04/01/05 - NNHS Newsletter - April Fool's Day

Dear Friends and Schoolmates,   

   I must tell you, April Fool's Day is almost my least favorite holiday, for the simple reason that I very much dislike practical
jokes, which seem to abound on this day.  Go figure.  I prefer my humor to arise naturally and organically from situations and
life as we find it, not arranged and contrived.  Far too often practical jokes can backfire - not funny!
  I'm giving you these
several April Fool's Day links scattered throughout the Newsletter just because I love you.   Personally, I'll take the off-the-wall
hysterical humor of David Whitley ('67) of VA over this any day!

From Tom Norris (Hampton HS - '73) - 03/30/05:

Buhweet Dahling,

When you asked what song went with April Fool's Day to use as a theme for the Newsletter, you mentioned "April
Love". While a good one to save for later, I have a better idea. In 1958 Robert Mitchum sang the title song from the
movie "Thunder Road", lamenting on the dangers of running 'shine in the hills of Kentucky. One line of the song began
'On the first of April, nineteen fifty-four', which was the day the mountain boy met his fate. That was also the date
my uncle Claud Carter died. Uncle Claud lived at 307 Hickory and was a welder in the Shipyard (more Newport News
roots for this Crabber boy). Since I was not born for another eight months I never met Uncle Claud ... and when this
song came out I remembered my mom telling me that Uncle Claud died on 4/1/54. Now ... in my 'endowed' four-year-old
mind I was starting to use basic logic and reasoning and came to the conclusion that (A) my uncle died 4/1/54 and (B)
my dad was from the hills of Kentucky, therefore (C) the song was about!

Uncle Claud. Now ... he was on my mother's side of the family .... and was not from Kentucky (actually .... I think he was
from Newport News) .... but it took many years to figure out the real truth.

It is possible I had some ancestors meet a similar fate in the hills of Kentucky ..... but I am now fairly confident
Robert Mitchum never sang about them.

One more tidbit from Da Babe

(To hear Robert Mitchum sing the song himself, click here:

   GIGGLES!!!  Thanks, Babe!  I could hardly pass up such a good story  as that!  Thunder Road it is! 

   Of course, no MIDI file has yet been written of "Ballad of Thunder Road", so I suppose that's my little April Fool's joke - there's
no midi attached to this page.  It's more fun listening to Robert Mitchum singing it anyway.

The History of April Fool's Day: http://www.2meta.com/april-fools/history/

From my Daughter-in-Law, Bethany Winona Harty (Florence HS, Florence, OR - '93 - of IL) - 03/30/05:

Hey all!

Check out poor Tom. He got bitten by a dog at my friend's house. He was sneaking up behind her dog to give it a
great big hug goodbye while it was eating, and it bit him. She hadn't had her dog around kids, and my kids haven't
been around dogs, and well, this is what happens when two ignorant people become friends :)

Anyway, Tom is fine; he gets his stitches out this Saturday. We had to call 911, go to the ER in an ambulance, and
wow, what an adventure. They said he was lucky it wasn't a 1/4 inch higher, or it would have got his eyeball. It
only tore the bottom eyelid.....  His small scratches are almost completely gone. The cut seems to be healing just fine,
and he gets his stitches out on Saturday!

Bethany :)

P. S, Check out Brent in his cowboy stuff! Can you believe he's gone country?!?  :)





Tom Harty

Brent Harty





Wednesday, March 23, 2005 - Joliet, IL





   Poor little Tommy!  He just learned that sometimes love hurts!    I suppose he's such a good little egg, that he thought
he'd decorate himself for Easter.

   We're so glad that wasn't worse than it was.  That is one good-natured little boy you have there, Bethany.  Thanks for the
photos!  And it's always fun to see how my "little boy", Brent, will reinvent himself.....

April Fool's on the Net: http://www.2meta.com/april-fools/

From Jim Morrow ('65) of NE - 03/30/05:


I remember my mother informing me in the Fall of '96 that Anne Parrish Chipman ('65) passed away. I'm not exactly sure
of date or month. I thought you would like to know.

Jim Morrow “65”

   Oh, no!  I am so saddened to learn that, Jim!  Anne was such a sweet person.  Thanks for letting us know.







