen it! Thanks, Billy!

From Lacey Milburn of VA - 04/13/09 - "Inquiry":

Hello Carol,

I am with Boys & Girls Clubs of the Virginia Peninsula and     Mickey Marcella ('54 - of VA) asked me to email you about a letter/ad he had placed on the class of 1965 website.  Could you please send me the link to the webpage?  Thanks! 

Lacey Milburn
Executive Assistant
Boys & Girls Clubs of Virginia Peninsula                         
11825 Rock Landing Drive
Chesapeake Building, Suite B
Newport News, VA 23606

You caught me goofing off even more than usual, Lacey, but I decided to repent.

   Originally (due largely to being extremely pressed for time), I simply carried Mickey's announcement in Saturday's Newsletter, with a follow-up in Sunday's Newsletter, and reminders at the bottom of each, with the promise of reminders in each subsequent Newsletter until the happening has - ah - happened:
That seemed reasonable to me at the time, as most of our subscribers simply read the daily Newsletters and visit the site itself only on occasion.  On further reflection, I decided to also post a News Flash on the Boys Club page (yes, I know that's not the name now, but this website was designed for all of us old-timers who knew it by that name) as well as on the front page of the site itself.

   So now if you'll check here and here you'll find a bit more:





   Best wishes on your Big Night, Lacey - and thanks for the nudge!

   We also have some fun items from        the Head Flagtwirler of 1965, Janice McCain Rose of VA, but as I've been busy with personal matters today, and the hour is late, I shall reserve them for next time.


1. Thursday, April 23, 2009 - See Cal Ripken, Jr. at the Hampton Convention Center.  For details, see  - ALL FORMER BOYS AND GIRLS CLUB MEMBERS

2. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, April 24, 25, and 26, 2009 - The Class of 1954 will hold its 55-Year Reunion.  For details, contact Dr. Harry Simpson at 804-694-0346 or email him at - CLASS OF 1954

3. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, May 15, 16, and 17, 2009 - The Hampton High School Class of 1964 will hold its 45-Year Reunion at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. For details, see: - HAMPTON HIGH SCHOOL - CLASS OF 1964

4. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, September 4, 5 and 6 (Labor Day Weekend), 2009 - The Class of 1969 will hold its 40-Year Reunion at the Point Plaza Hotel, Newport News, VA. For details, see: and contact Jean Baker Howell at - OPEN TO ALL NNHS ALUMNI

5. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, September 18, 19, and 20, 2009 - The Warwick High School Class of 1959 will hold its 50-Year Reunion at the Marriott Newport News at City Center, Newport News, VA. For details, contact

6. Friday and Saturday, October 9 and 10, 2009 - The Class of 1964 will hold its 45-Year Reunion at the Newport News Marriott at City Center, 740 Town Center Drive, Newport News, VA 23606: For details, see: - CLASS OF 1964:

Your NNHS 64/45 Reunion Committee is pleased to announce that musical entertainment has been arranged for our Reunion.

On Friday evening, we will dance to the tunes of DJ, Susan Voss. Those of you who attended our “Turning Sixty” Party in 2006 at Spirit Events will remember Susan’s talent and energy.

On Saturday night we have engaged the band, LP & Company, headed by L.P. Butler. I could tell you how great they are, but you can see for yourself on the video at their web site:

PRAYER ROLL: - updated 04/13/09

BLOG: - updated 01/09/09

   Y'all take care of each other!  TYPHOONS FOREVER!  We'll Always Have Buckroe!

                          Love to all, Carol





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Liberty Song

Words by John Dickison *, 1778
Tune - "Heart of Oak"

Come, join hand in hand, brave Americans all,
And rouse your bold hearts at fair Liberty's call;
No tyrannous acts shall suppress your just claim,
Or stain with dishonor America's name.

In Freedom we're born and in Freedom we'll live.
Our purses are ready. Steady, friends, steady;
Not as slaves, but as Freemen our money we'll give.

Our worthy forefathers, let's give them a cheer,
To climates unknown did courageously steer;
Thro' oceans to deserts for Freedom they came,
And dying, bequeath'd us their freedom and fame.


The tree their own hands had to Liberty rear'd,
They lived to behold growing strong and revered;
With transport they cried, Now our wishes we gain,
For our children shall gather the fruits of our pain.


Then join hand in hand, brave Americans all,
By uniting we stand, by dividing we fall;
In so righteous a cause let us hope to succeed,
For heaven approves of each generous deed.


In Freedom we're born and in Freedom we'll live.
Our purses are ready. Steady, friends, steady;
Not as slaves, but as Freemen our money we'll give.

"Liberty Song" midi (sequenced by Lesley Nelson), lyrics, and history courtesy
of - 04/13/06

* John Dickison was one of the leaders of the American Revolution. 
He was also a famous lawyer, prominent in the governments of Delaware and Pennsylvania.

First Painting of Jefferson courtesy of - 04/12/06

Second Painting of Jefferson courtesy of - 04/12/06

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(If you think it a strange choice, I'll remind you that Mr. Jefferson was a gardener of great renown. 
Besides, the colors match the page so nicely.  WILD GIGGLES!!!)

Animated Tiny Birthday Cake clip art courtesy of Sarah Puckett Kressaty ('65) of VA - 08/31/05
Thanks, Sarah Sugah!

Marine Corps Seal clip art courtesy of the late Herbert Hice of MI - one of my Famous Marines who served in the South Pacific during WWII.
Thanks again, Herbie!

Bethel High School's Bruin clip art courtesy of Eric Huffstutler (Bethel HS - '75) of VA - 03/22/06 (replaced 02/23/09)
Thanks, Eric!

Air Force Seal clip art courtesy of - 07/07/06

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