1965 Anchor, p. 164













   I've posted this on the Memoriam Page for the Class of 1965:  




From Joe Madagan ('57) of FL - 03/30/05:

Hi, Carol and Dave:
An old photo of the Boys Club that was situated in the 400-Block of 28th Street is being mailed to me by Mickey Marcella
('54) of VA
. I will scan it and email it to you when it arrives.
When this structure was torn down to make room for the Sears parking lot and renovations on the 28th Street bridge, it
moved to Jefferson Avenue and that location is now a church.
The combined Boys and Girls Club as it is now known is on U.S. Route 60 north of Stoneybrook Shopping Center.
Looks like we might have a vintage Old Stomping Grounds in the making. So many of the outstanding basketball players
for the TYPHOON got an early start at the game by participating in the programs at the Boys Club. I suppose that is why I am
such a pest about this old stomping ground.
TYPHOON Regards,

   Oh, Joe!  You're not a pest at all!  You're simply dealing with a web mistress who's in a fog right now!  Keep reading...

From Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 03/30/05:

When I moved to Newmarket (72nd St) in 1961 at the tender age of 15, I became friends with Al Hines NNHS '65,
who lived nearby and was our paper carrier. That friendship led to my association with Donnie Reed ('65), Rex and
Malcolm Davis ('66 and '65), Ronnie Wood ('65), Tom Oxner ('65), The Dempsey Sisters (Katie -
Warwick HS - '64 and Patty - '66)
, et. al.

It also led me to begin visiting the Boys Club at the corner of Jefferson Avenue and Hilton Boulevard.  Even when I
reached 16, the age at which I was ineligible to attend, the Director, A. T. (Tom) Olaisen, bent the rules and allowed
me in.  My vivid memories are of shooting pool, watching old B&W cowboy movies ... (yes, they killed Indians and "bad
guys", but we didn't return to the Club with an assault weapon and kill everybody there) ...   and eating countless numbers
of 10-cent boiled hot dogs. 

With the Club's sponsorship, several of us older boys established a service organization, which we called the Peninsula
Keystone Club
.  Pretty much everybody mentioned above (except the Dempseys) were charter members.  We did
volunteer work for charitable organizations.  I still have a newspaper clipping showing a photo of several of us licking and
stuffing envelopes somewhere.  We quickly realized that our organization was abbreviated PKC, which sounded like a
fraternity.  We also realized that this was about as close as many of us would ever get to a real fraternity, so we all bought
cheap black crew neck sweaters and emblazoned "PKC" on them in white Greek letters. Pretty lame, huh?  Revenge of the
Nerds in 1963.

Beyond all of that, The Boys Club was always a fun and safe place to go and just hang out with no bullies, no cliques .... and
no girls.   My, how times DO change.

Dave Spriggs
Peninsula Keystone Club





















   "Revenge of the Nerds"?!?  Sweetie, I remember you quite well back then, and unless your definition of "nerd" differs
substantially from mine, under no circumstances could you be classified as a "nerd".

   Of course, if "nerd" means charming, intelligent, witty, well-read, quick thinking, conscientious, with a mesmerizing baritone
voice and gorgeous big brown eyes, well, then you've got me.

   Thank you, David!

From Joe Madagan ('57) of FL - 03/30/05:

Great memories of the Boys Club, Cap'n Dave! Your flashback helped me, for I could not recall the name of Tom Olaisen
who became Director when Mr. Shouf retired. Mickey Marcella ('54 - of VA) is on the Board of Directors of the present
day Boys and Girls Club on Warwick Boulevard. Mickey is one TYPHOON that has continued to do so much for sports on the
Peninsula and he has not slowed down a bit. Photo to follow!

TYPHOON Regards,

Thanks, Adonis!

   Oh yes, I nearly forgot:



http://www.nnhs65.00freehost.com/boys-club.html - brand new page

From Joe Madagan ('57) of FL - 03/31/05:

Hi, Carol and Dave:
What a wonderful addition to the Old Stomping Grounds!!! Thank you for including it in the website. Surely this
addition will prompt those reluctant contributors into action to share their memories of the Boys Club. Nice work and
a very appropriate midi!
Joe Madagan ('57) of FL

   I have no idea why we hadn't added that page nearly two years ago, Joe, but I'm glad it's there now!  Thanks for the nudge!

The Museum of Hoaxes April Fool's Day Gallery: http://www.museumofhoaxes.com/aprilframe.html

From Jimmy Hines ('64) of Northern VA - 03/30/05:

Dear Carol,

      HEY! Relax! Say something wrong? Of course not! Nein! Nyet! Nooooooooooooooooooo. NEVER! Not in this lifetime
or the next! That just ain't (I know...isn't) possible! (Please, no hate mail.) The little person's quote is just one of the
many tidbits I heard on WGH on whichever DJ's show it played, and it played often as part of the DJ's banter. Yeah, I
listened to WGH a lot, I guess, when I discovered music, and was just wondering which DJ was responsible for it, after
going to the WGH site, after reading your approval of it. Ya see, you write it, and we read it! It is still fun to hear
those familiar voices after all these many years, and it's amazing how many different ways they came up with to say
'WGH in Old Virginia!' I passed the site on to a colleague today who went to a neighboring school at that time, and he said
the same thing.  We both thank you for the great recommendation!
   The tune "Only the Lonely' that accompanied the last newsletter reminded me of a WGH Top 30 show I went to
in Norfolk, I think. There were more than a handful of current artists, none of whom I remember today, and all of which
performed maybe two or three tunes, at the most. OK, well, maybe my not remembering them isn't all their fault! ummmm.....
Where was I? Oh, yeah! Sometimes I...forget... On the other hand, Roy Orbison came on as the last attraction and kept the
place jumping for 30 minutes or more-he had so many great tunes! That creative excellence impressed me then, and still does!
Of course, the rest is rock 'n roll history. Thanks for a great newsletter! It accompanied the sunshine today, and maybe even
brought it! Take care of yourself! Regards, Jimmy

   WHEW!  What a relief!  I thought I’d said something really obnoxious.  Having spent 30 years in the Midwest, I’d forgotten
all the Southern ways of saying things delicately.  I thought you were very politely saying, “Well, I don’t remember everything,
but at least I know to only say nice things about people!  Obviously, YOU never learned that lesson very well!”

   So that’s a tremendous load off my mind!  Thanks, Sweetie!

   I do love that WGH page.  That of course was Dave Spriggs’ ('64 - of VA) brilliant idea.  The man is an absolute genius. 

   That must have been some show you saw!  Sounds like great fun!  And wasn’t it just a gorgeous day?!?  It's Spring at last!

   Thanks for writing back and easing my mind, Jimmy!  I appreciate it!

April Fools R Us: http://www.april-fools.us/

From Jennie Sheppard ('62) of NC - 03/30/05:

Hi Carol,
I'm writing in support of Brownie's (Shaffer Haracivet - '62 of the Virgin Islands) experience with flying saucers.   
I'm so proud of her for having the courage to admit she saw three flying saucers back in 1953.  I have always believed 
life exists on other planets and the more I read, the more I know in my heart it is true.  Why are we so arrogant as
to believe that we are the ONLY beings in the universe?  
I would love to see flying saucers.  I think it would be a great experience.  Unfortunately I've never had that privilege. 
My involvement has always been with ghosts. 
Yes, I saw ghosts when I was a little girl (my mother and grandmother also saw them) and when I moved from Canoga
Park, CA (where I had lived for 10 1/2 years) back to the east coast, I lived with one.  I purchased a brand new
in Woodbridge, VA, in 1981.  I didn't realize until later that I shared it not only with my German Shepherd
and Chihuahua but a ghost (named Rachael) who was there to save me from being burned to death in my new home. 
My mother didn't believe I had a ghost until she came and spent some time with me, then she too, was a believer.  I've
also been visited by my Father who passed away on 9 Feb 1971 and my Mother who passed away on 10 Jun 1998. 
like Brownie I know what I saw!
As you said, Carol, many times people are indeed too quick to discount, belittle and ridicule things, if they have not
experienced them, themselves. Our world and universe is full of wonder and of unexplained things..... interestingly
many people are more comfortable expressing their unusual experiences than they used to be.   I believe you,
and I know many others have seen flying saucers as well.  Thanks for sharing this with your fellow
Typhoons.  Typhoons forever. 

Jennie ('62) of North Carolina.

   Thank you so much, Jennie - and Brownie!  I really appreciate your both sharing these things with us!  I truly believe that
when people begin to ridicule someone else's positions, they are treading in dangerous waters themselves, and causing
unnecessary pain to others whom they probably love.

What to Do with All Those AOL CDs That Come in the Mail: http://www.crochetpatterncentral.com/directory/cds.php

   Okay, Fellas, break out those crochet hooks.  Some of these designs are pretty cute!  WILD GIGGLES!!!

   Come to think of it, one of the fastest and best (though perhaps not given to the most intricate patterns) crotchetier I ever
knew was a good-looking (really good-looking) former Marine MP - who had been taught to crochet by his grandfather! 
And no, I am not making this up!

From Joe Madagan ('57) of FL - 03/30/05:

Hi, Carol:
Sad news. Marion Timberlake Gitchell ('57) of FL and her sisters and brother have lost their mother. I am sure
you will access the Daily Press for details.

   Oh, my goodness, Joe!  I'm so sorry to learn this.  Marion's brother, William "Bubby" Timberlake, is a member of the
Class of 1958, and her sister, Martha "Puddy" Timberlake Reichard, is a member of the Class of 1962.

Eleanor Watson Timberlake

NEWPORT NEWS - Eleanor Watson Timberlake, 84, died at Riverside Convalescent Center, Newport News, on Wednesday,
March 30, 2005. Eleanor was a lifelong resident of Newport News and a member of the 24th Street Church of Christ/Northside
Christian Church, where she was a Sunday school teacher in the Jr. Dept. for 60 years. Survivors include her husband, Carl
Timberlake of Newport News; daughter, Marian Gitchell, and her husband, Robert, of Panama City Beach, Fla.; son, William
Timberlake and his wife, Joy, of Gainesville, Va.; daughter, Martha Reichard of Ocean Springs, Miss.; daughter, Carol Rozhon
and her husband, Jeffery, of Panama City, Fla.; 15 grandchildren, Kimberly Gitchell Van Atta of Montebella, Va., Lisa Gitchell
Jones of Lewisville, N.C., LTC. Carl Leigh Gitchell of Annapolis, Md. presently serving in Afghanistan, Robert Scott Gitchell
of Annapolis, Md., Bryce Burl Timberlake of Shenandoah Junction, W.Va., Andrea Timberlake Tomasulo of Lawrenceville, Ga.,
Lora Celeste Timberlake of Boca Raton, Fla., Blain Thomas Timberlake of Richmond, Lori Dynes Staples of Newport News,
Douglas Reed Dynes of Clinton, Utah, Heather Reichard Jenkins of Madison, Miss., Kelly Reichard McQuade of Springfield,
Mass., Lindsey Rozhon Johnson of Kennesaw, Ga., Jenifer Rozhon Barfield of Key West, Fla., and Carrie Rozhon Bolen
of Raleigh, N.C.; and 20 great-grandchildren. The family will receive friends from 5 to 7 p.m. Saturday, April 2, at Peninsula
Funeral Home. A graveside service will be conducted by Pastor Larry Jones at 3 p.m. Sunday in Peninsula Memorial Park.
In Eleanor's memory and in lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to the Northside Christian Church Building
Fund, 1300 George Washington Memorial Highway, Yorktown, VA 23693.

Published in the Daily Press on 4/1/2005.

   Our sincerest sympathies are extended to the Timberlake family during this difficult time.

   Thank you for letting us know, Adonis.

From Joanne Kates Roos of VA - 04/01/05:

That is lovely of you to honor Mrs. Conn (with the March 23 Newsletter of 03/23/05).  She had a long life
and was always a gracious lady. 

Joanne Kates Roos

   Yes, she was, Joanne.  Thank you.  I feel it is important to do this for her, as she did so much for us.

   By the way, several of the Memorial Newsletters have been updated lately.  Jimmy Dick ('65) of FL wrote a beautiful
remembrance of Mrs. Conn, and I updated the Guest Logs for Sylvia Ottaway ('62), Jerry Zoumplis ('61),  and Frank
Kanelos ('70):





   More of these are in process now, and I will try to finish them in the next few days.

Maxine M. Miller's "Got Mail?" Filet Crochet Wall Hanging Pattern: http://www.angelfire.com/art2/imagegreations/free5.htm

From Fred Eubank ('64) of TX - 03/30/05:


Attached are 2 pages from a 1991 Parkview Baptist Church bulletin. 

<<...>>    <<...>>    <<...>>    <<...>>

Sunday, February 17, 1991          

   COOL!  Thanks, Fred!



From Judy Phillips Allen ('66) of VA - 03/30/05:

Correction!  You are amazingly UNFORGETTABLE!  And I will bring pictures
of Brooks (Bloxom - '64 - of VA) to the reunion.  He actually looked more like
Meat Head before the beard -- long hair and mustache only.  I will see what I
can dig up for you.  You are the greatest! 

   GIGGLES!!!  Judy, you're a hoot, but thanks!  I won't enumerate the names of all those who forgot I ever walked the earth, but
let's just say it wasn't a particularly short list...

   I'm looking forward to seeing those pictures in October!  Thanks again, Judy!

Crank Yankers: http://www.comedycentral.com/tv_shows/crankyankers/

From Joe Madagan ('57) of FL - 03/31/05:

Hi, Carol and Dave:
Thanks for capturing the images of the program for the NNHS Grand Reunion. It was sure a memorable occasion and
brought many TYPHOON together for several hours to share memories and renew acquaintances. A great surprise for me
was recognizing John David Weber (WHS - '57 ) of VA. His family moved to Warwick County around his sophomore year
at NNHS. We both recognized each other and it was fun to catch up. He was teaching at the former Huntington High
l after retiring from the United States Marine Corps with the rank of Colonel. His MS in Ed. was serving the young
people in East End and he was enjoying giving back to his home community.
There were many friends from our days at NNHS present, but this one struck me as most unusual since we immediately
recognized each other from as far back as 1955.
It would sure be nice to attend another Grand Reunion!

   Thanks, Adonis!  I added your comments to the page:


From Me ('65) of NC - 03/31/05:

    I noticed that Jamey Douglas Bacon ('66) just joined Classmates.com.  She's been on my mind a lot lately.  Do any of y'all
know where she is?

From Craig Miller ('63) of FL - 03/31/05:

Here's another basketball story.  I was always a decent basketball player, and a pretty good shot - - but no way was
I good enough to make the NNHS basketball team!  I was a very "streaky" shooter, and was "cut" early in my career
at NNHS.  I think it was Coach Range that cut me.  Was he the freshman or JV basketball coach in 1959?  I used
to shoot hoops with Bucky Keller ('58) at the Magruder outdoor courts.  Everyone hated him to be on their team
because he was a ball-hoggin shooter.  Once he got the ball, he was going to shoot!  
Anyway, I moved to southeast Florida in the late 60's and I noticed that the local high school basketball team wasn't
so great.  (Florida, in the 60's and 70's, was not, by any stretch, a hotbed for roundball.)  So I start shootin' off
my mouth about NNHS, Lefty Driesell, and how even clarinet players from Newport News can shoot hoops!  Well, me and
five local men ended up in a full court game with the local High School team, and we actually beat 'em.  Not by much,
but we won.  A bunch of 30-somethings defeated the youngsters, all starters for Coconut Creek High!
We were totally gassed and out of shape, but we pulled it off.
Here's the capper:  A few months ago three of my fellow adult flag football players were shooting hoops at the park
prior to a big flag football game.  I took the chance, and started shooting off my mouth again about NNHS, Lefty,
clarinet players, the whole spiel.  Naturally, when I put my bags down, they bounce pass the ball to me about 25 to 30
feet out.
I bounce the ball twice and reminded them I was from Newport News, and that I never, ever missed this particular shot.
Nothing but net!  No lie.  I picked up my bags and walked to the field while they stood there with their mouths open! 
Of course, I never let them see me shoot another shot!  My very athletic African-American buddies are now believers
in the NNHS legend!
The truth is, we had guys on the bench that could have been starters at most other high schools.  Even guys like me
could have, at least, been bench-warmers at most other high schools.
Didn't NNHS have several really low-scoring games in the 50's, early 60's due to desperate teams trying to "freeze" the
game and win it 6 to 4?  Anybody remember the lowest scoring game?
Craig ('63)

   WOWZERONI, Craig!!!  How cool is that?!?  Thanks for sharing that with us!  I've added your story to the
Basketball page:


   Do any of you sports authorities out there have an answer for Craig?  Thanks!

From Kathy Pilgrim Clark ('63) of VA - 03/30/05:

Carol, I loved Ron Miller's ('59 of NC) comment about 'lecture hell'.  He is quite correct; it was a typo.  A while
back, I was a member of a group in a session involving flip charts.  I volunteered to write on the charts.  One member
said, "She can't be our writer because she can't spell.  I've seen her emails."  Thankfully, someone who knew me better
sailed to my defense and said, "Kathy Clark is the best speller you'll ever meet.  And the worst typist."  During the
days I wandered NNHS halls, I never took typing.  I went to summer school every year so I could slip in an extra
foreign language and I never had a study hall.  I ended up with 5 years of Latin, 3 of French and 1 of Greek (courtesy
of Miss Brewer) but no typing.  I have used spell check faithfully but you know when it finds a real word among your
typos, it lets it on through.  I really meant lecture hall but the Freudian aspects of my typo allow for some fun thoughts! 
And no, Mrs. Danley, it was not hell.

   GIGGLES!  I never took typing  either, Kathy!  I thought that would somehow predestine me to become a secretary.  I refused
to take Home Ec, too.  Had known that in the next 19 years I would plan to have seven children, I might have decided otherwise. 
Weren't we supposed to have Guidance Counselors to help in these matters?!?  I think Rose Woodard ('65) was my counselor. 
I do remember concocting elaborate scheduling plans with her.  Still, I believe some adult input might have been beneficial
somehow, though it's just a hunch....

Rip Collins' ('65 - of TN) OBL game is wonderful.  I love the sound when the ordnance hits OBL.  I referred to being
the one girl in men's areas?  I stopped shooting OBL when I reached 6 misses because I had 52 hits and I needed to get
a move on.  Maybe I should take up target shooting. . . nah, that would mean getting a gun.  Not for me.

   I think I would do better at those games if I didn't start laughing wildly and hysterically at the beginning of each one.  That seems
to interfere in some way with my concentration.  It also tends to disturb the neighbors - not that I'm loud or anything.

My special friend, RD, has had six cardiac caths and has about nine stents.  I am sorry Miles (Nowitzky - Granby HS -
is having to have surgery at all but (and not to minimize anything) today's procedures are faster and better which
make recovery faster and easier.  I added his name to my prayer network.  KC

   YOW!  Thanks, Kathy!  Speaking of Miles:

From my Sister, Eleanor Buckley Nowitzky ('59) of NC - 04/01/05 (dictated over the phone from the hospital...) - 04/01/05:

Miles underwent sextuple bypass surgery on Wednesday morning (instead of the quadruple we were expecting
to take [lace today).  This morning he has developed some serious complications with his kidneys.  We certainly
want to thank everyone for their concern and prayers; they are much appreciated.

   And they will continue for you both.  Thanks, Eleanor. 

   Y'all take good care of each other!  TYPHOONS FOREVER!

                          Love to all, Carol


NNHS CLASS OF '65 WEB SITE: http://www.nnhs65.00freehost.com
PERSONAL WEB SITE: http://www.angelfire.com/weird2/cluckmeat



Ballad of Thunder Road

 Written by Don Raye and Robert Mitchum
Recorded by Robert Mitchum

Let me tell the story, I can tell it all
About the mountain boy who ran illegal alcohol
His daddy made the whiskey, son, he drove the load
When his engine roared, they called the highway Thunder Road.

Sometimes into Ashville, sometimes Memphis town
The revenoors chased him but they couldn’t run him down
Each time they thought they had him, his engine would explode
He'd go by like they were standin’ still on Thunder Road.

And there was thunder, thunder over Thunder Road
Thunder was his engine, and white lightning was his load
There was moonshine, moonshine to quench the Devil’s thirst
The law they swore they'd get him, but the Devil got him first.

On the first of April, nineteen fifty-four
A Federal man sent word he’d better make his run no more
He said two hundred agents were coverin’ the state
Whichever road he tried to take, they’d get him sure as fate.

Son, his Daddy told him, make this run your last
The tank is filled with hundred-proof, you’re all tuned up and gassed
Now, don’t take any chances, if you can’t get through
I’d rather have you back again than all that mountain dew.


Roarin’ out of Harlan, revvin’ up his mill
He shot the gap at Cumberland, and screamed by Maynordsville
With T-men on his taillights, roadblocks up ahead
The mountain boy took roads that even Angels feared to tred.

Blazing right through Knoxville, out on Kingston Pike,
Then right outside of Bearden, they made the fatal strike.
He left the road at 90; that’s all there is to say.
The devil got the moonshine and the mountain boy that day.

"Ballad of Thunder Road" lyrics courtesy of http://www.univie.ac.at/Anglistik/easyrider/data/ballad_of_thunder_road.htm
at the suggestion of Tom Norris (Hampton HS - '73) of VA - 03/30/05
Thanks, Tom!

More Background on "Thunder Road" courtesy of http://www.univie.ac.at/Anglistik/easyrider/data/Thunderr.htm - 03/30/05

 Animated Fools clip art courtesy of http://www.jograham.com/fcfoojcd.htm – 03/31/05

 Animated Smiley Divider Line clip art courtesy of http://www.wtv-zone.com/nevr2l82/bars3.html - 03/30/05

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